Monday, 23 February 2009

Tom Kopyto: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Tom Kopyto with some extreme shred: vote

Ostentasious Shred Video

Isaac Negrene: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Isaac Negrene with a nice bit of rock guitar: vote

One More Step

Michael Top: guitar idol 2009 heat 3


Michael Top with some nice rock fusion licks: vote

Homero Bittencourt: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Some nice rock fusion from Homero Bittencourt vote

David Wallimann: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

David Wallimann with some nice technical rock fusion: vote

I See You Through The Clouds

Rogério Maudonnet: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Some nice rock playing from Rogério Maudonnet: vote

Race Day - Rogerio Maudonnet

Alex Brachet: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Alex Brachet with a nice fusion track: vote

Alberto Lima: guitar idol heat 3

Alberto Lima... vote

For You - Guitar Idol 2009

News: guitar idol heat 3 is live!

All current entries: for heat 3. No the important thing is to get your videos in nice and early to get your votes counted as soon as possible. It just opened today and there are 63 entries as I type! Remember this is the last heat!!


Heat 3 starts February 22nd 2009 9pm (GMT) / closes on March 29th 2009 5pm (GMT).

Voting will be open throughout the heat.

Top 20 by public vote and 20 chosen by the Judges will progress to the final online heat.
The 20 Judges choices will be announced before April 5th 2009
If you are successful in Heat’s 1, 2 or 3 you can re-enter – either with the same entry or a new song – for the Final Online Heat.

Final Online Heat starts April 13th 9pm (GMT) / closes on May 5th 2009 9pm (GMT)

The 120 finalist chosen from Heats 1, 2, and 3, will compete in the Final Online Heat.
No more entries will be accepted.
The finalists will be shown on
The top 4 by public vote and 8 others by judges choice will then be invited to attend the live final on 13th June 2009. The judges choices will be informed as soon as possible and will be published online very soon after May 5th.

News: guitar world road rash, includes paul gilbert and many others

Guitar World publish video interviews cover aspects of road life and being on the road with your guitar

A list of current items:

Andy Timmons
Death Angel
Michael Angelo Batio
Richie Kotzen
Avenged Sevenfold
Nuno Bettencourt
Black Tide
Cavalera Brothers
Tom DeLonge
Dillinger Escape Plan
Every Time I Die
Paul Gilbert
In Flames
Job for a Cowboy
Killswitch Engage
Kerry King
Lamb of God
Dave Mustaine
John Petrucci
Joe Satriani
Shadows Fall
Alex Skolnick
Leslie West

Michael Angelo Batio: guitar world dvd

Michael Angelo Batio

In the ultimate DVD guide Learn Shred Guitar, speed king Michael Angelo Batio demonstrates secret techniques to help you kick-start your solos, tackle super scales, play faster and become a speed king! With more than 90 minutes of lessons and hundreds of exercises, the Learn Shred Guitar DVD will take your guitar playing and soloing to the next level.

The Learn Shred Guitar DVD will teach you:
* The Ultimate Warm-Up
* Harmonic Minor/Phrygian Dominant in Odd Meter
* Incorporating Sweeps into Melodic Ideas.
* Prog: Soloing in F-Sharp Phrygian
* Scalar Riffs: Dividing Scalar Runs into Three-Note Groups
* Sweep Picking: Using Sweeps in Conjunction with Arpeggiated Melodic Ideas
* Using Wide Stretches with Unusual Scales and String Skipping
— The Whole-Tone Scale
— Diminished Arpeggios
* Tapped Riffs Incorporating String Skipping
* Tapped Riffs Executed as Sweeps
— Alternative Minor and Major Sweep Arpeggios
— The Randy Rhoads Influence
* How to Break Out of a Rut
* Symmetrical Riffs with Wide Stretches
* How to Create Harmonized Lines: Stacking “Thirds”

Learn Shred Guitar Ultimate DVD Guide

Jeff Loomis: guitar world dvd

Jeff Loomis get his own guitar world dvd

The Guitar Heroes DVD content includes:
Basic Studies to Build Chops

* Warm-Up Exercises
* Scale Studies
* Economy Picking
* Sweep Picking
* Sweep Picking with Fretboard Tapping
* Diminished/Dominant 7th Sweeps

Heavy Riffs

* The Importance of Writing
* “Shouting Fire at a Funeral” Intro & Verse
* “Jato Unit” Intro
* “Devil Theory” Intro
* “I, Voyager” Intro & Verse
* Pedaling Off the Low B String: “Inside Four Walls” and “Enemies of Reality”


* B Phrygian Dominant (Fifth Mode of E Harmonic Minor): “Shouting Fire at a Funeral” Solo Excerpt
* B Phrygian (C Lydian)/B Phrygian Dominant: “Jato Unit” Solo Excerpt
* “Warped” A Blues Scale: “Jato Unit” Solo Excerpt
* B Aeolian: “Devil Theory” Solo Excerpt


* “Miles of Machines” Intro
* “Jato Unit” Solo Excerpt
* “Devil Theory” Solo Excerpt


* “Devil Theory” Solo Excerpt
* “Jato Unit” Solo Excerpt

Buy this DVD on the news stands wherever Guitar World magazine is sold starting February 17th!

Guitar DVD presents: Super Shred Guitar: Master Class

Super Shred Guitar: Master Class is the first instructional DVD with Nevermore's epic shredder Jeff Loomis, covering a variety of topics including warm-up exercises, scale studies, economy picking, sweep picking, diminished / dominant 7th sweeps, writing heavy riffs, "warped" a blues scale, modes & arpeggios, and much more!

Marcos De Ros: more soloa


Marcos De Ros plays "Save my Soul " solo for the myguitarspace contest "best lead break"

Marcos De Ros & MarloweDK Jam 4.

Marcos De Ros & MarloweDK Jam 3.

Marcos De Ros & MarloweDK Jam 2.

Marcos De Ros & MarloweDK Jam 1.

Todd Robinson: new cd available for pre order

Special PRE ORDER Todd Robinson "Ambivalence" Album - $16.00 Todd Robinson says:

Be the first to recieve your copy of Todd Robinson debut instrumental Guitar Album "Ambivalence" and recieve a Pre Order Goodies Bundle.(Pre Orders will be sent out 4 days before March 4 express to make sure your copy is with you before the street date release on March 4th 2009)

If you Pre order this before the 4th of March you will recieve-

* Two Todd Robinson high quality stickers both "Born to Wah" and "Bring Back the Riffs"
* A signed photo
* A Dunlop (as used by Todd Robinosn) Guitar Pick to get your shred on
* And for all you guitarists out there you will recieve a
second copy of Todd Robinson's "Ambivalence" album
free with the guitar leads removed for you to jam along
and practice your chops to.
* Free shipping worldwide, that's right, ANYWHERE

Prashant Aswani: twittering about cd progress

Prashant Aswani is on twitter: Prashant twits:
been tracking guitars for my new album 7 songs in the bucket 3 togo.

News: guitar world guitar heroes dvd


In our ultimate DVD guide, Guitar Heroes, we’ve packaged together the very best of Guitar World video lessons taught by rock’s greatest players! You’ll shred with Steve Vai, solo with Joe Satriani, funk with John Frusciante and play “chicken pickin’ ” with Zakk Wylde.

With more than 90 minutes of lessons and columns with TAB in our digital booklet, our Guitar Heroes DVD lets the guitar gods show you how to jam. And you won’t be able to find this DVD anywhere else but here!

The Guitar Heroes DVD instructors and content include:

Yngwie Malmsteen: How to Play Fast
Developing speed and spontaneity
Linking the Phrygian mode, harmonic minor scale and diminished-seven arpeggio

Joe Satriani: Soloing
The art and science of playing rock lead guitar

John Petrucci: Playing Sequences
Expanding melodic sequences by moving them across octaves in different positions

Andy Aledort: Guitar Hero Tips
Fast E blues scale licks using open strings
Essential minor pentatonic rock licks
Whammy trills
Fretboard tapping

Zakk Wylde: Shredding
Pentatonic boxes
Adding chromatic passing tones
"Chicken pickin’ ”
Amp and effect pedals setup

Steve Vai: “Freakshow Excess”
Phrasing and articulation
Soloing over a looped vamp
Playing in odd meters

John Frusciante: Rhythm Workand Soloing
James Brown–style funk
Single-note fun
Two-note chord/melody ideas
Stretching and compressing time when soloing

“The Art of Shredding” roundtable featuring Lamb of God’s Mark Morton & Willie Adler, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine & Glen Drover, Trivium’s Matt Heafy & Corey Beaulieu, and Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott & Fredrik Akesson
Modern rhythm methods
Warming up
Speed picking
Sweep-picking arpeggios
Legato phrasing
Pentatonic licks

Slash: The best of his “The Cat in the Hat” columns
Pre-gig warm-up strategy
Using the pinkie, and different fingerings for string bending
Playing the pentatonic scale in different positions on the neck

Billy Gibbons: Playing the Blues
Boogie riffs in the style of Jimmy Reed and Eddie Taylor
Robert Jonson–style turnarounds
Elmore James–style licks
Using sixth intervals
B.B. King–style licks
Pinch harmonics
Tone production

Steve Morse: The best of his “Morse Code” columns
How to use scale sequences creatively in solos

Kosta Vreto: facebook group

A new group:

Guitarist of the bands Horizon's End and Long Live, recently released his debut instrumental album "Skin On Strings".

What other players have said:

"A great player with all the right ingredients - tone, phrasing, melody, technique. A talented well-rounded player."
RON THAL (Bumblefoot-Guns N' Roses)

" This is one of the craziest things I've seen in my life.Amazing player, one of the best I know."
ROB MARCELLO (Danger Danger)

"I have had the pleasure of performing with Kosta Vreto. I can say without hesitation that Kostas possesses a special talent that must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. Perhaps more importantly, Kosta is a man who responds to life from the heart, shows a lot of compassion for his fellow man, and remains ever helpful to those who desire to know what his music is all about. He represents a rare combination of artist, student of life and music, and teacher, all with a kind, humanitarian demeanor. I highly recommend Kosta to your program, playing opportunity, or teaching position."

"Melody, chops and great feel. Why try something else? Kosta Vreto is the real deal."

"An excellent, melodic player with a unique touch on the instrument, seamlessly combining the best rhythmic & melodic elements of rock, metal and fusion guitar."

"Beautiful playing,great writing,rock lives in Greece!!!"

Tom Quayle: george marios the secret of tea and blue curaçao

Tom Quayle says:
George Marios and I improvising over a funky groove!
George is from Greece and hen I first met him he was disgusted by my drinking of tea with milk in it. This video is about George's belief that milk in your tea enhances your powers of shred!!!! Check this guy out he's a monster - TRUST ME!!! Just a bit of fun - but with some serious improv at the end!! Enjoy!
obviously Tom is lying and he doesn't want you to benefit from the secret of tea with milk!

Tea With Milk - The secret weapon!!

For fans who missed this classic with blue curaçao and Hassan Hajdi:

Hassan Hajdi - Shred Guitar SECRET

Chris Lasegue: tyranny live

Chris Lasegue plays the slo from "Tyranny" , by Jag Panzer. Live at Union Station, Colorado Springs, CO.

Chris Lasegue - Jag Panzer Live (2-20-09)