Saturday, 6 June 2009

Dave Sharman: new videos posted

Dave Sharman - Lift

Dave Sharman 'Trucker' Guitar Solo

Hellman Jigokuotoko: hd shred tester

encode test 1280x720 30

Rob Chappers: modal monkey madness

Modal Rock licks lessons one and two are in my store right now, along with "Bending & Vibrato" and many others! New lessons every week :-)


Modal Rock licks - Dorian

Tom Quayle: acoustic fusion improv!

Tom Quayle says:
Hi everyone! Here's a new improvisation over a groove I came up with. Sorry about the poor sound quality. I'll do another one in HD with decent sound soon.

Hope you enjoy. for lessons with me.

Another Improvisation (Acoustic)

Wim den Herder: tinkling the strings oscar peterson style

More incredible playing from Wim den Herder.

Wim den Herder - Sweet Georgia Brown (Oscar Peterson)

Andy James: clinic shred and smt interview

licks library and sacred mother tounge's Andy James came to College of West Anglia last year to give a guitar demonstration when turned into a battle of the sweep pickers

Andy James (sacred mother tounge) vs. the mighty Frosty in a Guitar Battle

Will the real Andy James please stand up!

Sacred Mother Tongue - Hammerfest interview with Angel of Metal

Joe Satriani: chikenfoot knac interview

SATRIANI: Absolutely, you know it’s interesting how when you give everything of what you have to people, it comes back to you in interesting ways. I learned that from my high school music teacher, who I knew was heading towards a career as a classical concert pianist. At this high school he would just offer everything that he knew about music to me, and I thought this is what I should do, if I’m ever doing guitar lessons. I just happened to be teaching Steve Vai at the time and I remember I was just going to do what my music teacher did. I’m going to show Steve everything. And it just turned out that Steve was one of the most talented guitar players ever born. He just happened to be one of my students. He quickly became a comrade and we dreamed about being rock stars as we would improvise together in my backyard in Long Island. I remember very vividly, this conversation I had with him where I started my own record company and I was about to release ‘Not of this Earth,’ and he said, ‘Hey, my first record is weirder than yours, and I just got signed to this crazy label out of Jamaica.’ And he asked if he could send a copy of my record to this guy, he might like it. I said, yeah go ahead, and I didn’t think much of it. That phone call led Steve to introduce me Cliff Cultreri, who is still one of my best friends and musical mentor, and he signed me to Relativity. It was in his personal conviction in me that we got ‘Surfing with the Alien’ because the label really did not think I looked like a rock star at all. They wanted me to be more of a medieval gothic shredder. I thought, no, no, I want to have a little bit more fun with it. It was Cliff that really pushed me through that label and made that record happen for me. That’s really what broke me. It was that introduction through Steve that really made that happen.
full knac interview

Jennifer Batten: new tour date added

Jennifer Batten's current US tour. It will take place on June 14th in Denver, CO at The Toad Tavern. Her schedule is now as follows:

6 - Rock N' Bowl - New Orleans, Louisiana
8 - Antonio’s - Austin, Texas
9 - Antonio’s - Austin, Texas
13 - Academy Of Guitar - Fort Collins, Colorado
14 - The Toad's Tavern - Denver, Colorado
full bravewords post

Vinnie Moore: the classic metal show interview

Vinnie Moore was the featured guest on last weekend's (May 30) edition of "The Classic Metal Show"


vinnie moore meltdown

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: sides and paths new cd released

If you been watching the videos, now is a chance to get a copy of Stelios's new CD.

The CD is mp3 only and you can buy from CD Baby

1 I Only Wanna Play
2 Sides And Paths
3 Anatolia II
4 Eastern Funk
5 Jennifer
6 Big Latin
7 Miss Lydia
8 Moonlight Orchestra

Soulfull instrumental guitar music, melodic, diverse, and rich in sounds and flavours.

New Instrumetal Album "Sides And Paths" !

Rob Balducci: violet horizon new cd released

Violet Horizon CD available to buy TODAY!! I am happy to announce you can now purchase the new CD Violet Horizon CD at

We have set up a new promotional site up at

You can see Insight and Inspirations into the Violet Horizon CD. I have recorded 2 min clips of me playing thew tunes live as well as talking about the inspirations behind the tracks.. check it out at

Coming soon from Favored Nations Entertainment you will be able to download the CD from online stores... stay tuned for more information.

We have a special, buy the CD for the price of $15.00 with free shipping and get a Violet Horizon autographed poster and a guitar pick for free.

Thanks for your support!

Rob Balducci

Jonas Tamas: free tab and backing track II


It's time to get the second special group member gift from Jonas Tamas. This time it is a cool arpeggio lick from his song Streamline. The package contains the mp3 file and the exact guitar tablature. Download link:

And I have a cool piece of digital download news for you too:

From now on you can download the full album of Jonas Tamas entitled 'Sharp Guitars From a Flat Planet' (plus info and cover art) on for only 9.97 bucks!
Check it out, and within a few minutes you can enjoy listening to this great guitar album - melodic progressive metal guitar for fans of John Petrucci, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

And everybody who downloads the album on CDBaby is entitled to get the free bonus pack (bonus track and TABs) - just contact me or Jonas and you will get the link.

Listen to all the 12 songs now on

1 Zenith
2 Golden Sun
3 Finger of Fate
4 Mosquito Bite
5 Tight Squeeze
6 I Feel Sorry
7 Locrian Locusts
8 Streamline
9 Eloquent Look
10 Stormbeaten
11 Conversion
12 Escape From the Soulful Eyes

The album is on iTunes too - just search 'Jonas Tamas' there.

As always, I'd like to ask you to invite as many of your friends as you can to join the Jonas Tamas Facebook Group & Street Team. Free group member packages with guitar exercises of Jonas regularly!

Take care,
Peter Heim - The Facebook Group of fresh instrumental guitar and free guitar lessons

News: d-day, lest we forget

On the 65th Anniversay of D-Day... An amazing blog post, sad, poignant and reminds us how lucky we are to live in a free society.

View this excellent post:

News: guitar idol runners up announced

Book your seat and vote at the live final webcast!

Plus Mark McGuigans coverage:

With the final just 7 days away from the live guitar idol final, the guitar idol judges have posted the runners up in the competition:

My respect to those players listed!

Quasi Tarantella
Igor Paspalj
See video

Marc Playle
See video

First Step (on steroids)
Marius Pop
See video

The Pirate Song
Ivan Mihaljevic
See video

Ivan Zecic
See video

See video

There's too much to do
Jimmy Oliveira
See video

Paradise Lost
David Valdes
See video

Alexandre Bicudo
See video

Anhelando lo Verdadero
Rodrigo Zapata
See video

Troubles in my Kitchen
Pietro Quilichini
See video

never surrender
Masahiro Aoki
See video

Lucid Drawl
Maneli Jamal
See video

Bemolator - Conviction
Ian Bemolator
See video

Matt Shred
See video

Gus Drax
See video

See video

The Challenge
Francisco Baudino
See video

Take One
Alex Hunter
See video

Tube Express
Dimitris Gkountonas
See video

Please judges put me through this time
Conrad Harpham
See video

Vertiginous Motion
Alex Flouros
See video

Steve Murphy
See video

Jack Gardiner
See video

Dark Enemy
Song Chitipat
See video

Chasing the Beat
Tom Quayle
See video

Rather Walk With You
Andrew Gorny
See video

One Way Exit
Kosta Vreto
See video

Andre Noronha
See video

Lucky Singh
See video