Saturday, 30 May 2009

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: the power of what?


Adam Fulara: two hands two necks live

Adam Fulara captured at the recent festival, three in this batch, may be more to come.

adam fulara -eleven- XVI festival internacional de guitarra de santo tirso

Bob Zabek: back again,,, nine times!

Bob Zabek performing at XVI festival internacional de guitarra de santo tirso. 9 great live videos posted. Don't for get to check them all out!

Bob Zabek: live

Paul Gilbert: super fast chromatic lick

New one to me I think...

Paul Gilbert - Teaching a Chromatic Lick to Student

Dannyjoe Carter: photos posted of new guitar

Seymour Duncan custom pickups!

Derek Furr: rob chappers meyones competition

Another new entry in this competition, 147 at the moment full list

Derek Furr Mayones Guitar Competition

Elias Viljanen: fire hearted details released

Blabber mouth posts:
Spinefarm Records has set a June 24 Finnish release date for the third solo album from SONATA ARCTICA guitarist Elias Viljanen, entitled "Fire-Hearted". According to the label "there will be 12 tracks on the album and 10 of the tracks will be instrumental." Guest musicians on the CD include vocalists Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH, TAROT) and Tony Kakko (SONATA ARCTICA), keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg (SONATA ARCTICA), bassist Jari Kainulainen (EVERGREY, ex-STRATOVARIUS) and drummer Mikko Sirén (APOCALYPTICA).

"Fire-Hearted" track listing:

01. Fire-Hearted
02. Last Breath of Love (feat. Marco Hietala)
03. Cruel Groove
04. Kiss of Rain (feat. Tony Kakko)
05. Head up High
06. Up to Speed
07. Supernatural
08. One Tonight
09. The Triumph
10. My Guiding Light
11. Showstopper
12. Beautiful Piece

"Fire-Hearted" recording lineup:

* Elias Viljanen - Guitar
* Tony Kakko - Vocals (on "Kiss of Rain")
* Marco Hietala - Vocals (on "Last Breath of Love")
* Jaan Wessman - Fretless Bass Guitar (on "Beautiful Piece")
* Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards
* Jari Kainulainen - Bass
* Tomi Ylönen - Drums (on "The Triumph", "Cruel Groove", "Up to Speed", "Head Up High", "Showstopper" and "My Guiding Light")
* Mikko Sirén - Drums (on "Supernatural", "Beautiful Piece", "Last Breath of Love", "Kiss of Rain", "Fire-Hearted" and "One Tonight")

more details

Tony Hernando: actual events revisited

Tony Hernando is on MySpace: and some great tracks available on his MySpace player, plus this brace of videos.


Into the black

Available now from guitar9:

Eyes Of Orion (4:28)
Totem (3:23)
Stones Of Silence (4:16)
Tomorrow’s Rain (1:47)
Land With No Sun (5:44)
Signals Of Aggression (5:26)
State Of Mind (4:28)
Deathly Kiss (5:00)
Side Effects (4:34)
Driven By Fear (6:14)
The Watcher (2:33)

George Bellas: the dawn of time cd announced

George Bellas let me know about his new release on Lion Music records planned for Q1 or 2010. The CD entitled The Dawn Of Time is complete and in the final stages of production. "The Dawn Of Time".

This upcoming album consists of 20 songs and is 80 minutes in length. The style of the album is a combination of Neo-Classical and Progressive.

George Bellas - Guitar, Bass & Keyboards
Marco Minnemann - Drums

Marcos De Ros: eclectic guitar solo

"El Colibri " by Julio S. Sagreras. Mimicking the flight of hummingbirds. Electric guitar solo by Marcos De Ros.

"El Colibri" de Julios S. Sagreras. Eletric guitar solo by Marcos De Ros.

News: google wave to build on social tools.. this is next generation.

Google's plan for the next wave of social software... in html 5, demoed in anything other than IE8... LOL... NB users of this blog should know there is a bug in IE8 that I can't fix that means this blog won't load... you know what to do, safari, firefox,opera and chrome are the way to go.

This is an html 5 application:
... for those interested in the new features here's a 1:20 minute video given at the recent google IO conference.

Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009

Don Lappin: two handed tapping lesson

Goto to get information about learning more soloing ideas and to improve your musical skills this summer at Berklee. Here is a 10 minute private lesson on using 2-hand tapping for soloing on guitar by guitar teacher and Berklee College of Music Assistant Professor Don Lappin. In this clip, he explains how to use the 2 & 2 method he developed for soloing.

Don Lappin 2-Hand Tap Technique

Paul Gilbert, Russ Parrish: with rob halford at guitar clinic

Paul Gilbert, Russ Parrish, Rob Halford, jam through a cover tune.

Paul Gilbert & Rob Halford - Helter Skelter

Marty Friedman: typical bending

Marty Friedman Shreds with Feeling

David Valdes:cool lessons dvd

David returns with example exercises which high light his technique. The video may be available from Chops From Hell early next year. The DVD cover exercises of alternate picking, sweep picking, string skipping and phrasing in the style of David Valdes. This release reflects the success of Davids first DVD “Initiation Into The Guitar Soloist” which is still available.

If you are interested in a copy of this buy at:


Pablo Mendoza: brace of live videos posted

Guitar idol finalist - Pablo Mendoza - Manos de acero "live" 2008

Guitar idol finalist - Pablo Mendoza - Political Comics "live" 2008

Julien Carayon: when skys are blue!

Julien Carayon - Azur

Joe Bonamassa, Danny Gatton: blues at 12 year old!

A very young Joe Bonamassa jamming with Danny Gatton's band in 1989

12 year old Joe Bonamassa with Danny Gatton

Steve Vai: dark itachi master class review

Dark Itachi from Petrucci forum attended the recent Steve Vai master class and provided this review on petrucci forum.

Hi guys, 2 days ago I participated to an exciting Masterclass, done by the great Steve Vai, that was included in his Alien Guitar Secrets Tour, and I thought of sharing with you. Steve talked Italian , reading from a paper, at least half of the time, and it was very funny with his American accent.
The Masterclass was not very much based on technical/theory side, but much more on the way of practicing, the best methods to reach goals while studying in order to become a better player, stuff like that, plus some nice stories told by Steve about his experiences with gear, situations etc...
Through the night he stopped talking and answering questions, put a backing track on his Macbook () and played Building The Church, and two other songs that I didn't know, and in the end he jammed with 6-7 people from the crowd.
This is a video done by me (excuse me for shaking hands and bad quality from the phone) from the first song he played.

Intro Steve Vai Masterclass @ Caserta-24/04/09

Talking about gear:
on stage there were two Legacy II heads , two Boss Digital Delay pedals, one Boss Chorus, a Jemini, a Whammy Digitech, one tuner and a volume pedal. Pretty restricted gear, but with a GREAT tone.
Really, it was great, the video doesn't do justice to it.The only thing I noticed was that the tone sounded maybe a little bit too compressed to me.

At the end of the night, Steve had a picture + signing stuff+ talk session with EVERYONE in the place (which made me get out of there at about 2 AM xD), and he was a really cool guy.
I had a block notes and my JEM signed, and got a photo with him.

Vinnie Moore: to the core sea of tranquility review

Vinnie Moore has always been an amazing guitarist, from back when I first heard him in that old Pepsi commercial back in the early '80's where he did the solos and the close ups were all on his hands, to Vicious Rumors, to his solo career and UFO, Vinnie has delivered awe inspiring performances throughout his career and his work on To The Core is no different. And the fact that Moore has pulled back a bit with the shredding has added a Jeff Beck-ish type of dimension to his playing. I for one enjoy this most controlled, more mature Vinnie Moore. To The Core is filled with 11 tracks that will take you on a journey of their own, and is pretty much an effort that was well worth the 10 year wait in between solo releases
. full review