Saturday, 2 May 2009

Massimo Izzizzari: live at sonoria 2009

Massimo Izzizzari's latest CD and sound samples of Unstable Balance are available from guitar9, a great CD... fans of Greg Howe take note.

Check out his great playing from the recent gig... Live at Sonoria Music Center, 22/02/09.

Massimo Izzizzari - Unstable Balance

Massimo Izzizzari - Television Man

Massimo Izzizzari - Smoke On The Water

George Lynch: rock is life interview

Souls of We,

George Lynch has done nothing but keep himself busy since the demise of Dokken. When Lynch isn't churning out a solo album, he's hooking up with some of his best friends in the industry. Who can forget Lynch Mob? The group recently re-ignited their metal flame over the summer, and shows no signs of stopping on the road and in the studio. On top of that Lynch teamed up with ex-Brides of Destruction frontman London LeGrande to form Souls of We. Although Souls of We is Lynch's newest project, it actually started in 2004. The project was put on hold when London got the call to play for Brides. Now Souls of We is in full swing and ready to rock with a new album Let The Truth Be Known

Rock is Life Interview with George Lynch:

Richard Hinks: aeon zen available

You can now get a copy of Aeon Zen on line from amazon or from CD baby

A Mind's Portrait

1. Existence
2. Time Divine
3. Blinded Rain
4. Hopes Echo Pt. I - The Wake
5. Hopes Echo Pt. II - The Aftermath
6. A Mind s Portrait
7. The Circle s End
8. Heavens Falling
9. Into The Infinite
10. Goddess
11. The Demise Of The Fifth Sun

Richard Hinks and Lloyd Musto are Aeon Zen.

Gripping vocals, meaningful lyrics, and a strangely relaxing melancholy are just part of Aeon Zen’s debut album on Time Divide records, entitled A Mind’s Portrait.

A percussive, progressive rock album capable of leaving fans amazed at the diversity and sheer musicianship, The album A Mind’s Portrait is as pure and technical as it gets.

With layers of instrumentation arranged by Hinks’ trademark complex musical patterns, Aeon Zen is able to combine the art of musical expression with the boldness of meaningful lyrics. A Mind’s Portrait is a tightly produced, hook-laden album appealing to rock, metal, and progressive fans alike.

With Musto’s percussion seamlessly guiding throughout, the album A Mind’s Portrait takes you on a wonderful journey; Its established guest musicians – Elyes Bouchoucha (Myrath) recorded in Tunisia North Africa, produces an Epic comparable with ‘Bat out of Hell’ in the track ‘Demise of The Fifth Sun’. You’re left exhausted with the sheer onslaught to your senses. The calm track ‘Goddess’ only adds to heightens ones senses before. Andreas Novak (Minds Eye, Novak) recorded in Sweden the moody ‘Hopes’s Echo’, an emotional song, leaving you with feelings of melancholy. Power metal front man Nils K Rue (Pagans Mind, Eidolon, X-World/5) recorded in Norway with UK’s Matt Shepherd (Timefall) guitar on ‘Time Divine’ and with the wonderfully creative Andi Kravljaca (Seventh Wonder, Silent Call) in Sweden on guitar for ‘Into the Infinite’ and fronts vocals for’ Blinded Rain’ and ‘Existence’. Recorded in France, the quality of film music pianist composer Cristian Van Schuerbeck (All Too Human) adds excitement in a superb keyboard solo to the moody atmospheres looming overhead in the Hinks Musto vocal ‘Heavens Falling’. There is so much to value in this album.

This is an album you will crave hearing a different emphasis on each playing. This is the genius of Aeon Zen.

Joe Chawki: journey back to october thawns

More videos posted from the Joe Chawki fan club, of which I am an honoury member... Joe is an amazing talent, all the more amazing as in these videos, with the band October Thorns, he's only 16/17. So here's to Joe Chawki... who still has not finished his Guiness!!


Join the real Joe Chawki on MySpace where you can check out more amazing playing:

At the time, no one would dare cover Dream Theater, so we thought it would be appropriate. Couldn't offer this video in Hi Quality because the 8mm tape started to slip at the end and it became a frankenstein video project. Still worth uploading I would think.

October Thorns - Metropolis (Dream Theater Cover)

Circle Game was the first track we ever recorded. Awesome lyrics by Frank Schiazza. This song always had my favorite Chawki solo and at this show, Chawki just let it go. Guest appearance by the infamous Birch Hill stage dweller.

October Thorns - Circle Game

A favorite song from my recent past before Thorns, song was written by Vinny DeAngelis and is a cover of my former band D-Nine or Deeper Than Black. Coolest thing about playing it in Thorns was the transition from bass to guitar.

October Thorns - Eyes of Suicide (D-Nine Cover)

Hedras Ramos: natural born guitar star!

Hedras Ramos is sparing nothing to get to the finals in London in summer 2009! The guy is appearing on web sites, blogs, news channels, interviews and everything to make it to the last 12 in guitar idol and may be make it all the way, like last years winner Gustavo Guerra, taking number 1 slot. Sure he's got talent, but it's his drive to promote himself in his native Guatemala that impresses... here's a couple more TV promos featuring this talented young player.

HEDRAS RAMOS un orgullo para Guatemala en Guitar Idol

Hedras Ramos

If you've not seen the video yet... check it out and vote

Ivan Mihaljevic: guitar chef interview


Sure, a lot of my influences inspired me – Dream Theater, Richie Kotzen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Toto, Paul Gilbert, Mr. Big… I’ve already said something about Taher who is a guest singer and co-writer on the song Empathy, other musicians that are featured on the CD are Majkl Jagunic on the bass guitar and Craig Devine on the drums which played the whole album with me, and 2 special guests, John Denner as a guest guitarist on Bulldozer and Igor Tatarevic who played a harpsichord solo on Empathy and wrote the song Raindrops with me and played keyboards on it.

full interview

Brent Mason: guitar jam daily interview part 2

Brent Mason interview part 2
In Session 2 of our Artist Interview with country session ace Brent Mason, Ken Volpe and Brent discuss his right hand technique in depth. Brent talks about how he learned to play with a thumbpick and how he defied the odds in becoming a player that could play flatpicking type parts with a thumbpick on many of his sessions.

session 2
session 1

Marty Friedman: new cd available for pre order cover revealed

Pre order the new CD: Tokyo Junkebox - Marty Friedman, New album release from Marty Friedman includes lots of metal covers of J-pop tunes!

Bonus Track: "Amagigoe"

Paco Hernandez: time out from the thesis

Back for a breather from the thesis analysis and composition, Paco takes some time out to shred!

In the verge of ending my Ph.D. and uploading videos regularly again, here I come with a little aperitive: a "Betcha can´t play this" of mine. It is a hell of a lick: enormous stretches and string-skipping with legato and/or picking. If you are up to the challenge, you can download a Tab of it written in Powertab from here:

I don´t specify picking patterns, because how to play it is up to you: You can do it in full legato, in a combination of legato and picking (like me) or in full picking. If you are good at Tapping in the style of great players like Michael Romeo or Andy James, you can use this technique if you prefer: just push the note of the fourth finger of the left hand with a tapping finger of the right hand.

I hope you find it both challenging and useful. Good luck!

Betcha can´t play this! - by Paco Hernández

Andy James: learn to play trivium plus

Got to love Andy James... busy guy!

Lick Library Learn To Play Trivium DVD Andy James

Andy James
Media: 2x DVD set
Video Format: PAL Only
Product Genres: Metal
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
Product Groups: DVD Tuition, Lick DVD's, Metal

Learn five Trivium tracks note for note with Andy James

This superb DVD teaches you some of the best riffs and solos from one of the most popular current heavy metal acts! Tracks include:

Dying In Your Arms, A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation, Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr, Down From The Sky, Into The Mouth Of Hell We March

Andy James is a well respected guitarist and teacher whose influences include Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, Tony Macalpine and Zakk Wylde.

His blistering technique has been applauded by guitar legends such as Vinnie Moore, and featured on Sky TV’s Musicians Channel

Andy James - Tapt

1 In the Wake of Chaos
2 Broken Ballerina
3 Shine On Through
4 Devils Day
5 Tapt
6 Revelation
7 Lost Without You
8 Octavia
9 Chaos Theory
10 Against the Gods
11 Gates of Heaven

now buy In the Wake of Chaos

Artist: Andy James
Media: 2x DVD set
Video Format: PAL Only
Product Genres: Rock, Metal
Skill Level: Advanced
Product Groups: DVD Tuition, Lick DVD's, Metal, Rock

Learn five tracks note for note with Andy James

This superb DVD will teach you the amazing riffs, solos and jaw dropping technique of this legendary neo classical, metal guitarist. Tracks include;

Black Star
Heaven Tonight
I’ll See The Light Tonight
Rising Force
Far Beyond The Sun


Guthrie Govan: guitar jam daily interview now video

Guthrie Govan Interview with guitar jam daily, 2009. Guthrie discusses how instrumental guitarists survive in today's music scene. Guthrie also talks a bit about about his love for improvisational music.

Guthrie Govan Interview April 2009 Guitar

Yngwie Malmsteen: pro shot namm


Yngwie Malmsteen Solo Performance NAMM 2009 PRO SHOT

Rusty Cooley: jamm fusion

Rusty Cooley Live Solo Performance NAMM 2008 PRO SHOT...

Rusty Cooley Live Solo Performance NAMM 2008 PRO SHOT

Joop Wolters: back in business

Just talking to Joop Wolters about work and music... He's pretty busy with both at the moment, but had time to bring me up to speed on current progress with musical projects. He's been busy working on a vocal project with a more pop feel to it, it's still in the recording phase, so there's still significant work to do.

Joop has also indicated that he'll be visiting Milan Polak too in the near future... so watch this space for potentially exciting musical activity.

Also Joop has a 16 track heavy instrumental album in progress which should appeal to fans of Joops recent releases from Lion Music. If you haven't got Joops latest release, it comes highly recommended from Truth In Shredding!

Out Of Order buy

Adrian English: s u p e r - 7 - s h r e d d e r ... the storm is coming!

Adrian English is the real deal... no punches pulled, an all out shred assault... so look out for his up coming release due mid May 2009.

Shredguy Records is proud to announce the release of A.D.D. from the "mad scientist" of shred guitar Adrian English. Adrian has appeared in Guitar World as well as many other guitar magazines and has built a steady following worldwide. A.D.D. will be his first official worldwide release and there is buzz about the cd already. Shredguy Records president Michael McDowell says "Fans and critics are going to be blown away by what Adrian has created on this cd...its sixteen tracks of shred madness! Posers beware!" Adrian appeared earlier this year on the critically acclaimed cd Shredding Across The World...Volume Two with Pete Pachio, forming the Devastation Movement. Fans of intense guitar music will be able to purchase A.D.D. on May 19th at,, and as well as other distributors and stores around the globe. For more information check out


Pálfi András: the susan boyle of guitar idol?

This is one of the videos that got Pálfi András all the votes which have him in number 1 spot on the guitar idol leader board and took out the guitar idol web site and gave me my highest spike to date... Not the 20,000 that Ovidiu Oprescu (congratulations on the new baby btw) for Susan Boyle, The Ugly Swan…Or It Ain’t Over ’til The Fat Lady Sings post though. I guess I don't mean that this guy is ugly btw, rather the effect his promotion had on the votes received...

Pálfi András saus:
This is my appearance in the local Hungarian TV news. The topic is the online finals of Guitar Idol 2009. I'm playing a part from Deep Purple's I'm Not Your Lover. Actually I look quite serious when I'm talking about the love of music, and devotion, which is quite weird... I'm sorry, I was just a bit nervous in the studio... :D

Me appearing in the local TV news.

vote for cutting edge

Ivan Mihaljevic: guitar idol promo banner and interview

Promotion for guitar idol is taking many forms...

This one is from Paola from Italay and part of Ivan Mihaljevic's street team. Feel free to download and pass on. Ivan Mihaljevic is doing well with 655 votes, as I type, but would like more... these are the two songs submitted to the competition.

Ivan Mihaljevic - The Pirate Song

Ivan Mihaljevic - Choosh Pies (Guitar Idol 2009)

Choosh pies is particularly impressive... you can vote:

Plus a recent interview with Ivan Mihaljevic from spirit of metal

Ivan Mihaljevic talking about Sandcastle:
My goal was to create the best album I possibly could without any compromise or boundaries. I didn't think about how it's going to sell or if people will like it. I just wanted to make music that I enjoy and I'm really extremely happy to know that there are people that enjoy the music I made! What I felt when I finished Sandcastle is priceless, for everything else there's Mastercard :D

full interview

Paul Gilbert: the digmo belfast interview

Kudos to Jenn from metalichicka for publishing this interview by DigMo.

Paul Gilbert :
I just try to make something that I like to listen to. I have a reputation for playing fast and flashy things, so I feel some obligation to deliver that, but I put equal effort into the compositions and into making good arrangements for the other instruments and not just the guitar.
full interview

Rob Balducci: more licks!


Rob Balducci says:
this LOTW is a live version of my new song Liquid Soul which will be on Violet Horizon. This is a clip of a live show we did featuring Ethan Meixsell on Bass and Joh Celentano on Drums. I am using my Ibanez S series 24 fret and my Cornford MK 50 11 head with my usual pedal board. I hope you guys dig it...

Rob Balducci 4/21/09 Lick Of The Week

4/30/09 Rob Balducci Lick of the week - Liquid Soul Jam

Brett Garsed: truth in shredding salutes chris johnstone

After a little hiccup in video posting, unfortunately for Brett Garsed fans some video is currently unavailable. So it's with a greatful heart I thank Chris Johnstone for posting more of his own personal video of the master Brett Garsed. I hope any issue with previous video can be resolved as history really requires this sort of video be in the public domain.

Chris says:
This is the only time I have seen Brett play this song live and probably the first time many of you will have seen him play this song from his album Big Sky...............which is one of the best guitar albums buy it!
... I have to agree, a great CD!


Breathe - live in Canberra 2005

Khan Manuel: new cd details

The release of Khan Manuel’s first album has been a long time in coming, but guitar aficionados, a growing army of loyal fans, and music lover’s alike, will, I am confident, find the wait well worth it.
It's a vailable from paypa1

The Knight is also available in digital format through iTunes or in CD or digital format via CDBaby

A couple of tracks from the CD have been made into promo videos:

Khan Manuel - The Knight

Khan Manuel - Now And Forever

Greg Howe: get the singable melody working first!

Jeff from shred knowledge attended an RMA lesson session with Greg Howe and wrote a review for shred knowledge.

Jeff says:
The first thing they had to do was learn the part of the song we wrote, and build on top of that. Then they had to come up with a verse two and a chorus. It was fascinating to see Greg work through the creative process. I really noticed that his main focus was to write a singable melody that you would remember later on after hearing the song.
full review

News: truth in shredding towers under seige!


Ever have that feeling that someone has something against you? After the H1N1 flu came a calling... well the toaster flipped out this morning and decided to burst into flames... some quick thinking by the duchess of Truth In Shredding, a wet blanket, a bit of unplugging (hey yes electical fire... don't pour water on that!) and a few watering cans of water later.... one dead toaster!

Anyway not to worry as the world will end by 2012... knowing my luck it won't!

Alex Hunter: guitar idol finalist gets ernie ball promo

Ernie Ball Music Man YouTube Artist Alex Hunter plays his Axis Guitar. vote for Alex in guitar idol wo currently has 306 votes:

Ernie Ball Music Man YouTube Artist Alex Hunter and his Axis Guitar

Dave Martone: national guitar workshop 2

A promo for Dave Martone's upcoming National Guitar Workshop lessons and clinics


Joe Satriani: sammy hagar says joe is the best guitarist he ever played with...


Sammy Hagar says:
"I've made this statement a million times -- some people don't like it, some people do -- but Joe is the best guitarist I have ever played with," Hagar said during a recent phone interview. "That's a strong statement. I realize that. You've got to give Eddie (Van Halen) a lot of love for his innovation of what he did as a stylist with the guitar," Hagar added. "He broke a lot of ground. But Joe is a master. He can play anything and everything -- folk, blues, jazz, hard rock, soft rock, fusion, you name it. As a guitar technician, Joe is the best guy I've ever stood in the same room with on any instrument. And he's so soulful when he solos. He puts more feeling into a solo than any other player I've been with."
full post

Marty Friedman: moscow clinic planned


Marty Friedman has confirmed a live date in Moscow, Russia at Tochka on June 29, 2009. According to an update at his official website:
"Marty and his band (Jeremy Colson - drums, Takayoshi Ohmura - guitar, Ryota - bass) will make their first trip to Russia. It is a dream of Marty's to finally play for his Russian fans. There are other Marty related events in Italy around the time of the Gods of Metal festival coming up."

Elias Viljanen: new solo release date announced

Spinefarm Records set for a mid-June release date for the third solo album from Elias Viljanen. According to the label "there will be 12 tracks on the album and 10 of the tracks will be instrumental." Guest musicians on the CD include vocalists Marco Hietala and Tony Kakko, keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg, bassist Jari Kainulainen and drummer Mikko Sirén.

Thorsten Koehne: edens curse angels and demons

Hopefully will see Eden's Curse with Thorsten Koehne on their upcoming tour. This new track featuring the diva from Queensryche fame, Pamela Moore.

Eden's Curse - Angels and Demons (Promo Video)

Derek Furr:blue mink licks

Derek Furr just jamming over enjoy

Derek Furr - Swirling Haze Improv

Marco Sfogli: tribute to joe satriani

Live 7-08...Thanks to Saul Mondiello for the video! Great playing from Marco!

Marco Sfogli Band - Echo (J.Satriani)

Ponco Satrio: free guitar clinic details


Ponco Satrio Free Guitar Clinic "Modes and Improvisation" at Jakarta Institute of Arts
Host: Fakultas Musik Institut Kesenian Jakarta Type: Education - Workshop Date: Monday, May 18, 2009 Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm Location:Gedung Musik Institut Kesenian Jakarta Street: Jl. Cikini Raya No. 73 Jakarta Pusat 10330 City/Town: Jakarta,Indonesia Phone: 087836215457 Email: pontjoikj@yahoo. com Description: Membahas modes dan improvisasi gitar, peserta bisa membawa gitar untuk langsung menerapkan materi clinic yang akan dipandu oleh Ponco. Jadi diusahakan clinic ini bisa lebih interaktif dan fun :)

Dave Mustaine: pro guitar shop review's the mustaine dean signature

01-05-2009: - Simple and refined, yet pointy enough to stab your eyeballs out! The Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT is the rawest edge in metal. The Mustaine V series are a metal heads shred dream. All the features Dave likes and a shape no thrasher can den

Dean Signature Dave Mustaine V VMNT

Rusty Cooley: shredding the dead!

Rusty Cooley plays the City of the dead solos live in this video posted by a Rusty Cooley fan!

Rusty Cooley - City of the Dead - Solos