Saturday, 28 February 2009

Alex Machacek: ukz, trey gunn

Kudos to the fusion impresario... Rich Murray

Modern Drummer magazine contributing writer, Mike Haid conducts an exclusive interview with Marco Minnemann, Trey Gunn and Alex Machacek regarding Marco's Normalizer 2 project. Normalizer 2 is a 52 minute drum solo from Marco that each artist has composed music to.

Normalizer Marco Minnemann Alex Machacek Trey Gunn

Modern Drummer magazine contributing writer, Mike Haid conducts an exclusive interview with Marco Minnemann regarding the new UKZ project featuring founding member Eddie Jobson (keyboards/violin), Trey Gunn (Warr Guitar), Alex Machacek (guitars), Aaron Lippert (vocals) and Marco Minnemann (drums/guitar)

Guitarist Alex Machacek joins Marco and Mike, briefly discussing how Marco got the UKZ gig.

Marco Minnemann UKZ Interview

Ron Thal: shredding it up for young guitar

The Bumblefoot shreds for a young guitar DVD,

Ron Thal Bumblefoot YG /1

Paul Gilbert: mr big shakes the ground with a budokan sell out!

Mr Big are getting bigger and interest for the reunited band is high... so here's some more for you.

MR.BIG - Interview In JAPAN '09

MR.BIG - Alive And Kickin,In JAPAN '09(acoustic version)

Mr Big - Shyboy - Live in San Francisco 1992 - Amazing!

Ze Filho: guitar idol heat 2009 heat 3

Another entry from Ze Filho, highly enjoyable rock fusion... vote

A primeira - GUITAR IDOL 2009 - VOTE -

Conrad Harpham: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Will it be third time lucky for Conrad Harpham with his trail blazing lick fest... enjoy and vote

Dr Thompson's Video File

Claudio Mariola: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Claudio Mariola obtained an honourable mention in the last guitar idol competition, so here's his latest 2for the 2009 competition, and very enjoyable it is to. Claudio says vote

Claudio Mariola - Hey Jeff (Guitar Idol 2009 entry)

Angus Young: guitar composition interview

An old but interesting interview with Angus Young explaining how he came about composing the main melodic riffs for his songs.

Acdc Angus Young The Guitar Show Australian Tv 2001

John Petrucci: dream theater tour dates revised

Dream Theater with John Petrucci have update the current tour itinerary

Jun. 06 - Sölvesborg, Sweden - Sweden Rock festival
Jun. 12 - Leeds, UK - 02 Academy
Jun. 13 - Southhampton, UK - Guildhall
Jun. 14 - Castle Donington, UK - Download Festival
Jun. 16 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Exhibition Grounds
Jun. 18 - Lisbon, Portugal - Coliseum de Lisboa
Jun. 20 - Bilbao, Spain - Kobetasonik Festival
Jun. 26 - Dessel, Belgium - Graspop Metal Meeting
Jun. 27 - Wettingen, Switzerland - Sportzentrum
Jun. 28 - Monza (Milan), Italy - Gods of Metal Festival
Jul. 01 - Budapest, Hungary - Sportarena
Jul. 03 - Kavarna, Bulgaria - Kaliakra Rock festival

Silvio Gazquez: ice cool fusion

Fresh from winning the recent Petruccifever competition Silvio Gasquez posts and older tune, fusion orientated.
this is an old tune that I wrote back in 1999, hope you like it! cheers...

Silvio Gazquez playing Ice Beerry

Mika Tyyskä: mr fastfingers way of the exploding guitar

Mika Tyyskä the avatar for the music savant that is Mr Fastfinger let me know that the new CD is on the way...

"The Way of the Exploding Guitar" Mr.Fastfinger's debut CD is finally mixed now. It feels like this mixing took forever to finish. The recordings were finished early in the end of November. After that the songs have been under mixing and editing. For some songs it was more than tough to find the final form. Yes, plenty of tweaking back and forth. But I feel I've made it now. The mastering is ahead within a couple of weeks. Now there's plenty of work on the covers and all that publishing and producing stuff before it's out and available.

Now being in the thrall of the Fastfingered one, I have been lucky enough to hear a sample of the album and I can say it's one of the tastiest slices of hot guitar action since... er... the last tastiest slice of guitar action! Once I have more details, I'll make sure they are posted as this is definitely a CD that will be on your "Must Buy" list... even you naughty young whipper-snappers who illegally download mp3... (you know who you are...)

"All Hail Mr Fastfinger... Must buy Fastfinger... Must buy Fastfinger... Must buy Fastfinger... Must buy Fastfinger... Must buy Fastfinger..."

George Lynch: rock confidentail interview

A rock confidential interview with George Lynch:
The bottom line is that I think a lot of fans have been patiently waiting on me to get it right. The stuff I’ve put out has been a mixed bag - in their opinion, not my opinion. I think this Lynch Mob record is going to cement people’s opinion of me getting my shit together and doing the obvious thing, which is sometimes the right thing. Sometimes musicians tend to be too quirky or creative and go off on a tangent and go too far left or too far right. Sometimes you’ve just got to go right up the middle. It makes me happy and I’m sure it’s going to make everybody else happy.
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Thörbjorn Englund: winterlong

Winterlong Longing For Winter available from guitar9:

from Winterlong's glorious past remastered on a strictly limited edition 79 minute CD. A must have for all metal fans! Winterlong is the brainchild of Thorbjörn Englund. Proving to be purveyors of some of the finest neo-classical Nordic power metal to have come out of Scandinavia in the 21st century, the band went through a series of line-up changes, yet retained their own identifiable sound for their first 3 albums before changing track to a heavier style of metal for their fourth (and to date last) album "Metal/Technology". Longing For Winter is an ideal starting point for anyone that has yet to sample the Winterlong sound.

Sky Travellers (4:21)
The Priest (4:03)
Northman (4:53)
Blodshred (3:56)
Like Ships In The Night (3:01)
Nosferatu (3:35)
Wild Winter Nights (5:33)
And So We Remember (4:29)
Each Night We Die (4:07)
Twisting Your Tail (4:54)
The Hunter (3:15)
Retaliation (5:17)
Winterlong (5:31)
Judgement Day (3:39)
The Prediction OF M. King Hubbert (5:17)
Dragon Breath (4:45)
The Heartland (5:00)
Elements (3:28)

Tony Hernando: actual events

available now from guitar9:
Actual Events is Tony Hernando's strongest album to date, 11 furious instrumentals with a strong sense of melody and aggressive approach. With a top production, good compositions and a passionate playing by Hernando and one of the best drumming performances in years by Mike Terrana, Actual Events is a heavy sounding yet catchy and interesting album. Spanish guitarist Tony Hernando is one of the most exciting shredders in Europe today. Tony has released 4 solo albums and an outstanding CD/DVD, including the acclaimed “III” and has toured with some of the best players in business, like Andy Timmons and Richie Kotzen. Actual Events shows Hernando's progressive and neoclassical side more than ever, with an influence from the first MacAlpine, Malmsteen and Cacophony records. In addition there are some fusion and classical numbers too, making the record strong and interesting from start to finish. Actual Events has elements that can be found on Tony’s previous releases giving fans something to grasp instantly, and this variety of sound is due to Tony's wide spectrum of musical likes and knowledge, but Actual Events shows more than any other record of his a maturity in composition. Features the drumming of Mike Terrana.

Eyes Of Orion (4:28)
Totem (3:23)
Stones Of Silence (4:16)
Tomorrow’s Rain (1:47)
Land With No Sun (5:44)
Signals Of Aggression (5:26)
State Of Mind (4:28)
Deathly Kiss (5:00)
Side Effects (4:34)
Driven By Fear (6:14)
The Watcher (2:33)