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Brett Garsed: live in athens continued V

Brett Garsed and Yorgos Fakanas Group playing "Bitter Sweet" from the cd Domino at the "Athina Live" Athens Greece 28/3/2009
Brett Garsed: Guitar
Yorgos Fakanas: Bass
Marios Toumbas: Keys
Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis: Drums
Takis Paterelis - Sam Marlieri: Saxes

Brett Garsed and YFG - Bitter Sweet (pt1) live in Athens

Bruce Bouillet: paul gilbert scit scat wah...

An early version of the Scit Scat Wah duel solo with Bruce Bouillet and Paul Gilbert,

Scit Scat Wah Demo

Billy Sheehan: big music geek interview

Billy Sheehan:
“It never was. I love Ritchie. We all love Richie and we love what his contribution to the band was. We jammed again the other night. It was myself, Paul Gilbert, Ritchie, Pat Torpey and a couple of other people at the House Of Blues. We love Ritchie. He’s fantastic, but for me, whenever an original member of the band changes, it’s not the same band. I’m a fan. I’ve got sixty thousand songs on my iTunes and I’ve got three hundred gigs of tunes on my drive. I’m a big, big fan of a lot of bands and a lot of different music and it’s always thrown me for a loop when there’s been a personnel change. That’s why, for me, being in the band and having Paul quit was tough. Our choices were to either break up or bring in Ritchie. It just wasn’t the same band. Playin’ all the old songs was cool, but it’s not the same. ...Ritchie’s a more than competent guitarist. He’s a spectacular player with his own unique style, but at the same time, it just wasn’t the same. So to have the original line-up with Paul, Eric Martin, myself and Pat Torpey…that’s the real band. That’s the band that we got our success with. To me, that’s the real version of Mr. Big, but we still love Ritchie. He’s wonderful.”
full interview

Joe Satriani: ultimate guitar interview


What's your reaction to Coldplay winning the 'Song of the Year' Grammy Award for "Viva la Vida"?

I'm happy for the group, and in a very weird way, I was happy to hear my melody being celebrated. However, I was slightly confused that NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc.), the organisation which handles the Grammy Awards, would even consider nominating a track which they knew was heavily contested. These are the people who voted for Milli Vanilli, though it isn't really their job I suppose.

More on Satriani v. Coldplay

When Coldplay won that Grammy, weren't you pissed off?

No, not really.

You might have said "That's my Grammy", I thought.

I think Coldplay's Grammy really concerns that particular track. It isn't about the track versus the people. It's really just about a group of musicians trying to work out an equitable arrangement - that's really what it's all about (laughs). We could've been group members going to court over this, but it just so happens we're in different groups. Nonetheless though, it really has nothing to do with the Grammy's, or with the audience. I'm pretty sure that Coldplay's members would also like to keep this case separate from the outside world.
full interview

Jennifer Batten: is on twitter

Just Skyped my pal in Hawaii. She does tattoos and works for the animal rescue. She did my first tattoo. Ow
can only mean one thing... Jennifer Batten is on Twitter:

Tristan Klein: cut my way

Tristan Klein,another player I missed at Musikmesse, mores the pity.

tristan klein cut my way

News: guthrie govan leads the blues jam tracks download chart


Guthrie Govan and Alex Hutchings both currently find themselves riding high in the popularity polls with Bluesjamtracks customers. Based on downloads for the last month, the most popular bundles are:

1 Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes
2 Alex Hutchings - Custom Fusion
3 Guthrie Govan - Larry Carlton jamtrack
4 Rock Blues Bundle
5 Classic Blues Bundle

If you have not checked these packages out, click any of the links above to find out why they are so popular with fellow guitarists worldwide

Also Daniele Gottardo
Hedras Ramos
Jan Cyrka

Yngwie Malmsteen: see the light tonight in 2008.. plus

Yngwie Malmsteen, with Tim the Ripper Owens... I missed this tour due to recuperation from an operation. This one I'll See the Light Tonight Live at Blender Theater, NYC 10/25/08

Yngwie Malmsteen - I'll See the Light Tonight - Live - NYC - 2008

Yngwie Malmsteen - Red Devil - Live at the Blender Theater, New York City - 10-26-08. From the excellent 'Perpetual Flame' album.

Yngwie Malmsteen - Red Devil - Live - NYC - 10-26-08

Yngwie Malmsteen - I'll See the Light Tonight Live at Blender Theater, NYC 10/25/08

Yngwie Malmsteen - I'll See the Light Tonight - Live - NYC - 2008

George Lynch: mr scary 1995

George Lynch and Dokken - Mr. Scary - Live - Milwaukee - 7/3/95

Dokken - Mr. Scary - Live - Milwaukee - 1995

John Sykes: blue murder 1989 the glory years


John Sykes and Blue Murder - Riot - Seinenkan Hall, Tokyo Japan 8/25/89

Blue Murder - Riot - Japan 1989

Reb Beach: winger 1989, the glory years


Winger - Madaline - Live in NYC 1989

Hedras Ramos: blues jam tracks available from guitar idol online finalist

AVAILABLE NOW at Guatemala's teenage phenomenon Hedras Ramos features in a brand new package featuring solos, jam tracks and accurate Tab.

This track is Hedras's entry for Guitar Idol 2009, and is included with a full backing track and full Tab! Vote for Hedras

Hedras Ramos - Insanity of the Atoms

Hedras Ramos - Metal Heart

Hedras Ramos - Hard Nut

Plus a Guatemalan fan web site:

Thiago Trinsi: guitar idol finalist has a new clinic

The guitar idol online finalist has a new clinic: Thiago Trinsi /Guitar Clinic in Akureyri - Iceland April 25th. For information and registration call: 8466439

Thiago Trinsi's finalist video:

Kids by Thiago Trinsi

Jack Thammarat: guitar idol online finalist joins blues jam tracks

COMING SOON TO BLUESJAMTRACKS.COM! Thailand's multi-faceted guitar wizard Jack Thammarat's "On The Way", complete with full Tab transcription, high-quality video and backing track. Available from our online store very soon!

Remember, "On The Way" is also Jack's entry in Guitar Idol 2009, and you can vote for him here

Jack Thammarat comes to bluesjamtracks!

Bill Palmer: shredfest winner

Bill Palmer competing in heat 1 @ the annual "Shredfest" guitar competition held at "The Music-Spot" in Browns Plains Q.L.D.

Bill performed a 3-minute version of his song "S.N.F" from his debut album "Outlines" that was released on ToneFreak records in early 2008.

Bill went on to win the competition and walked away with a brand new Charvel USA made "SuperStrat" in slime green with a retail value of $2100AUS. The guitar features Seymour Duncan pickups, A Floyd Rose trem, one piece maple neck and more.

Shredfest 2009 heat 1 - SNF

News: youtube channel web page designer gets a make over


YouTube experiments with a new format for channels and some users have received a link to the page that lets you migrate to the new version. If you haven't been lucky to get the link, here's the "super seekrit" page.

The new channel editor is more simple to use and you can preview the page after you make some changes. "Rather than take you off to a separate page, we figured it'd be nice if you can edit your channel... in your channel! So, take a peek up top, you know, near that big grey bar. Just below it, you'll see some extra buttons, "Settings", "Themes", "Modules". Check those out! Also, in the upper-right corner of each section of the page, you should see a little "edit" button. Those let you customize the part of the page you're looking at. Some sections can be customized more than others, of course."... NB as it's a beta... there are still some bugs..

Eric Johnson: guitar show video reprise

I said there would be more...

Eric Johnson Part 2

Eric Johnson Part 3 wind cries Mary

Eric Johnson Part 4

Darrell Lance Abbott: as diamond darrell

Dimebag Darrell Lance Abbott of PanterA, as Diamond Darrell, "Projects in the Jungle" era. For more about Dimbag:

Young Dimebag Darell Solo

Tony MacAlpine: rejoins planet x and sells guitars!

Tony MacAlpine Re-Joins Planet X:
The band will return to the studio later this year!

Tony MacAlpine is upgrading his home studio and is selling two of his guitars to guitars to cover some of the costs of this significant upgrade: a Carvin T-MAC 6-string and T-MAC 7-string.


Tony has used and owned this guitar for many years, and it has appeared on both G3 Denver and G3 Tokyo DVDs (see video stills), along with the Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD. It's been one of Tony's main road guitars for tours since 2001 with Steve Vai, CAB, Michel Polnareff, and Devil's Slingshot. Tony has played this guitar in front of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

The guitar is a TMAC6C - based on the Carvin DC127 - with Tony's signature touches: A Floyd Rose tremolo with a graphite nut and sperzel tuners, and the headstock is adorned with Tony's signature "TMACVI" logo. The active electronics are upgraded with Tony's push-pull volume pot that lowers the volume of the guitar, so that when you're in distortion mode, you can pull out the knob to clean up the signal. This feature is only available on TMAC signature guitars.

The guitar has a neck-thru alder body, blue sunburst over quilted maple, and comes in a case.

This guitar is in great condition, with some paint chipping on the back of the guitar by the electronics cavity. There is also a small chip on the headstock. Apart from some other light finish scratches, this guitar is in incredibly good shape for a touring guitar.

Tony is happy to sign the guitar for the buyer. We can also provide a photo of Tony with the guitar, along with a letter of authenticity.

Attached are some photos of the guitar along with a number of video stills from the G3 Denver and Tokyo DVDs.

This guitar will go on Ebay on Sunday April the 19th - but can be had before that for $4000 ono, plus insured shipping. We may consider a combo deal with the 7-string that we're also selling. See below.


Tony has used and owned this guitar for many years, and was the guitar played by Tony on the Steve Vai "Live At The Astoria" DVD. It's been Tony's road guitar for tours since 2000 with Vai and Planet X. Tony has played this guitar in front of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

The guitar is essentially a TMAC7C - based on the Carvin DC727 - with Tony's signature touches: A Floyd Rose tremolo with locking nut and sperzel tuners.

The guitar has a neck-thru alder body. Although it looks purple in the pictures, it's actually green/purple holoflash flake. It tends to look purple when photographed with a flash. The guitar comes in its original case.

Guitar is in great condition, with very little wear - a small ding on the back, but that's about it. Apart from some other light finish scratches, this guitar is in incredibly good shape for a touring guitar. Tony doesn't really throw his guitars around much, so they tend to stay in great shape for a while.

Tony is happy to sign the axe for the buyer. We can also provide a photo of Tony with the guitar, along with a letter of authenticity.

Attached are some photos, along with video stills of Tony with the guitar on the Steve Vai "Live At The Astoria" DVD.

This guitar will go on Ebay on Sunday April the 19th - but can be had before that for $4000 ono, plus insured shipping.

more details

Brett Garsed: live in athens continued IV

Brett Garsed back in Athens again playing a track from his Quid Pro Quo release

Brett Garsed and YFG - A musical oasis awaits us - live in Athens

Eric Johnson: guitar show video

It says part 1... so may be more to come from Eric Johnson.

Eric Johnson Part 1

Chris Impellitteri: standing in line 1988

Impellitteri - Stand in Line - Live at The Power Station, Japan 7/17/88

Impellitteri - Stand in Line - Live in Japan 1988

Steve Vai:alien guitar secrets latest dates


Sat Apr 18 Gualtieri (Reggio Emilia), ITALY TEMPO ROCK* Contact Venue
Sun Apr 19 Montebelluna (TV), ITALY ESSEMUSIC* Contact Venue
Mon Apr 20 Milano, ITALY ACCADEMIA DEL SUONO* Contact Venue
Wed Apr 22 Civitanova Marche (MC), ITALY TEATRO CECCHINI* Contact Venue
Thu Apr 23 Roccaforzata (TA), ITALY GO WEST SALOON*
telephon: 320-3552450 Contact Venue
Fri Apr 24 Caserta, ITALY ODDLY SHED* Contact Venue
telephon: 329-6319098 Contact Venue
Wed Apr 29 Sarzana (SP), ITALY JUX TAP*
telephon: +39 393 9880829 Contact Venue
Thu Apr 30 Torreano di Martignacco (UD), ITALY THE GROOVE FACTORY CONCERT HALL*
telephon: +39 347 5397847 - +39 339 6474092 Contact Venue
Fri May 01 Rome, ITALY STAZIONE BIRRA* Contact Venue
telephon: +39-349-4626044 Contact Venue
Sat Jun 13 London, UK London International Music Show
ExCel - London Buy Tickets
Sun Jun 14 London, UK London International Music Show
ExCel - London Buy Tickets
Tue Jun 30 Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL Culture Palace Buy Tickets

Tony Fredianelli: third eye blind tour and shred back on the agenda!


I just picked this up from
Third Eye Blind is on tour Performing their hits and songs from their current EP, Red Star, with hit song Non Dairy Creamer...Fredianelli is also working on a solo project to be released later in 2009. "Before I joined 3EB I was a solo artist. I started playing at 14 and really excelled at guitar. I want to go back to my roots and create some of that shredding guitar that started my career." At 16 Fredianelli was teaching guitar and caught the eye of famed guitar shred aficionado Mike Varney, owner and president of Shrapnel Records. After listening to a demo tape Varney signed Fredianelli to Shrapnel Records. He formed the speed metal neo-classical band Apocrypha releasing 3 records. Marty Friedman (former Megadeth ax-slinger) produced the first two albums and the third Fredianelli produced himself. In late 1992 Varney introduced Fredianelli to the then unknown singer, Stephan Jenkins and was asked to join the band Third Eye Blind. History was made.

Sun. 4/26/09 Brockport, NY SUNY Brockport- Tutle North Arena
Mon. 4/27/09 Harrisburgh, PA The Forum
Wed. 4/29/09 Tucson, AZ University of Arizona-Arizona Stadium

Sat. 5/2/09 East Rutherford, NJ Bamboozle-Meadow Lands Sports Complex
Sun. 5/3/09 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
Mon. 5/4/09 Scranton, PA Weinberg Theatre
Tue. 5/5/09 Burlington, VA Higher Ground
Fri. 5/8/09 Erie, PA Mercyhurst College- University Gym
Sat. 5/9/09 Albany, NY WEQX "Tulip Festival"- Washington Park
Sun. 5/10/09 Providence, RI Kennedy Plaza Skating Center
Tue. 5/12/09 Stamford, CT Palace Theatre
Thurs. 5/14/09 Hampton, NH Hampton Beach Casino
Fri. 5/15/09 Atlantic City, NJ House of Blues
Sat. 5/16/09 Washington, DC DC 101 Chilli Cook Off- RFK Stadium
Sun. 5/17/09 Norfolk, VA The Norva
Tue. 5/19/09 Verona, NY Turning Stone Casino
Wed. 5/20/09 Pittsburgh, PA Palace Theatre
Thurs. 5/21/09 Detroit, MI The Fillmore
Fri. 5/22/09 Columbus, OH LC Outdoor Amphitheater
Sat. 5/23/09 Cleveland, OH Great American Rib Cook-Off
Sun. 5/24/09 St. Louis, MO Great American Rib Cook-Off
Wed. 5/27/09 Cincinnati, OH Madison Theater
Thurs. 5/28/09 Indianapolis, IN Egyptian Room @ The Murat Centre
Fri. 5/29/09 Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre
Sat. 5/30/09 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre
Sun. 5/31/09 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
Thurs. 6/4/09 Kansas City, MO Uptown Theatre
Fri. 6/5/09 Denver, CO Paramount Theatre
Sat. 6/6/09 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre
Thurs. 6/18/09 San Jose, CA "Music in the Park"-Plaza de Cesar Chavez

Ioannis Anastassakis: brett garsed and kiko loureiro pilot orbital attempt


Ioannis Anastassakis talks about his 2009 release, Orbital Attempt,
"What differentiates this recording from "Suspension Of Disbelief"? For a start, Orbital Attempt is a much heavier sounding album. The tracks just took on a life of their own, dictating the final form and function of the completed recording. Another major difference is that I assumed the role of producer to a much greater extent this time around. Co-producer Bob Katsionis was always there to "gently" let me know when I was "seriously messing up" the tracks, but I decided to follow my own personal artistic instincts and inject my own style as much as possible. I am also deeply honored to have two amazing arists as guest soloists - Brett Garsed and Kiko Louriero. Both accepted my invitation to trade solos on a couple of tracks."

The Promised Land (5:46)
Astrochicken's Victorious Attack (5:37)
Weird Thing (7:21)
A Mi Madre (Soleares) (5:20)
Orbital Attempt (8:40)
Progressive Minds (11:24)
Veridiana (Rumba) (4:05)
Abori Horizon (6:34)
The Greek Guitar Power Jam (8:29)
Ioannis Anastassakis Guest Solos 2008 (2:46)
The Greek Guitar Power Jam (Backing) (7:54)