Sunday, 1 February 2009

Jeff Beck: gibson interview and tour dates

Jeff Beck on Gibsons, Blow by Blow and Growing Up in 1960s London... I always thought he was a Fender man myself...

Jeff Beck an exclusive interview with Gibson

Kudos to Rich Murray for the tour dates:

3 Feb Auckland ASB Theatre

6 Feb Tokyo International Forum
7 Feb Tokyo International Forum
9 Feb Tokyo NHK Hall
11 Feb Yokohama Pacifico
12 Feb Nagoya Aichi Geijutsu Gekijo
13 Feb Kanazawa Ishikawa Koseinkin Kaikan
16 Feb Fukuoka Zepp
18 Feb Osaka Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall
19 Feb Osaka Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall
21 Feb w/ Eric Clapton Saitama Konno’s Arena*
22 Feb w/ Eric Clapton Saitama

24 Jun Brighton England Dome
25 Jun Birmingham England Symphony Hall
26 Jun New Castle City Hall
27 Jun Manchester England Apollo
30 Jun Belfast Ireland Ulster HallJULY
1 Jul Dublin Ireland Vicker Street
3 Jul Southhampton Isles Guild Hall
4 Jul London Royal Albert Hall

6 Jul Montreal Jazz Fest - Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier

Neal Morse: classic rock revisited interview

Neal Morse discusses life the universe and everything in this interview with Ryan Sparks for classic rock revisited

Neal Morse says:
It just kind of flowed out that way. I always just try to follow the flow of what God wants me to do at any given time, on any given day, so that’s what I felt at that time and that’s what came out. It’s sort of interesting because Mike Portnoy said to me I think it was when we were doing Sola Scriptura, he told me that he wanted to put in a request as a fan. He said that he hoped that on my next album it would be more structured like a Kindness of Strangers or Day for Night, with a kind of longer prog thing at the beginning, then some separate shorter songs followed by maybe a longer piece at the end. So Mike kind of gave the call a year or two years ago, whatever it was [laughing]. That was how it ended up and I always think about what he said, and it’s funny that’s how it ended up. I did have it in my mind, so I don’t know how much of an influence that was but it did end up like that.

In the interview he also mentions Paul Bielatowicz, Paul Gilbert. full post

David T Chastain: makes into gibson charts

David T Chastain makes it into Gibson's top 10 players you need to hear

Since his mid-’80s emergence this Atlanta guitarist has been the undisputed god of underground metal. He is a classically influenced player with chops every bit as formidable as Yngwie and Michael Schenker, but more diverse. His 50-odd albums leap from old-school lyric metal to heavy instrumental fusion to improv to southern boogie. Chastain is also the founder of the Leviathan Records label.

Harry Kapeliaris: the greek fusion guy shreds!

Harry Kapeliaris decides to do a bit of shredding.

Harry Kapeliaris -Little Shredding at home

Bruce Bouillet: paul gilbert, move along now

The dynamic duo of Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet during the G3 tour... oh how I wish Racer X with Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet reuniting were the news today... but that's life...

G3 07 Paul Gilbert - Hurry Up

G3 07 Paul Gilbert - Get Out Of My Yard

Jon Finn: gets off his fat butt... and finshes through the fire and flames on expert level...

This post on facebook made me chortle merrily:
After NOT gigging or a long time, Ross, Larry and Joe called Jon up and said, "Will you get off your lazy butt and book a GIG for cryin out loud??" Jon's answer was kinda scary: "Yes, but I've almost got 'Through the Fire and Flames on EXPERT! As soon as I've got it, I'll make the call."
Jon Finn duly obliged with this gig.

Jon Finn, 18 February 2009 at 20:00 till 23:59, at Bill's Bar, 9 Lansdowne St. Boston, MA

Phone: 6174219595

Arkadiy Starodoub: plus 1

Congratulations to Arkadiy Starodoub and his wife who have recently had a new baby boy!! Fathers amongst us will know what time that consumes, so it's no too surprising that videos have been put on hold. Anyway best wishes to the Starodoub family and friends!

Dave Martone: discusses new cd and other things

Dave Martone posts about his recent live shows and upcoming material including Magna Carta Release "Guitars that Ate My Brain".

1. Paul Waggoner [BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME] - "Boot Dagger Boogie"
2. Kris Norris [DARKEST HOUR] - "The Life and Times of Sir Walter Sickert"
3. Dave Martone - "Hybrid Angels"
4. Ron Thal (aka "Bumblefoot") [GUNS N ROSES] - "Disengaged"
5. Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler [DAATH] - "The Unwavering Collapse"
6. Shane Gibson [KORN] - "Artichoke Samurai"
7. Devin Townsend [STRAPPING YOUNG LAD] - "Nerd Alert"
8. Chris Poland [OHM] - "L.D.E."
9. Ola Frenning and Christofer Malmstrom [SOILWORK/DARKANE] - "Hydra"
10. Mike Orlando - "Stomped"
11. James Murphy [TESTAMENT] - "Maiden Voyage"

Recent video for Moron Face from the album "Clean" on Magna Carta Records, 2008

Martone Moron Face

Paul Gilbert: well knock me down with a feather... mr big are back together!

Jenn over at metalichicka has been telling me for days that Paul was going to reform back with Mr Big... how I scoffed!!... no way I said... I distinctly recall Paul saying this would never happen... and yet low it has come to pass... it may be a sign of these credit crunch times, moneys a little tight to mention... but I guess you know the deal.

Paul Gilbert says
“Hello, this is Paul Gilbert, and you are listening to Kosa Kai, on Burrrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate. Mr. Big is back together. All original members, and we’re coming to Japan to play live. So, come check it out, and rock with us. Yeah!”
... check out the audio

Only goes to show that is the place to go for Paul Gilbert news! ... ahem... after visiting here of course...full details

Michael Knight: dealing with the credit crunch

Guitarist Michael Knight writes a good article for budding musicians cover aspects of dealing with the lean times brought about by the credit crunch. Lots of sound advice to look after the pennies. He covers topics about reducing web site costs but not loosing your presence, reducing promo costs etc. saving him just under $1000 per year. full post