Friday, 19 June 2009

Mike Casswell: lick library stand lims 2009

I would like to thank all the guys and gals on the Lick Library stand and particularly the very amiable and approachable Stuart Bull and the nameless video camera guy from Lick Library. Stuart Bull kept the stand buzzing by having live players, something sorely lacking on other main stands! It was particularly nice to hear Stuart Bull say it was OK for the guitar idol players to jam on the stand and strectch the 10 minute session to 15 minutes... ditto Robin Williams guitars who had a number of players on their stand too. I did miss one mega jam session, with Daniele Gottardo, George Marios and Hedras Ramos but I think Hedras Ramos senior caught that one. Expect more video over the next couple of days... first up a new player to me, but I understand has toured with the Brian May band.

Mike Caswell: lick library stand lims 2009 - part 1

Mike Caswell: lick library stand lims 2009 - part 2

Tony Smotherman, Paul Gilbert: coming to guitar world september

Here's a sneak peak at what's going to be on the upcoming September 09 disc that comes with Guitar World magazine, on sale starting June 30th 2009.

Check out exclusive videos with Mastodon, Suicide Silence, VH-1's Daisy & Megan, Paul Gilbert, Tony Smotherman, gear reviews with Paul Riario and much more!

Guitar World Disc Preview: September 2009

Denis Kutcij: presto asgard

Asgard - "Presto Evolution in G dur"

MySpace presence:

Asgard Band

Keith Merrow: prepare for some chop... lonestar transcend

A chance to download super heavy seven string chop from Keith Merrow. Keith Merrow- Lonestar Transcend, Online EP:

1- My Nemesis
2- Ceres
3- Cosmogenesis
4- Andromeda
5- Malfunction
6- Cetus
7- Anguish

Keith Merrow has posted videos of the songs, all seven of them in this handsome youtube player!

Keith Merrow: lonestar transcend

Rusty Cooley: fret 12 interview Q and A

Rusty answers a question from fret12 forum member Letorpheen about what gauge strings Rusty uses and how often he practices. An 11 video haul!

Rusty Cooley: fret 12 interview Q and A

Elias Viljanen: new album and sonata arctica dates extended

New album of Sonata Arctica guitarist Elias Viljanen out 24th of June

New album of E.Vil


1. Fire-Hearted
2. Last Breath of Love (feat. Marco Hietala)
3. Cruel Groove
4. Kiss of Rain (feat. Tony Kakko)
5. Head up HIgh
6. Up to Speed
7. Supernatural
8. One Tonight
9. The Triumph
10. My Guiding Light
11. Showstopper
12. Beautiful Piece

Total running time:
Release date: 24.6.2009

Catalog number Universal:
Catalog number Spinefarm: SPI344CD

17 - San Marcos, CA - Jumping Turtle

12 - Hartford, CT - Webster Theater
13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater
15 - London, ON - Music Hall
16 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's Down Under
17 - Louisville, KY - Uncle Pleasants
18 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave

As previously reported, the band have the following dates supporting DRAGONFORCE, and also featuring TAKING DAWN:

18 - House of Blues - Los Angeles, CA
19 - Regency Center @ The Grand - San Francisco, CA
20 - Roseland Theater - Portland, OR
21 - Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC
23 - Edmonton Events Centre - Edmonton, AB
24 - MacEwan Hall Ballroom - Calgary, AB
25 - Odeon Events Centre - Saskatoon, SK
26 - Burton Cummings - Winnipeg, MA
28 - Beaumont - Kansas City, MO
29 - The Cabooze - Minneapolis, MN
30 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL

2 - Sound Academy - Toronto, ON
3 - Le Medley - Montreal, QC
4 - Theatre Imperial - Quebec City, QC
6 - The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza - New York City, NY
7 - Ram's Head Live - Baltimore, MD
9 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA
10 - The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY
11 - Theatre of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA

Kosta Vreto: skin on skin review

Kosta Vreto's recent CD gets a good review by metalzone:

05:06 Desert Tears
05:19 A Place To Call Home
06:56 Never Again
04:02 Namarie
04:18 A New Tomrowor
05:26 Love For Sale
01:26 Sunday Morning
05:22 Heartbreak Highway
03:51 As Time Passes By
01:25 Last Words
05:38 Skin On Strings
01:11 The Way She Moves

Those who are old enough and live the first releases of Jason Becker + Marty Friedman - Speed Metal Symphony! (1987), or Yngwie Mamlsteen’s Rising Force, certainly have believed that they would never listen to such Greek virtuoso guitarists. I do not know how many Greeks guitarists are like Kostas Vretos, but now matter the number all of them must come into the light. Some, must understand that nowdays there really good metal bands to all genres, but only a few of them have the chance to achieve something. I hope sometime in the future the globe will talk aboutf Greek bands, as we have spoken and we have supported bands such as Maiden, Scorpions and AC DC. We wish the best to Kostas Vretos and Horizon’s End.
full review

Todd Duane: demos the mills afterburner and wizard amp

Wizard Metal amp w/6L6 tubes

Mills Afterburner 4x12 w/ V30's and a Wizard Metal Amp

News: moog guitar demos

At an April 27, 2009 Moog workshop held at Sweetwater, Fareed Haque of Garaj Mahal showed how you can use a CV pedal in conjunction with the breakthrough Moog Guitar.

Sweetwater - Moog Guitar 1 of 2

Sweetwater - Moog Guitar 2 of 2

Jason Becker: protone, one on one podcast

Protone's back with another phenomenal podcast... an interview with Jason Becker!!!!

Check it out, buy Jason Beckers CD's

plus another chance to catch up with the documentary

Bruce Bouillet: new cd on the way and headline of virtuosity tour

Bruce Bouillet will headline Round 2 of The Virtuosity Tour. Also scheduled to appear are Sean Baker, Michael Harris and Joe Stump, among others.

Bruce Bouillet's has recorded three instrumental CDs. The third album will be released in August.

The Virtuosity Tour will begin in September in the Midwest. Dates and cities are currently under review by event organizer, Mj Roxx of X-treme Promotions.

An oldie but goodie

George Lynch: live at the knitting factory

George Lynch. Souls of we live at the knitting factory Hollywood 14th Jun 2009.
Great show that was filmed for a DVD

George Lynch, Souls of we, Hollywood,2009.

Marty Friedman: italian clinic dates

Kudos where you can read this in Italian.

Marty Friedman will be:
Wednesday, July 1
Storti Musical Instruments c / o FNAC
Via XX Settembre 46r, Genoa
Thursday, July 2
Lucky Music Network
Viale Cassala 7 / 2, Milan
Friday 3 July
Via Olmo 37, Altavilla Vicentina (Vi)
Saturday, July 4,
La Pietra Musical Instruments
Via del Commercio 13, Trento
The number of seats for the clinics is limited, so you must book.
For reservations:

Joop Wolters: cross my heart

Another great video from Joop Wolters.

Joop Wolters says:
made again a remake of a WORKSHOP song today june 18, 2009
i wrote this song back in is a very melody based pop/rock ballade..called CROSS MY HEART

made again new, drums,bass,clean,guitar,melody/lead guitar

cheers, joop


Jeff Scheetz: live date plus hendrix tribute, plus uk date

Jeff Scheetz Band plays the first set of their originals and then the second set is ALL Jimi Hendrix!!!

Jeff Scheetz Band LIVE!

Saturday, June 20, 200910:00 PM to 1:00 AM CDT

Jun 20 2009 9:00PEclipse Raytown, Missouri
Jul 4 2009 8:00P Peculiar Music festival Peculiar, Missouri
Aug 7 2009 8:00P Minglewood Hall Memphis, Tennessee
Aug 31 2009 8:00P Greenbelt festival England

Devin Townsend: about interview

Devin Townsend says:
I really love the sound of female vocalists on heavy music. I’m not talking about the typical heavy metal female vocalist, who sounds like a guy. I want female vocalists to be awesome female voices on heavy music. I like the jump in position between super, testosterone-filled male element of it and the really soft, feminine thing on top of it. I think for that, you require female voices that are really specific.

On the next record, Addicted, the female vocals are done by a girl named Anneke (van Giersbergen). She played for The Gathering years ago, so she’s coming over to Vancouver. She has a strong and clear female voice, and for me, I love it. I love it when female vocals are on top of incredibly heavy music; that sounds really cool. For Ki, I met Ché Dorval through Dave, our keyboardist. She has a good energy and is a really smart person with a really good voice. If I could sing like that, I would, but I can’t. I can pretty much pull off almost any male voice, expect for baritone kind of sound, but female vocals are out of my league (laughs)

full interview

Pre Production Addicted

Pre Production 'Numbered'

A better idea

Jason Becker: let there be rock 40th birthday treat

Submit your top 3 Jason Becker Songs for Let there be Rock Radio

On July 22, Jason will celebrate his 40th birthday and for this occasion the ‘Let there be Rock’ radio show of July 21 will be a 2-hour JASON BECKER special.

All the songs of this show are chosen by Jason, and he will present:
- A top 3 of favorite Jason Becker songs
- Jason’s top 3 all time favorite songs

I would like to add a top 3 of Jason Becker songs that was chosen by his fans. So please submit your 3 favorite Becker songs (Cacophony, Jason Becker, David Lee Roth) and e-mail them to

Thanks in advance and look forward to hear from you!
Jason rules!

Next on Let there be Rock:
- June 23: Special Guest is Paul Shortino (ex Rough Cutt, ex Quiet Riot) who presents his favorite tracks!
- June 30: Special Guest is Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) who presents his favorite tracks!
- July 14: Special Guest is Torben Enevoldsen (Section A) who presents his favorite tracks!
- July 21: 2-Hour JASON BECKER BIRTHDAY SPECIAL, all music chosen by “DJ Jason Becker”
- Live internet stream:
- Twitter:

Joe Stump: holyhell cd available

HOLYHELL fans have been patient enough! Now the band wants to reward them with pre-sales of their long awaited debut album! Even before the self-titled CD is officially released on June 26, 2009, HOLYHELL will offer it online in high-quality, DRM-free, MP3 format only at The Kingdom Of Steel Online Store.
The downloadable version of the CD contains the exact same content and features epic material set to climb straight up the charts! Track list includes: Wings of Light, Prophecy, Revelations, Eclipse, The Fall, Angel of Darkness, Holy Water, Mephisto, Gates of Hell, Resurrection, Last Vision, Apocalypse, Armageddon.

Track List:
Wings Of Light,
The Fall,
Angel Of Darkness,
Holy Water,
Gates Of Hell,
Last Vision,

Reflections on the Music:
"Prophecy was the first song Francisco and I wrote together. The name rang out to me and the lyrics wrote themselves. This song actually set up the events of the other songs and even the future writings of HolyHell. It's about foretelling your destiny and then fulfilling it." Maria Breon

"Resurrection is a song about death and rebirth, turning negative into positive. " Maria Breon

"The Fall is a song about trust. Being vulnerable is all about trust. It's the safety net that allows you to take the risk and gives you the confidence to do anything, whether it is falling in love or just nurturing a friendship." Maria Breon

"Gates of Hell plays on the polar opposite of everyone's take on the gates of heaven. This song was the prequel to Angel of Darkness and it focuses on Lucifer, on cause and effect, the antagonist to light, the opposites and the conflicts that make it all work. How boring life would be without that bit of excitement. In the end, the ups and downs, the crash and burn make for amazing stories." Maria Breon

"Angel of Darkness is a song where the music almost wrote the lyrics. It is dark, intriguing, scary, intense and as emotional we imagine an encounter with Satan would be." Joe Stump
"Holy Water represents good that comes to the rescue. It's about going up against the fire and begging for water to cool it down. It is about someone who has entered the dark side and needs to be redeemed. It's basic human nature when we go to extremes. If we commit evil deeds, we try to alleviate the guilt, to seek atonement." Maria Breon

"Revelations is a play on the biblical title but can be interpreted as a personal journey. It is about discovering who you are and finding your strength, about having the confidence to be who you are." Maria Breon