Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Chris Poland: tone merchants ohm date


OHM: this Saturday February 7 at Tone Merchants (www.tonemerchants.com) in Orange, CA.
OHM: will be bringing the heat and a whole selection of songs from their releases and even maybe a few, as yet to be recorded songs. OHM:'s current studio release, Circus of Sound, is available in stores and online on Tone Center Records. Please call Noel or Rob for advance tickets at 1-866-795-6808 (toll-free) and once again a huge thanks to everyone out there for all your support. The guys really appreciate it and send out the love. Hope to see you at TM for a great night of music and musical brotherhood."

Tobias Hurwitz: the shred-o-meter!

Wiljay please take note! The Shred-o-Meter, invented by Tobias Hurwitz, is the first and only musical note speedometer in existence. It works on electric guitar or keyboard, and measures NPS (notes per second) in real time...

Shredometer Part 1

Shredometer Part 2

Gustavo Guerra: goes to namm!

After London it's time for Gustavo Guerra to visit LA and the NAMM show 2009 and delivers on the Crafter stand!

Namm Show 2009 ( GGuerra )

Marc Bonilla: new cd with keith emerson

Spotted over at ihearguitar:
US version of his 2008 album includes one exclusive bonus track: 'The Barbarian' ( a reworking of the classic ELP track). Former ELP/Nice keyboardist and Prog Rock legend is joined on this album by guitarist vocalist Marc Bonilla. .Since the split of ELP, Emerson kept himself busy with soundtracks and live performances but he never returned with a proper band and a Rock set up to the sound that all his fans love. This new version of his band features an explosive combination of the classic EL&P sound and modern progressive hard rock. Emerson's keyboard is flamboyant and explosive more than ever and his songwriting is still top level. Gregg Bissonette (ex David Lee Roth Band and LA super session player) is also part of the band.

Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla

1. Ignition
2. 1st Presence
3. Last Horizon
4. Miles Away, Pt. 1 (White Widow) - Keith Emerson, Bonilla
5. Miles Away, Pt. 2 (Black Flame) - Keith Emerson, Bonilla
6. Sonata
7. Fugue
8. Marche Train
9. Blue Inferno
10. 3rd Presence
11. Prelude to Hope
12. A Place to Hide - Keith Emerson, Bonilla
13. Miles Away, Pt. 3 (Spirit Rising) - Keith Emerson, Bonilla
14. Finale
15. The Art of Falling Down
16. Malambo - Keith Emerson, Ginastera
17. Gametime
18. The Parting - Keith Emerson, Bonilla
19. The Barbarian - Keith Emerson, Bartók

Peter Hodgeson: iheartguitar blogger can play!

Peter Hodgson, fellow blogger in the guitarosphere is making a name for himself with quality blog posts including product demos like this one for a Bognor amp. If you haven't done so already hop on over to his blog and subscribe to this entertaining news feed.

Peter Hodgson from iheartguitar.blogspot.com running through a few different settings on the Bogner Alchemist 40 watt 2X12 combo amp.

Bogner Alchemist demo (iheartguitar.blogspot.com)

Al Ridgway: slipping into fusion

Like me Al's had some problems with videos going out of sync... Al says:
legato fusion improvisation lots of nice stretches and extended legato ideas. Youtube has updated its on the fly converter and thus ruined the quality of this video. Apologies regarding that, im working on figuiring it out.

fusion legato improvisation usa stratocaster

News: guitar idol 2009 new rules and judges posted


Things are starting to fall into place. The LIMM show artists are being announced and the guitar idol submissions continue apace, currently 218 in Heat 2.

First up for new itesm, the guitar idol online judges are being announced and include respected players like John Denner. This list will grow as bio's are still being received. This list of judges.

Plus the latest rules which you should study look to have ironed out some of the issues with the voting system, that coupled with the online judges is sure to make things go more smoothly:
Rules of the Competition

For the remainder of the Guitar Idol 2009 competition some important changes to the competition rules and structure are being introduced. These changes are being made as a result of close consultation between the organisers and sponsors as well as responding directly to feedback from both contestants and users.

These are designed to ensure that the next six months run as smoothly, fairly and efficiently as possible. These changes will come into effect as of Heat 2 of the competition and in no way affect the progression of the successful entrants from Heat 1 into the final online round of voting.
The Finalists Selections

To ensure that the very best guitarists make it through to the Live Final and in the interests of integrity and quality, the balance of judges to public votes will change from Heat 2 onwards.
Heat 2 & 3

* The Top 20 guitarists from the public vote for Heat’s 2 and 3 will go through to the online Final Heat.
* An additional 20 guitarists chosen by the judges will also go through from Heat’s 2 and 3 to the online Final Heat.

Final Online Heat

* The 120 victorious guitarists from Heats 1, 2 and 3 will battle for 12 places at the Live Final.
* The Top 4 guitarists from the public vote shall be invited to perform at the Live Final.†
* The Judges Top 8 choices shall be invited to perform at the Live Final.†

† In the event that one or more cannot attend, the next in line contestants shall be invited so that the ratio between public votes and judges remains consistent.

This is to ensure that as fair a balance as is possible between Internet ‘popularity’ and artistic excellence is achieved. In any online competition the presence of spam voting and disposable email addresses can give a false impression of the popularity of some contestants, and in some cases this can be highly evident.

These changes will benefit the contestants, the competition… and ultimately the popularity of virtuoso guitar playing!
Changes To The Voting Rules

From the start of heat 2 voting will be open throughout the heats.

Contestants MUST market themselves straight away and start accruing votes instantly to stand the best chance of succeeding. This will not be to the detriment of late contestants, as the judges will be selecting 20 finalists from each of these heats. If you are good enough you WILL get through…
The Heats

In response to emails from contestants who are confused with the structure of the heats, we would like to clarify how the heats work.
Heat 1 closes December 28th 2008 5pm (GMT)

* From Heat 1 the top 30 by Public Vote and 10 chosen by the Judges will progress to the Final Online Heat as originally stated.
* The 10 Judges choices will be announced on January 2nd 2009
* If you are not successful in Heat 1 you can re-enter – either with the same entry or a new song – in Heat 2.

Heat 2 starts on January 5th 2009 9pm (GMT) / closes on February 15th 2009 5pm (GMT)

Voting will be open throughout the heat.

* Top 20 by public vote and 20 chosen by the Judges will progress to the final online heat.
* The 20 Judges choices will be announced before February 20th 2009.
* If you are not successful in Heat 2 you can re-enter – either with the same entry or a new song – in Heat 3.

Heat 3 starts February 23rd 2009 9pm (GMT) / closes on March 29th 2009 5pm (GMT).

Voting will be open throughout the heat.

* Top 20 by public vote and 20 chosen by the Judges will progress to the final online heat.
* The 20 Judges choices will be announced before April 5th 2009

If you are successful in Heat’s 1, 2 or 3 you can re-enter – either with the same entry or a new song – for the Final Online Heat.
Final Online Heat starts April 13th 9pm (GMT) / closes on May 5th 2009 9pm (GMT)

* The 120 finalist chosen from Heats 1, 2, and 3, will compete in the Final Online Heat.
* No more entries will be accepted.
* The finalists will be shown on http://www.guitari…

The top 4 by public vote and 8 others by judges choice will then be invited to attend the live final on 13th June 2009. The judges choices will be informed as soon as possible and will be published online very soon after May 5th.
Changes To The Format Of The Entries

As a result of hundreds of enquiries we will again be uploading our own pre-recorded backing tracks from the Guitar Idol 2008 competition which all contestants are free to use for their entry.
Length of Entry:

We initially requested a limit for song entries of approx 4 minutes.

This is because there is a set amount of time allocated at The London International Music Show for the Live Final.

However, again as a result of user feedback we are relaxing that rule for Heats 2, 3.

There is now no time limit on your entry for Heats 2 and 3 – if you wish to submit a 10 minute entry you will be free to do so.
However, for the Final Online Heat your song must be no longer than approx 5 minutes as this will be the one you play live should you be chosen. This is due to the time constraints of the show.

If you are one of the 12 Final Online Heat winners you will need to send to the live band backing tracks in appropriate formats for them to rehearse – details of formats of backing tracks required for the live band will be posted before the final online heat.
Good Luck!

Yngwie Malmsteen: ripped off but right royally rewarded with $820,000 in damages

According to New York Post

Yngwie Malmsteen has been awarded $820,000 in damages from an accountant who fiddled with the guitar hero's finances while his manager allegedly robbed him blind.

The guitarist was forced to sell off most of his prized instruments at below-market prices after getting ripped off to the tune of more than $5 million, court papers claim.

Former manager James Lewis faces a pending motion for $2.4 million in damages and interest.
full post

Billy Sheehan: about paul gilbert and the mr big reunion

Music radar interviews Billy Sheehan about the upcoming Mr Big reunion:

Fun was something that was lacking in Mr Big when guitarist Paul Gilbert left the group (which also included singer Eric Martin and drummer Pat Torpey) in the late '90s. He was replaced by guitarist Richie Kotzen, whom Sheehan describes as an "awesome musician and a dear friend." Still, in Sheehan's view, the chemistry in the band was never the same after Gilbert's departure.

"It's like The Three Stooges or something," he says. "One guy leaves, another comes in, it might still be good, but it's never the same. That's the way it was after Paul left. Everybody felt a void."
full interview

"The way I look at it is, it's like getting back with an old girlfriend,"
says Sheehan... never a sane thing to do in my book...

Tommy Emmanual: more tour dates

Tommy Emmanual: two more shows Phoenixville, Pennsylvania at the Colonial Theatre for MARCH 27th!!!! Go to the website at http://www.tommyemmanuel.com/tour-dates for details. And don't forget about TommyFest in Kentucky, starting on Thursday.

Thursday night's guest is Dr. John Knowles, CGP.

Friday's guest is the John Jorgensen Trio, and

Saturday's guest is Australian superstar, Rick Price!

Joop Wolters: richie kotzen live date details


Richie Kotzen + JWT (Joop Wolters Trio)

Thursday 05 February 2009

* Guitaarheld.
Among the visitors of this concert is a Fender Telecaster Richie Kotzen raffled! Check the clinic of Richie on February 4 at Muzikaza in Roermond! Seehttp://www.muzikaza.com/ for info!