Saturday, 13 June 2009

Theodore Ziras: territory 4 cd available

Theodore Ziras - Territory4
Guitarist Theodore Ziras talks about Territory4, his 2009 CD release, "This is my fourth instrumental solo album. I felt it was time to move into some new territory, by starting to use new scales and modes, while experimenting with new grooves and time signatures... generally, to move on. Territory4 is literally and directly what the title states. I tried to create a piece of art that blends various styles, grooves and sounds. On this CD you'll hear modern metal, shred and fusion all mixed together in a "unique" way. I am very happy and proud that I recorded this music with three of the most gifted and talented musicians on the planet. My main ambition was to entertain and inspire you... I hope you enjoy it. Welcome to my Territory4."

Theodore Ziras - Guitar, Production, Arrangements, Engineering, Liner Notes
Marco Minnemann - Drums, Engineering
Alex Argento - Keyboards, Engineering
Kyle Honea - Bass, Engineering
Brett Caldas-Lima - Mixing, Mastering
Gogo Melone - Artwork, Cover Design
Irene Kozamanis - Photography

Loud And Proud (4:49)
Jordan's Trap (4:18)
Blasphemy (5:03)
O.K. (4:11)
The Sheen (4:59)
Strong Desire (4:06)
Irredenta (4:36)
Over The Sky (3:12)
A New Sunrise (5:29)
Wolfgang's March (3:27)

Steve Lukather: interview lims 2009

Master guitarist and composer Steve Vai sits down with MusicRadar to talk Alien Guitar Secrets, playing live, and beef yoghurt.

Steve Vai interview at LIMS 2009

Guthrie Govan: lims 2009

Guthrie Govan being a big show off on our stand at LIMS 2009. Not that we're jealous or anything.

Guthrie Govan live at LIMS 2009

Jan Laurenz: tribute to S Twain!

S.Twain cover by jan laurenz on chapman stick (audio only) sorry!

plus some gypsy acoustic

Jan Laurenz/Claudio Ferrari duo playing Tico Tico at "la Rotonda" (Gordola)

Aperitivo con Jan Laurenz/Claudio Ferrari acoustic guitar duo

plus some cool rock fusion on a cheap guitar... sounds good to me!

Improvisation on OLP guitar by Jan Laurenz ,best /cheapest guitar ever !

Francisco Meza: new cd available!

Innocence of Insanity is NOW available for download:

Amazon (USA)
Napster (Canada)


via PAYPAL, send US$8 to and receive links to download the album in mp3's 320kbps plus full CD art (inlay, booklet and stickers) and this video in mpg if you decide to burn it and print it.

This has been a 100% independently funded project. Please support independent artist by purchasing their music.

Innocence of Insanity - Promo Video - Francisco Meza

News: guitar idol, late evening update!

Just come back for an impromptu gathering of like minded guitar fans and players. a Few beers and hearty discussion about guitar idol and the future of guitar playing! It was nice of Jack Thammarat to give some small gifts out to the finalists. All the guys from all out guitar were there too, and a fine bunch of people they were too. A great job by these guys to get this show out and live online! My videos are processing so expect some videos over the next few days... including some mega rippage from the most amazing Andy James! Looks out for more news on Andy soon.

A special thanks to George Marios and Hedras Ramos for keeping me and shred junior senior amused all evening!

Jack Thammarat: guitar idol winner 2009

Jack Thammarat announced as the over all guitar idol winner with the online vote. Jack also won another guitar... video to follow. Winner of Candy apple red PRS, Daniele Gottardo, Hedras Ramos winner of the Meyones custom guitar idol guitar! Muris Varajic won the amp. Gustavo Di Padua won a recording studio!... All contestants won a rotosound goody bag! A very well done to all those players played today, you were awesome and your day is sure to come!

Hopefully there will be a later evening update... maybe even a video upload if the the show string called "wifi" holds out!

Video of the who presentation to follow.!

News: lims show update

We have had a look around the show... Andy James was late for his lick library stand show... so I hope to video him later on.

Guthrie Govan was on the rotosound sound but infdicated to all those people videoing him to stop! Crazy!!! People travelled all across the world to see these guys play and take some video...

I also caught up with Jack Gardiner who had come to see Daniele play live. Hopefully get some good video later today... but we'll have to see on the sound quality.

News: guitar idol lunchtime update

Just wathed the whole show. Got it all on video and will post when I get a chance. Everyone played their hearts out and it will be a tough decision. Silvio Gazquez opened the show with his amazing arepggio work. The guitar sound was a little low, but it improved as the show went on. Daniele Gottardo had a fantastic sound, Muris Varajic too was great. Hedras Ramos and George Marios put on a good show with George doing some great improvisation! There are too many players to mention... but I got some phots to, including Ozeil Zinho, Gustavo Di Padua. Voting should still be available for one hour after the show finishes. They announce the winner at 16:15 GMT. Hopefully I'll get a post out just after that.

News: guitar idol breakfast update!

Great news, I managed to catch up with Silvio Gazquez at my hotel. He had a 13 hour flight to London! He also got caught up in the London Tube strike! I gave him a lift to the Excel centre where we met up with Hedras Ramos , George Marios...

I left them there to prepare for the final live, as Shred Junior Senior had to have some breakfast! So hopefully we'll see the show that starts at 10:00. I don't know the full running order, but Silvio is up first, George is third and Hedras is last guy on!

I'll try and post when the competition is finished for those who have not watched the show live on line!

Chatreeo Bae: ibanez s470dx get put to the test

Chatreeo Bae is up to 698 videos already , here he puts a new Ibanez through its' paces


Joy Basu: mash ups, surely a health and safety issue!

Mashups with Live Guitars - Joy Basu performing @ Floyd's in Hard Rock Tampa, FL.
... This must be a health and safety issue, how can he concentrate with all that movement going on?

Electro Mashups - Joy Basu @ Floyd's Hard Rock Tampa FL