Sunday, 25 January 2009

Joe Satriani: tapping techniques

Joe Satriani covers some of his tapping techniques

* Intro To Bamboo
* Nu Blues Tapping Riff
* Pick Tapping

Joe Satriani ( Two Hand Tapping ) Total Guitar Television

Aaron Berg: music from beyond

Some more hot playing from Aaron... a little more background for you... Aaron Berg about Paul Gilbert:
Paul was an excellent teacher, at GIT, when I attended there in '90. I have some stories indeed. I had been playing for 6 years, I went to MI, met Paul, and started over pretty much.

Modus Inspiri

William Dotto: daniele gottardo tap bros tea time treat.


William Dotto, Daniele Gottardo... what no music? Deep in the heart of Italy the tip top tapping twosome, aka Tap Bros attend an Italian restaurant...

TAP BROS: la Tap Farfalla (The Tap Butterfly)

Paul Gilbert: alternate picking

Paul Gilbert highlights his own extreme alternate picking abilities, now incorporate accenting ideas, to add more life to your alternate picking fusillades.

Paul Gilbert - Accenting and Alternate Picking

Dallton Santos: i am precussion

Dallton Santos provides more inventive ideas for musical extension by guitar:
Muting some strings and playing with percussive sounds the guitar can bring up a cool efect of a drum ..!!

Efeito de Bateria na Guitarra - Drumming with guitar

Tommy Denander: tribute to jason becker

Tommy Denander provides a tribute song to jason becker it is called Jason

Jason Becker Tribute - Jason by Tommy Denander

Ignazio Di Salvo: fields of gold!

Shred junior just shed a tear at this beautiful track. Ignazio Di Salvo covers Stings Fields of Gold.

fields of gold

Mario Parga: landschaft kanal

Mario Parga posted a bunch of videos, a kind of travel log, with backing tracks from Mario. A chance to check out his masterful, soulful style... his very own landscape channel.

First up
Mario chilling out in the studio during the 'Entranced' recording (2007). This footage was filmed by his wife Shawna at around 3am, after a long day in the studio...

Chillin' in the Studio, 2007

"This video footage is from when my wife and I were in Scotland during 2006. We drove out to the Highlands, and I took my video camera with me. At the time, I was finishing writing the song 'Haunted' ('Entranced', 2007) and the brooding Highlands inspired me, in particular the little village of Elgol, Isle of Skye, shown at the end of the video.

There are numerous photos in the 'Travel' galleries (at of our visit to the Highlands, one of my favourite places in the World.

The original audio has been replaced with the appropriate 'Haunted'.

Scottish Highlands, 2006

"This video footage from a couple of years ago was when I was driving through the Valley of Fire, Nevada with my wife. At the time, I'd almost completed the material for 'Entranced', but was stuck a little on the song 'Storm Warning'.

As we drove through the valley, the sky became darker and a big American West thunderstorm took place. I managed to video most of the storm and it inspired me to finish the song 'Storm Warning', I heard the melody line in my head for the main solo and went home and did a demo of it.

The original audio has been replaced with the apt track 'Storm Warning'"

Valley of Fire, NV, 2006

"I'm often told by fans that my blog is popular with them, particularly the entries concerning Las Vegas and the surrounding area where I live. So, whilst rummaging through some video tapes I found footage of my wife and I driving down Las Vegas Boulevard ('The Strip') back in 2006.

I can remember we'd been out by Lake Mead that day and had the video camera with us, we were in our convertible car (perfect for looking up at the billions of lights!) so Shawna drove down The Strip whilst I held the camcorder. Two of the older casinos from the Rat Pack era are visible in the video, 'The Frontier' and 'The Stardust', both of which were sadly demolished shortly after to make way for something new.

The video's original audio was full of noise, (the typical loud sounds of Las Vegas Boulevard!), so I used the song 'Entranced' (Entranced, 2007) as the soundtrack. I'd almost finished recording the 'Entranced' album when this footage was taken. Hope you like it!"

Las Vegas Blvd, 2006