Saturday, 31 January 2009

Rob Marcello: roland namm 2009

Rob Marcello demonstrating his pedals and guitar setting using Boss. This guy has some serious playing ability!

Rob Marcello-Boss/Roland booth--NAMM 09

Jarle H Olsen: trip to chile

A demo track posted on youtube from Jarle H. Olsen.

Jarle H. Olsen says:
Finally some updates which you all have been waiting for.. After recieving a lot of requests, a demo from the upcoming album has been reviled and added to the myspace page. Please notice that this is still just a demo and not the final result. Check out the myspace link to listen now!

I am traveling to Chile on vacations and this means new gigs. The band will contain the same great lineup as last year. Thanks guys! Check the "events" section for all info regarding this!

Jarle H. Olsen - Demo 2008

Gary Schutt: namm 2009

Gary Schutt performing live in the Stevenson custom guitar booth. Always & Forever from Gary Schutt's 2008 guitar instrumental release, Loss4Words., itune and cdbaby.

Gary Schutt-Always & Forever-Namm 09-Stevenson Guitar booth

Gary Schutt--The Pants Party--NAMM 09--Stevenson Guitar Booth

Gary Schutt-Always & Forever-Namm 09-Stevenson Guitar booth

Gary Schutt-Baby Dinosaur--Stevenson Booth-NAMM 09

News: limms ticket prices including steve vai

Tickets on sale now

Thursday Preview £20
Thursday Preview - children under 5 FREE
Friday Exhibition Only £14
Friday Exhibition Only - children under 5 FREE
Saturday Exhibition Only £14
Saturday Exhibition Only - children under 5 FREE
Sunday Exhibition Only £14
Sunday Exhibition Only - children under 5 FREE
Weekend (Sat and Sun) £25
Weekend (Sat and Sun) - children under 5 FREE
Saturday Steve Vai 'Alien Guitar Secrets' 3hr Masterclass & exhibition £180
Sunday Steve Vai 'Alien Guitar Secrets' 3hr Masterclass & exhibition £180
Saturday Phil Hilborne, Steve Vai, Nicko + guests concert & exhibition £25
Sunday Phil Hilborne, Steve Vai, Nicko + guests concert & exhibition £25

Steve Vai: alien guitar secrets at london lims 2009

Alien Guitar Secrets - London International Music Show
Steve is bringing his acclaimed Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class to the London International Music Show on June 13 and 14, 2009! Tickets are on-sale now! Don't miss out!

ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS is an unprecedented, master class opportunity offered by Steve Vai to all music students and guitar enthusiasts. After a hugely successful launch in the USA we are bringing ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS exclusively to the London International Music Show. This 3 hour unique experience gives the student a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Steve discuss music theory, guitar techniques, the music business, and most importantly, techniques on how to discover and unlock personal musical identity. It also includes a question and answer session, and a few attendees will be chosen to jam with Steve in this intimate environment.

Availability is limited to 150 people per master class – so please be aware that these places will sell quickly.

ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS is a 3 hour experience and is broken down as follows:

When I Was A Little Boy
- Introduction
Building the Church
- Short and long term musical goals
- Basic guitar playing concepts and music theory
Under it All
- Finding and cultivating your own uniqueness on the instrument
Midway Creatures
- Discussion about the music business
K’m Pee-Du-Wee
- Bathroom Break
Head Cuttin’ Duel
- Jamming with Steve
- Q & A With Steve
Here I Am
- Meet & Greet, autographs and photos with Steve

Saturday 13th OR Sunday 14th June 2009
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
London International Music Show
ExCel – London


ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS is only available through the London International Music Show on-line ticketing store. Tickets cost GBP £180 plus £1 booking fee and shall be limited to 150 per class. Ticket price includes:

One pass to ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS master class
Access to the London International Music Show (so NO separate ticket for the show needs to be purchased)
Access to Phil Hilborne afternoon performance with Steve Vai and guests
For more information about the ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS Master Class at the London International Music Show, visit their special information page which features all the information you need to know about the class...

Please note:

NO photo cameras or cell phones will be allowed in the venue during the masterclass. Cameras and phones will be checked at the door prior to the start of the masterclass. You will be given a claim check number for your camera/phone in order to retrieve it for the meet n’ greet with Steve.
NO video cameras
NO recording devices
All sales are final. No cancellations. No refunds.
Tickets are NOT transferrable
Persons who appear drunk or intoxicated will be denied entry.
Security staff on site will check all persons entering.
ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS and Steve Vai assume no liability for musical instruments or personal articles brought into the venue or parking areas and is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items. Personal articles will be the sole responsibility of attendee.
You may be filmed while taking part in the masterclass. This footage may or may not be used in future release(s). By taking part in ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS, you understand this and grant us permission to use your likeness in said releases.
We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.


NO babes in arms
Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and the parent must also buy a masterclass ticket. Ticket prices for parents accompanying a child under the age of 15 will be half price. Steve Vai and ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS assume no liability or responsibility for the behavior or actions of attendees, including those under 18 years of age.

Greg Howe: live in athens 6

Greg Howe Band Playing Jeff Beck's "Led Boots" (on demand of the audience) at the Athina Live Athens Greece.

Greg Howe: guitar
John Reshard: bass
Dennis Hamm: keys
Jianluka Palmieri: drums

Greg Howe - Led Boots (on encore) live in Athens

Kelly Simonz: tribute to yngwie malmsteen

Kelly Simonz covering some Yngwie Malmsteen classics in near perfect style.


Trilogy Suite Op.5 / Yngwie J.Malmsteen

Yngwie's W neck signature guitar!!

No Mercy - Yngwie Malmsteen

Rusty Cooley: namm 2009 and video promo

Rock House instructor Rusty Cooley performing at WIMBASH, The party that Rock House puts on at Winter NAMM with Doug Wimbish.

Rusty Cooley Performs Under the Influence at Rock House's Party at NAMM 2009

Rock House instructor Rusty Cooley shows the 6 Tone Extened Minus 7th Lesson from his DVD Fretboard Autopsy Level 1.

Fretboard Autopsy from Rock House Featuring Rusty Cooley

Paul Gilbert: as simple as abc

A simple concept for fast tapping from Paul Gilbert via guitar world

Paul Gilbert Tapping lick

Rick Graham: sweep tapping from hell

Rick Graham will a sweep tap lessons chops from hell. Visit chops from hell for tab and np3

Guitar Lesson: Sweep tapping Canon style

Adam Fulara:bach to the future

Adam Fulara plays The Goldberg Variation No. 9 (J. S. Bach) BWV 988, 3-parts. With two-handed tapping technique (doublenecked REK Guitar). More details:

Adam Fulara - The Goldberg Variation No. 9 (J. S. Bach) - doublenecked tapping guitar

News: guitar idol 2009 update

Deep into Heat 2 of guitar idol 2009 and it's clear that the quality of the tracks is going to make it difficult to short list the final 12. Gone is the goofy track from the players with big top hats ( I may of course speak to soon)... I also like the way that the list of players is no longer in score order, this makes you page through the players and gives some of the lower scoring tunes an opportunity to be heard.

So there are currently 211 videos in the current heat, check out and vote:

The prizes are beginning to stack up to with official announcements so far being Marshall, PRS, Ernie Ball MusicMan, Mayones and Blackstar who are all giving Top of the range guitars/amps plus more coming soon…

Current top of the heap for heat 2 is Jimmy Oliveira

Jimmy Oliveira - There`s too Much to do (Guitar idol 2009 Entry)

Ivan Mihaljevic: supports richie kotzen

Ivan Mihaljevic announces a cool guest slot on Richie Kotzen's tour.

Feb 17 2009 8:00P Guest appearance with Alen Brentini supporting Richie Kotzen @ The Blue Room Zelina, Croatia
May 9 2009 8:00P Hard Time @ Bikers Meeting Slavonski Brod, Croatia
Jul 11 2009 8:00P Hard Time @ Frogstock Fuzine, Croatia

Ivan's track is also rocking up a storm on guitar idol 2009 and it's great to see top quality players getting some good votes, 359 at the last count... you chance to Vote

Ivan Mihaljevic - Choosh Pies (Guitar Idol 2009)

Magnus Karlsson: allan lande III and primal fear

I missed this original post, but it's worth noting that Magnus Karlsson will start writing on Allen/Lande III and hopefully I will have it done in time for a release in 2009.

Also an update on primal fear:
Produced again by Primal Fear's own Mat Sinner and engineered & co-produced by none other than Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), the new Primal Fear album marks the first full comeback by guitarist Henny Wolter and the debut by one of the worldwide most respected guitarists Magnus Karlsson, since he joined the band one year ago! Wolter & Karlsson both participated in the songwriting and pre-production, which took place at Karlsson's Stuntguitar Studio in Sweden. The band recorded 4 weeks at the famous House Of Music studio incl. Randy Black (drums) and vocalist extraordinaire Ralf Scheepers. After the Xmas break the band recorded some small overdubs and started the mix with long time collaborator Achim Koehler. Finally Ted Jensen mastered the album at the Sterling Sound in New York.

The new Primal Fear album titled with the codename of “16.6” (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead) will be released in May 2009 by Frontiers Records. The new songs will include a lot of the Wolter/Sinner/Scheepers vibe from the “Nuclear Fire” album, then follow the path of “New Religion” and some real surprises! Mat Sinner comments: “I'm really proud of our work. The guys of the band and the entire team did a killer job! I love the crystal clear sound of the album and total dedication of the players. The fans of our first albums will really love the new tracks, plus there are a lot of sophisticated more stuff on 16.6 following the path of Seven Seals or New Religion“

Guitarist Henny Wolter added some notes to some song titles:
*Riding The Eagle* – is bringing back that Nuclear Fire vibe with a full speed double bass groove and those typical heavy guitar-Riffs and high speed twin leads that Primal Fear stands for. Above all it's that mix between full throttle metal and melody with Ralf Scheepers powerful vocals on which Primal Fear built their reputation.
*Six Times Dead (16.6)* – the title track and a super heavy guitar riff, stomping groove with a new approach and a message to the fans; 100% Primal Fear!
*Black Rain* – a nearly 7min. epic with big instrumentation, and a heavy Arabian atmosphere. Lots of variations and sophisticated playing & singing. This song strongly carries the handwriting of the new band member Magnus Karlsson, who is known for these skilful and tasty arrangements.
*Under The Radar* – another traditional Primal Fear speed rocker, a hymn with the classic Scheepers vibe.
*Torn* – seven minutes of pure music and the most ambitioned song & riff we've ever recorded, killer stuff, very groovy and a great melodic vocal line.
*Soar* – pure energy combined with a driving groove, a majestic halftime chorus and a great experimental breakdown part – one of my favourite tracks on the new album.
*Hands Of Time* – this will be a real surprise for everybody. There is always at least one track on a new PF album, that is different – this time it's Hands Of Time with four guys sharing the lead vocals – a very cool song!

More news on the song titles, running order, cover artwork, video clip & tour activities soon! Stay tuned - May 2009

News: win a daisy rock guitar

Looking for a guitar, this is your chance to win

Wim Roelants: project updates

Wim Roelants is going to busy over the coming months.

Wim says: A few new projects...

* Going back to Belgium to record 3 albums
- Instrumental Album
- Rockalbum
- Mr.G & Blue Power : $$$
* Heading to Vegas to promote it all.
Yeah yeah.

Currently working on DVD Fragments (for lick library) that will be out soon.
More on this later.

Rusty Cooley: chromatic death lesson

A chromatic excercise from Rusty Cooleys Art of Picking instructional DVD.

Lion Music Artist Rusty Cooley's third instructional release at CFH. This DVD / CD ROM set is your ticket for a private lesson with Rusty covering his UNBELIEVABLE alternate picking technique. Included are 3 and 4 note per string concepts utilizing single/double/multiple string licks, string skipping, and more. The DVD features the 40 minute, 70 example "RUSTY COOLEY - THE ART OF PICKING" video. Either watch the entire 40 minute video or use the "Direct Access" menu to access individual examples. Also featured on the accompanying CD ROM is the 36 page "RC3.pdf" file containing the "RUSTY COOLEY - THE ART OF PICKING" lesson tab/chart examples

Rusty Cooley - Chromatic Death

Ulisses Miyazawa: tribute to kotzen and gilbert

Ulisses Miyazawa with a couple of well executed covers from two well respected guitarists.

Viking Kong (Paul Gilbert) - Ulisses Miyazawa

Some cool hybrid picking in this video

BURN Richie Kotzen´s solo - Ulisses Miyazawa

Yngwie Malmsteen: doogie white says certain "issues" will raise their ugly heads

Former Yngwie Malmsteen singer was interviewed by the Rainbow fan club Doogie White says:
There are no issues between YJM and me personally — well, certainly not on my part. I enjoyed the time we worked together, I knew how it was gonna be and what I signed up for in the beginning but that had not worked for me for quite a while. I had hoped that maybe it would change but it never did. If you stick a bunch of guys on a bus with the wife, the kid and the sister-in-law and send them out on the road for three months in that kind of confined environment, then certain "issues" will raise their ugly heads.
full interview