Saturday, 14 March 2009

News: seven notes guitar web site is reborn

Riccardo Solimena has been hard at work moving the web site over to a joomla PHP based CMS. The new site contains video posting, blogging forums and great guitar music:

Here's a nice jam with Filippo De Vecchi

Vinnie Moore: ufo announce cd and lp

Blabbermouth post

UFO will release their brand-new studio album, "The Visitor", in late May/early June via SPV/Steamhammer. UFO composed more than 35 new tracks in the run-up to the recordings, 13 of which were short-listed and produced at the studio. 11 of these songs are expected to make it onto the regular album, while the other two are scheduled to become bonus tracks on the limited-edition digipack. The current lineup continues to consist of the three original members, Phil Mogg (vocals), Paul Raymond (guitar, keyboards), and Andy Parker (drums), as well as American world-class guitarist Vinnie Moore. Bass legend and original member Pete Way is currently suffering from a liver disease and was unfortunately not available for the studio production.

"All those who have been into UFO for a long time will find all our characteristic trademarks on 'The Visitor', and anybody new to the band will be impressed by our enthusiasm and dynamism," frontman Phil Mogg enthuses on the subject of the new songs. "The Visitor" sees the band benefiting especially from their collaboration with Vinnie Moore, who joined UFO in autumn 2003 and has made an excellent impression on the albums "You Are Here" (2004) and "The Monkey Puzzle" (2006), and on the band’s tours. Mogg says,"Without running down previous UFO lineups, it's been a long time since we had a team as strong as this one. Vinnie contributes his youthful energy and amazing guitar technique, and in Andy's return we've seen the reappearance of a musician who has always been very important to the band's original sound."



The band will embark on a major world tour this year. Concert dates will be announced soon, and appearances at the Rock Hard festival at the end of May and the Wacken Open Air at the beginning of August 2009 in Germany have been confirmed.

Release dates for "The Visitor":

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: May 29
Rest of Europe: June 2
USA, Canada: June 2

Ben Randall: glab system controller

Ben Randall discusses the GLAB GSC-2. Ben says:
... available from for just £329.99!

Call +44 (0)7990 828779 or Email to order your GSC-2 today!

GLAB Guitar System Controller 2 GSC-2 Demo Ben Randall Guitar Idol

Shawn Lane: willjay mania

Willjay has outdone himself with these 9 videos in a custom player including quite a few I've not seen before, including Here is the song "One Way Out" from the All Star Jam that took place at the 'Guitarist Magazine' 25th Anniversary show, at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, on the 19th Sept 1992. With Shawn Lane, Frank Gambale, Steve Morse, Brad Gillis and more...

For this Finale Jam the 11 guitarists played "One Way Out", led by Gregg Allman.

The order of Guitar solos is as follows :

1st solo - Brad Gillis
2nd solo - Frank Gambale
3rd solo - Harvey Mandel
4th solo - Shawn Lane
5th solo - 10 year old Nathan Cavaleri
6th solo - Tim Brooks
7th solo - Steve Morse
8th solo - Elliot Easton
9th solo - Adrian Belew
10th solo - Henry Kaiser

This event raised more than $11,000, which was donated to the Music Educators National Conference.

Jake Reichbart: dvd options

Jake Reichbart says:
Solo Fingerstyle pop and jazz guitar: Excerpts and samples from Jake Reichbart DVD tutorials

The DVDs cost either $100 or $25 and here is how it works:

My DVDs are custom made, on the song or topic of your choice. The DVDs include closeups and show every single move I make and have references to many other ideas that I use in solo guitar in general. These made to order DVDs cost $100 (plus s&h), which, I must say, is not really profitable in itself, as by the time all the recording, editing and packaging/mailing is done, we're talking a whole day's worth of work. HOWEVER, once a DVD is made, it goes into the "already made" DVD category and then it is available to everyone else for only $25.

I have already 7 such titles made (that is, at $25): Creepin' and Lately by Stevie Wonder, Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson, a very cool and in depth video to go with my performance of Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me, really getting into jazz harmony, this title also comes with a 15 minute segment showing chord substitutions for Stella By Starlight, a two hour lesson on Maxine, a jazz harmony for the guitar DVD, very advanced and finally, Duran Duran's Save a Prayer.

So, the choice is yours, you can order one (or more) of the already made DVDs at $25 a piece or you can order a brand new one made just for you. Please let me know.

Solo Fingerstyle pop and jazz guitar: Excerpts and samples from Jake Reichbart DVD tutorials

Byron Nemeth: live in anaheim

Byron Nemeth Group (Byron Nemeth, Brian Glodde, Joe Hengesbaugh, Dave Clark) consists of 4 talented players and composers that have a strong desire to make unique defining music.

FRANKENSTEIN'S LULLABY - Byron Nemeth Group NAMM 09' @ The Hilton Anaheim, California!

SATRIANIMAL - Byron Nemeth Group NAMM 09' @ The Hilton Anaheim, California!

Paul Gilbert: another paul gilbert video!

It's been at least five minutes since my last Paul Gilbert post... OK time for one more...


Marc Playle: narcosis!

Marc Playle, finalist from guitar idol 2008 is back with a great video, great song and his own unique stylish playing... I loved it... I hope you do too.

Marc Playle - Narcosis (Video)

Alex Hutchings: bristol blue glass smashing!

I love this guys playing, tons of feel and emotion with state of the art licks. Jazz/fusion virtuoso Alex Hutchings playing one of the five superb tracks from our new Custom Fusion Series - available exclusively from Included in the package are high quality audio and video tracks, plus 100% accurate tab transcriptions of all solos. All videos are available in a custom player, feel free to embed on your blog.






Renat Bikchurin: take five with 8

Renat Bikchurin with a classic cover of the Dave Brubeck song Take Five in his own inimitable tapping style.

"Take five" by Renat Bikchurin.

Rusty Cooley: pro tone pedal promo

Rusty Cooley with a quick 'commercial' for the Jason Becker and Rusty Cooley signature model pedals

Rusty Cooley RC NAMM 09

Rusty Cooley JB NAMM 09

Larry Mitchell: honolulu clinic

Larry Mitchell performs at a guitar clinic at Easy Music Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Matt - Guest Guitar
Ken Field - Bass
Tony Trevias - Keyboards
Chris Luke - Drums
11 exciting videos in this custom player.

Taka Minamino: angelwing cd on the way


Debut Album "AngelWing" from Taka Minamino, his his debut album should be ready before summer.

Song list,
1. Divine Death
2. Afterlife in the hell
3. Violence breeds violence
4. Forever Love
5. AngelWing intro
6. AngelWing
7. Memory with you
8. Blood Rain
9. Forever Love(Instrumental ver.)

Line up,
Taka Minamino on Guitar
Kevin Jones on Vocals
Rafael Borks on Keyboard
Kelly Simonz on Bass
Jeff Bowders on Drums
Derek Sherinian on Keyboard Solo

Free Guitar Lesson

Derryl Gabel: outside secret II - super hot dvd!!

Derryl Gabel has completed his new DVD, fans of fusion guitar will no doubt be over the moon as these lessons are well respected and give guitarists new ways to look at improvisational style rather than being lick based... yes I have my copy already on order.

Derryl Gabel says:
In this video I show you how to use passing tones, chromatics, and approach notes to spice up your solos and give more style and feel to your phrases. I also give you motifs that you can use to build your vocabulary and will help you in understanding and creating your own sophisticated lines. Lastly I show you some long lines to help jump start your improvisations and give you the insight into putting it altogether. Each of the 50 licks and ideas are transcribed in the Power Tab and PDF format which is included on the DVD.

You can get the new DVD for $35 plus $5.00 shipping. My paypal ID is
You can also order with your credit card from the Merch page of my site:

Derryl Gabel: Outside secrets II

Chris Impellitteri: fan club news


New video for Last of a Dying Breed now up! Impellitteri has posted the world premiere of their second music video titled Last of A Dying Breed. The band is currently in rehearsals for their world tour and look forward to seeing everyone on their Wicked Maiden tour. We hope everyone enjoys the new video !! IMPELLITTERI Wicked Maiden enters the Japan charts at # 10 (International) See the world premiere of the new Impellitteri music video titled Wicked Maiden here!!

Impellitteri will release their new album titled Wicked Maiden in Europe on April 25, 2009, followed by a release in the United States around summer. Impellitteri will play a 90 minute set on one of the two main stages at Sweden Rock festival with Heaven and Hell, In Flames, Dream Theatre, and Twisted Sister. Impellitteri will embark on a worldwide tour around summer. For those interested in Impellitteri you may join the bands first official myspace page at Please be cautious of the other Impellitteri myspace pages as they are run by fans or imposters.

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot bitten by the wolf...

Cool post from Van Halen News desk:
Chickenfoot’s self-titled debut CD will be released in either APRIL or MAY. The first single might be either “Oh, Yeah!” or “Bitten By The Wolf.” The tour will kick off in MAY, warming up in smaller venues (possibly clubs) in the USA followed by a few weeks in Europe during the summer. Then the band will return to the USA for a larger headlining tour this fall. The band is planning on performing the entire CD as well as songs from each of the band members careers. So, expect to hear some classics from Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and some blazin’ Joe Satriani instrumentals! It’s going to be a great year for rock ‘n’ roll!

Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony give Guitar World magazine the scoop on Chickenfoot! This will be the “June” issue, which hits the streets on April 7th. You can pre-order the magazine now at Van Halen Store.


Paul Gilbert: memorizing shapes and the rg550x

Paul demonstrates on how to learn different shapes of notes on a guitar neck diagram

Paul Gilbert on memorizing shapes

Paul Gilbert talks about the Ibanez RG550X

Marcos De Ros: a little light tango

Marcos De Ros plays a little light tango, Libertango - Tango from Astor Piazzolla

Libertango - Tango from Astor Piazzolla. Version by Marcos De Ros. Electric guitar.

Ethan Brosh: out of oblivion promotional

This is the video of the track "Hit Man" off of my debut album Out of Oblivion. Available in stores on March 24th 2009. Out on Magna Carta Records. This tune features Mike Mangini on drums and Eyal Freeman on bass. The video was recorded and edited by Seth Brown and David Swift. Filmed at Sanctum sound studios in Boston. This tune is dedicated to Bret "The Hit Man" Hart.

Out of Oblivion also features guest appearances by George Lynch, Greg Howe, Joe Stump and Mike Mangini. The artwork was made by Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden)

Ethan Brosh "The Hit Man" Video. Magna Carta Records

Ethan Brosh Out Of Oblivion Commercial George Lynch Greg Howe Mike Mangini

Michael Angelo Batio: live videos


Michael Angelo live custom player 4 videos

Kiko Loureiro: angra back in action

A case of don't look back in angra...

Kiko Loureiro's blog, ANGRA will end its two-year hiatus by teaming up with fellow Brazilian metallers SEPULTURA for a massive tour of Brazil and the rest of Latin America. The trek, which will consist of more than 20 dates, will include stops in such major Brazilian venues as Via Funchal in São Paulo and Canecão Canecão in Rio de Janeiro Canecão, and will take place during the months of May, August and September.

ANGRA's touring lineup will feature returning drummer Ricardo Confessori, who will step in for the departed Aquiles Priester.

So far the following dates have been confirmed:

May 06 - Porto Alegre, BRA - Teatro do Bourbon Country
May 09 - São Paulo, BRA - Via Funchal
May 29 - Rio de Janeiro, BRA - Canecão
May 30 - Vitória, BRA - Ginásio Dom Bosco
May 31 - Belo Horizonte, BRA - Chevrolet Hal

full details