Tuesday, 23 June 2009

George Lynch:guitar clinic interview

If you’ve never attended a guitar clinic with George, its 50% shredding, 25% comedic storytelling and 25% product demonstration. I promise it will be 110% of your time well spent.
Whenever George comes to the NJ/NYC area, I clear my schedule to see him. During these clinics he shreds through 6 to7 backing music tracks from Dokken, Lynch Mob, Souls of We and songs he’s never recorded. As he lets loose, the crowd made up of fans and customers alike couldn’t help but to be in awe of his playing. As he stood on a small make shift stage in front of 50 people tearing through songs with his Snakes and Skulls ESP, you can’t help but realizes that this guy has been blessed with a god given ability to play guitar.
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Cesar Huesca: tribute to joe satriani

A great cover by Cesar Huesca. Cesar Huesca says:
Recorded one year ago, this is my take of Flying In A Blue Dream, track #1 of Joe Satriani's album called Flying In A Blue Dream.

Joe Satriani Flying In A Blue Dream (Cover by Cesar Huesca)

Paul Gilbert: seoul food

As you may know I had a hard drive failure and have spent some time ... over a year... to recover files, as I find interesting files, I have posted.

Paul Gilbert: seoul 2005-01 Potato Head

Paul Gilbert: amp settings

Jenn over at metalichika posted an interest article about Paul Gilberts Amp settings. Looking to cop the sound then check out the settings

Lori Linstruth: guilt machine looking gorgeous

Super cover for the new CD featuring the guitar talents of Lori Linstruth:

We’re happy to finally announce the European release dates and details of the forthcoming album from Arjen’s new project, Guilt Machine! The album, titled "On This Perfect Day," will be released by Mascot records on the following dates:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: 28 August
Europe: 31 August
USA: Date still pending

The art for the cover (pictured above) and booklet was created by Christophe Dessaigne, a talented new artist whom we discovered (quite by chance) while browsing Flickr. Bu unexpectedly happy coincidence, it turned out that Chris is an Ayreon fan, and was thrilled beyond belief when we asked him to do the artwork! The Guilt Machine logo and packaging layout were created by pixelwielder extraordinaireThomas Ewerhard.

On This Perfect Day will be released in 3 different editions:

Limited Edition 32-page Digibook (CD + DVD)
Special Edition Digipack 24-page booklet (CD + DVD)
Regular Edition jewel case, 24-page booklet (CD only)


CD (all editions):
1] Twisted Coil (11:43)
2] Leland Street (8:03)
3] Green and Cream (10:32)
4] Season of Denial (10:22)
5] Over (6:11)
6] Perfection? (10:46)

DVD (Limited and Special editions only):

Audio Bonus Tracks:
1] The Stranger Song (L. Cohen) - vocals Jasper (4:53)
2] Michelangelo (J. Campbell) - vocals Arjen (3:23)
3] Fan Messages (8:14)
4] Perfection? - guide vocals Arjen (9:37)
5] Twisted Coil - radio edit (4:17)
6] Pull me out of the Dark - radio edit (Green and Cream) (3:36)
7] Over - radio edit (3:56)

1] Trailer “On this Perfect Day” (4:33)
2] Making of the Trailer (3:44)
3] Interview with Guilt Machine (40:03)

Guilt Machine:
Arjen Lucassen: instruments, backing vocals
Jasper Steverlinck (Arid): vocals
Chris Maitland (ex Porcupine Tree): drums
Lori Linstruth (ex Stream of Passion): lead guitar

Jimmy Page: guitar hero's for numpties

Jimmy Page has put pay to guitar hero Led Zepplin, according to classic rock magazine:
Page’s objection to Guitar Hero and its rival Rock Band has been previously known as Led Zeppelin have stopped attempts by the game’s developers to gain access to their master recordings, which is necessary for them to appear in the games.

Just remember “Yes, there are two paths you can go by, But in the long run There's still time to change the road you're on.”

Eddie Van Halen: guitar hero for christmas

Guitar Hero: Van Halen video game will be made available in November/December. An exact release date has not yet been announced.

A spokesperson for Activision recently confirmed that Guitar Hero: Van Halen will not include ex-bassist Michael Anthony or former singer Sammy Hagar, according to RollingStone.com. Questions about whether they would be featured arose last week when the game was previewed at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles and only members of the current lineup — which includes original vocalist David Lee Roth and teenage bassist Wolfgang Van Halen — appeared in both a trailer and selected song clips.

clips shown at E3 only focused on Roth-era tracks like "Jump", "Panama", "Hot For Teacher" and "Little Guitars".

Guitar Hero Van Halen E3 Official Demo Preview

Marcos De Ros: tribute to Black Sabbath

Marcos De Ros plays Iron Man. Instrumental version to a Black Sabbath with Ozzy classic!!

Yngwie Malmsteen: the FCKN fury revisited

The classic Japan airlines flight the made the fury headline news is recounted by Anders Johansson, former Yngwie Malmsteen rising Force drummer... may be there is a video too?

Anders says:
I was lucky, though, because it was such chaos and I don't think they knew who did what, afterwards. I did have a camcorder going most of the fight, though, so if you look for it on the Internet, it's there somewhere.

Anders goes on to cover other bands he's played with in this excellent interview.

Well, me and my brother Jens quit around the same time and he joined DIO right away. As a matter of fact, he quit right before I did. Everything was a mess back then. Joe Lynn Turner was fired, Yngwie was drinking heavier than ever, my brother got out of the band, and we were on a new label and so on. So with all of this, I felt that it would be the best thing to get out myself. But it was mainly the money issue of never knowing when or if I'd get paid. So I moved to L.A. and I also started playing with Swedish jazz-fusion bass ace Jonas Hellborg and have up to this day played on two of his releases. I also hooked up with John Sykes (Thin Lizzy) and his Blue Murder band he started after quitting Whitesnake. I didn't really fit in with Sykes and his boys though, I'm mainly coffee and booze and they're hash and opium. Sykes is a very talented and cool guy though.
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Mike Casswell: one more from the bar

Michael Casswell gives an overview of this DVD's Available to buy from http://www.licklibrary.com/

Ultimate Guitar: Tremolo Bar Guitar Techniques - www.licklibrary.com

Quick Licks Jeff Beck - www.licklibrary.com

Mike Casswell - Lick Library Contributor

Mika Tyyskä: mr fastfinger, who is running the show!

A great interview with Mika Tyyskä by blind summit... here's a little snippet.

Mika Tyyskä says:
First of all designing and planning this album was very inspiring. Seems that this little sensei character is a endless source of fun ideas and potential projects. I didn’t really come up with an actual concept story for the album. Decided that the tracks would simply illustrate the character and his world. Tell little stories instead of one feature lenght story.

Mr. Fastfinger Band Live at Magnusborg Studios 1 - Exploding Solo

I’m a great fan of instrumental music. In addition to guitar music I listen to a lot of film soundtracks, ethnic music and classical, and so on. For this album I wanted to bring all kind of elements that I inspiring.

I work on music pretty much the same way as I do when working on graphics. I love mixing techniques, mixing styles.

I worked with real drummer and bass player to get the human touch, and warmness to the tracks. Getting musicians to play on the tracks not only gave me better sounds but they also brought the music to the next level. In addition to live drums I also like to use a lot of percussion. There are layers and layers of percussion loops going on in many songs. Vintage and analog type of synthesizer sounds seem to fit Fastifinger’s world perfectly. Also used some ethnic sounds from sample workstations.

Mr. Fastfinger Band Live at Magnusborg Studios 2 - Wax on - Wax off

A lot of time was spent on recording the guitars. I wanted to make sure that there was always interesting stuff happening for the listener. I didn’t want the whole album to be just high speed guitar freak soloing. I believe in good melodies. There needs to be colors and contrasts, shapes and patterns just like in visual arts. For the guitar tones I worked long and hard. Different tones, effects and playing styles keep the listener awake and interested. Everything always depends on the song and it’s mood. If you know the story your trying to tell, it’s much easier to find the right tone and playing style that supports the scene.

Even did some mind tricks there. With the solo on "Creatures of the Midnight" I was very lost at first. Tried all effects and everything, but I could get the right feel there. Then remembered a Mark Knopfler concert I had seen on TV few days earlier. Felt that his playing style could fit the mood. There was no time to call Mark. So I pretended I was him, throw away my pick, focused on finger picking and recorded my magic solo. I don’t think the solo sounds at all like Mr. Knopfler, but it was very inpiring to try this approach on this solo.

Mr. Fastfinger Band Live at Magnusborg Studios 3 - Humble Moves

What comes to the overall album. I was very interested in getting the album in right balance. I wanted to have the focus on rocking music, but keep it versatile and multi layered. I wanted each song to be different from each other. Pull different influences, feelings and ideas to the tracks. To me there’s nothing more boring than albums with all songs sounding exactly the same with each other. The right song order is also essential for the overall listening experience.
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Adam Hughes Henry: new web site posted

www.guitarinterpares.com, The Official Music & Guitar Homepage of Adam Hughes Henry

New electric solo recordings from AHH about to be released;

Debut acoustic CD in the works.

Debut CD 'Casual Enhlightenment' scheduled for release May/April 2009


Gianluca Ferro: noise under punch

More top instrumental playing from Gianluca Ferro.

Gianluca Ferro Playing "Noise Under Punch"

Giorgio Rovati: centrica looking for a lead singer

Progressive Rock-Metal band Centrica is looking for a singer for the next new album! Interested? Please contact the band! Contacts: website: www.centricaband.com myspace: www.myspace.com/centrica general information: centricaband [at] gmail.com andrea pavanello: andrea [at] centricaband.com giorgio rovati: giorgio [at] centricaband.com

Adrian English: s u p e r - 7 - s h r e d d e r top of guitar 9 charts!

Album This Week's
albumAdrian English
Shred/Heavy Metal
1 photo
Adrian English
albumShane Theriot
Dirty Power
2 photo
Shane Theriot
albumOne Spirit
Go For It!
3 photo
Richard Hallebeek
albumJoe Stump
Virtuostic Vendetta
Shred/Heavy Metal
4 photo
Joe Stump
albumNeal Nagaoka
Shred/Hard Rock
5 photo
Neal Nagaoka
albumJason Sadites
Hard Rock/Fusion
6 photo
Jason Sadites
albumIoannis Anastassakis
Orbital Attempt
Heavy Metal/Progressive
7 photo
Ioannis Anastassakis
albumDerek Sherinian
Molecular Heinosity
8 photo
Brett Garsed
albumGlen Kuykendall
Can You Hear It Ring?
9 photo
Glen Kuykendall
albumTheodore Ziras
Neo-Classical Metal/Shred
10 photo
Theodore Ziras

Daniel Realpe: rob chappers meyones guitar solo competition

Guitar Idol finalists posts a pretty good entry for the Meyones competition.

Monkey lord-Mayones Guitars Competition

News: the illegal downloading debate continues

14 pages of response has got to count for something, if nothing it proves that people are passionate about the subject. I know talking guitar players how upset they ar ewhen they find there CD on some torrent web site... in a more lighted moment:

Read and join in the debate on the petrucci forum

Just an example of the discussion posted by the forum controller Paul Warren:
Originally Posted by heykids: The point is that without first downloading that album, none of the other things may have been purchased. Of course it's best to buy everything--I don't think anyone would argue with that. But at your store, would you rather have someone pay for 40 shirts and 30 packs of strings and really take 41 shirts and 31 packs of strings, or buy nothing at all? Surely you would still make a nice profit from the situation.

I work on a boat. Our opportunity cost for taking one more passenger is very low, just like selling one more CD. Kids who are 2 years old or under get on for free. I've had PLENTY of kids who are obviously 3 or 4 where the parent laughs and says "oh, he's 2!" Is that wrong of them? Sure. They're not paying as much as they should. But we would rather have them do that and still pay for an adult ticket than not get on at all. And if they have a good time, they come back next year, the kid is magically 5 years old, and they pay for his ticket.

You're assuming they would have not heard of them and then not bought anything else. But what about Playlist? What about myspace? What about all of the other legal ways to listen? The downloading argument just crashes when people are avoiding legal avenues. Regarding the strings and t-shirts, sure you'd still make a profit. But it would be smaller and it would NOT be right for them to take more than you agreed to sell them. Consent has to come from the owner of the product. Not the consumer.

I understand your boat analogy, but guess what? That's YOUR RIGHT. It is your right to accept somebody on the boat for free who should have paid. Just as it is the artist's right to charge a price for his album. If the artist says "sure, you can ride on my boat for free", then I've got no problem with it. I give t-shirts and lessons away all of the time. But I don't let people TAKE them from me without consent. That is a huge distinction.
check out the full debate

Doug Steele: i tried to play slow gov, honest! rob chappers meyones solo:

Doug Steele says:
I tried so hard to play slow, ha ha. At the end I just lost it. I knew I shoulda drank!!

Mayones Competition: Doug Steele

Tony MacAlpine: take me back

Tony MacAlpine's vocal band... this must be the best track from the album. Certainly one of "her in doors" favourite Tony MacAlpine tracks! This is described as "More from Tony's hair band touring Eyes Of The World in 1990"

Tony MacAlpine - Take Me Back

Frank Gambale: MMI clinic jam session

Saturday 27 / 6 from 16.30 to 18.00 Sweet Basil, the official headquarters for Padova e Rovigo of MMI-Modern Music Institute, will host the summer masterclass by Frank Gambale! Space is limited, if you are interested in participating you can book at the secretariat of Sweet Basil (vicolo Gela 18 Albignasego PD), by phone (049 712210) or by writing to info@sweetbasil.it
The cost is 20 euro!

Date: 27 June 2009
Time: 16:30 - 18:00
Street: VIC. GELA 18
Town/City: Albignasego, Italy

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Phone: 049712210
Email: info@sweetbasil.it