Thursday, 16 April 2009

Robert Marcello: top playing at musikmesse 2009

I was really happy to catch up with Robert Marcello at the musikmesse 2009. I had been looking for Alex Hutchings and I noticed that he was playing on the same stand. Robert is a true professional, didn't jump when I asked him for a photo. He lets us know that he would be playing a session later in the day on the Snap Jacks stand... it took us at least an hour to find it! In the meantime we caught up with Marcel Coenen and Stefan Forte...

Fortunately for use, like Adrian Vandenberg ( who we'd met on the first day... must be 6' 4"!) Robert Marcello stands out from the crowd!

Robert was interested in who we'd seen and people we liked, after mentioning Mattias IA Eklund, Robert proceeded to emulate Mattias's trade mark faux harmonics! THe guy has a good sense of humour too!

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Robert Marcello: musikmesse 2009 snap jack demo part 1

Robert Marcello: musikmesse 2009 snap jack demo part 2

Robert Marcello: musikmesse 2009 snap jack demo part 3

Robert Marcello: musikmesse 2009 snap jack demo part 4

John Petrucci: dream theater the life story...


“Being a Dream Theater fan is a commitment, but I think that you get out of it what you put into it,” adds Portnoy, who oversees the archival official-bootleg and fan-club releases that the band regularly makes available to fans through the band’s YtseJam label. “Not everybody is willing to take the journey, but I think that if you’re willing to invest the time, it’s gonna be that much more fulfilling. And the reward for us is having these fans that have really stuck by us and helped to sustain us.”

Dream Theater’s restless creativity extends to their high-energy live shows, which have become more ambitious and diverse, as the band’s career has progressed. One distinctive aspect of Dream Theater’s concerts is their ever-changing set list, which Portnoy oversees to ensure that no two shows are alike.

The band’s fans have also enthusiastically supported a variety of adventurous side projects featuring Dream Theater members, including Liquid Tension Experiment, Explorers Club, MullMuzzler, OSI, Platypus, The Jelly Jam, Transatlantic and True Symphonic Rockestra. But it's Dream Theater that commands the lion’s share of the five musicians’ attentions, and their longstanding creative rapport has never been more riveting than on Black Clouds & Silver Linings.

“This album was made similarly to the way that our last five or six records were made,” says Portnoy, “which is that we move into a recording studio empty-handed, without writing anything individually or in advance. We write all the music in the studio and we record each song when it's completed. We’ve always made records by banging it out together in the same room, bouncing ideas off of each other. Not many bands work that way anymore, but we feel it’s very important to work together as a band, because you can’t replace that chemistry. You can’t make a Dream Theater record through the mail.”
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Eddie Van Halen: get your sneakers now


Eddie Van Halen Launches EVH Brand Signature Striped Sneakers
Available online at and in stores now

Photo by FMIC

Legendary rock guitar icon Eddie Van Halen and partner FEA Merchandising are proud to announce the release of EVH Brand Signature Striped Sneakers.

For nearly two decades, Eddie Van Halen fans have been attending Van Halen shows wearing homemade versions of the striped sneakers Eddie wears onstage, modeled after his infamous red- white- and black-striped “Frankenstein” guitar.

“So many people would ask me ‘Where can I get a pair of those?’” Van Halen said. “After hearing that for about 15 years, I figured they were something that people obviously wanted, so making them available and official seemed like a natural progression.”

Three patterns are available—red with black and white stripes, white with black stripes (like the guitar he used in 1978) and black with yellow stripes (like the guitar seen on the back cover of Van Halen II). All three are available in high-top and low-top versions, with the familiar 5150 tag on the spine. They’re classic canvas-style sneakers that have been “road tested” by Eddie over the course of several tours; most recently on Van Halen’s top-grossing 2007/2008 North American arena tour.

EVH Brand Signature Striped Sneakers are now available online at and at department and specialty stores worldwide. They follow in the footsteps (no pun intended) of other EVH signature items such as the Wolfgang™ guitar, 5150™ amplifiers and EVH accessories.

For some reason even I want a pair... and so does the Mrs! will this set a trend? buy now

Paul Gilbert: musikmesse 2009 II and esse music

First up another musikmesse series, good quality

Paul Gilbert: musikmesse 2009 II

Paul Gilbert: esse music 2009

Chris Broderick: mustaine says this guy is better than marty friedman!


Dave Mustaine says:
Now, Let me tell you about Chris Broderick’s soloing!

This guy is like Tony Montana. I have never ever heard a guitar player this good. Sorry Marty, I try to keep you in the fans memory, but they are going to have a hard time once they hear Chris. I mean we all worked hard to get Chris to where he is right now, but nothing that I could have done, and I mean very little, if not zero was contributed by me. Chris is a genius, a virtuoso, a master, and I am the proudest I have ever been in my musical life right now.

Even Justis said, “He stomps Marty Friedman dead.” What a blessing to have such a cool son!!!
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Joe Satriani: chickenfoot to be released on a big black round thing with a hole in the middle

Chickenfoot have announced that the new album will be available in 12" vinyl format... or LP's for those old enough to remember... NB I'm not one of these guys who thinks vinyl sounds better than CD... my hearing is not what it used to be... In the meantime here's track 4 off the upcoming album, Oh Yeah!... that's right... pre order now

Chicken foot Oh Yeah

Neal Morse: transatlantic back in business


TRANSATLANTIC, the progressive rock "supergroup" comprised of Mike Portnoy, Pete Trewavas (MARILLION), Roine Stolt and Neal Morse, has reunited after a seven-year hiatus to record a brand new studio album.

The band began work on the CD in early April in Nashville and is expected to have it released by year's end.

Derek Sherinian: the right to rock interview


Join Genghis and Ragman as they discuss the new ways artists are reaching out to their fans. Is the internet a new cash cow for bands or a revolutionary way to connect to their followers? Tune in to find out. Next the boys round up keyboardist extraordinaire Derek Sherinian for a heart to heart as he discusses his latest solo CD, Molecular Heinosity, as well as his days in DT.

News: shred guy gets uk distribution sorted

OK, your a fan of guitar and you live in the UK... want to buy that elusive Shred Guy records CD... well now you can pre order the latest release:

Format: CD Album
Catalogue Number: SR4
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Shredguy
Release Date: 11 May 2009

PRICE: £13.99

Shredding Across The World Vol. 2
17 guitar players / 15 tracks.

Guitar players include Tracy G(formerly of DIO), Jonas Kjellgren (of Scar Symmetry), Neal Grusky (of Takara), Janne Stark(of Overdrive), Toby Knapp (formerly of Onward and now touring guitarist with Darkane), Michael Harris (of Thought Chamber), Shrapnel Records artist Stephen Ross. Plus appearences by musicians including Ray Luzier (now of Korn), Bjorn Englen (of Yngwie Malmsteen), Conny Payne (formerly of Madison), and Op Sakiya (formerly of Heir Apparent).

Track Listing

1 Massacre In Bridgetown
2 Mindstorm
3 Truth & Consequence
4 Ture Temperament
5 Flies
6 Angel Of Lies
7 Forewarning
8 Flow Your Mind
9 Flight Of The Blue Phoenix
10 PrognosisPsychosis
11 Aphasia
12 Crematoria
13 Trippin
14 IntoAnother
15 Orifice

Hedras Ramos: the pride of Guatemala making waves in the guitar idol final

It seems that Hedras Ramos is going down a storm in his native Guatemala. I managed to catch a live radio show last night and he's also getting some news paper coverage and on line news attention for his appearene in the guitar idol on line final for the track Insanity Atoms.

Translated from Prensa Libre:
Hedras is 17 years old and has been playing the electric guitar for 4 years now. Practicing seven to eight hours a day and now even more involved in the Guitar Idol competition, in which the finalists will be voted by the public through the Internet.

Hedras composes his own songs and actually released his first album in October, "New Sounds", with 12 pieces. Besides being the only Central American who participates in this global contest, which is in semi-stage, also competes in the Riffking, event organized by the English band - Saxon. The winner will be invited to play with the band in a live show. In addition, he's now part of the staff of Blues Jam Tracks, a company oriented towards training materials on the guitar that teaches through the web along with Guthrie Govan and Alex Hutchings, two of the most prominent British masters of the instrument. Hedras hopes to have the support of the Guatemalan people to reach the final of Guitar Idol, in London.

What motivates you to learn guitar?
There were several reasons. One was feeling the instrument, which has a lot of harmony, rhythm and melody. I am also inspired by my dad, who is a guitarist, and therefore I have grown up in a musical environment.

Who are the big you admire?
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Guthrie Govan.

How do you define your style?
Is instrumental rock. It can be metal, hard rock, jazz, fusion, pop rock, and ballads, but I'm inclined to rock. I also love classical music, blues and jazz ...

You started at 13 and in four years you have achieved much, like being in the semi-finals of Guitar Idol, how do you feel about it?
Representing Guatemala in this way is a dream and a privilege. Not everyone can do, and it would be very special to go to London (for the final) and that my country gives me the necessary votes. It feels very well achieving all this, it's nice to see a harvest of what you sow. The law of effort and reward can not be violated.

How have you prepared this time to reach the level where you are?
I am very happy with what I achieved. I am eager to learn more, and my dream is to study at the Berkley College of Music, to devote myself to this for life. I intend to learn to the best of everything and give my full effort. I study between seven and eight hours a day, and on school vacations 12 to 14 hours. I am composing, producing and teaching. I feel fine but I have a lot ahead, you never stop learning ...
( updated translation provided by Hedras Ramos. )

Plus some magazine appearances:

News: ztar, looking for something new?

A brief discussion of the basic features of the Ztar MIDI guitar controller. Covering the basic hardware and connections, the main software features and some of the basic modes of operation.

Starr Labs Ztar MIDI Guitar description - Part 1

Starr Labs Ztar MIDI Guitar description - Part 2

Rusty Cooley: clinic highlights II

A new video from the recent clinic.

Rusty Cooley Guitar Clinic part 2 3-30-09

Chris Poland: ohmphrey covered by modern guitars


Appetizers from each track of OHMPHREY are served on the group's MySpace page ( with a list of upcoming support dates.

OHMPHREY Track Listing
1. Someone Said You Were Dead
2. The Girl From Chi Town
3. Denny's By The Jail
4. Ice Cream
5. Lake Shore Drive
6. Not Afraid Of The Dark
7. Shrooms 'n Cheese
8. What's The Word, Thunderbird

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Kenny Serane: more solo guitar playing


Final Solo of ballad Don't Forget, from Workshop 2nd album Beyond The Unknown Territory

Kenny Serane - Don't Forget Solo

Playing an Andy Timmons song for Torpedo Demo Tour (dec. 2008).
Gear: Telecaster RK, Elmwood Stinger 30, Two-Notes Torpedo, Eventide TimeFactor, T-Rex RoomMate

Kenny Serane - A Night To Remember (Andy Timmons Cover)

Don't forget to check out the sound samples for the workshop release: or this sample which features fellow Frenchman Ric Daude:

Paul Gilbert: racerx, freddie nelson, namm 2009

It's Thursday so it must be time for more Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert: namm 2009, raxer x freddie nelson

News: guitar idol the networking thread


If your a guitar idol finalist or just a runner up, you can share your details, web sites, myspaces, facebooks email addresses in one thread at the guitar idol forum

Andy James: the busy guy checks in


Andy James:
We’ve had a busy few weeks and it just keeps getting busier! We finished recording the video to our follow up single ‘Anger On Reflection’ due for release in April. We’ll be posting up some clips of ‘the making of’ very soon. Big thanks to Mark and Matt for working us to the point of destruction!
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Brett Garsed: live in athens continued III

Brett Garsed and Yorgos Fakanas Group playing "Freedom Jazz Dance" from the cd Domino at the "Athina Live" Athens Greece 28/3/2009
Brett Garsed: Guitar
Yorgos Fakanas: Bass
Marios Toumbas: Keys
Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis: Drums
Takis Paterelis - Sam Marlieri: Saxes

Brett Garsed and YFG - Freedom Jazz Dance (pt2) live in Athens