Saturday, 9 May 2009

Paul Gilbert: spocks beard... whole lotta love

Taken live at Budapest, Hungary 05-20-2007. The quality is not particularly good.

Paul Gilbert and Spock's Beard - Whole Lotta Love

Paul Gilbert:
I’ve been pretty lucky, since I don’t do drugs. I tend to attract people that are healthy, I think. I remember growing up, and being a part of groups when I was a teenager. Some of the other musicians would consume drugs, and drink a lot. I was just more interested in music. To me, the energy of the music really made me feel great, and I didn’t need anything else.
reworked interview with ultimate guitar posted on metalichika

News: guitars will fly with 200mb broadband from virgin media

Imagine the possibilities when you get bandwidth of this speed... real time guitar lessons here we come...

Virgin Media casually mentioned its ability to hit 200Mb with its current infrastructure, but expressed reservations about the viability of such a service right now. Today, Virgin Media officially announced that it is piloting a 200Mb service.

So is this a PR stunt or is Virgin Media really going to offer this service in 2009? Speaking to the BBC in March, Virgin Media's chief executive Neil Berkett inferred that a commercial launch of 200Mb broadband was unlikely in the near future: 'When we look at the market I don't see us getting the returns right now for 100 or 150Mbps. As we work with application providers, and content providers... there will be a natural point where we upgrade from 10, 20 and 50Mbps to something more.'

But the service is being used right now by a select few. Following successful lab trials, a pilot scheme started last week in Ashford, Kent for 100 'lead adopters' who will have the chance to work with Virgin Media to shape the service for the UK. Interestingly, Virgin isn't just using the test the web basics, it is testing 'state-of-the-art entertainment services using TV and broadband content in full High Definition and 3D', along with 'applications and support for home IT needs', not to mention 'video conferencing and home surveillance'. In essence, Virgin Media wants to take over your home through superfast broadband. In that case, let's hope reliability is at the top of its checklist.

The pilot will be running for at least six months before results are analysed and viability assessed. That sounds like corporate speak for 'not this year' to us, but it does offer an exciting glimpse into the future of the online home.

News: guitar hero breaking box office records... van halen version on the way!


Shares of the video game maker Activision Blizzard Inc. advanced Friday, a day after the company posted first-quarter earnings that surpassed Wall Street expectations.

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company said sales of its "Call of Duty," "Guitar Hero" and "World of Warcraft" games helped results.

Stay-at-home rock stars will have more entries in the best-selling Guitar Hero video game series to fuel their fantasies of pop glory, Billboard reported. The publisher Activision Blizzard said it was preparing new sequels to its line of video games in which players tap along on guitar-shaped controllers in time to popular songs. Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero, a family-oriented version of the game with a soundtrack of Top 40 songs, will be joined by DJ Hero, which will use a new controller shaped like a record turntable. All three games are expected by the end of the year, as is an installment called Guitar Hero: Van Halen, which will focus on the music and influences of that California rock band.

David Wallimann: modal concepts lessons

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Modal Concepts

Jan Laurenz: warr with arpeggios

G mayor arpeggio song on Warr guitar by Jan Laurenz

G mayor arpeggio song on Warr guitar by Jan Laurenz

Ryu Seino: back to tap

It's been two years since my last post... Ryu has a new web site: Sound quality is not the best, but some greating tapping none the less. Plus some free tab


This was an older video posted back in early 2007

Ryu's improvisation in many scales

Muris Varajic: grabs third slot in guitar idol live final!

Muris Varajic is the third guitarist to be annonuced for the live grand final of guitar idol 2009 to be played at the London International Music Show at the London Excel.

The youtube stats

363 5 star rating
330 favourite times

Muris Varajic says:
I called this song Final Dance cause it has some dance feel to me, pretty subjective, yeah. :DThis time I wanted to keep it as musical as possible, get a main theme, develop it, keep progression not too complicated etc.
It has lot of that “Balkan” vibe once again, specially the trills part in main theme.
Now, groove isn’t that much Balkanish, it’s actually simple 6/8 all the way
but I tried to get compensation by expression, note choices and trills of course,
what can you say….I’m a Balkan boy. :D About solo it this song, first part of it is played with tapping and I tried to “emulate” the sound of domestic flute which has been used a lot in this region, specially in rural parts of Balkan, like old villages and such. Not sure if I’ve had a success with that. it’s up to you to decide. ;)

Final Dance

Rob Chappers: win a mayones guitar worth £1100+


Win a £1,100 Mayones Setius GTM and an Endorsement with Mayones Guitars

Here is your chance to win a Mayones Setius GTM Blueburst worth £1099 AND an Endorsement with Mayones & BlackHawk Music.
The winner will be listed on the BlackHawk & Mayones Websites and will become an official endorser of the companies.

1 Runner up will recieve a G-LAB Wowee Wah, and 1st 2nd and 3rd will each recieve a "Rob Chappers Rock Guitar Tuition" DVD

All you need to do is submit your entry by:

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3. Sit back...and wait for the results.

The competition ends on 1st July - when we will choose a winner and the runners up.
Professional Guitarists and Amateurs are welcome...although any eventual winner cannot have an existing endorsement.

This is a a chance to win a fantastic guitar and become a listed artists amongst the likes of Rob Chapman, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Richard Lundmark, Theodore Ziras and many more....

And don't forget that the backing track is hosted here click on forum and go to the competition thread :-)

If you any questions email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Good luck!

Ben Hawker & Rob Chappers
backing track

News: guitar masters volume II features a host of star players


Guitar Masters volume II: Featuring Rarity Tracks by JIMMY PAGE with LORD SUTCH and SANTANA!


1. Light Up The Sky
by Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Sheehan
& Doug Pinnick (Kings X)
2. Flashing Lights
by Jimmy Page & Lord Sutch
3. Jingo by
4. Payin The Cost To Be The Boss
by BB King
5. Baby Done Something Wrong
by Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam)
6. Buck Naked
by Larry McCray
7. Fargo
by Michael Lee Firkens & Neil Zaza
8. Jungle Room Boogie
by Brian Tarquin & Max Middleton
(Jeff Beck)
9. Ricarda
by Hal Lindes (Dire Straits)
10. Parasomnia
by JW Jones Band
11. Towers
by Brian Tarquin & Steve Morse
12. Planet E
by Beat The Bone
13. Gaza
by The Flyin Ryan Brothers
14. Wishes
by Alex De Rosso (Dokken)

Liner Notes by: Michael Molenda,
Editor-in-Chief of Guitar Player Magazine

When many guitar fans think of “guitar masters,” the default perception is the wingo-wingo-diddley-diddley variety of shredder who has an entire library of fabulous guitar faces. Brian Tarquin has a different take on the “master” label, which is why his GUITAR MASTERS series is inspiring, thrilling, and extremely musical.

Tarquin seeks out transcendent players in all styles and levels of notoriety — known or unknown, just breaking out or near forgotten, and all points in between — to deliver a mesmerizing onslaught of tones, techniques, and melodic journeys. As a result, guitar nuts are treated to an sonic master class of stunning riffs, solos, and motifs — all fresh material for ripping off and evolving into their own guitaristic “trick bags” -- while guitar fans get an exciting and diverse listening experience unmatched by most genre-specific compilations. The 14 tracks on GUITAR MASTERS, Vol. 2 zig-zag between the intense passion and Latin-rock fusion of a young Carlos Santana, the stark yet ecstatic sting of B.B. King working his magic live, the twang-and-skank of country virtuoso Pete Anderson, and the twin-harmony fusillades of Jimmy and Johnny Ryan. You also get blues moves by Larry McCray and JW Jones, a classic 1970 Jimmy Page/Jeff Beck collaboration, a shred-tastic romp by Michael Lee Firkens and Neil Zaza, and Tarquin’s own electrifying workouts with former Jeff Beck keyboardist Max Middleton and Dixie Dregs/Deep Purple fretburner Steve Morse. And, finally, rock and hard-rock disciples can be schooled by former Dire Straits guitarist Hal Lindes, Beat the Bone, Alex De Rosso, and a ripping version of Van Halen’s “Light Up the Sky” by Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Sheehan, and Doug Pinnick.

As with GUITAR MASTERS, Vol. 1, Tarquin’s talent for compiling brilliant and impassioned guitar moments brings out all that is glorious and holy about the act of playing guitar extremely well. While it’s a different set of moods and approaches you’ll hear on GUITAR MASTERS, Vol. 2, every note, phrase, tone color, and impact of pick and/or finger on string will send shivers down your spine. You’d have to be dead or deaf not to be moved by the beautiful noises you’ll hear on this loud and proud CD.

Ed DeGenaro: the reverbnation widget



Frank Solari: hotel california jam

Nandinho Ortiz was in the guitar idol on line final. The live final list still to be decided.

Frank Solari, Nandinho Ortiz e Fernando Noronha

Angel Ruiz: first solo album promo... get it now!

Yes really great track from Angel Ruiz
Angel Ruiz says:
Track 01 from my first solo album " El bien y el mal ".¡Hope you enjoy it!
you can download from rapidshare

Santo Espíritu por Ángel Ruiz

Guthrie Govan Fives ( Cover by Ángel Ruiz )

Marshall Harrison: 1 + 1 = 2

My video sniffing radar let me down... so I found this just by looking at Marshall's recent videos.

Marshall Harrison:
implementation of Mark Levine's pentatonics for playing over trainbo's with lots of added chromatics.

Moment's Notice - Marshall Harrison

Marshall Harrison:
This short jam went rather sort of ok. Notice the larger frets on the Vigier and new fretboard.

Dramatical Guitar Jam