Saturday, 27 June 2009

News: let's relive the 80's - the metal solos

A wrap up for tonight's 1980's tributes... examples of the metal guitar solos that were around in the 1980's! Get me my time machine I want to go back!

80's Metal solos

80's metal solos 2

80's metal solos 3

Along with the solos the power ballads, I need to get those shoulder pads back in!

80s Metal from A-Z: The Power Ballads

David Gilmour: worship dave day part X

OK, the last in today's series... lots to learn from David Gilmour... it not all about speed, but feel and soul... I hope you've enjoyed this series, I leave you with David Gilmour playing Marooned at The 50th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster.

David Gilmour Marooned

Steve Vai: let's relive the 80's - for the love of god!

Now this was an amazing bit of 1980's! Great video, great guitar playing! This is what you're up against, yes all you who follow the path to greatness in the land of guitar... warm your tea pots and prepare to shred!

Steve Vai - For The Love Of God

David Gilmour: worship dave day part IX

This is Time (The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973), from Pink Floyd, live at P.U.L.S.E; recorded at Earls Court, London, in 1994.

Time - Pink Floyd

Steve Vai: let's relive the 80's - yankee rose

Steve Vai made the step into the big league with his guitar pyrotechnics on the Dave Lee Roth album!

David Lee Roth's music video for "Yankee Rose", from off his first full-length studio album, "Eat 'Em and Smile", released in 1986. The single was co-written with Steve Vai. The song is a tribute to the Statute of Liberty, which at the time of the song's release, was under renovation.

David Gilmour: worship dave day part VIII

B.B. King & David Gilmour - Eyesight to the Blind

Yngwie Malmsteen: lets relive the 80's! we're stars!

I just remember how this video showed how amazing Yngwie Malmsteen was compared to alll the other amazing players!
Hear 'N Aid - "We're Stars"

On May 20 and 21, 1985, 40 artists from the heavy metal and hard rock communities gathered at the A&M Records Studios to record a benefit album to raise awareness and money for famine in Africa. The pop fans had "USA For Africa". We had "Hear N Aid".

This is the music video for the single "We're Stars" off of Hear 'N Aid's benefit album "Stars".

David Gilmour: worship dave day part VII


David Gilmour playing a Dark Side of the Moon Fender Strat

George Lynch: let's relive the 80's! into the fire

I remember along with Tooth and Nail, this track really showed what a smoking player George Lynch was!

Dokken's video for "Into The Fire", their 3rd single and 2nd video, from off their 2nd album "Tooth and Nail", from 1984. The single was the debut single off the album, and was the first to feature bassist Jeff Pilson (although he was shown in the video for "Breaking the Chains", it was actually Juan Croucier in the recording). The single peaked at #21 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

Dokken - Into The Fire [HQ]

David Gilmour: worship dave day part VI

Dave Gilmour & Richard Wright - Breathe_Time 2006 Live

George Lynch: let's relive the 80's! hotel room jam

Yes I had this video too! (still have it... wot no VHS player...) I got it from a shop in London called shades... we would trek up there a couple of times a year and march out with an arm full of import cd and videos!

George Lynch and Jeff Pilson of Dokken screwing around and making a fake commercial. Note the Kramer Guitars gig bag. :D

George Lynch and Jeff Pilson (Dokken) [HQ]

David Gilmour: worship dave day part V

"Remember That Night" Live at The Royal Albert Hall 2006

Dave Gilmour - Wish You Were Here 2006 Live

George Lynch: let's relive the 80's! alone again

More scary playing from George Lynch... I could not get enough of Georges playing... he seemed to advance on every CD, a classic sign of a great guitar player!!!

Dokken's video for "Alone Again" their 4th single, from off their 2nd album, "Tooth and Nail". The single was released in 1985. It peaked at #64 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts.

Dokken - Alone Again [HQ]

Akira Takasaki: let's relive the 80's - crazy nights!

There were two great Japanese that I was aware of Vow Wow and Loudness with super hot Akira Takasaki! Lets rock!!!

Loudness's video for "Crazy Nights" Love the video, but I don't like this version I've uploaded. Looks too blocky at HQ, so I am disabling comments on this one. I'll replace it with a better looking version when I'm ready.

Loudness - Crazy Nights

David Gilmour: worship dave day part IV

David Gilmour & Pete Townshend: Love on the Air

Steve Vai: let's relive the 80's - god blessed video

Yngwie Malmsteen left Alcatrazz... I was gutted... may be I should not have worried... a chance for Steve Vai to shine!

Alcatrazz's video for "God Blessed Video" from off their album "Disturbing the Peace" from 1985.

Alcatrazz! A great band fronted by one of the most legendary singers in rock, Graham Bonnet. How does one introduce Graham Bonnet to a rock audience that only recognizes Ozzy Osbourne? Simple: Alcatrazz, Impelliteri, Rainbow, MSG, Pretty Maids, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Chris Impelliteri, Michael Schenker, etc. etc.

The song is response to a cultural backlash that occurred in the early to mid- 80s over the "negative effects" of rock music on teenagers. The video features a cameo appearance by famed rock DJ Frazer Smith

Alcatrazz - God Blessed Video [HQ]

David Gilmour: worship dave day part III

Kate Bush & David Gilmour - Running up that Hill - Live SPB

Steve Vai: let's relive the 80's- just like paradise

More Spandex ands the ever cool duo of Billy Sheehan and Steve Vai... any one else remember the surfboard and boxing ring live show?

David Lee Roth's music video for "Just Like Paradise", from off his 3rd album, "Skyscraper". Released in 1988. The single peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on US Mainstream Rock charts. A great original song from Diamond Dave and Steve Vai.

David Lee Roth - Just Like Paradise

David Gilmour: worship dave day part II

David Gilmour & Mica Paris - I Put a Spell On You

Warren DeMartini: let's relive the 80's lay it down!

RATT's video for "Lay It Down" from their second album, "Invasion of Your Privacy" in 1985. The single peaked at #40 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #11 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts. It was the first single of the new album. "Invasion of Your Privacy" was the last album
... yes, I have this LP as well, I seem to recall I liked the cover!

RATT - Lay It Down [HQ] [Best Quality]

George Lynch: let's relive the 80's! dream warriors

1987's "Dream Warriors", Dokken's ninth single, from off their fourth album, "Back For The Attack". This was their ninth single. The song was used along with Vinnie Vincent Invasion's "Love Kills" as a theme song for the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors". The single itself peaked at #22 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.
LOL I went to see the movie just because Dokken amd George Lynch were the featured artists!

Dokken - Dream Warriors [HQ]

David Gilmour: worship dave day part I

Clips of Dave from the Pink Floyd Pompeii special.

Dave Gilmour

David Shankle: twitter bound

David Shankle has his own twitter site:

Simone Fiorletta: new cd release date announced

new CD release date 28/08/2009:
Back with his third solo album “When Reality Is Nothing”, Moonlight Comedy guitarist Simone Fiorletta takes the listener on a voyage through a myriad of rock guitar textures and expressions. Building upon the foundations laid by his two previous solo efforts (“Parallel Worlds” and “My Secret Diary”) Simone has come up with an album that shows a change in his approach to the instrument, with a more earthy texture and mature penmanship yet all led by the luxurious guitar work that has earnt Simone a legion of fans.

“When Reality Is Nothing” is a solid rock guitar album with each tracks inspiration coming from Simone’s own personal experiences, mirroring his soul. Opener “Thanx” is a dedication to Simone’s own parents, whilst “My Brother” is a musical reflection of his brothers’ personality and spirits. More earthy topics also were sources of inspiration with “Like A Bird” being penned to represent a sense of freedom.

Once again Simone has worked with Labyrinth keyboardist Andrea De Paoli whilst the drum stool is largely occupied this time by Marco Aiello with bass work being handled by Matteo Raggi. To add further flavour to the album Simone called upon special guests to add their own classy performances. One of instrumental guitar’s leading authorities Neil Zaza provides a solo, whilst keyboard whiz Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Angel Of Eden) adds further keyboard flourishes. Simone’s fellow Moonlight Comedy musicians Valerio D'Anna (Synth) and Armando Pizzuti (Bass) also lend their skills to their fellow band mates’ solo album.

“When Reality Is Nothing” was written and recorded over a short space of time from Nov 2008 to March 2009. This timescale helped lend a new freshness to Simone’s solo work, and indeed further inspiration derived by it being the first album to be recorded, edited, mixed and mastered personally in Simone’s own studio "SF Digital Studio", with the exception of the drums being recorded by Sandro Assante at "BlabLab" Studios.

“When Reality Is Nothing” is an album that will appeal to fans of early albums from Joe Satriani (The Extremist) and indeed those from one of its contributors Neil Zaza. Simply said an enthralling release for anyone with an interest in modern rock guitar.
full details

01. Thanx.
02. My Brother.
03. Dance In The City.
04. I Believe In You.
05. Loneliness In Your Eyes.
06. Laura.
07. Oh No, Once Again?!
08. Ehy...What's Up?
09. Like A Bird.

Simone Fiorletta - Guitars
Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth) - Keyboards
Matteo Raggi - Bass
Marco Aiello - Drums

Neil Zaza - guitar
Mistheria (B. Dickinson and more) - keyboards
Valerio D'Anna (Moonlight Comedy) - synth
Armando Pizzuti (Moonlight Comedy) - bass
Fabrizio Auri - drums

Alex Skolnick: awayteam interview

Awayteam interview: Alex:
Well I think part of it is it’s not as isolated as it used to be. It used to be this very isolated area of music. Pretty much limited to the Bay Area with the exception of ya know Megadeath from LA and Anthrax form New York. I think it’s now like one of many genres of very heavy metal. Ya know you have black metal, you have death metal from Florida and it all relates to thrash metal. There are all these relatives in metal. And now you’ve got some newer bands that have formed in the last ten, fifteen years that in some cases are seeing a lot of success and that’s brought a lot more awareness to the original Bay Area thrash scene. So when we first did the reunion shows it was unclear what kind of type of fan we would have. Was it just going to be Old School fans? But there are actually a lot of young fans that are keeping it alive and well.
full interview

Frank Gambale: roland vg 99 interview

Frank Gambale interview spotted on The guitar channel Frank Gambale, who made great performances on Roland VG-99 at the Musikmesse 2009, talks about the latest V-Guitar. Frank's New Album Coming Soon! "NATURAL SECTION"

Frank gambale Interview (part 1)

Frank gambale Interview (part 2)