Thursday, 23 April 2009

Pálfi András: blows truth in shredding vistor daily total into orbit!

Wow a crazy end to the evening with a super spike on Truth In Shredding with 1359 visitors in one day... the highest I have ever had!!! Might also explain why guitar idol server fell over!!

Truth In Shredding: Pálfi András: hungary for the news 680 page views

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this is what the news is about:

Cutting Edge

Floyd Fernandes: jazzing the trex

Floyd Fernandes goes JAZZ Fusion Sessions with FLOYD and TREX pedals

JAZZ Fusion Sessions with FLOYD and TREX pedals

JAZZ Fusion Sessions with FLOYD and TREX pedals

Floyd Fernandes Scott Henderson Vibe

Vinnie Moore: goes down on the farm...


visit for details

Alex Skolnick: joins rock house method

In June 2009, production will begin on an in-depth look at his legendary metal techniques and his unique scale and modal approach that allows him to cross genres.

"Alex perfectly suits Rock House's mission of finding the best musicians who can teach a diverse set of skills in an effort to help students meet the challenge of developing their own style," said Joe Palombo, executive director of Rock House.

Alex's instructional products will be available at MI retailers around the world for $24.99. Stay tuned at for information on release dates.

All Rock House instructional products are distributed through Music Sales Corp. 1-800-431-7187.

Each on of Alex's DVDs will come with a FREE tab lesson booklet, iPod ready video and membership to Rock House's lesson support site. This feature, exclusive to Rock House and its partners offers students supplementary support for the lessons featured on the DVDs.

Chris Poland: black night meditations

Chris Poland interview:
"Black Night Meditations" radio show on Portsmouth, New Hampshire's WSCA 106.1 FM conducted an interview earlier this week with guitarist Chris Poland (OHM:, MEGADETH)

News: my youtube reached 50,000 channel views

With a flurry of activity related to the recent musikmesse videos I've finally reached 50,000 channel views on youtube. and according to the stats I've watched 33,851 videos all in the name of the Truth In Shredding blog... obviously this does not include any other video domains.

I'm currently running the beta design for youtube. If you want to know how to do this for your channel watch the video:

How To Enable The New YouTube Beta Channel Layout

To change yours... you can roll back to the old design if you like... as its a BEta there are bugs.

Guthrie Govan: guitar jam daily interview

In Session 1 of our Artist Interview, GJD's Ken Volpe spends some time with guitar master Guthrie Govan. Ken and Guthrie discuss how instrumental guitarists survive in today's music scene. Guthrie also talks a bit about about his love for improvisational music.
Enjoy Session 1 with Guthrie Govan!

Tony Smotherman: devastates gainesville florida

Tony gives the Gainesville, FL a dose of shred !

Andy James: sacred mother tongue review

Mark McGuigan says:
I’ve been looking forward to this album as Andy James, UK guitar virtuoso and ‘the future of shred’, is now the guitarist in the band. I’m a big fan of his playing and particularly his solo CD ‘In The Wake Of Chaos‘.

I love a good bit of Metal and from the crunching riff on the opening track, ‘The End‘, I was moshing away \m/… albeit in my chair ;).

The album is littered with fantastic riffage and a really tight rhythm section. Particular fave riffs are the main riff to ‘Two Thousand Eight Hundred‘, the double kick assault of ‘The Suffering’ and ‘Numb‘.

Of course we’re talking about Andy James here, no big surprises that, overall, the guitar work on the album is exceptional. From his trademark fast alternate picking licks to those fantastic wide intervallic tapping ideas, it’s all here but all working with the song and band dynamic. The musical ideas and solos here are used to complement the songs rather than dominate. In saying that the album does end with a kick ass instrumental track called ‘Hour Glass‘ which showcases the man’s incredible talents.
full review

Magnus Olsson: all warm and fuzzy!

Magnus Olsson says:
Again, a bit sloppy performance of a very nervous me. DiMarzio/Ibanez clinic, Fuzz Guitar Show, Gothenburg, Sweden, 18th of April 2009.
Filmed by Ayman Mokdad, France.

My Guitar Speaks Japanese (Fuzz Guitar Show 2009)

Power Lane (Fuzz Guitar Show 2009)

En liten Beck (Fuzz Guitar Show 2009)

Lant Räkor / Farmer Shrimps (Fuzz Guitar Show 2009)

Mattias IA Eklundh: tremologic tapping session

Tapping session with TremoLogic guitar by Mattias IA Eklundh at Fuzz guitar show 2009

Mattias IA Eklundh's tapping session with TremoLogic

TremoLogic™ is the world’s first tremolo system with individual string effect! This means that you can create totally new effects never done or possible before! For example, you can bring one string up and one down at the same time.
At the same time the feeling of TremoLogic™ is comparable to a fixed bridge, things like tone, sustain and tuning are outstanding!

With the whammy-fingers, you get a “quick” and “easy to access” feeling. This because the movement of the finger is much smaller compared to a standard tremolo-arm, and because of the fact that you just affect one string per whammy-finger. This means that you easily can choose if you want a really quick response with heavy pitch-change or a smooth and sensitive response.
Another favorite among the TremoLogic™-users is the very fast string-changes - you never need to worry about complicated string changes anymore, just change the strings, tune and you are done! With a floating bridge you might need to adjust the angel of the bar when you tune the guitar, this adjustment is impossible without affecting all strings. With TremoLogic™ you tune one string at a time, if you need to adjust the whammy-fingers; you easily adjust one at a time without the other strings being affected.

Column below is a summary of some of the features with TremoLogic™.

TremoLogic™ simplifies changing strings

TremoLogic™ eliminates that the guitar becomes unplayable if a string breaks

TremoLogic™ improves the tone of the guitar, with better resonance and sustain, compared to conventional tremolo systems

TremoLogic™ keeps the guitar in perfect tune without any lockings at all - no tools needed when e.g. changing strings

TremoLogic™ allows you to swiftly change tunings for open chords or e.g. a "drop D"

TremoLogic™ gives the guitarist a unique tool to develop a new sound and new techniques with greater possibilities of musical expression

TL Promotion is proud to present TremoLogic artists. Sound and videoexamples will be presented at the TremoLogic gallery. For more information visit their websites.

Mattias Ia Eklundh - Freak Kitchen,,
Justin Hawkins - Hot Leg (ex The Darkness)
Magnus Olsson -
Magnus Rosén -,
Henrik Danhage - Evergrey,
Tom Englund - Evergrey,

Mateus Starling: king of improv is back!

This is the second song from the cd "kairos"released in january 2009. Check it out other songs from this cd at: Mateus Starling is a superb improvisor, adding a layer of feeling often missing in this genre. You can check out tracks from the CD and buy it online at guitar9

good moments

All the things you are (improvisation)

Daniele Gottardo: guitar sbrego

Daniele Gottardo play "GuitarSbrego" @ Tempimoderni feat. Tremo. April 10th 2009 Steve Lukather's Masterclass

Don't forget to vote for Daniele Gottardo in guitar idol online final

Daniele Gottardo:Cardiology ( Guitar Idol 2009 Entry)

Paul Gilbert: the best concert ever...

Paul Gilbert Clinic in Bocca di Strada on 28/05/200. The full seven videos now in the player!

Enver Izmailov: tribute to the beatles

Enver Izmailov including a tribute to the beatles... 7 video in all!

Enver Izmaylov

Floyd Fernandes: funky blue legato

Floyd Fernande Funkin it UP then getting down Holdsworth stylee... enjoy!!

Floyd Fernandes-Funky Blues

Floyd Fernandes- Zaa Bluessss

Floyd Fernandes Holdsworthesque

News: guitar idol server goes awol as the visitor load goes super nova!

23-04-2009: dissappeared for a while today under the weight of guitar fans, with over 10,000 + visits per day... it's back again!

The current Top 4
1 Alexandros Tefarikis 2258
2 András Pálfi 1516
3 Faraz Anwar: 924
4 Hedras Ramos: 879

Mika Tyyskä: mr fastfingers incredible exploding band... all hail!

The very first live experiment of Mr.Fastfinger's Exploding band!!! The band + Mr.Fastfinger performed at Magnusborg Studios, Porvoo, Finland 15.4. for a small (but very special) audience of our friends. It's always challenging to perform Exploding Solo (but fun). Not quite perfect yet, but it's getting better all the time. Maybe you noticed that the drums arrangement was kind of inspired by the intro of Iron Maiden's Aces High. BUUUM - PADA! Mika Tyyskä - Guitar, Lasse Rantanen - Bass, Thomas, Kalle Katz - Keyboards, Törnroos - Drums. Asa Nyman - Live audio, Riku Makkonen - lights. Camera action by Raimo Uunila and Vesa Eloranta. Audio was captured by two microphones.

Mr. Fastfinger Band Live at Magnusborg Studios 1 - Exploding Solo

It was very, very cool to do this track with the band. There's an extended middle part with that magical touch wah tone. Waa-Waa. You might hear some Zappa notes there too. Yes indeed there are mistakes there and there. But I hope you don't mind, that's what happens when you play live. The guys did a super great job with only one reheasals session the previous night.

Mr. Fastfinger Band Live at Magnusborg Studios 2 - Wax on - Wax off

Humble Moves. This may sound a bit different than the album version. But that's the idea! Enjoy the gentle and humble music. The very first live experiment of Mr.Fastfinger band.

Mr. Fastfinger Band Live at Magnusborg Studios 3 - Humble Moves

Mika Tyyskä, also check out his new CD as it features burning quest solos by: Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Mattias Eklundh, Christophe Godin, Niko Tsonev and Ran Ran Du Ran.

Joop Wolters:scorchio - testing a laney tt50

Joop SAys:
some blueslicks jammin on the goin down groove....testing the LANEY TT50 amp recorded with a samson condenser mike.. after playing for years with engl amps.. iám happy to have found this amp..:) used gear:.. laney tt50 head with laney 2/12 cab, samson condensor mike straight into soundcard, slight room in the mix
this is not for a company, just testing my new amp..;)

LANEY TT50 test

Julian Puttins: attending meinl guitar festival

Julian Puttins says:
I will be at "Meinl Guitar Festival" on 6/27/2009

Would be great to hang out with some of you guys! ;) Hope to see you there! Stay tuned for new original stuff and a new contest coming soon!

buy a ticket