Sunday, 5 July 2009

Niels Vejlyt: next generation guitar

Next Generation Guitar School is directed towards all guitar players who want to learn how to play rippin´ guitar solos or even improve on their current solo playing. Players who are ready to work with themselves and committed to make the sacrifices it takes to become great.

At NG we also focus on frustrated guitar players who may have the chops, but do not know how to use them.

Have you been playing for a long time only to realize when playing with the band that you fail to use all the cool chops you practiced and end up playing those old rock/blues pentatonic licks? Then this course is for you.

All skill levels can participate. You just need to have an idea towards the style and direction you want to go. Maybe you have been playing for many years and just need some new killer chops. Maybe you are a pro who needs some inspiration or guidance on technique.

We strive to make a difference in the way we teach. We want to make sure that you learn to use these techniques and licks. Thats why, with every technique and lick you learn, you will receive both video and online support on how to quickly incorporate the material into your own playing.

For two decades Niels Vejlyt has been developing a special technique on improvising, always wanting to find and master the secrets to over the top soloing every time no matter what key or style of music.

Niels Vejlyt chose to create Next Generation Guitar to reach a world audience while still being able to give all necessary support which is so important during the learning process.

We do not want to teach a bunch of licks that you do not know how to use. Thats why all the material pertaining the lessons is so importent. They show you how to use the licks in a real situation rehearsing with your band or playing live. The forum is also extremely important and usefull, since it is your support if you have any questions or problems learning the licks

NG presents many different techniques to learn.

which are:

Alternate picking
Echonomy picking
Sweep picking
Sweep picking - multi tech and legato licks

Next Generation Guitar School intro 1

Next Generation Guitar School intro 2

Here is a free lick from my online guitar school


Tim Miller: prototype guitar

Tim Miller Prototype Guitar:
Rick Canton and guitarist Tim Miller have been collaborating on a new Tim Miller hollowbody electric guitar. The prototype you see here was built as an extended range instrument to allow Tim to explore the expanded range of an extended scale guitar.

Tim’s final guitar will be more “standard” from a scale perspective but its electronics and amplification will be significantly more elaborate. The instrument will include internal mic’ing and piezo elements both inside the body and top of the instrument topped off with a Roland GK3 pick-up – all designed bring out Tim`s studio sound in his live performances.
full details

Muris Varajic,Emir Hot: jamming it up the night before guitar idol final

2009-06-12 Muris & Emir Live in Sunninghill: GMC Instructors Muris Varajic & Emir Hot just shared with us some cool videos of their latest performance Live in Sunninghill, The Carpenters Arms.Ceck these takes of "Flight of the Bumblebee", "Comfortably Numb" & "The Turkish March"!

Emir Hot & Muris Varajic - Comfortably Numb - Live in Sunninghill - The Carpenters Arms

Emir Hot & Muris Varajic - Flight of the bumblebee - Live in Sunninghill - The Carpenters Arms

Emir Hot & Muris Varajic - Turkish March - Live in Sunninghill - The Carpenters Arms

News: guitar fight club videos part I

Guitar Fight Club 2009 | Johannes Kohrs vs Michael Kettel

Guitar Fight Club 2009 | Thomas Parchem vs Adrian Weiss

News: guitar 9 top sellers

Top Sellers: Overall for the week ending Saturday, July 4, 2009
Album This Week's
albumShredding Across The World
Volume 3
Shred/Heavy Metal
1 photo
Adrian English
albumTheodore Ziras
Neo-Classical Metal/Shred
2 photo
Theodore Ziras
albumTravis Larson Band
Rate Of Change
3 photo
Travis Larson
4 photo
Wolfgang Zenk
albumGeorge Bellas
Step Into The Future
5 photo
George Bellas
albumAdrian English
Shred/Heavy Metal
6 photo
Adrian English
7 photo
Wolfgang Zenk
Hard Rock/Progressive
8 photo
Jose Luis Santander
albumJoe Stump
Virtuostic Vendetta
Shred/Heavy Metal
9 photo
Joe Stump
albumStef Burns
Swamp Tea
10 photo
Stef Burns

Jose Galicia, Angel Ruiz: jam over petruccifever competition solo!

Angel Ruiz says:
Thanks to PetrucciFever, for this awesome backingtrack. This is me and my friend Jose, playing over this great melodic track. Hope you enjoy it :)!!!

Jose Galicia+ Ángel Ruiz JAM SESSION

Ignazio Di Salvo: notus overloadicus!

Ignazio Di Salvo plays shred solo

Pat Metheny: time machine lands in 1988

Pat Metheny,Ernie Watts,Charlie Haden,Paul Wertico


Alex Hunter: joins tazz to rock texas

Alex Hunter joined a new band TAZZ:

Victor de Andres: testing out the parker with rocking rippage.

Parker test en español

Joop Wolters: divide and conquer live!

This really is an awesome track from a fantastic CD... get the CD from cdbaby

Joop Wolters says:

I wrote this tune about WAR and the need for people to continue keeping that alive, always wanting more,,, not understanding and accepting what the already have and the beauty that's around them ..always in competition to feel supperior ...on the battlefield and in life..
the rithem in the song represents the marching of soldiers and tanks towards the battlefield...the melody was assingned to illustrate the drama given by's in the nature of the beast..

please check out my albums their full with musical stories and musical depth in any style and colour with true originality..
all my solo-albums have that kind of set-up releasing them already since 1998...making music should come from the heart and head and dedication to be diffrent ,,,not the copymachine


Daniele Gregolin: with michael manring and euro groove department

Daniele Gregolin Marco Maggiore & Luca Scansani aka The Euro Groove Department live with Michael Manring DVD TRAILER

Daniele Gregolin - Euro Groove Department - Sniff The Beef Live

Daniele Gregolin - Optical Illusion - from the DVD "Euro Groove Department & Michael Manring Live!"


News: protones secrets of gain without noise

Taming High Gain Distortion Noise... noise is a demon that plagues all high gain distortion
pedals. It's a fact of life that there's just no escape from... or is there?: protone secrets book

Milan Polak: a competitor to tea with milk!

Milan Polak says:
This clip shows a very young and inspired Milan Polak together with his buddies Lale Larson & Phi Yaan-Zeek fooling around. It was recorded spontaneously around '92 on a tape recorder, so excuse the poor quality. Milan was the co-head of the rock dept. at the American Institute of Music in those days. Too bad no one could afford a video cam at that time...

"Dr. Stringfellow" spoof - extreme shred (feat. Milan Polak)

Ethan Brosh: new web site


Ethan Brosh says:
Hello guitar brothers and sisters! Welcome to my world. I'm excited to finally launch my official website that's been long long overdo! Please check back here often as we're updating the site and we'll always post new gig information and other cool happenings...Thank you so much for visiting my website and checking out my music! Please give us some feedback about the site and some ideas of what you'd like to see from me in the future. Since my album was released I am getting a large amount of emails and messages through Myspace, FB and Youtube. I love reading all of them so please keep'em coming! I will do my best to respond but depending on my schedule these days, sometimes it might be tricky so please forgive me. When I can, I will definitely answer!

Date City Venue

08-08-09 Boston The Church This will be a hot summer metal night
08-20-09 Boston Berklee TBD Berklee show during the guitar sessions program
7-17-09 Nashville TN Summer NAMM Come check out Ethan playing at Alden guitars
7-18-09 Nashville TN Summer NAMM Come check out Ethan playing at Alden guitars
7-19-09 Nashville TN Summer NAMM Come check out Ethan playing at Alden guitars