Saturday, 16 May 2009

Thorsten Koehne: edens curse tour clips with jay parmar!

15th May 2009 Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, England/UK. Brilliant gig, great guitar players, Thorsten Koehne great lead with great rhythm by Jay Parmer... Edens Curse were excellent. Catch this band plus firewind and stratovarious on the UK tour. Awesome!

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse solo snippet

Thorsten Koehne, Jay Parmer: Eden's Curse

Gary Moore: thin lizzy parisienne walk ways.

One of the first concerts I ever saw was Thin Lizzy Black Rose tour with Gary Moore, so it's always a pleasure to see older Gary Moore videos.

Gary Moore & Phil Lynott Parisienne walkways live

News: six string squad promo


For a limited time!!!!! Subscription Price: $12.95USD (30 Days)

All aspects of technique from beginner to advanced.

Video Guitar Lessons Printable Tablature included with lessons, Backing Tracks (downloadable & printable tableture), Bonus Licks - just random. Free Forum (available to answer your questions, request lessons, chat with other subscribers), Song writing, Muti Style Sections such as (Improvisation, Blues, Rock Rhythms, Classical, Heavy Metal, Southern Rock ect..), Academic Correspondence, Learn how to read notation/tab
Update videos monthly!!

Frank Song

Rowan Robertson Promo

Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Dave Uhrich

Tribes John Dawson

Matthew Mills: live performance

Matthew Mills says:
This is [one of ] a series of clips from a Matthew Mills show. all songs and albums can be purchased at and apple itunes Matthew Mills is a Schecter Guitars endorsed Artist and has released 4 instrumental albums and has been featured in Guitar World Magazine

Matthew Mills Neoclassical shred guitar show may 10 2009

Paul Gilbert: plectrums for sale on ebay!

Spotted these on a French ebay


Marty Friedman,Paul Gilbert: bigdeth!

Three video featuring Marty Friedman,Paul Gilbert from Rock Fujiyama 47!

Rock Fujiyama 47 P3 Big Deth - Marty Friedman Paul Gilbert

Russ Parrish: steel panther behind the music!


These guys rule!
London, UK at 229
Concert Details
Buy tickets:
Live Nation

Oziel Zinho: course for video editing!

Oziel Zinho has a new DVD to help you put together guitar videos:
Learn how to edit their own videos and create your playbacks (backtracks). Basics of mixing, mastering, recording, plugins, video recording, editing, correction of lighting, effects, transitions, simulating two cameras using only a camcorder. Complete package of video lessons for you to create the playback of your favorite music, record your own video and disclose its performance.
Material on DVD. More information write to with subject "Course of video editing"

Video Aula - Playbacks e Video

Adrian English: s u p e r - 7 - s h r e d d e r ... more heavy weather on the radar!


Adrian English's caps lock on his keyboard gets stuck as he types this messsage to his fans!

up coming release due mid May 2009.

Pete Pachio: desolation sect shred!


Pete Pachio says:
New Music!! New Track up... Desolation Sect with Pete Pachio
Hey guys......added a new song to my profile.It is of myself with Desolation Sect. I take solo breaks 2,4, and 6.Hope ya dig and please add them...

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot live video posted

Joe Satriani and the boys from Chickenfoot captured live from recent shows... likely to be tons of this by the end of the year! 3 videos in this player, Chickenfoot, live from the first gig of their club tour. May 14, 2009. Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, Chad Smith. Thanks to Truth In Shredding friend Art for posting!

Russ Parrish: steel panther live on the johnny dare morning show.

Three acoustic songs from Steel Panther played live on The Johnny Dare Morning Show.

Steel Panther Live on The Johnny Dare Morning Show

Joe Satriani: bruce dickinson interview

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson interview's Chickenfoot's Joe Satriani for his RAdio 6 show. Listen

Alex Berserker: rob chappers meyones guitar solo competition

I recognised Alex Berserker, aka Pollin, from the Petruccifever competition earlier this year. This solo is cool and not bad for a 17 year old!

Alex Berserker - Mayones Contest

Tenyu Nakamura: rob chappers meyones competition entry

A pretty wacky improvised solo from Tenyu Nakamura, plus the original guitar idol competition track.

Mayones Endorsement Competition

Guitar Idol 2009 Online Final

t-cophony: tapping the unknown coloration promo

This guys has to be one of the most melodic acoustic tappers... enjoy!

t-cophony says:
This video was made for the promotion in the record shop. You might already watched the other animations of same title.

New album "Unknown coloration" out now !!

My other albums are already released by iTunes and more.

Official site

"Meaning of life" - T-cophony - Unknown coloation

Doug Steele: pre painting shred test on the evh charvel star!

Doug Steele says: Y
es, many mistakes. Just having fun with the Star 'tis all..Painting commences Saturday May 23, respectively

EVH Charvel Star Project: Eruption tapping

Bradley Zugel: eddie van halen' fulfills a wish

Bradley playing another of his favorite Van Halen Songs I'm The One. He's 11 years old and going through chemo.

Van Halen I'm The One by Bradley Zugel

Van Halen News Desk full story

This is a touching story about an 11 year old boy named Bradley Zugel, who happens to be a huge Van Halen fan. Bradley was recently diagnosed with cancer. His wish, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northern Nevada, is to meet guitarist Eddie Van Halen.
The first part of the story was published Dec. 15th, 2008 in the Reno Gazette-Journal:
Boy Diagnosed With Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Fights Back
By Carla Roccapriore
A cough that resulted in a visit to an urgent care facility for Bradley Zugel turned out to be more than an autumn bug.
The 11-year-old Sparks, Nevada boy’s X-ray in late September showed a large mass in his chest, so a CT scan followed, said Michelle Zugel, Bradley’s mother.
Zugel was informed the following day her son had lymphoblastic lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It’s caused by a cancerous growth of cells in the lymphatic system, which normally helps the body destroy and filter out bacteria and other harmful substances.
“He was on his field trip en route to San Francisco, and I called my husband (who was traveling with Bradley) on the bus,” Zugel said. “The bus stopped in Sacramento, and he rented a car and drove Bradley to Oakland Children’s Hospital.”
Bradley was withdrawn from Spanish Springs Elementary School because being around too many other people puts him at risk for infection, Zugel said.
Bradley is being treated at Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland by Drs. Caroline Hastings and Robert Raphael, who couldn’t be reached for comment Friday. However, Zugel said physicians from the hospital sometimes visit the area, so some of Bradley’s treatments are done locally.
“Every month is different,” Zugel said. “It (travel to Oakland) could be up to four times per month.”
Although chemotherapy treatments have been difficult on Bradley, he and the family do things to get their minds off the illness.
“We’re home a lot as a family, and he plays guitar and so does my husband,” Zugel said.
The 1978 Van Halen song, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love,” is one of the songs Bradley enjoys playing most.
In fact, his request through the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northern Nevada is to meet guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Make-A-Wish enriches the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work.
Several fundraisers have been held to help cover Bradley’s medical expenses, and the next one is a “cut-a-thon” scheduled from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at A Salon 7, 20 Cheney St.
Reno resident Kristen Baker, a stylist at the salon, is organizing the event. Zugel is one of her clients.
Baker said her husband is a cancer survivor, and she knows how fast medical bills pile up, even if one has insurance.
“It’s important to show the community can pull together to help others,” Baker said. “It’s nice to see there are people out there who care.”
The Zugels, who also have a 13-year-old son, Jake, have health insurance. Zugel is a dental hygienist, and husband Kevin Zugel is a schoolteacher.
“Bills are still coming in on portions we still owe,” she said.
The second part of our story comes from Bradley’s father, yesterday:
Hello everyone,
Bradley is my son. Bradley has been doing well with the treatments. Thank God for modern medicine. He is now in remission and in what is called “maintenance phase.” He still has chemo for another 16 months, but less brutal than the first. His hair is growing back and I took him to school today for a half day. He is feeling like a kid again and I cannot express how proud I am of him.
He wants to meet Eddie not for what he did in 1978, but for his entire career of awesome music. His first and second concerts were VH this last tour in Sacramento and in Reno. His third concert was Rush and we are now counting down to see Metallica in December. Bradley is a true rocker. His Ipod is full of the music I loved as a kid, with every VH song ever recorded. He plays guitar and is quite awesome. Type “Zugel” in youtube and you can see a couple videos of him and his brother. He tears up “Im the One.”
Even bigger than a great musician meeting a young fan is the fact that Eddie is a cancer survivor himself, as well as a dad. We are going to LA in a couple of weeks to meet him and my son is beyond excited. I am so grateful to Eddie for agreeing, and for everyone who has been so helpful during this very rough time for Bradley and our family. Music has been a great healer.
Take care!

Alex Razayeski: new myspace

Not sure what happened, but the old myspace went away... so Alex Razayeski, has a new MySpace:

plus some tour dates

May 17 2009 7:00P Jimmy’s Mentor on the Lake, Ohio
May 23 2009 10:00A Geauga Lake’s Wild Water Kingdom Aurora, Ohio
May 23 2009 4:00P St. Anselm’s-Main Stage Chesterland, Ohio
May 30 2009 8:00P 15 Minutes of Fame, Jr. Live TV Contest Nashville, Tennessee
Jun 20 2009 6:00P Massillon Car Show-Main Stage Massillon, Ohio
Jul 4 2009 8:00P Town & Country Campground Salem, Ohio
Jul 17 2009 8:00P Clay’s Park Rock-n-Resort Music Festival Massillon, Ohio
Jul 18 2009 2:00P American Cancer Society Relay for Life Event in Eastlake

Ron Thal: guitar suck... yes they really do... honest!

As spotted by Daniele Gottardo! Now if this was a video!!! Jaw dropping playing from the Bumblefoot!

Guitars Suck - Bumblefoot

Daniele Gottardo: heart attack as gottyboy makes the grand final of guitar idol!

Daniele Gottardo makes it through with the video that elevated the standard of submissions to guitar idol to a new level

Daniele Gottardo:Cardiology ( Guitar Idol 2009 Entry)

Daniele Gottardos guitar takes some rest in preparation for the Guitar Idol 2009 live final!

This is the live final video from 2008 which I shot.

James Edwards: Daniele Gottardo spoke little English, but nonetheless had a great time. a really brilliant man who possesses unbelievable ability. On any other day, he would have walked this, and has an amazing future ahead of him.

Alfredo Herz: on the tip of my tongue

Alfredo Herz is on myspace:

Playing guitar with the tongue

"This is definitely among the most creative shred oriented guitar records I've heard in a long time! Alfredo delivers a barrage of devastating yet tasty guitar performances on top of various fresh and exotic high energy compositions! 'Raw' is a must have for any serious shred aficionado!"

-Greg Howe

Born in the city of Orizaba and raised in Cordoba both in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, Alfredo began playing guitar at the age of 15.

Influenced by players such as Greg Howe, Jimi Hendrix and Slash amongst others, Alfredo would spend time playing with his friends without taking music seriously, until he decided to move to the U.S. in order to study it at Music tech in Minneapolis where he spent 2 years studying, attending seminars and practicing up to 8 hours a day which, led him to earn the "best rock guitarist" award.

Right after graduating Alfredo spent a few years playing on the road with all kinds of bands that ranged in numerous styles. In 1998, Alfredo was reviewed in the guitar nine records website as one the "undiscovered artists" for the month of September. Afterwards he took a trip to Easton, PA to study with his favorite guitar player: Greg Howe. Ever since, Alfredo has participated in, and won guitar competitions held in the Twin cities area by Guitar center and Mars music, and received positive feedback by internationally recognized guitar players and artists.

Not only as a guitar player alone but also as a band member he has won competitions and achieved honors that range from winning 1st place in his home state of Veracruz, Mexico at the "Yamaha-Coca cola music quest ’94", winning numerous "battles of the bands", live radio performances, and some of his bands have shared the stage with national acts such as: Cake, Helmet and Sixpence none the richer among others.

Alfredo is not only known for his technical skills playing the guitar, but also his versatility and high energy stage performance, which can range from playing in the back of the stage as a supporting musician to doing cart-wheels on stage, running and jumping around, playing with the tongue, with the guitar behind his head, with his fret board hand upside down and interacting with the crowd and band mates. He is also know for being able to sing lead and background vocals in English and Spanish, his work ethic, his respectful manners toward other band mates, his drive and his positive attitude. His understanding of music gives him the ability to be a music director, if need be. All the drums in his CD were programmed and edited by him (approximately 100,000 hits total), he played all instruments, produced, mixed and mastered it.

Alfredo has also been invited to give seminars at McNally/Smith college of music, and to write articles as a guest columnist for guitar magazines online such as:,, cutaway guitar magazine from Spain (, and guitarz-for-ever ( He has been partially involved in the editing for Greg Howe’s instructional video seminars (

Currently Alfredo is endorsed by VHT amplification (, Inferno guitars (, Do Denim clothing (, the guitar wheel ( and xotic effects (

Right now Alfredo can be seen playing around Hollywood and doing sessions. His first instrumental CD “RAW” is now available on Itunes. Some of his tracks can already be heard in the shows "Guitar Radio" on KRVM 91.9 FM, Eugene/Springfield Oregon, "Let There Be Rock" Boschtion (Netherlands) Cable FM 87.5, and Radio FM 95.2, and Global Radio Network.

Brian Tarquin: billy sheehan, doug doppler, blue wind

Brian Tarquin posted a promo video for a track Blue Wind Billy Sheehan & Brian Tarquin
Blue Wind Billy Sheehan & Brian Tarquin

Guitar Masters Vol 2 featuring Jimmy Page, BB King, Santana, Yngwie J Malmsteen, Billy Sheehan, Steve Morse, Hal Lindes, Brian Tarquin, Max Middleton, Pete Anderson plus many others in a guitar shredders dream! Released on BHP Music, Ltd. distributed by REDEYE Distribution.

Silvio Gazquez: rob chappers mayone competition entry

Silvio Gazquez provides his entry for the competition to win a Mayones guitar endorsement. Again the is solo captures Silvio Gazquez's typical style... enjoy!

Silvio Gazquez - Mayones Guitar Competition Entry

Mathieu Rach: matt rach live video montage.

Mathieu Rach, aka Matt Rach.. He currently has Channel Views: 3,293,278!!!

Les conquistadors envahissent la France !

Mike Kerr: memories

Mike Kerr, in shredding mode!


George Marios: scoops a guitar idol live final seat... now that deserves a nice pot of tea...

The talented youngster from Greece, George Marios grabs a seat at the table of the guitar idol live final! No doubt he'll be celebrating with a fresh pot of tea and perhaps a few scones!

George Marios - First Look at the Sky (HD)

Greg Howe: free online lesson


Free Trial Webcam Lessons with Greg Howe: The free trial lesson with Greg Howe is a 7 minute free one one one private lesson through webcam and is conducted on every Wednesday and Thursday.

Due to the fact that Greg's audience is located all over the world we ask that you please fill out the form HERE, so that we are able to better assist in scheduling the free trial.

To learn more about different lesson packages

Steve Vai: to award prizes at the final of guitar idol competition!

Wow some great news for the finalists, Steve Vai will be awarding a prize for his favourite finalist in the Guitar Idol competition held at the London International Music Show on June 13th. The ‘Steve Vai Unsigned Shredder’ prize will be a signed Ibanez guitar, a fantastic addition to the Guitar Idol competition which has gathered pace in recent weeks with over 160,000 visitors to the site in the last two weeks alone

Although Steve will be unable to watch the event live as it is scheduled to take place at the same time as his sold out ‘Alien Guitar Secrets’ masterclass at LIMS, he will be watching all the finalists performances online at; after the event and choosing his winner from the live footage of the competition

If you can’t get to LIMS and can’t watch the live webcast of the competition and miss your chance to vote for a winner, check out the finalists performances for yourself at; and see if you agree with Steve. (performances available to view from June 17th at;

News: stratovarious, firewind and edens curse tour

Wow, what a show, three bands 5 hot guitar players, 3 keyboard shredders, 3 great singers... that the Stratovarious, Firewind and Edens Curse tour which started in the UK tonight! If you get a chance go and see this show! Here are a couple of photos from the gig

Kostas Karamitroudis aka Gus G and Bob Katsionis,

Thorsten Koehne

Jay Parmar

Jens Johansson

Matias Kupiainen