Friday, 17 April 2009

News: imposters claim to be spinal tap members

Just can't be true!

Jeff Kollman: cosmosquad at baked potato

Jeff Kollman in a small clip for fans.

Kollman, Maloney, Gaalaas COSMOSQUAD @ B.Potato 04-11-09

Muris Varajic: scaring scarified!

Muris Varajic says:
My take on Scarified, hope you'll like it! :) Cheers Muris
... I love this track and Muris Varajic does it justice... enjoy... Muris is currently 7th in the guitar idol poll:

Racer X's Scarified - by Muris Varajic

Paul Gilbert: mr big daddy brother lover little boy 2009

Enjoy the band in full flow... ready for their comeback tour

MR.BIG daddy brother lover little boy 2009


Paul Gilbert Clinic Montebelluna (TV)

News: appleseed available on blu ray

My daughter will be happy... wot no guitars... but top notch CGI in typical Japanese fashion.

Blu-ray release of animated sci-fi theatrical movie based on the celebrated manga written by Masamune Shirow of "Ghost In The Shell" fame. Created by the director Shinji Aramaki, the producer Fumihiko Sori, the musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, and more talented creators. In 2131, nonnuclear warfare ends. Deunan Knute is taken to Olympus, a city of balance and perfection by her former lover Briareos who is now a cyborg after being wounded in battle and Hitomi, a Bioroids (artificial humans). Half of the population in Olympus are Bioroids who are much more stable and balanced than humans. Some believe that Bioroids are a threat to human beings, while others believe that humans are a threat to the future of Olympus. Bioroids Plans for shaking up persistence of human beings are secretly in the works. The key of this plan is "Appleseed." The battle to save the future of human beings now starts.

Special Features: trailer of "EX MACHINA," action scene highlight, music clip, keyword description (still), cast profile (still), staff profile (still), charater description, music archive
pre order

News: truth in shredding spike IV thanks for al lthe visitors!

Wow, another spike while I watched a movie "It's a mad mad mad world" (1963) with Shred junior and the remainder of the little folk. The google analytics report indicates my Robert Marcello videos, Hedras Ramos and Joe Satriani, chickenfoot news made the difference. Still I'm back down to number 2 in the guitarworld blogs list: but this one was a superspike 935 visitors in a day! ... May be one day I'll break the magical 1000...

News: the beginning of the end for file sharing... jail sentences!

Court jails Pirate Bay founders:
Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde, speaking on his website: 'We cannot and wouldn't pay' A court in Sweden has jailed four men behind The Pirate Bay (TPB), the world's most high-profile file-sharing website, in a landmark case. Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lundstrom and Peter Sunde were found guilty of breaking copyright law and were sentenced to a year in jail. They were also ordered to pay $4.5m (£3m) in damages. Record companies welcomed the verdict but the men are to appeal and Sunde said they would refuse to pay the fine.
full news item

Kenny Serane: fusion on the torpedo and elmwood clinic

Torpedo Demo Tour at studio Passage a Niveaux in Rennes (FRANCE)
GEAR: Telecaster RK, Elmwood Stinger 30, Two-Notes Torpedo

Kenny Serane - Fusion impro with Tristan Klein

Tristan Klein: demos the PRS single cut

Some great playing by Tristan Klein.

tristan klein playing a PRS singlecut 10 top

News: guitar idol to have live online voting for the final?!?!?!

Still to be confirmed:
Meanwhile, LIMS has gained another first - a live webcast from the show, organised by Licklibrary and following in the wake of last year's highly popular Guitar Idol event.

Licklibrary's plan for LIMS 2009 is to run streaming web video from the show, with live voting for the Guitar Idol event. Licklibrary and the MIA estimate that it could gain up to 160,000 unique 'viewers'.

To help finance the session, Licklibrary is looking for ten sponsors from among LIMS exhibitors who will contribute £450 each in return for which they will receive sponsor branding on the live webcast/voting page. Licklibrary will also carry the sponsors' banner ads in the Guitar Idol channel of for another month, where site visitors will be able to watch edits of the finalists.

Interested exhibitors should contact Licklibrary's Kim Waller on: 01708 757337

read the article

News: guitar idol 2009 CD to be released on favoured nations

According to Owen Vaughan from all out guitar the CD for this years competition will be released on a new label. Last years was released on Lion Music and is available from guitar euroshop

Owen Vaughan says:
Steve Vai's Favored Nations To Release Guitar Idol 2009 Album
This will be a Digital only release - but this time we're promised all the PR and marketing back up that a company like Favored Nations can provide...

Chris Brooks: jamming on the dimarzio choppers

Chris Brooks says:
I recorded this warts and all jam as the first test of the DiMarzio Chopper and Airzone pickups I'd just installed on my 1997 Lone Star Strat. Also used: 96 Dual Recto solo head on orange channel set to vintage, with TS9 in front, and Recto 2x12 cab. Now back to making the new album!

Chris Brooks jams on strat with new pickups

Alex Hunter: kltv interview for guitar idol


Move over Hendrix. There's a new guitar legend in the making.
FAIRPLAY, TX (KLTV) - In November he sent a home video into YouTube's Guitar Idol contest, and 17-year-old Alex Hunter of Fairplay is now among 120 finalists in the competition.

"Well, I don't want to be braggish or anything, but I think I'm pretty good," he said.

Yeah, he's pretty good! Playing since he was 10, he literally burns the frets of a guitar with amazing speed, and practices for hours every day.

"There's a lot of good guitarists on there but I think I'm up there with them," said Hunter. "I'm not afraid. I think I can compete."

As the YouTube voting came in, out of more than 12,000 entries around the world, Hunter was voted a finalist.

"It would be nice to get some recognition out for it , but I do what I love to do," he said.

How good is he?

"I don't really want to copy anybody," he explained. "I'd like to set the same standards they set back then. There's always room to improve until the day I die there's always room to improve."

Move over Hendrix. There's a new guitar legend in the making.

If Hunter is voted one of the 12 finalists, he'll win a free trip to London in the summer to perform for judges and major record labels.
watch the video

Frank Gambale: akira jimbo cd 2008


Akira Jimbo - Get Up /Frank Gambale on Guitar(Import):
Akira Jimbo (drums); Frank Gambale (electric guitar); Abraham Laboriel (bass); Otmaro Ruiz (piano).

2008 Release. Japanese Hot Shot Drummer Akira Jimbo who is known worldwide as the drummer with fusion outfit Casiopea returns with another dose of electric fusion after his much acclaimed " Four Colors". This new one also features guitar maestro Frank Gambale along with the ever popular L.A Bassist Abraham Laboriel and Otmaro Ruiz (John McLaughlin) on piano.

Frank Gambale: akira jimbo cd 2007


Akira Jimbo : Four Colors/with Frank Gambale, Abe Laboriel Sr and Otmaro Ruiz ( Japan Import):
Akira Jimbo (drums); Frank Gambale (guitars);, Abe Laboriel Sr (bass) and Otmaro Ruiz (keys)

2007 Release from Japanese. fusion drummer Akira Jimbo. A Zildjian endorser, Akira is also the drummer in the Japanese jazz fusion band Casiopea and has participated in various side projects with other musicians, including Keiko Matsui, Shambara, bassist Brian Bromberg and many more. Check out his fantastic solo record featuring Frank Gambale on guitar, Abe Laboriel Sr. on bass and keyboardist Otmaro Ruiz . A stand out effort.

Jonathan Kreisberg: with drummer ari hoenig


Ari Hoenig with Chris Potter, Jonathan Kreisberg and more: Bert's Playground:
Ari Hoenig (drums); Chris Potter (sax); Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar); Matt Penman (bass); Will Vinson (sax); Gilad Hekselman (guitar); Orlando LeFleming (bass).

Bert’s Playground shows the drummer Ari Hoenig flexing his compositional prowess, in addition to his monsterous skills as a drummer. Known for a cut-up, eclectic stylistic approach to his instrument, Ari's compositions employ a similar diversity and humor. - An extremely accessible album to jazz traditionalists and progressives alike. An enjoyable listen, with great depth, and unbelievable playing. - Featuring a guest Chris Potter on sax.

Jonathan Kreisberg: new for now cd


Jonathan Kreisberg: New for Now:
Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar); Gary Versace (organ); Mark Ferber (drums).

Jonathan Kreisberg's second outing for Criss Cross features the versatile guitarist's working organ trio with Gary Versace at the Hammond B3 and Mark Ferber on drums. The forward looking group demonstrates its considerable knowledge of the jazz tradition while subtly stretching melody, harmony, rhythm and texture to push the music into the future. The date delivers fresh, inspired interpretations of three Great American Songbook classics along with Thelonious Monk's "Ask Me Now" and four impressive originals, that demonstrate the leader's prowess as a composer of intelligent songs that swing in a new direction.

Jeff Beck: live in japan dvd


Jeff Beck: In Japan (DVD)(Import):
Jeff Beck (guitar); Jennifer Batten (guitar); Randy Hope-Taylor (bass); Steve Alexander (drums).

This fantastic concert was recorded Live in Japan at the International Forum 1999. Jeff Beck performs amazingly over the 18 tracks provided here incuding classics like 'Start Cycle' & 'Blue Wind' and more recent tunes such as Declan . If you're a fan of probably one of the most unique guitarists in the world then this recording doesn't dissapoint. Special Limited Edition. Another Place recorded live at Tokyo International Forum June 2, 1999.


What Mama Said
Psycho Sam
Brush With The Blues
Star Cycle
Blast From The East
A Day in The Life
THX 138
The Pump
Cause We've Ended As Lovers
Space For The Papa
Angel (Footsteps)
Even Odds
You Never Know
Blue Wind
Big Block

NTSC All Region DVD; 90 Minutes

Jeff Beck: the nagano sessions dvd


Jeff Beck with Carlos Santana & Steve Lukather: In Concert Live - The Nagano Sessions (DVD):
Jeff Beck (guitar); Carlos Santana (guitar); Steve Lukather (guitar); Buddy Miles (vocals); Graham Lear (drums); Alphonso Johnson (bass); Chester Thompson (keyboards); Orestes Vilato (timbales); Armando Peraza (percussion); Tom Coster (keyboards); Paul Rekow (percussion); Jan Hammer (keyboards); Simon Phillips (drums); Doug Wimbish (bass); Jimmy Hall (vocals).

British guitarist JEFF BECK has safely secured his spot in rock history. His unique style has been described as a combination of Jimmy Page's innovation, Eric Clapton's taste, and Jimi Hendrix's vision. Johnny Carson asked Eddie van Halen in his Tonight Show: "What is it like to be the greatest guitarist on Earth?" Eddie's answer: "Go ask STEVE LUKATHER." CARLOS SANTANA is arguably the one guitarist whose play even untrained listeners can easily recognize. He's a wizard on the guitar, a global star and one of the musicians whose names are synonymous with the bands they form, other band members come in second at best. Since he started his brilliant career in the 1960s, Santana has combined Mexican mariachi and other Latin rhythms with blues, jazz, and rock 'n' roll. He's also considered one of the early protagonists of "world music." At the 1986 Nagano Open Air, the three guitar heroes jammed with the touring band of Jeff Beck, who was promoting his album "Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop" in Japan at the time.

Recorded at Karuizawa Prince Hotel's Open Air, Nagano, Japan, June 1, 1986.


Primera Invasion
Black Magic Woman
Open Invitation
Star Cycle
Cause We've Ended As Lovers
Wild Thing
Freeway Jam
Going Down
Super Boogie
People Get Ready
Johnny B. Good

Carl Verheyen: with Steve Morse, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson: Trading 8s


Carl Verheyen with Steve Morse, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson: Trading 8s:
Carl Verheyen (guitar/vocals); Dave Marotta (bass); Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (drums); Jim Cox (keyboards); Joe Bonamassa, Steve Morse, Robben Ford, Albert Lee, Rick Vito, Scott Henderson (guitars).

2009 Release. The act of alternating or trading eight bar phrases with another soloist while improvising.
With guest soloists: Joe Bonamassa, Rick Vito, Scott Henderson, Steve Morse, Robben Ford, Jim Cox, Albert Lee.

Ed DeGenaro: less is seldom more


Ed DeGenaro: Less in Seldom More/Special Guest Ray Gomez:
Ed DeGenaro (guitar), Ray Gomez (guitar), Chris Taylor (keys/guitar), Dave Weckl (drums), Ric Fierabracci (bass), Marco Minnemann (drums), George Whitty (organ), Joel Rosenblatt (drums),Matte Henderson (guitar), Trip Wamsley (bass), Satish (trumpet)

2009 release, follow up to Dog House.

Ed DeGenaro teamed up with writer/producer Chris Taylor (Randy Brecker, Lionel Hampton, Grover Washington Jr.)who wrote and produced the majority of this CD. This album is a as before Ed's take on a various influences, more refined than previous ones. The guys playing on this are all masters of their craft. With Dave Weckl (Mike Stern, Chick Corea), Joel Rosenblatt (Spyro Gyro, Steve Khan), Marco Minnemann (Mike Kenneally, Paul Gilbert) on drums and Ric Fierabracci (Frank Gambale, Brett Garsed, Chick Corea), and solo bass phenom Trip Wamsley on bass, George Whitty (Brecker Bros, Oz Noy, Chaka Khan) on organ, and Chris Taylor on keys and additional guitars it was bound to be a strong album.

If that was not enough Ed is joined by super virtuoso Ray Gomez (solo artist, Stanley Clarke, Steps Ahead) who makes a guest appearance on guitar.As does Matte Henderson, one of the most amazing new players you will come across, who also wrote two tunes for the album.

This CD is amazing material together with amazing musicianship.

Allen Hinds: bogner alchemist demo

Falling Up - Allen Hinds rich, soulful playing style is supported in spades by the expressiveness, responsiveness and sensitivity of Bogner Alchemist™.

Allen Hinds (session)
Xotic® XS-2 59 Burst
Bogner Alchemist™ Head with 2x12 Extension Cabinet
Effects: Onboard Alchemist effects
Recorded with an AEA R88 stereo ribbon mic into ProTools®.

Falling Up - Allen Hinds - Bogner Alchemist

Ricky Garcia: new HD videos posted to promote new CD

Ricky Garcia says:
Live Performance with Backing Track using a Mesa Boogie Lonestar with a Celestion Vintage30 Iso Cabinet and then recorded directly into my computer using Cubase 5. Video shot with an HD Video Camera in front of Greenscreen.

If you like what you see and hear please buy my solo album "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"

My latest Solo instrumental Album feat. the amazing Keyboardist Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater on the first Song "Tank". CD is available for FREE shipping worldwide or MP3 Download version in my online shop at

6.99€ MP3 Version
9.99€ CD ( FREE worldwide shipping!!)
Ricky Guitar Pick

Paypal & IBAN Transfer

10€ in cash per postalmail to:
Ricky Garcia Music
Postfach 1163
58541 Halver, Germany

Jennifer Batten: more clinic dates, get 'em while they're hot


Jennifer Batten:
"Got a couple more clinics left in Japan, then home for one week before heading out on new USA tour. Doing the multimedia show across the north, to Boston, then down the east coast joining Vicki Genfan to Key West FL. Got several dates in Lousiana--Batten on the Bayou. Cmon Cmon!!!"

29 - The Reef - Boise, Idaho

4 - Fazzio’s Frets and Friends - St Louis, Missouri
7 - Broadway Joe’s - Buffalo, New York
9 - Natick Arts Center - Natick, Massachusetts
10 - Minotti Music - North Haven, Connecticut
12 - Wholesale Guitars - Midlothian, Virginia
13 - Amazing Tone Guitar Shop - Raleigh, North Carolina
17 - Chocolate Moose - Davies, Florida
18 - TIB Ampitheatre - Key West, Florida
20 - Naple Park Music - Naples, Florida
28 - Magnolia Plantation - Harahan, Louisiana
29 - Premium’s Galliano - Larose, Louisiana
30 - The City Club - The City Club, Louisiana

6 - Rock N' Bowl - New Orleans, Louisiana

News: gary holt explains why downloading is killing music

Gary Holt from Exodus has an interesting view on downloading, but a more surprising view on bootlegging:
"It hurts everybody," he states. "Our bass player Jack has an analogy that I think hits it up perfect. If two or three out of every 10 cars built in Detroit were stolen there would be immediate action. But musicians, we're looked at as not needy, as pampered, spoiled brats, and so they allow it to happen. It's killing the industry. We depend entirely on merchandise and tour revenues. It's just changing the game and pretty soon there will be no record industry...

When it comes to live bootlegs or rarities and stuff like that I'm all for people going and doing all the trading that they want," he continues. "People ask me how I compare tape trading to downloading—some people have actually said, 'Oh, it's kind of the same thing, isn't it?' And I said, 'No, it's not.' A tape trader loved the band. He had to physically copy that tape. He had to go down to the post office, address it, send it to his pen-pal friend across the world at his own expense and time, so he put love and effort into that. Now you just click a mouse and, 'Ah, I don't like this album, I'll delete it.' Those guys were helping the band by spreading the word. Downloaders, they're just taking it.
full interview

Devin Townsend: i spy ki for pre order with an autograph


Devin Townsend, from strapping young lad, is gearing up for the launch of his latest work, Ki, released under the banner of the The Devin Townsend Project. The album is now available for pre-order, with the first 300 CDs autographed by Townsend. Approximate shipping dates is May 25th 2009. pre order

Simon Goldsmith: rock ballad jammage

Simon Goldsmith jamming over a backing track provided via youtube:

Rock Ballad Jammage

Bob Katsionis: shreds it up on guitar and keys

This is the first and second lesson,featuring keyboard parts from "Into The Fire" and "Angels Forgive Me" as heard in FIREWIND's album "The Premonition"... first up the second instructional video by Bob,featuring some cool double-hand shredding techniques as heard in FIREWIND's live shows!

FIREWIND Tips n' Tricks w/ BOB KATSIONIS part 2


Michael Knight: credit crunching shred cruncher


Michael Knight and Guitar Nine Records have teamed up to give you the most bang-for-the-buck during these economically challenged times. For a limited time we have slashed the price on all KM Records releases sold through Now you can get all of the Michael Knight solo CDs and the Skulgrinder release for only $10 each.

That would include Michael Knight releases: "Dreamscapes", "Mechanica Diablo", and his latest shred-fest, "Electric Horrorland" plus the full-length Skulgrinder release, "Island Of Lost Souls". Get em' while they're hot! Get em' while supplies last! Get em' for only ten bucks ($10).

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot vip packages go online


Attention Friends of the Foot! Pledge your allegiance to Chickenfoot and join the official Chickenfoot Fan Club! Members receive presale access to tickets before they go on sale to the general public, presale access to VIP packages before they go on sale to the general public, an EXCLUSIVE "Chickenheads" fan club t-shirt, and a 10% ongoing discount in the Official Chickenfoot online store once it launches!

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