Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Michael Schenker: msg lost horizons

Michael Schenker Group - Lost Horizons

Joe Satriani: win a pair of tickets to a UK gig!

Meet Chickenfoot and win tickets to the band's debut UK show!

Chickenfoot, the all-star rock band that consists of two parts Van Halen, one part Red Hot Chili Peppers and Joe Satriani, released their self-titled debut album in the UK on Monday, June 8.

To celebrate the release, the band perform a sold-out gig at London's 02 Shepherds Bush Empire on June 25th.

Chickenfoot are made up of Sammy Hagar (vocals), Michael Anthony (bass), Chad Smith (drums) and Joe Satriani (guitar).

Even though the band's Shepherd Bush show is sold out, we've got a pair of tickets to give away to the lucky winner of this comp.

The winner will also get to meet Chickenfoot before the gig, and receive a signed copy of their debut album (released on earMUSIC Records).

Competition closing date: 19/06/2009

Mike Chlasciak: no holds barred dvd

Blabbermouth posts:
Mike Chlasciak has issued the following update:

"In addition to my upcoming solo record, I have a special surprise to all the guitar players. Yep, you guessed it — I'm preparing my first guitar instructional DVD.

I'm excited about this. Well, I guess I do not need to state that the DVD will be about heavy metal — do I? Honestly, what else could it be? One piece of information that I can share with you all is that I have partnered with a well-known distributor to release a no-holds-barred DVD teaching all the metalheads specific things on the guitar — Metal Mike-style! More news soon.

"For those who can not wait, check out my guitar instructional books that are currently available at the

"'Ridiculous Riffs For The Terrifying Guitarist': Awesome licks, trick, tips and ideas on metal soloing. Everything is explained right with theory. Including regular notation and tablature. Only $20.

"'Monster Coordination - Guitar Boot Camp': Killer work out manual to get you improving and on track. As a bonus, I answer many many questions I have been asked from students all over the world. Only $20."

Sean Baker: bakers dozen looking tasty!

A teaser video for a shortened version of the track "Dukes Of New York" taken from the forthcoming album "Baker's Dozen" by The Sean Baker Orchestra. This chock-a-block guitar instrumental release is out on June 19th 2009 on Lion Music.

01) Dukes of New York.
02) Pummel U.
03) Ballvice.
04) Neo-Classical Gas.
05) 7/24/04.
06) Steve's Blackout.
07) Playing Opposum.
08) Poindexter.
09) Highway Star.
10) Mike Varney's Mexican Vacation.
11) Whichway to Radioland?
12) Verbal Skillz.
13) 2 part Invention in C major.

Sean Baker - guitars
Cmak Ashtiani - guitars
Lawrence Wilson - drums
David Donigian – Bass

Rusty Cooley - guitar on "Verbal
Bruce Bouillet - guitar on "Playing
Jos Stump - guitar on "Neo-Classical

Sean Baker Orchestra - Baker's Dozen teaser

Nick Andrew: tritone fascination

In this first example, we are just playing over the I chord, A7, to the IV chord of D7, and back again. This is an easy way to get used to the sound and where to use it.

I start by playing the changes as a simple scale exercise before doing the same thing using an arpeggio idea.

Tritones sound most effective when used in the bar before the chord change, so when the chord is changes from A7 to D7 in bar 5, you would play the tritone of A7 in bar 4 (the tritone is Eb). The bar before the change!

full post and tab

Marcus Paus: worlds fastest shredder found at last

updated: 12-09-2012

This is his ultrafast guitar work

Worlds Fastest Guitarist - Marcus Paus

and the competition :)

Fastest guitar shredding solo ever!!!

The original post

If you read the forums Marcus Paus is often mentioned as the fastest guitarist in the world... well here's a video... interestingly he gave up guitar to concentrate on orchestral composition, Marcus paus (17) in 1996 ultrafast guitar playing ... thanks to the greatest name in forumdom... Yngchtie Blacksteen!

This his orchestral work.

GBOB theme

Eric Johnson: namm stratocaster non-demo

EricJohnson New RSWD Strat NAMM09

Jack Gardiner:tribute to gottyboy

Jack Gardiner will be meeting Daniele Gottardo on Saturday at guitar idol... here's his tribute!

First attempt at Cardiology (Jack Gardiner)

Homero Bittencourt,Adilson Santos: double fusion delight!

Fusion delight... after a hard days work who could ask for more! This song from Australian Guitar Master Peter O'Mara, Music " Prototype "

Allan Holdsworth - Proto Cosmos Style - Guitar Duo - Homero Bittencourt & Adilson Santos

Andy Gillion: shards of narsil

I've know Andy Gillion for a number of years so it's a great pleasure for me to feature Andy on my blog. He's 100% dedicated and focused to the art of guitar. Compositional and music production are areas on which he is is currently focussed. Check out his MySpace and say hello, mention Truth In Shredding and you get an extra bonus point!

Andy Gillion Neoclassical Shred 2009

Andy Gillion says:
I would describe the majority of my music as epic, progressive metal. I try to write as colourfully, diversely and complex as I can. From the age of 5 the first music I'd play on the piano was classical music, which has given my song writing a neo-classical edge. I pretty much despise 99% of modern music and find it hard to accept that we could go from Mozart and Beethoven to the minimalist nonesense of what you hear on the radio today. My main problem is the lack of thought process going into songs. There doesn't seem to be an ounce of passion in the pop music culture and songs these days all seem to fit a generic template of which songwriters are affraid to let go.

I think the most important thing about writing a song is the choice of notes and how each note in sequence affects the one which follows it. I'm heavily into the science of music and why different sequences of notes can evoke emotions in us. For example why does moving the middle note in a major third down to a minor third give us a feeling of sadness?

I often compose music in other genres when my metal writing starts to emotionally drain me but I always keep the same philosophy. Music should be passionate, emotional and have meaning to you. It's escapism and should take you to another world when you listen to it.

I've had some problems with my wrists over the past few years. Tendons inflamed apparently which has been pretty much one of the most frustrating things I've had to deal with before. I stopped playing guitar for 3 months at a time but this didnt seem to settle the problem. I've had every treatment under the sun including physiotherapy, untrasound treatment (it made little sense to me also), having my muscles tied to a machine that the nurse described as "being like an electric fence", I even had acupuncture until I realised I was pretty much paying the acupuncturist's mortgage for her. As it stands now, I don't play as much as I'd like to. It's hard to savour myself and only play an hour or so a day but it's definitely improved the situation and I'm keeping it under control at the moment. Just a big come-down from spending my entire childhood/teen years playing guitar all day everyday...Should have got a girlfriend really...Nevermind.

I've just joined a band called "Shadow Law" so go check them out. Their music is being impregnated with my musical sperm as we speak.

Aaron Berg: soundtrack of summer solo competition

A reminder that as the competition heats up: Soundtrack of Summer: Guitar Solo Contest (Deadline: July 1st, 2009)! Check out the competition: 51 entries to date, plus here's

TIS featured guitarist, Aaron Berg, having a crack at the grand prize. Not Aaron Berg is also featured on the new guitar lesson site SixStringSquad: Aaron Berg is a great communicator and offers some great insights into expanding your playing!

soundtrack of Summer Petrucci Contest : Aaron Berg " Meridiani Planum "

News: top 5 reasons to use twitter to your advantage

Muzicosphere posts:
The blogosphere is thrilled by Twitter… The current phenomenon of the web!! So, should I write about twitter or not? One more point of view won’t kill anyone, so hell yeah I’m gonna write about it! And to be original, why wouldn’t I invent a a nomenclature to designate the guitarists who tweet… The Twittarists!!

As I am a nice guy, I’ll even try to draw up a very subjective list of the reasons why you should be a twittarist… Or not! You’ll get to decide… No gun held to your head!

Reasons to be a Twittarist… Or not!
find out more

Michael Angelo Batio: cd and dvd deal package

5 MAB DVD, CD, T Shirt and Hat packages.
NEW! 1. The MAB "3 CD" package.
Own the C4 "Call to Arms" CD plus Nitro's "Gunnin' For Glory" CD and the MAB "Holiday Strings" CD! All for 1 low price of $28.95. Buy now.

UPDATED! 2. The MAB "5 CD" package.
This package features MAB's "No Boundaries," "Planet Gemini," Lucid Intervals," "Hands Without Shadows" and "2 X Again" CDs. All 5 CDs for only $54.95. Buy now.

3. The MAB "Speed Kills and Speed Lives Complete" DVD package.
The complete series of 5 DVDs for only $79.95. Buy now.

4. The MAB "3 DVD" package.
This package features Michael's "Performance" DVD, his "25 Jazz progressions" DVD and his "MAB Jam Session" DVD. All for 1 low price of $39.95. Buy now.

5. The MAB "T Shirt and Baseball Hat" package.
Get the official MAB "Hands Without Shadows" T Shirt and embroidered hat for just $34.95. Write on our order form what size shirt you would like. Buy now.