Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Alexandros Tefarikis: new leader in guitar idol, the top 3

OK, leads been swapping all day... out of the blue a new leader as South America wakes up:

1 Alexandros Tefarikis Opus 8 - Guitaridol Final Online Heat

2 Faraz Anwar
3 Jack Thammarat

Rusty Cooley: rock house interview

Rusty Cooley is interviewed by Curt from Rockhouse blog.

Rusty Cooley:
No, I’m self taught. I tried lessons a couple times with different teachers but I just couldn’t get into that aspect. The problem was that I started playing guitar right when the whole shred guitar thing happened. It was Randy Rhodes and Yngwie and Vai and all those shrapnel guys. The problem was all the guitar players that I was listening to, and none of the teachers could play like that on a local level. So there was nobody around that cold teach me what I wanted to play.

So I ended up teaching myself how to play. There wasn’t anything on-line thing back then so I learned through a mail order course, which was Metal Method. I taught myself through that for like the first 3 or 4 years of playing guitar. I studied and mastered everything they put out. From there I went on and continued to study books and videos. The books back then came with cassettes. I went on to take music theory in high school and I took some music theory in college, but aside from that it was all just pretty much just at home, hard core working and practicing and studying on my own.
full interview

Miki Birta: live concert at take5 in budapest

11 April 2009, Take 5 Jazzclub Budapest, Hungary
Szilárd Banai-Drums
Zoli Zana- Ewi
Gergő Kolta-bass
Miki Birta-guitar

Miki Birta : Friends - Live at the Take5 jazzclub Budapest-

Ed To Shred: dean guitar winner posts a full video

Ed To Shred says:
Hey guys, so I reconverted the file, cuz the avi format was out of sync when i uploaded it :S. Anyways, here is the proper version, should be sync'd properly. Also, I have the Lesson #1 video as well. I could post that up as well, let me know if you want me to do that.

Ed to Shred Episode 1 - Full video (PROPER)

Russ Parrish: steel panther sizzling super solo

Russ Parrish, aka Satchel from Steel Panther is shredding it up at Green Valley Ranch. April 10th 2009

Satchel 8 Minute Solo

Chris Broderick, Jeff Loomis: burn it up!

An amazing solo slugathon from Chris Broderick and Jeff Loomis. If your looking for more high quality versions of this interplay buy the amazing Nevermore: year of the voyager

Chris Broderick & Jeff Loomis Guitar Solo Duel

Scott Henderson: alloutguitar masterclass review


Technique wise Scott is working on using big triads. Triads using big intervals, which he deftly demonstrated before explaining that it's good to be a goal orientated practicer. Always try to practice for something and have something to practice. Also practice within the context of a song by learning the melody in more than one place on the fret board and learn inversions of chord progressions to extend your chord vocabulary.

Indeed, as if on cue Scott made a mention of his "genius" chord book, ‘Jazz Guitar Chord System', which he confessed to using nearly every day for variations on voicings and chordal textures.
full review

Gustavo Guerra: boosts his online youtube presence

Gustavo Guerra has been busy compiling some new youtube channels... this might be to get over any possible copyroght issues and advertising, what it means in practive is yopu'll need to watch more channels...


Official Channels

Freddie Nelson: metalichika interview - united nations released two part interview


Kudod to Jenn Feather: Freddie Nelson says:
Paul had come up with this killer guitar riff, and I was trying to find a vocal angle on it. We had gone out to eat lunch one afternoon, and I saw this hot blonde with a braided ponytail, giving this poor guy the business. She was holding her hand up to his face like she didn’t want to hear what he had to say, while he was standing there pleading his case to her. I immediately went back and literally just wrote down what I saw, in lyric form, and threw a melody in with it. Paul asked me where I got the idea for the song, and I told him “from that Paris Hilton-looking girl on Sunset.” The next day he came in to the studio and said, “we should call that song Paris Hilton Look-Alike”, which was perfect.

Interview with Freddie Nelson (Paul Gilbert Band, Too Tall Jones) - 04/09, by Jenn, Part 1
Interview with Freddie Nelson (Paul Gilbert Band, Too Tall Jones) - 04/09, by Jenn, Part 2

Vinnie Moore: to the core usa release date

Kudos eddie trunk
Vinnie Moore will release his new solo album, "To The Core", in North America on May 26th via Holland's Mascot Records.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

1. Fly (4:51)
2. Panic Attack (6:19)
3. Off The Hook (5:15)
4. Transcendence (3:53)
5. Soul Caravan (5:55)
6. Jigsaw (3:41)
7. Remorse (7:02)
8. Tailspin (5:33)
9. Over My Head (3:57)
10. Into the Open Highway (6:47)
11. Into the Sunset (5:41)

"To The Core" recording lineup:

Vinnie Moore - Guitar
Van Romaine - Drums
John "J.D." DeServio - Bass
Tim Lehner - Keyboards
Moore spent the last several years on tour with UFO. Once off the road, Moore took his time meticulously laying down the tracks to his newest guitar instrumental masterpiece.

Choosing a very retro-contemporary rock style mixed with many other styles and influences, Moore decided he would make it a good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll instrumental album. It's just Vinnie Moore, his guitar, and his raw guitar talent — all the ingredients that make this album a work of art.

"The only plan I had when making this record was to do some things I have never done before," explains Moore. "I am into many types of music and wanted to make a record where I could just let it all pour out without limitations. I am basically a rock guy but all these other influences that filter into my music. You can hear many styles from an R&B/hip hop vibe to one that is heavy but has an indian vibe with lots of exotic percussion. I even have a couple tunes with techno elements, some funk, some blues and some bepop. Hell, there is even some motorcycles on it and I even played slide guitar on 'Jigsaw', which is fairly new for me. The common thread that ties it all together is probably the fact that it's me playing guitar through it all

Prashant Aswani: the statesman interview


Another Prashan Aswani interview:
As a child Prashant Aswani attended a number of Indian classical concerts, an experience that inspired him to take up music seriously. He started by playing the tabla and today he is a leading guitarist in the USA. He was bitten by the guitar bug when he bought his first album, AC/DC’s Back In Black. Listening to Angus Young, he knew then that he had to become a guitarist. His first album ~ Revelation ~ was released in 1998 and it featured a mix of Indian rhythms and memorable melodies. Next he toured Italy and after returning to the USA, his next album ~ Duality ~ appeared in 2000. He recently toured with a number of recording artistes, including R&B singer Christina Milian and performed at the Billboard Music Awards with pop idol Justin Timberlake. He has lent his name, over the years, to nine albums, including Greg Howe’s Ascend and Hyperacuity; Diaz’s Devotion (which also features jazz legend Herbie Hancock); and a Jeff Beck tribute CD.

In conversation with The Statesman.

Mark McGuigan: guitar idol - my favs so far.

Mark McGuigans blog currently sits at number 11 in the guitar world blog list, but he's taken some time out to resond to a question that I posed about the latest guitar idol final 2009. Mark had done a similar job in 2008 and I was interested to see what music was firing him up in this years competition. Current favs from Mark include:
Daniele Gottardo, Hedras Ramos, Jack Thammarat, Maneli Jamal, Masahiro Aoki, Muris Varajic, Silvio Gazquez and Tom Quayle
. So this is his full view on the favs so far

For those of you who don't know Mark, he's an excellent guitar player and his lessons and blog site are highly recommended. http://www.markmcguigan.com/, more videos over at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/markmcguigan

Mark McGuigan - bluesjamtracks.com Prowling Blues Jam

Frank Gambale: v band musikmesse 2009 part II

Frank Gambale and Alain Caron this from the afternoon session. The hour long show was crammed into a small venue but even with fans it got too hot for shred junior senior... so we only caught three songs. Nick Kellie was sat in the same row as me on the end... apologies for not saying hello, but I did wave!

Frank Gambale and Alain Caron v band musikmesse 2009 part 4

Frank Gambale and Alain Caron v band musikmesse 2009 part 5

Russ Parrish: steele panther at the golden gods awards

A metal injection exclusive, The legendary 80s glam band graces us with their presence explaining to Rob how he can score more chicks. full post

Adrian English: s u p e r - 7 - s h r e d d e r SHREDS!

The king of sizzling size seven shred licks is back with a super slick shredding myspace web site: http://www.myspace.com/adrianenglish and announcing the upcoming release of shred CD... those with a fear to over the top shredding lickage of the highest order, you may need to look away now...

Look out for the guys at shredguy records, that includes Ashley Sheperd, the guy who wrote pro-tools, mastering a full length 16 TRACK A.D.D. C that is due for release at CD Baby in May 2009....

more details nearer the time when my spies have full infiltrated the ninja shred training camp... this some recent video sneaked out...

Blue Phoenix.AVI

Paul Gilbert: mr big reunited new dvd's released

Mr Big with Paul Gilbert, back in business for a Japanese tour, time to milk the cow with two new DVD releases to coincide with the tour

Lean Into It [Limited Low-priced Edition]
Special priced DVD release from MR. BIG commemorating their reuniting and Japan tour. Part of a four DVDs featuring MR. BIG including "Lean Into It," "Live And Kickin'," "Live," and "Big. Bigger. Biggest! The Best Of MR.BIG (Greatest Video Hits)."
pre order

Big. Bigger. Biggest! The Best Of MR.BIG (Greatest Video Hits)
Special priced DVD release from MR. BIG commemorating their reuniting and Japan tour. Part of a four DVDs featuring MR. BIG including "Lean Into It," "Live And Kickin'," "Live," and "Big. Bigger. Biggest! The Best Of MR.BIG (Greatest Video Hits)."
pre order

Mike Orlando: new york news channel interview


The headline
Local Guitar Player Receives Recognition From National Magazine
... check out the video interview

Kiko Loureiro: the rock house interview

Rock House method give Kiko Loureiro the interview treatment

Kiko Loureiro:
When I was 16 and I was more into the guitar and searching for videos, or scorers or magazines I got to know and learn about Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and all those eighties guitar players. I watched their videos and it helped me a lot. I love rock, but I was always ready to listen to other kinds of music. I remember my Father listening to Paco De Lucia the flamenco player. I was always into this Brazilian music, The Latin Bossa Nova and the jazzy chords, you know this more complex stuff. You know, the more sophisticated stuff we have and Brazilian music. My parents were always listening to this kind of music and they would say to me OK, You like rock music and those guys with the big hair in band’s, but the real music is this kind. They would tell me if you want to be a real guitar player or you want to be good you have to learn to play this is well. So, they start showing me all these Bossa Nova composers and a flamenco style composers. I told myself rock is cool but I need to learn this other stuff too. I started to learn Latin harmonies and the sophisticated chords that go along with that style of music.
full interview

Fernando Miyata: and juniho afram plays the blues!

Juninho Afram and Fernando Miyata Afran work with Abel kilt as he sings his music: It is for God - KAIRÓZ banda.

Juninho Afran e participação Fernando Miyata e Abel Kilter

Brett Garsed: live in athens continued II

Kudos again to Chris Johnstone... Brett Garsed and Yorgos Fakanas Group playing "Freedom Jazz Dance" from the cd Domino at the "Athina Live" Athens Greece 28/3/2009 www.fakanas.gr
Brett Garsed: Guitar
Yorgos Fakanas: Bass
Marios Toumbas: Keys
Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis: Drums
Takis Paterelis - Sam Marlieri: Saxes

Tom Quayle, George Marios: Fibenare guitars, T42 funking groovers musikmesse

Tom Quayle posts another cool video from the Musikmesse 2009 shows and provides you with the backing track. Tom Quayle says:
T42 improvising over a funk backing track at Muskimesse 2009 for Fibenare guitars - seriously amazing guitars!! Thanks to all the guys at Fibenare for having us.

Here's a link to the backing track - it'd be awesome if some of you wanted to post video responses of your improvised solos over the changes. Am7 for the A section followed by Eb7, C7sus4 and B7#11 for the B section! http://www.4shared.com/file/98283999/b598aa7f/Am_Funk_Groove_T42.html

Good luck and enjoy.

Check out the Tom Quayle with "unknown jazz guitarist"

Funk Groove - T42 aka George Marios and Tom Quayle in HD