Sunday, 8 February 2009

Jack Gardiner: 15 on the 8!

I spotted Jack Gardiner on the current Petruccifever competition as his age, just 15, made his entry stand out... more videos are being added to competition and don't forget the competition closes on 10-02-2009, visit youtube to get the backing track or just admire the 90+ entries to date!

Jack Gardiner is on MySpace:

Petrrucci Fever Contest 15 year old guitarist Jack Gardiner

Neoclassical Shred 1 (Rob Marcello's Old School) Cover

Improvising and SHRED over C Minor

Funk and sweeps

Jack Gardiner was born in Liverpool, England on the 26th August 1993. His first musical influences were the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. At the age of 8, he began to take classical guitar lessons in school; and by the age of 9 he was the youngest student to ever achieve Classical Guitar Grade 1 in Liverpool, and passed with distinction.

Upon reaching Secondary School, he decided to pick up the electric guitar, and began taking lessons from John Wheatcroft (Head of Guitar at Guitar X, London). After several short months of playing, he was invited to join several different bands with members older than him that were impressed by his natural abiltity and dedication to the guitar. At the age of 11 he played his first live show.

At around the age of 12 he began to listen to some of the guitar world's virtuoso players such as the likes of Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. This is when he realised how much he loved the instrument. He wanted a style similar to such guitarists, but with his own unique twist; he therefore began learning various advanced techniques such as sweep picking and string skipping (which are both displayed in his videos from when he was as young as only 13).

For the past two years he has been developing his playing and has taken a great interest in many different styles of music and players from different genres, working with a number of different musicians around Liverpool and the North West in the process.

Now at the age of 15 he has taken a huge interest in a number of different players that complimented his playing style, including guitar virtuosos Guthrie Govan and Greg Howe, yet one in particular has stood out- Jack is hugely influenced by young Italian guitarist Daniele Gottardo, who inspired the 15 year old to begin studying extremely advanced techniques such as 8 finger tapping.

Miki Birta: old and new

Miki Birta posted a selection of videos, from acoustic, electric, rock and jazz. Here is a selection for more visit

miki birta 1993 international jazzcamp tatabánya hungary

Miki Birta guitar solo-9:30 Group 1998 PeCsa

Sd demo

Robert Marcello: more top shred with the boss

08-02-2009: Robert Marcello shows off the GT-10 Guitar Effects Processor during NAMM 2008.
The GT-10, driven by BOSSs latest custom-made DSP and proprietary sound-modeling COSM engine, is a floorboard powerhouse that offers natural and musical response as well as a marked improvement in sound quality from previous generations. Its also loaded with an innovative user interface, including EZ Tone, so guitarists can obtain the exact sound they desire in the most intuitive way imaginable.

Robert Marcello with BOSS GT-10

Faraz Anwar: guitar idol 2009 heat2

A reminder that Heat 2 closes on February 15th 2009 5pm (GMT). Voting will be open throughout the heat. Top 20 by public vote and 20 chosen by the Judges will progress to the final online heat. The 20 Judges choices will be announced before February 20th 2009. If you are not successful in Heat 2 you can re-enter – either with the same entry or a new song – in Heat 3. In the mean time you can vote for Truth in shredding featured Faraz Anwar

Faraz Anwar - Through The Passage Of Time (Live)

Plus a solo performance from 7th Feb. 2009

Faraz Anwar - Insaan Guitar Solo

Elias Viljanen: new solo cd in the works

Bravewords post, Elias Viljanen is recording a new CD according to fellow band member Henrik Klingenberg Henrik Klingenberg checked in with the following update:
"Hiyaahh !

A couple of lines about what I've been up to. Since the tour been over, I've mostly just been loitering around the house, reading, playing games etc. etc. The occasional poker evening with my friends breaks this routine up, and now finally it's time to start working again.

For the past few days I've been recording the keyboard parts for (Sonata Arctica guitarist) Elias Viljanen's third solo album. It's kind of a fast job since it's a very guitar-oriented album, so there's not too much space for keyboards. Other guys you might know, that are contributing, is Mr. Kainulainen on bass and Mikko on drums. The other guys are working in Tampere but I'm recording in my own studio-shack. I pretty much use what I've been using in the past, for this record.....basically: Korg Triton, Karma and M3 , Kurzweil K2500 and Roland JV2080 & Fantom XR. I'm gonna try to get some new stuff for the upcoming Sonata album.....just for the hell of it.

As for the SILENT VOICES stuff, I still have a couple of solos and some random stuff here and there to play, other than that the music is done for our fourth album. Currently we're in deep hell , trying to figure out the lyrics for the songs. More on that later...

MCF is still dormant, as a matter of fact I've only been drunk once since the SA tour ended so as long as the bottle is closed nothing will emerge. We made a new song some time ago, and as soon as I get the time to record the vocals, we'll put it up on MySpace... I think...

What else ?? We start rehearsing with SA around the middle of February, so if everything goes well the album shoud be done before the autumn. THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL BE IN THE STORES BY THEN, just to make that clear, the releasing schedule is mostly up to our label to decide. We do have something else brewing but more of that as soon as we'll find out if it'll happend or not...

Jeff Loomis: joins switchblade for some solo mayhem

Another Blabbermouth scoop.
Jeff Loomis will contribute a guest guitar solo to the forthcoming album from Sydney, Australia's SWITCHBLADE entitled "Invictus Infinitum". Loomis will appear on the track "Reflective Curse".

"Invictus Infinitum" is currently being mixed in Chicago by producer/engineer Neil Kernon (QUEENSRŸCHE, NILE, NEVERMORE, DEICIDE) and is scheduled for release in April.

Commented SWITCHBLADE drummer Mat: "I don't think it's really sunk in yet that it's happened... We started off talking about this years ago with Jeff and after so long you think everyone would be too busy to make it happen, but Neil was into the idea and once we asked Jeff again he was still keen to do it. So we're really thankful that Neil and Jeff both took the time to make it happen. The solo is just incredible... Jeff's playing with NEVERMORE has been one of our major influences since day 1 so to work on this track together is just crazy. I can't wait for people to hear it!"

Kernon added: "I was up in Seattle working with Jeff Loomis on [his solo album] 'Zero Order Phase' when I first received an email from Mat from SWITCHBLADE about possibly mixing their album. Jeff knew the guys from working together in Australia and spoke highly of them, so I started planing on doing the mix for them. Just before I was sent the album to mix, I had a chat with the guys about the possibility of Jeff doing a solo on it, and I told them I'd talk to Jeff to see if we could make our schedules line up to make it work. As luck would have it, I was going to be in Seattle in mid-January to track drums for another album (with Mark Arrington, in fact) so Jeff and I planned on getting together during that visit to work on the solo together. I had previously sent Jeff a copy of the song so that he could start working out some ideas for it if he had the chance, and we ended up spending an afternoon building it out. It's a long section — over a minute in fact — so we had to figure out different ways to structure it so that it continued to hold the listener's interest, with harmonies, call and answer sections etc. It's a fantastic solo, and I think the fans are certainly going to love it."

The follow-up to 2005's "The End Of All Once Known", "Invictus Infinitum" features "nine tracks of blistering guitar solos, relentless down-tuned riffs and a vicious vocal attack, all while introducing a maturity and melodic sensibility not yet heard from this Sydney quintet," according to the band's official bio. The CD was produced by Darren "jENK" Jenkins (CRYOGENIC, MORTALITY).

"Invictus Infinitum" track listing:

01. II
02. Revelation
03. Coil Of The Serpent
04. The Cancer Benign
05. Solitary Existence
06. Reflective Curse
07. This Impure Design
08. Lacerate
09. As The Sun Dies...

For more information, visit

Richie Kotzen: you've been framed, send him your videos!

Blabbermouth posted that Richie Kotzen has issued the following update:
"I am midway through my 2009 European tour and although the schedule is very busy (hardly any days off between shows) I am happy to say that it is going very well. I am very pleased with the new band (Demian Arriaga and David Felice). They are bringing a new life to the music and also are very inspiring to play with during the improv solo sections of my music. Once we are finished with the European dates, we have three Southern California shows. Then, after a short break we will finally go back to South America for live shows in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.

"I have been noticing a lot of video filming at these shows as well as some very 'professional'-looking photographers taking pictures. Although I have always encouraged the recording of my shows (in the spirit of the GRATEFUL DEAD) I am going to ask you to send me some links to some of the high-resolution photos you may have taken during the show. I would also love to receive full-quality DV video files of what you may have filmed at my shows with the idea of compiling a best of moments DVD from this tour.

"Anyone who has any footage or photos they would be willing to share can e-mail me at From there we can figure out the best way to get these files into our hands over here... be it FTP downloads or standard mail."

George Lynch: playing with the sin city sinners

George Lynch will perform with SIN CITY SINNERS on the following dates:

Mar. 06 - Chrome at Santa Fe Station - Las Vegas, NV
Mar. 07 - Ovation at Green Valley Station - Henderson, NV

SIN CITY SINNERS consists of Brent Muscat, Todd Kerns , Mike Szuter, and Rob Cournoyer. The band can be seen live in Las Vegas three nights a week.

For more information, visit

Tom Quayle: warming up for frankfurt musikmesse

Tom Quayle says:
Messing about on a groove we'd just come up with for the Frankfurt Musikmesse where we'll be playing and demoing some very cool Fibenare guitars! More news to follow soon. Enjoy - it's just a bit of fun...Sorry it's so dark

Messing Around - filmed by George Marios

Marshall Harrison: foundations of dynamic economic analysis and liveronic alcohol assimilation

Looks like it's nearing my birthday as Marshall Harrison posts two videos, one an exercise in developing economy picking and another with Marshall Harrison delivering his hybrid stylings in a modern rock idiom.

Marshall Harrison:
strange sounds from the mahogany ibanez usa custom.

Marshall Harrison - Experimental Guitar - "Dynamic Economy (the Locust)"

Marshall Harrison says:
during the song war i usually played a solo that went along thses lines. the outro guitar stuff was fun to play too.

KRAM - live solo by Marshall Harrison

Paul Gilbert: freddie nelson, another interview

Jenn from transcribed another audio interview for your pleasure:

Paul Gilbert:
I think, in general, I discovered that there was this amazing human being named Freddie Nelson, who’s from the town where I grew up, and is an amazing singer, guitar player, producer, and songwriter. To have all those things in one cool person is an amazing discovery. So, I thought, ‘We have to do a record together. We have to collaborate.’ We did, and it turned out awesome, and we’re bringing it to Japan live. That’s the very short version. (light laughter)
full interview

News: random axemen, another cool guitar blog

Great name for a new blog featuring guitar players from the web. Currently features Rusty Cooley, Guthrie Govan amongst others:

image gallery

Rusty cooley

Marcos De Ros: pablo g soler chops from hell!

South American Guitar Masters DVD teaser! Marcos De Ros and Pablo Soler instructional DVD for Chops From Hell. This DVD have lots of licks and studies. Not recomended to beginners! Full transcriptions included and all exercices are played at half speed also! To buy go to:

Marcos De Ros and Pablo Soler instructional DVD for Chops From Hell. South American Guitar Masters!

Daniel Peroine: two handed tapping live

Fans of TJ Helmerich will no doubt enjoy this live video posted by Daniel Peroine.

Daniel PEROINE Live 05 02 2009

Steve Lukather: live solos

Sorry no embedding, but well worth checking out.

Steve Lukather 1
Steve Lukather 2
Steve Lukather 3

News: trent reznor's business model, can it be applied to guitar playing.

Lots of good ideas described in this video presentation. There are ideas that can be easily adopted. However, I think you need to take this being applicable to anyone with a pinch of salt. It's clear that Trent Reznor has a certain amount of kudos and mystique and is able to build on this with his interesting methods of selling. So to my mind it still requires you, as a guitar player, to build your fan base.

Michael Masnick The Trent Reznor case study

Vincenzo Grieco: valerio mignogna, acoustic duo

Vincenzo plays acoustic in hos duo.


Brett Garsed: appearancewith chris buck progressive bassist

Chris Buck Progressive Bassist, from new DVD, promoting Carvin B4 Bass and Mesa Boogie Amps. First song from the new trio CD with Virgil Donati and Brett Garsed.

Chris Buck Progressive Bassis