Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Jack Thammarat: guitar idol 2009 final lick library special!

Must be great to have the sound from the board! Congratulations to Jack!

Guitar Idol 2009 Live Final - Jack Thammarat - On The Way - Winner

Daniele Gottardo: cardiology guitar idol 2009

What a great guy Daniele is... taking time out to teach me some cool Italian swear words! Although the video sound is a bit cranky, the sound at the show was awesome... it was so thick you could have walked on it! Thanks also to the family Gottardo to for their warmth and friendliness!

Daniele Gottardo: cardiology guitar idol 2009

Guitar Idol 2009 Live Final - Daniele Gottardo - Cardiology

Joe Satriani: i heart guitar interview

We did this little club tour. We called it a Road Test tour and we played in places that held 400 people, little sweat boxes, and it was so much fun, to take a real rock band like this with a brand new record that no-one had heard and just try to make them hear it and understand it. There’s nothing like feedback from a few hundred people who can scratch your nose during the show if they want (laughs). I mean, you really do have to do your work, but the feedback you get is great, and the fans who came to see us can take pride in being part of the experience that told us how to do it. I’m glad we did it and we’ll take that experience to Europe for this festival tour that’s starting later this week.
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Russ Parrish: steel panther another crazy interview

The world's greatest band, Steel Panther, sat down with Glitter "Patches" Wadsworth in an exclusive interview to discuss their all of their secrets. They discuss everything from their live shows, to their latest album, and, of course, their STD's.
... more "don't play this at work" video!

Steel (Bleep)ing Panther

Daniel Realpe: enlightening discussion guitar idol 2009

Daniel Realpe: enlightening discussion guitar idol 2009

Oziel Zinho: argos guitar idol 2009

Oziel Zinho: argos guitar idol 2009

Livio Lamonea: live gig planned

Livio Lamonea
Monday, Jul 13, 2009 10:00 PM

Via Morghen 34 bis
Napoli (Vomero)

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Kosta Vreto: skin on skins free download!

05:06 Desert Tears
05:19 A Place To Call Home
06:56 Never Again
04:02 Namarie
04:18 A New Tomrowor
05:26 Love For Sale
01:26 Sunday Morning
05:22 Heartbreak Highway
03:51 As Time Passes By
01:25 Last Words
05:38 Skin On Strings
01:11 The Way She Moves

Kosta Vreto - Skin On Strings

You can now download for free: http://www.mininova.org/det/1966577

Alejandro Silva: guitar fest 2009

This guys CD is great! Alejandro Silva Orden & Caos is available through guitar9.

So these are some live videos from 2009 guitar fest Valparaiso Theatre, Viernes, 5 June 2009

Alejandro silva Guitar Fest 2009-EL LAGARTO

Alejandro silva - guitar fest 09

Alejandro silva

András Pálfi: guitar idol 2009 live steam!

A great final with the bests. Congratulation to our gitar hero Andras Palfi to get in the final. We wish you the best Bande! ;)

Andras Palfi @ Guitar Idol 2009 Final - Live from the London International Music Show - 2009-06-13

Hedras Ramos: guitar idol 2009 live stream!

++Live sound it has no present, because when I recorded it (it was 3:00 AM) I was half asleep and I don´t notice that I had put the headphones++

Hedras Ramos Final Guitar Idol 2009

Muris Varajic: guitar idol 2009, live stream

What great quality from the live stream from the show!

Muris Varajic - Final Dance_Live

Rob Chappers: monk meets the monkey lord in minions movie

I don't know who the guy is at 28 seconds, but he's plainly star struck and in thrall to the mind control of the monkey lord!

Monkey Lord "Minions" - UK chapter

Paul Gilbert: mr big euro tour

metalichicka, Jenn posted these tour dates and a whole lot more

MR. BIG European Tour 2009

date - start time - venue - country

2009/9/4 20:00 Rock Cafe Tallinn, Estonia
2009/9/6 20:00 Nosturi Helsinki, Finland
2009/9/7 20:00 Berns Stockholm, Sweden
2009/9/9 20:00 Train Aarhus, Denmark
2009/9/10 20:00 Essigfabrik Koln, Germany
2009/9/12 20:00 Shepherds Bush Empire London, UK
2009/9/13 20:00 Hof Ter Lo Antwerp, Belgium
2009/9/15 20:00 013 Tilburg, The Netherlands
2009/9/16 20:00 Le Bataclan Paris, France
2009/9/18 20:00 La Riviera Madrid, Spain
2009/9/19 20:00 Rockstar Live Bilbao, Spain
2009/9/21 20:00 Bikini Barcelona, Spain
2009/9/22 20:00 Alcatraz Milan, Italy
2009/9/24 20:00 Z-7 Pratteln, Switzerland
2009/9/25 20:00 Tonhalle Munich, Germany
2009/9/27 20:00 Diesel Club/Petfi Hall Budapest, Hungary
2009/9/28 20:00 Planet Music/Gasometer Vienna, Austria
2009/9/30 20:00 Roxy Prague, Czech Republic
2009/10/1 20:00 Tobakken Esbjerg, Denmark

DunlopTV Paul Gilbert

Marcel Coenen:rig up for grabs

Only one careful owner!


Because Marcel got a new endorsement deal now his Rack system is for sale ! This system is used at all recent recordings of Marcel Coenen (his solo albums, the Sun Caged albums, all projects, the live DVD and a lot more). Marcel used this set-up for about 13 years, very stable setup, sounds great !! Marcel sells it because he got a new endorsement deal, with which he will also get more exposure.

For sale are the following components:


This high-end mesa quality poweramp just had a total checkup, shorter then a year ago all tubes were renewed (total cost more then 300 euro's, because it are Groove Tubes). Also all connections inside were checked and redone. In great shape.


The well known JMP-1 from Marshall (Iron Maiden uses these for years as well). Including Marcel's signature sounds programmed inside.


- Mesa Boogie: 1200 euro's
- JMP-1 incl marcel's settings: 400 euro's

Email mcoenen@home.nl if you are interested in the setup, I prefer to sell both at the same time !.


Silvio Gazquez: summer nights guitar idol lims 2009

Silvio Gazquez live final solo, apologies about the sound levels you might have to turn it up a bit to hear the guitar... it's a shame as Silvio was playing really well! Hopefully James will have the rehearsal video. If I get the sound level sorted this video will be reposted.
... update.. James does have the rehearsal video... coming soon. I have also reworked the sound, so at least you can hear the guitar!

Silvio Gazquez: summer nights guitar idol lims 2009