Friday, 15 May 2009

News: guitar masters volume II give away


Master guitar player and Producer Brian Tarquin has added another masterful volume to the Guitar Master's series with the recent release of Guitar Masters Volume II. Like it's predecessor (Volume One) this album is made of of gems and rarities including a 1970 original track from Jimmy Page & Lord Sutch (video below), and an incredible live version of BB King performing his classic “Paying the Cost to be the Boss” and Van Halen’s “Light up the Sky” performed by Yngwie Malmsteen and Billy Sheehan.

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Guitar Masters Vol 2 featuring Jimmy Page, BB King, Santana, Yngwie J Malmsteen, Billy Sheehan, Steve Morse, Hal Lindes, Brian Tarquin, Max Middleton, Pete Anderson plus many others in a guitar shredders dream! Released on BHP Music, Ltd. distributed by REDEYE Distribution.

Guitar Masters Vol 2 Interview

Hedras Ramos: says a big thank to Guatemala!

The details... so he's on he's on his way, next top London and the LIMS final, but before then a big thanks to all those who voted for him in Guatemala.

Robbert Hanenberg: the tribute series!

Robbert is on

Beat It (solo) - Eddie van Halen (covered by Robbert Hanenberg)

Robbert Hanenberg The Forgotten part 1 Satriani

Robbert Hanenberg - Tonelab Test ( Whitesnake - cover... Sykes )

German Schauss,Koji Tsumoto: live date


German Schauss- The Lightspeeder
Date: 10 June 2009
Time: 20:00 - 23:00
Location: The Good Hurt
Street: 12249 Venice Blvd West Los Angeles, 90066
Town/City: Los Angeles, CA

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World-renowned instrumental Rock Guitarist Koji Tsumoto and German Schauss will perform concerts in Los Angeles and conduct Materclasses at the Los Angles Music Academy in Pasadena.

Mr. Tsumoto is one of Japan's greatest rock guitar players. His musical style ranges from Hard Rock to Middle Eastern Influenced modal sounds. (
Rock Guitarist German Schauss will join Mr. Tsumoto in this truly unique and special concert and clinic event. An in-demand guitarist, composer, and educator with performances all around the world will perform music from his recent release “The Lightspeeder.” (

Supporting these great guitar artists is the progressive rock band Devas.

Jimmy Herring: national guitar workshop details


Jimmy Herring

Purchase, NY – July 26-31 2009
Jam Summit Bass
Jam Summit Drums
Jam Summit Guitar
Jam Summit Keyboard

Humble and self-effacing, without a trace of attitude or ego, Jimmy Herring’s demeanor nearly belies his status as one of the most acclaimed guitarists of his generation. Plying his skills in contexts ranging from classically song-driven rock to technically demanding jazz fusion, Herring’s playing combines a restless, jazz-inspired improvisational zeal with the immediacy and intensity of his rock ’n’ roll roots. His formidable chops, combined with his thoughtful and unassuming personality, have made him much sought-after, a musician’s musician. Jimmy has played with such beloved outfits as Widespread Panic, the Dead, Phil Lesh and Friends, Project Z, the Allman Brothers, Jazz is Dead, and others.

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John 5: national guitar workshop details


John 5

Los Angeles, CA – July 5-10 2009
Classic to Prog Rock Bass
Mojo Room
Monster Soloist
Ultimate Rock Drums
Whole Lotta Zeppelin

How does one define John 5? Is he rock? Is he country? Is he heavy metal? What about emo, industrial, or bluegrass? Truth is, there is no one set genre to fit John 5. In a world where music must be defined, John 5 breaks every mold by continually changing and adapting his style. Although he is unmistakably John 5 in his sound, he mixes around with the foundation with every new track he writes, every album he guests on, and every time he picks up the guitar.
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Alex Skolnick: national guitarworkshop details


Alex Skolnick will make an appearance at the National Guitar Workshop between June 27 and July 2 in McLean, Virginia.

The National Guitar Workshop is dedicated to bringing the best in music education to guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, drummers and vocalists regardless of style of music or level of ability. The NGW acclaimed faculty and world-renowned guest artists, combined with highly developed courses and supportive learning environment, foster meaningful experiences through performance instruction, jamming and master classes.

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Allan Holdsworth: durty nellies

Thanks to Rich Murry at the guitar channel for posting this video. Allan Holdsworth - "Fred" solo Durty Nellie's Palatine, IL 5/13/09

Allan Holdsworth - "Fred" solo 5/13/09