Saturday, 7 March 2009

Allen Hinds: namm interview

Xotic guitars interview Allen Hinds. For more NAMM coverage visit:

Interview with Allen Hinds at NAMM 2009

In case you missed them

Katsuji Morioka & Allen Hinds at NAMM Bass Bash - Part 1

Katsuji Morioka & Allen Hinds at NAMM Bass Bash - Part 2

Chris Cundy: petrucci fever judge rocks

Petrucci Fever judge Chris Cundy has posted a ton of videos Here's a selection of his original metal instrumental compositions:

KillrBuckeye - The Rising (original metal song, instrumental)

KillrBuckeye - Arrival (original metal song--instrumental)

News: randy rhoads competition, win a jackson guitar

Can you shred? If your answer is YES, why don't you join our Randy Rhoads Guitar Shredding Competition? To mark the anniversary of his death this month, we are celebrating the life and work of this amazing guitarist, who was also one of the top shredders ever. And we're giving away one Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar...Randy Rhoads is one of the most influential Heavy Metal guitarists ever, as well as an accomplished shredder. Now, you have the chance to win a brand new Jackson Randy Rhoads signature guitar! All you need to do is...shred!

And to further celebrate the art of shredding, we're also hosting Guitar Shredding events at our Dolphin Music shops in Liverpool (date TBC) and Huddersfield (4th April). Come, show off your skills and enter to win prizes! Event will be filmed and best shredders will also be automatically entered to the Randy Rhoads You Tube competition.

Randy Rhoads Shredding Competition

The Rules:

1) Make a video of yourself playing some mean guitar shredding. Videos can't be longer than 60 seconds.

2) Post it on You Tube and send us the link (to enter, must include You Tube URL, full name and address)

3) We'll add the best videos to the Shred Competion playlist on our You Tube page

4) Our panel of guitar shredding experts will choose the winner, to be revealed on issue #4 of our Music Planet magazine. Amongst the judges, one of the world's finest guitar shredders - Chris Impellitteri, officially voted 2nd fastest guitarist in the world by “Guitar One” magazine and one of the top 50 fastest guitarists of all time according to “Guitar World” magazine.

5) The winner gets a tasty Jackson Randy Rhoads signature guitar delivered to their door - free of charge!


Matias Rengel: petrucci fever finalist still ripping!

Argentinian Matias Rengel posted a new solo saying:
Hey everyone! I wanted to play a crazy solo, or kind of that, so I came up with this. You can Download the backing track i made on
I promise a more melodic video for tomorrow! promise!
But anyways, I hope you enjoy it.

Crazy Solo by Matias T Rengel

Vinnie Moore: gets michael angelo approval rating

According to the Michael Angelo Batio thread the new Vinnie Moore CD is great. Michael Angelo Batio says:
I have known Vinnie for a long time. He is a really nice guy as well as a great guitarist. I have listened to some samples of his new CD and they sound amazing.
full thread

Guthrie Govan: jose de castro spanish dates

Jose de Castro trio-Jose de Castro and Guthrie Govan, the event will be the name Guitar Night II. Auditorio nueva casa de cultura, Peralta-Navarra, Cost: 25€

News: guitar9 revamp continues

With a new web site design in place at guitar9, it's time to upgrade the servers:
According to our schedule, we are planning to move to a new server on Sunday, March 8th, 2009. The down time should be minimal, but could be several hours or more. The new server is five times faster, has much more memory, more disk space, greater bandwith, and it will help us be to deliver a better user experience to the Guitar Nine Records community. You'll probably see a message to that effect if you happen to visit during the move. Thank you for your patience and support. Please let us know on Monday if your favorite page is not there, or some function appears 'off' or if anything else appears out of kilter.

News: asus super slim folding laptop concepts

With google android being ported to the asus netbooks, these look incredibly interesting concepts... to do blogging on.

News: tv's over? youtube tops100 million us viewers

According to reuters
YouTube’s popularity continues to grow. The Google-owned site topped 100 million U.S. viewers for the first time in January, industry tracker comScore said on Wednesday.

YouTube viewers in the U.S. dialed up more than 6 billion videos in the month. Overall, more than 147 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 101 videos each in January. The average viewer watched around six hours, comScore said.

Bob Katsionis: new cd features name guitar players

This is a trailer/sampler from Bob Katsionis'(FIREWIND) new solo album "NOEMON" in case you missed this release from late last year.

noemon track listing:
002.birth of the sun
003.tears of alice
005.delirium in santiago
006.a melody like you
007.the nightrager
008.athenian light
010.the wounded chords
012.spongeibob vs ibob the builder

Guest Musicians:
Stelios Pavlou : Drums
George Xyndas : Bass
Guest Soloists:
Jeff Waters
Lars Erik Mattsson
Marcel Coenen
Theodore Ziras

You can buy the CD in Bob's myspace page at: through PayPal.

Bob Katsionis' 3rd Solo Album "NOEMON" trailer!

This is Bob's VERY FIRST videoclip with PVG,taken from his debut album "Turn Of My Century".

BOB KATSIONIS - "Scary Groovie" (2002)

Marcos De Ros: more fun music

Marcos De Ros back with another quirky song.

Mirsilou with Marcos De Ros, Peter Griffin, Prabhu Deva and Jerry Lewis.

Art Rodríguez: new track

Art Rodríguez with a hopeful track entitled... Hopeless

Art Rodriguez - Hopeless - Brunetti 059 + Mesa Cab

Richie Kotzen: live in zoetermeer

A bunch of video featuring Richie Kotzen live in Zoetermeer 6-2 2009 as a custom player

Guthrie Govan: limms 2008

Guthrie Govan playing at 2008 London Music show

London Guitar Show 2008

Andres Ludmer: jam and tea time with santiago pagura

Long time guitar friend take a jam session... may be after some tea with milk?

Santiago "pappo" Pagura - Andres "ladmer" Ludmer - zapada 1

Santiago "pappo" Pagura - Andres "ladmer" Ludmer - zapadita 2

Lorenzo Venza: hyper space invader!

Lorenzo Venza posted a great new track over at MySpace:, the track is based on the recent video:

Hybrid picking studio by Lorenzo Venza - hyperspace invaders!

Ricky Garcia: frankfurt timetable

Ricky Garcia says:
This is my clinic schedule for the upcoming wolrds biggest music trade show in Frankfurt 2009:

Cort Guitars, solo clinics every day 12 p.m. & 4 p.m.
Hall 4.2, Walkway F, Stand 23

LaBoga, solo clinics every day 2 p.m. (except wednesday 11 p.m.)
Hall 4.2, Walkway F, Stand 23

Also at the big Agora Center Stage:
Wednesday 2 p.m.
Friday 8:45 p.m.

Also dont miss my autograph session with LAFEE on Saturday 2 p.m. at:
Laboga, Hall 4.2, Walkway F, Stand 23

Chris Impellitteri: premieres wicked maiden

IMPELLITTERI: WORLD PREMIERE video for WICKED MAIDEN!! The brand new IMPELLITTERI-WICKED MAIDEN video can now be viewed on the OFFICIAL FAN CLUB SITE and the Official MySpace page:

News: shred knowledge still looking for new instructors


Mark Thompson contacted me from Shred Knowledge let bring me up to date with progress. Mark says:
"we have 7 new guest instructors including Warrent Roberts... loads of great videos and lessons , fusion will be added as a teaching catgory very soon , there is eight finger classical tapping and its all great for players from beginner to Buckethead"

News: guitar hero greatest hits

Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits - first look:
"Guitar Hero's Greatest Hits - Play alone or as a full band and rock out to 48 of some of the hottest fan-favorite tracks from Guitar Hero's original guitar-centric games: Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.
full review