Thursday, 19 February 2009

Alex Hutchings: bristol blue class II

I'm enjoying watch this guy play... interestingly his promo demo for blues jam tracks has gone ballistic with over 5383 views since 12 February 2009, so it's obvious you guys are digging the playing too. OK so here's a couple that I did not publish last time.

Alex Hutchings Glasto '08 clip 1

Alex Hutchings, Phil barlow and Mark collins performing live

Marty Friedman: you don't have to say you love me...

Ron Jarzombek and Marty Friedman rip it up on this love ballad... buy the DVD Marty Friedman Exhibit B Live In Japan

Marty Friedman - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me (Live)

Alessio Forlani: cover band demos


Bomba All' Hotel Promo

Carl Verheyen: new cd on the way

Rich Murray at guitar channel posted this latest news release. Visit Rich for full details. The new CD will be called Trading Eights. Featured players include Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Albert Lee, Steve Morse and Scott Henderson.

Tony Smotherman: licks of the absurd clinic dates

Tony Smotherman has a number of clinic dates coming up:

Apr 11 2009 4:00P Garden Music School "Licks of the Absurd" Guitar Clinic Winter Garden, Florida
Apr 17 2009 10:00P The Backstage Lounge Gainesville, Florida
May 14 2009 8:00P Good Shepard Cathedral Jacksonville, Florida

Joe Stump: the lion goes from strength to strength

Lion Music boost their roster of top guitar releases with the signing and upcoming release of Joe Stump's new CD. The new CD is set release on April 17 via Lion Music. According to Joe Stump:
"The new record contains 12 tracks and clocks in at over 72 minutes, so everyone's getting their hard earned money's worth on this one and then some!"
The CD is set to be Joe Stumps strongest release to date following his work with HolyHell and will be his 12th solo release.

Joe Stump - Virtuostic Vendetta teaser

"Virtuostic Vendetta" track listing:

01. Chasing The Dragon
02. Pistol Whipped
03. The Dance of Kashani
04. Fire and Brimstone
05. The Beacon
06. Blackmore's Boogie
07. Old School Throwdown
08. Allegro #2 in A Minor
09. Trigger Happy
10. Symphonic Pandemonium
11. The Witching Hour
12. Strat Sorcery

Ed DeGenaro: g7 improvisation

Ed DeGenaro delivers a couple of videos. First warming Up over a G7 type backing. Amp is a Bogner Alchemist with a THD Hot Plate into a Celestion V30. Recorded with the build-in mic off the camcorder.

Ed DeGenaro G7 Improv

Ed Degenaro Improvisation Funk Segment One



Yngwie Malmsteen: unplugged... unleash the furry

Kudos i heart guitar. Yngwie Malmsteen, on March 10 (US) and April 1 (Japan)

"Yngwie Malmsteen to release a all instrumental acoustic album which will contain re arrangements of his ballad songs played on Acoustic Guitar and string and choir arrangements only. It is a master piece showing the tender, delicate version of his classic songs as well as a new composition. Release date: March 10 2009 Rising force Records"

Angels Of Love
The track list is:

1. Like an Angel
2. Save Our Love
3. Prelude To April
4. Sorrow
5. Memories
6. Miracle of Life
7. Forever One.

News: musikmesse events schedule


Time Wednesday
10:00:00 iFunk
10:30:00 Roland Jahoda/Marcel Bach
11:00:00 Steve Lukather + Band
11:30:00 Inhuman
12:00:00 Susana´s Lounge
12:30:00 Daniel + Adrian Erlandson
13:00:00 Imelda May & Darrel Higham
13:30:00 Peter Autschbach´s Terminal A
14:00:00 Best of 2009-Player
14:30:00 Steve Lukather + Band
15:00:00 Manni von Bohr
15:30:00 Pete Lockett
16:00:00 Gerald Stütz/Florian Alexandru-Zorn
16:30:00 Awake - A Tribute to Dream Theatre
17:00:00 Steve Lukather + Band

Time Thursday
10:00:00 Mattias 'IA' Eklundh
10:30:00 P:Lot
11:00:00 Steve Lukather + Band
11:30:00 Minze
12:00:00 Alex Vesper & Manni von Bohr
12:30:00 Taboo Voodoo
13:00:00 Rodrigo Villaton + Farouk Gomati
13:30:00 Martin Verdonk
14:30:00 Steve Lukather + Band
15:00:00 Big Band der Bundeswehr
15:30:00 Big Band der Bundeswehr
16:00:00 Today Forever
16:30:00 Awake - A Tribute to Dream Theatre
17:00:00 Steve Lukather + Band

Time Friday
10:00:00 Final Virus
10:30:00 The Jerks
11:00:00 Steve Lukather + Band
11:30:00 Mark Schulman
12:00:00 Marshall Roadshow Band feat. Go Music
12:30:00 Aaron Thier
13:00:00 Marc Rizzo
13:30:00 Pete Lockett
14:00:00 Simon Phillips
14:30:00 Steve Lukather + Band
15:00:00 Rhythmtalk
15:30:00 Chad Wackerman
16:00:00 Firewind with Gus G. & Bob. Katsionis
16:30:00 Awake - A Tribute to Dream Theatre
17:00:00 Steve Lukather + Band

Time Saturday
09:30:00 Robby Ameen/Richie Flores
10:00:00 Aaron Thier
10:30:00 Torture Squad
11:00:00 Steve Lukather + Band
11:30:00 Derek Roddy/Dave Langguth
12:00:00 Drumheads Playalong Contest
12:30:00 Simon Phillips
13:00:00 Will Calhoun
13:30:00 Luxuslärm
14:00:00 Paul Gilbert
14:30:00 Steve Lukather + Band
15:00:00 Michael Angelo Batio
15:30:00 Chad Wackerman
16:00:00 Rage
16:30:00 Awake - A Tribute to Dream Theatre
17:00:00 Steve Lukather + Band

Paul Gilbert: roccforzata live in italy

Italian shows caught on video, noted on racerx forum

Concerto Paul Gilbert (roccaforzata)

concerto Paul Gilbert (roccaforzata) pt2

Marshall Harrison: six dimensional transmogrification

Marshall Harrison says:
Playing on Conklin's 3/4 scale guitar here; the playability rivals Vigier's Shawn Lane model, i must say. and you have a high A in addition.

"Lydian Explosion" - a Pastiche/Transmogrification of Steve Vai's "The Riddle" by Marshall Harrison

Lalle Larsson: ragazzi interview

A great interview with Lalle Larsson noted for his incredible keyboard playing and also his affinity for great guitar players. Only thing missing from this interview for me was the "Cosmic Monstrositors" tape which featured players like Todd Duane, Dave Kilminster, Milan Polak and Mario Parga. Full interview... here are some guitar related highlights. Check out the demo tapes too, featuring top players.

Lalle: "I started playing the piano at a very early age since I grew up in a musical family. After my short junior high school career as a metal drummer, I got my first paid gig as a pianist when I was fifteen years old, comping a Swedish female schlager/country singer. After that I began getting more gigs as a piano player, and when I was 16-17 years old I toured around Sweden and Denmark with a rhythm & blues band. At seventeen I went to the european American Institute Of Music in Vienna, I stayed there for two years and I was offered a teaching job right after graduation. During these two years I met people like Todd Duane (Electrocution 250) Milan Polak (J.A.M) and Phi Yaan Zek. Me and Todd recorded the track Schizoid for Mike Varney's Guitar On The Edge compilation CD in 1992, which later led to the Electrocution 250 album. At the time we were supposed to have done an album on Shrapnel Records, but that never happened. When I got back to Sweden in 1993 I formed my first jazz-rock band Ominox. I paid for some studio time and Mike Varney wanted to release our recording on his US label - Legato Records. But unfortunately his label went bust right before the CD was done, so that never happened either. No labels in Sweden were interested at the time, so I was pretty much left on my own with this thing. It was the beginning of the 90's and Grunge music was popular. I spent the next few years practising, composing and worked as a hired musician around my hometown, and that's pretty much where it all started."

Lalle: "Yeah, Electrocution 250 is really a continuation of the cartoon shred demos I did with Todd Duane in the early nineties. We were influenced by Todd's spectacular virtuoso cassette demos from 1991-1992. Around that time we were offered a deal with Shrapnel Records but for some reason that never happened. Almost ten years later we were offered another deal with Swedish label WAR music who paid me to go to the States and record with Todd in year 2000. Peter Wildoer recorded his drums over here in Sweden. But with our usual luck WAR music went bankrupt so we were on our own again. We had all the tapes but we had no label. We sent out this CD to some of the biggest labels of this kind of music, but noone showed any interest whatsoever. We were really lucky that my old buddy Matt Williams had just started the small UK label Liquid Note Records and decided to release E-250. Luckily it turned out to be quite successful for an underground album like this and it was licenced by Marquee/Avalon in Japan."

ragazzi: "Will there be another Electrocution 250 album; I like this kind of music very much."

Lalle: "I'm glad you like it. If a label would show interest and if there would be some sort of budget involved then it might be possible. We have talked about it, but I don't is what it is and I'm happy with just one E-250 album."

Lalle: "Yeah, that was another LNR project. At the time the idea was to bring in some of the hottest jazz-rock musicians in Europe and also have some guest artists on there. We each wrote three tunes for that album, me Richard and drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen, the music was more in the traditional fusion genre I suppose. We then brought in Brett Garsed and Shawn Lane as guest soloists. Tragically it became, as far as I know, Shawn's last recording before he died only 40 years old. He had been sick for quite some time. It was a real honor to be on an album with him, but unfortunaly he was in really bad shape at the time. I went to Holland to record all the backing tracks live, the guitars were overdubbed later. It was a fun recording. Richard and Sebastiaan are both close friends of mine."

Massimo Izzizzari: il trio rock live gig

If you've enjoyed the CD then check this guy out as Massimo Izzizzari plays a live date on Sunday, Feb 22, 2009 4:30 PM at:
Sonoria Centro Musicale
Via Granciara
View Map
Concerto/Seminario "Il Trio Rock"

Massimo Izzizzari - Chitarra
Mario Guarini - Basso
Azeglio Izzizzari - Batteria

Ingresso 5 Euro

Chris Brooks: 25 things you don't know about chris

Chris Brooks says:
Some of you will know many of these things, many will know little, and few will know all.

1. Anything social makes me uncomfortable. I will do just about anything to avoid social interaction. For some reason, people assume the opposite and say I'm confident.

2. I am not a party guy. Not without asking you where it's at, who else will be there, what food is there, and any other variables I need in order to feel comfortable and therefore attend. And I'll be the first to leave. Sorry!

3. Put a guitar in my hands, and I become the antithesis of the two points above. I AM the party when I play.

4. I started working in the banking industry when I left school. I used to sit down with the manager each morning and decide which cheques we were going to dishonor, then work as a teller in the afternoon or on the counter opening accounts. I'm still interested in banking and if I wasn't a creative type I think I'd be doing that or web stuff.

5. I left school because I wanted more time to practise the guitar. I often did it for 5-10 hrs a day.

6. I go to church. I love Stryper. I hate contemporary church music. I find it devoid of passion and lukewarm in its execution at best. I have issues with church players who are up there for their own glory. I have issues with sermons that induce sleep or coma.

7. I only do things the right way. It endears me to few, alienates me from many and stresses me beyond belief at times.

8. I think Albinoni's Adagio in Gm for strings and organ is one of the best pieces ever composed.

9. Europe wrote way better songs than the Final Countdown and I would go to great lengths to show you.

10. I was married once. I was a great husband and I will be again.

11. People look up to me despite my best efforts to go unnoticed.

12. I will go to great lengths to conceal my weaknesses.

13. I have an incredible memory. Remember that thing you said 9 years ago? Well I do! And don't think I'm kidding!

14. I like House and Becker because I think I relate to them.

15. The people thatthink I'm a hardass aren't people I'm trying to impress anyway. You probably suck at what you do.

16. I used to speak Japanese and I'd like to take it up again.

17. I demand the best in sushi. You $2 ready-made seawood roll-eating schlubs have no idea what you're missing!

18. I had a habit of putting myself last but I'm learning to break it.

19. I believe in justice but I seldom see it.

20. I have a penchant for breaking the rules and as a kid it was not uncommon for things like having the cops at my door because I was throwing oranges at cars!

21. My first album made me $40,000 (more at retail but I don't get all of that!) and I worked for every cent!

22. I'm quite a funny guy when I'm confortable with you, but mostly I'll crack jokes for my own benefit. Entertain yourself!

23. A month before I was born my father played a gig (drums) with John Farnham and I ended up being a big fan of John, and especially of his guitarist Brett Garsed. John was nervous before the show and paced up and down shouting "Shit!" before apologising to my mum.

24. I'd rather watch a great drum solo than any kind of guitar solo.

25. I edited this list on my phone last night and lost half of it. Using my awesome powers of memory I was able to reinstate all but 2 points. But they'll come back to me. You watch!