Friday, 6 February 2009

Paul Gilbert: more japanese reviews with freddie nelson

Jenns over at has been busy coverting Japanese reviews of the recent Paul Gilbert/Freddie Nelson lives shows in Japan

review 1
review 2
review 3

What with Racer X, United States and now Mr Big, Paul Gilbert must be working 24/7 ! One of the better reasons to see Mr Big... this type of over the top musicianship, totally brilliant, I'm lucky enough to have seen this live myself... if you've not seen it then this one if for you!

Mr. Big - Baba O' Reilly "Live"

live in Tokyo

Mr. Big - Baba O'Riley

Live in New Haven, Conn. 1989

Mr. Big - Baba O'Riley

Mr. Big - Woman From Tokyo/Baba O' Riley (Live, Tokyo,1991)

Andy Timmons: bet you can't play this

Andy Timmon's plays a diabolic bet you can'yt play that piece and explains in detail how to play it and why you might want to play it.

Andy Timmons - Betcha Can´t Play This

Lorenzo Gottardo: deep blue

Like father, like son. Lorenzo Gottardo, is Daniele Gottardo's father and like his son he likes playing some old school blues too. Lorenzo let me know that Daniele is just completing a master work video of an amazing piece entitled Cardiology, check out this Cardiology snippet from the track, awesome!

Guitar Blues

Marshall Harrison: mathematical objects as a prototype of set theory

Some stunning playing on this jam track, nothing sort of brilliant... I'll leave Marshall to explain the background... Marshall Harrison says:
This video is really just a showcase for amp wizard Mike Morin's monster amp and gives a sound somewhere between Holdsworth and Dimebag Darrell. The tones are so versatile that you could conceivably play all of the above and still hear every note with no "muddiness"

Don't forget

Marshall Harrison appears at a guitar clinic in Texas... plus it's free!!!! Get on over and pick up some sick (yet cultivated) licks:

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009
7 p.m.
Fine Arts Recital Hall, F117
College of the Mainland
Focus will be on modern
electric guitar techniques
hybrid picking, sweep picking, legato phrasing and integration.
Audience members may bring an unplugged guitar or just watch.
Sheet music will be available for purchase.
For more information call,
409-938-1211, ext. 545/348 or
1-888-258-8859, ext. 545/348.

full details

Daniele Gottardo: blue fusion lessons

Guthrie Govan's Funk Fusion lesson proved so popular, we thought it'd be good to hear someone else's interpretation using the same backing tracks. Daniele Gottardo is one of our favourite players, and as you'll hear, he has his own unique style. Once again, there are four short solos over different portions of the jam track.

Daniele Gottardo - Funk Fusion 1

Daniele Gottardo - Funk Fusion 2

Daniele Gottardo - Funk Fusion 3

Daniele Gottardo - Funk Fusion 4

Four solo examples. Audio and Video
Four solo example backing tracks
Tabs for all examples
Full length Jam Track approx 5 mins

order now

Christophe Godin: one old and one new clinic

A brace of videos featuring the awesome Christophe Godin, one posted in 2007, the other posted today!

Vigier Clinic C Godin Marglbled Again

Christophe Godin - Intro

Marcos De Ros: not the dark knight

A special arrangment for this remarkable song!... yes the TV version of Batman!

Marcos De Ros plays Batman theme!!!

Atirei o pau no Gato! Guitar solo by Marcos De Ros
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Francesco Congia: more blues

Francesco Congia, with a Dave Gilmour sounding blues jam.

claptonsmoky Improvvisation

Wayne Krantz: prime time


Billy plays with Ira Coleman and Wayne Krantz his composition "Prime Time" from the album "Nordic"

Billy Cobham - "Prime Time" Live 1992

Terje Ripdal: billy cobham band 1994

Billy Cobham with Terje Ripdal (guitar) and Victor Bailey (bass) performing a Cobham's composition called "Panama" from the album "By Design".

Billy Cobham - "PANAMA" Live 1994

Nick Andrew: available for guitar lessons in maidenhead

Nick Andrew says: Yes. Again by popular demand (Ahem!), In addition to my tuition in Watford (1 space left). I will begin private lessons next week in Denmark studios in Maidenhead. Lessons will be on Tuesday evenings from 5pm, £15 per half hour for an all you can eat style buffet of guitar knowledge and technique which will turn you into a guitar god! Anyone up for booking should send me a wee message or email and book a place. or email

Beto Kobayashi: live pocket show

Pocket show na Fnac Campinas - 05/02/2009 - Divulgação do cd "Sal e açúcar"... Beto Kobayash back with some live tracks to celebrate the release of his new CD. Beto Kobayashi - Release of CD "Salt and Sugar".

buy online
buy online2
buy online3

Beto Kobayashi - "Um novo Começo"
Musica e arranjos: Beto

Beto Kobayashi - guitarra
Marcelo Valezi - sax e flauta
Victor Macellus - bateria
João Paulo Martini - baixo
Michel Alan Cury - teclado

Eddie Van Halen: wolfgang guitar interview

Guitarworld interview where Eddie Van Halen gets talking about the new EVH Wolfgang.

Eddie Van Halen - Guitar World Interview (Wolfgang Guitar)

Fredrik Thordendal: meshuggah live show

MESHUGGAH and support band CYNIC are opening the tour video player to their fans, and calling on them to send in pictures and footage (camera phone or otherwise) from the shows, documenting their own (fan) experience of the tour. All concert-goers need to do is send their video shots to, and if accepted, the clips will be available for the entire metal world to see. kudos blabbermouth

Steve Morse: deep purple live dates uk

Steve Morse will play live with Deep Purple for the following dates

DEEP PURPLE Apollo Manchester TUE 10/11/2009 19:30
DEEP PURPLE S.E.C.C. Glasgow WED 11/11/2009 19:30
DEEP PURPLE NEC, Birmingham FRI 13/11/2009 19:30
DEEP PURPLE HMV Apollo Hammersmith London SAT 14/11/2009 19:30

Order tickets

Deep Purple - Steve Morse's great solo (Well Dressed Guitar)

Brett Garsed: garsed and tj helmerich mi 1998

Not seen this video before! brett garsed, Brett Garsed, TJ Helmerich and Virgil Donati live at MI 1998

Live at MI

Paul Gilbert: japanese interview with freddie nelson

Jenn translated this interview with Paul Gilbert and Freddie Nelson From “Geki-Teki” Magazine, issue 137, Japan.

I think the starting point was, I went back to Pennsylvania to visit my dad. My dad had a party, and a couple of my musician friends that I grew up with, were there. One of the guys gave me his demo. This guy had actually been playing guitar with Freddie at the time. I got home, listened to the demo, and I was like ‘man, who’s singing on this! It’s fantastic!’ and it turned out it was Freddie. I was ‘oh, I always heard about Freddie…’ I left to go to California before we ever had a chance to meet. And I didn’t know he was a singer. I just knew he was a great guitar player. That sort of planted the idea in my head. Like if ‘I ever want to do some singing again, this would be the guy…’ So, after having done a couple of instrumental albums, I started thinking… I really feel like my guitar playing has improved, from being able to focus on the guitar. But (smiling now) I thought if I go back to vocal music, I think my guitar level is here (higher) and my vocal level is here (lower). I need the vocals to go higher. And the only way I can do it…
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Marcos De Ros: adams family

Marcos De Ros in fun mode with this tribute to uncle Festa and the Adams family... the real one... not the movie version

Marcos De Ros and the Adam's family! Solo guitar piece

News: Petruccifever - 4 days to go

A nice compilation:
This is a video like impeto style to show a share solo whit the entries.. i try to show all solos but i olnly had 100 seconds so i take ramdom videos i hope you like it
you can still enter

Petrucci Fever video contest all playing

Mattias IA Eklundh: kelstone set for tap

A brief en first encounter between Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) and the Kelstone. What you see are the first notes played by Mattias on the Kelstone, without trying before.

Mattias Eklundh's first encounter with the Kelstone

George Bellas: step into the future

Guitar9 have the new cd from George Bellas available :

The ever prolific George Bellas is back, less than a year on from his previous solo album "Planetary Alignment" with his boldest and most progressive body of work to date in Step Into The Future. This new album is ultra-modern in style and really reaches out to a futuristic sound in its compositional sense and outlook. The album ranges from the explosive to the ethereal with emotionally stirring segments. Adding to its uniqueness Step Into The Future consists of just one song that is 76 minutes in length. George’s goal on Step Into The Future was to compose ultra-modern sounding music that used composition techniques that he had not previously used on any of his other releases. George comments, “I did not initially plan to write a 76 minute song, it just came out that way. I just kept writing and writing and as more ideas came to me, I eventually realized that this was turning into a behemoth of a song. Itt is composition in the truest and finest sense there is. I really strived for something that captivated my senses with ultra imaginative, highly unique, creative writing." Bellas is backed once again by the ultra impressive drum work of Marco Minnemann.

Andy James: dvd overloaded


Metal Edge: Metal Soloing Techniques Volume 2

Product Information
Code: RDR0249
Artist: Andy James
Media: DVD
Video Format: PAL + NTSC
Product Genres: Metal
Skill Level: Advanced
Product Groups: DVD Tuition, Lick DVD's, Metal

Learn killer metal soloing techniques with Andy James

Take your shredding to the next level as you learn the killer technique used on three tracks from Andy’s latest album! Increase your musical knowledge with an arsenal of licks and techniques including string skipping, sweep picking, tapping techniques, alternate picking, metal rhythm techniques and much more. Also includes three jam tracks

Ultimate Guitar: Speed Soloing Techniques

Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Speed Soloing -

Metal Edge: Extreme Metal Pentatonic Licks

Extreme Metal Pentatonics

Michael Schenker: warren de martini shred off

An old video spotted on the sevenstring forum.
Warren and Michael Dueling Solos. Plus the ending of Way Cool Jr. I shot this at Ballys Las Vegas Sep 91.

Ratt - Warren DeMartini/Michael Schenker Solo

Guthrie Govan: suhr signature

Fantastic photos of Guthrie Govan's signature modern guitar:

Full gallery:

Silvio Gazquez: petruccifever entry

Silvio Gazquez has put his hat in the ring with an entry into the Petruccifever solo competition: Silvio says:
this is my entry for this new contest, I tried to play some melodies instead of a simple improv, but I played a solo at the end... hope you guys like it!!!

petruccifever solo contest by Silvio Gazquez

Don't forget the deadline for solos is 10th Februrary. The backing track and instructions are available from youtube There are currently 71 Responses!

Joe Satriani: lawyers won't server papers.. at the grammys


According to music radar the papers will no longer be served at the Grammy awards:
Until now, it looked as though major drama could unfold at this Sunday's Grammy Awards, with Joe Satriani's legal team threatening to serve Coldplay with papers in the lawsuit he has brought against them pertaining to their song Viva La Vida, which he claims infringes on the melody to his song If I Could Fly.

"All of that has been averted now," says Howard King, Satriani's attorney, speaking exclusively to MusicRadar. "Coldplay have hired one of the finest entertainment firms in California, which is probably good for all."

Satriani's attorney hopes for fair resolution

"Their new firm will have a keen understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the claims," says King, "and will counsel the band to come to a quick and fair resolution of the situation."
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