Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Daniele Gottardo,George Marios,Hedras Ramos: three musketeers

Daniele Gottardo,George Marios,Hedras Ramos... the three musketeers! This is a G3 JAM with Hedras, George and Danielle at LIMS Music Radar booth 14 Jun 2009. I could not stay on the Sunday afternoon so I missed the impromptu jam sessions, fortunately Hedras Ramos senior still had some space on his video camera and caught these three guitar idol finalists playing live!

I'd like to thank the Marios, Gottardo and Ramos families for there friendship and warmth during LIMS 2009... it just makes this blog so much more worth while!

Daniele Gottardo, George Marios, Hedras Ramos: music radar blue jam

Richie Kotzen: more cool guitar lessons and live footage!

Richie Kotzen Guitar Lesson - Young guitar 2007

Richie Kotzen Guitar Licks/lesson - Part 1

Richie Kotzen Guitar Licks/lesson - Part 2

Richie Kotzen live in Brescia, Italy

Richie Kotzen - Fooled Again(Live)

Andy Timmons: gone!

Andy Timmons Band. Live Resolution 2008

Andy Timmons - Gone

Matt Guillory,Jason Becker: tribute

Short but sweet... Experimenting with various custom keyboard patches created with software. Playing Jason Becker's solo from the song "A Little Ain't Enough"

Matt Guillory - Keyboard Solo (A Little Ain't Enough)

Robbert Hanenberg: live solo!

Parts of a live solo - Robbert Hanenberg

Jack Thammarat: new guitar idol winner video posted

From Thailand voice TV http://www.voicetv.co.th/content/1191/แจ๊คธรรมรัตน์เจ้าของรางวัลกีตาร์ไอดอล2009เปิดใจกับVoiceTV

Todd Duane: the headless one returns

Todd Duane: the headless one returns... with a Bogner modded Marshall head! Todd just nees to post some 5 minute videos and be done with it... may be even show his face... Keep em coming Todd!

Bogner Modded Marshall w/ Marshall Basketweave & a Les Paul

Frank Schiphorst: chd 2.0

Frank Schiphorst says:
Control Human Delete update: CHD 2.0. CHD 2.0, Why 2.0?
Couple of reasons, first.. we're working very hard to create our second album. We think it will be a huge leap forward musically, sonically and creatively. Second, our line-up from Terminal World Perspective changed, we became much stronger with the addition of guitarist Axis, his prog background is adopted into the future CHD sound.

The biggest suprise in the new line-up is Fractal. Yes, he is a drummer. Does this mean CHD will no longer use a drumcomputer? No it doesn't but Fractal will play a huge percentage of the drums for the new record. Besides his drumskills Fractal also plays guitar and keys so his contribution on the next album will be enormous.

With Axis and Fractal added to our line-up we're back in the same form as we were during the Error Spectre era, this obvisiously means we're reaching back into that era and mingle it with the power of the TWP era.

I can't tell you much more other than we got 50% written, we're working from different places with our mobile studios and demo'ing our asses off. I think we got much more influences into our new songs compared to previous work. Void has got new conceptual writing going on as well. We hope to bring you some rough new material and studio-vids any time soon on this page.

We're a bit in a transition period right now, we're mostly writing for the new album so the number of gigs will be small, we're also rehearsing for upcoming shows with Fractal on live drums. Announced gigs on short notice will be done old fashioned with drumcomputer and with material from TWP.

People ask us frequently by mail and on this page how long they'll have to wait for the new album, all I can say about it is that we're heading towards recording our new album somewhere in 2010... so hope yall can wait that long! Mail and praises about us and the future are appreciated, hope you'll continue to do just that!

Spectre, CHD | May 2009

Simon Goldsmith: blinded by the light...

Simon Goldsmith has a quick guitar jam - BLINDFOLDED!!!

Guitar jam - BLINDFOLDED - www.esgi.co.uk

Reece Fullwood: aeon zen interview

Are you going to play live to promote Mind's Portrait?
If so, do you intend to invite on stage one, or more vocalists?
Or maybe AEON ZEN is a studio project?

I can say that Aeon Zen will definitely be playing live. I am currently working and rehearsing with a live band consisting of musicians in the UK. The plan is to use one lead vocalist, alongside two guitarists and a keyboard player, as well as myself on bass and Lloyd on drums. Right now, I can confirm that guitarist Reece Fullwood (Eumeria, solo artist) will be a part of the Aeon Zen live band, and it is great to have an amazing player like him on board. So there is even more talent in the Aeon Zen ranks! It is sounding fantastic so far, so I can assure you that we will definitely be one to watch once we get out there playing shows! I am in regular touch with all of the guests on the album and hopefully our paths will cross live.
full interview

Pick up a copy of the Aeon Zen album "A Mind's Portrait" now!

Available at:

Ivan Mihaljevic: announces a new cd

I've got 11 new songs finished and everything is ready to record a new album. The recording starts next week on Monday, July 13 2009 with drum tracks!

My plan is to record a few video clips from each day of the album recording, write some text and publish it all here for every day of the album recording. So, you'll be witnessing "the making of" videos before the album is even finished!

The working title for the album (and probably the one that will stay in the end) is Destination Unknown.

I'm taking you on this journey with me and we'll see where it takes us, our destination is still unknown ;)

Ivan Mihaljevic - Destination Unknown studio podcast Episode 0

You can buy his current CD Sandcastle online

Jonathan Kreisberg: shows announced

Jonathan Kreisberg says:
My quartet is playing Charlie Wright’s on July 12 & 13. We're looking forward to an amazing show, so spread the word and bring your friends.

JK - Guitar
Hans Glawischnig - Bass
Will Vinson - Sax
Mark Ferber - Drums

”He plays the hell out of the guitar, that’s for sure.”
John Scofield

”This is contemporary jazz guitar of the highest order.”
Charles Alexander / JazzWise Magazine


William Stravato: video round up!

William Stravato e Salvatore Russo - Seminario Catanzaro

William Stravato Tapping

William Stravato goes country.

Aurora esposizione

William Stravato goes Pink floyd

Giacomo Castellano, Carlo Fimiani, David Pieralisi, William Stravato - Pink Floyd Tribute (Part 1)

Giacomo Castellano, Carlo Fimiani, David Pieralisi, William Stravato - Pink Floyd Tribute (Part 2)

Jennifer Batten: more clinic dates II, get 'em while they're hot

Guitarist Jennifer Batten has announced two UK clinics and one performance date. Her schedule is as follows:

8 - GJ’s Guitar Emporium Storrington, West Sussex, UK (clinic)
9 - Miller's Music - Cambridge, UK (clinic)
11 - Birmingham Guitarfest 2 - Birmingham, UK (performance - 2:00pm)

Jennifer Batten has also announced the following dates for the US. Venues will be confirmed in the coming days.

15 - Houston, TX
22 - Orange County, CA
29 - Denver, CO

22 - James Burton Guitar Festival - Shreveport, LA

Jennifer Batten will head out on another US tour in September and October, followed by a European tour in November.

Joe Stump: holyhell spain and finland

HolyHell Performing Holy Water in Finland 2009

HolyHell Spain 2009

Buckethead: tribute to michael jackson

Buckethead posted a tribute to Michael Jackson: the homing beacon

Bill Leverty: rockin metal revival interviews

Bill Leverty was interviewed for the latest episode of the "Rockin' Metal Revival".

The program is now available for download in three parts:

[DIR] Parent Directory        06-Jul-2009 06:12      -   [SND] 01 RMR26 HR1.mp3        06-Jul-2009 06:35  69.5M   [SND] 01 RMR26 HR2.mp3        06-Jul-2009 06:58  66.7M   [SND] 01 RMR26 HR3.mp3        06-Jul-2009 07:21  68.0M 

Matias Kupiainen: stratovarius extensive tour dates announced!

Stratovarius has announced a European tour for January and February 2010. Current Stratovarius tour dates are as follows:

07/11 - Masters of Rock, Vizovice, Czech Republic
07/18 - Ilosaarirock, Joensuu, Finland
07/19 - Pro Rock Festival, Aerodrome "Chajka", Kiev, Ukraine
07/25 - Zwarte Cross Festival, Lichtenvoorde, Holland
08/01 - Linnoituksen Yö, Lappeenranta, Finland
08/29 - Wacken Rocks - Kreuth, Germany
08/30 - Wacken Rocks - Aurich, Germany
08/31 - Bemowo Amphitheatre, Warsaw, Poland
08/01 - Astoria Hall, Bydgoszcz, Poland
08/10 - Big Cat, Osaka, Japan
08/11 - Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japan
08/12 - Club Citta, Kawasaki (Tokyo), Japan
08/16 - Nokia Theater, NYC, NY, USA
08/18 - Opera House, Toronto, ON, Canada
08/19 - Imperial de Quebec, Quebec City, Q, Canada
08/20 - Medley, Montreal, QC, Canada
08/21 - Middle East, Boston, Mass, USA
08/23 - Sonar, Baltimore, MD , USA
08/24 - Peabody's, Cleveland, OH , USA
08/25 - Pearl Room, Mokena, IL, USA
08/27 - Garrick Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
08/28 - The Riddell at University, Regina, SK, Canada
08/29 - Warehouse, Calgary, AB, Canada
08/30 - Starlite Room, Edmonton, AB, Canada
10/02 - Plaza Club, Vancouver, BC, Canada
10/03 - Sugar, Victoria, BC, Canada
10/04 - El Corazon, Seattle, WA, USA
10/06 - The Grand Ballroom at the Regency, San Francisco, CA, USA
10/07 - Key Club, Los Angeles, CA, USA
01/07 - Zeche, Bochum, Germany (Ruhrpott)
01/08 - Hof ter Lo, Antwerp, Belgium
01/09 - Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
01/10 - Garage, London, UK
01/12 - Elysee, Paris, France
01/13 - Le Bikini, Toulouse, France
01/15 - La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
01/16 - Rockstar Live, Bilbao, Spain (Euskadi/Basquia)
01/17 - Razzmatazz 1, Barcelona, Spain (Catalunya)
01/19 - Transbordeur, Lyon, France
01/20 - Z 7, Pratteln, Switzerland
01/21 - Alcatraz, Milan, Italy
01/23 - SKC, Belgrad, Serbia
01/24 - Hristo Botev Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria
01/26 - Petöfi Hall, Budapest, Hungary
01/27 - Szene, Vienna, Austria
01/28 - PKO, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
01/30 - Backstage, München, Germany (Bavaria)
02/01 - Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany (Swabia)
02/02 - Garage, Saarbrücken, Germany (Saarland)
02/03 - Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany (Fischkopfia)
02/04 - The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark
02/06 - Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden (Skåne)
02/07 - Trädgårn, Göteborg, Sweden (Bohuslän)
02/08 - Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
02/09 - Tyrol, Stockholm, Sweden

Kosta Vreto: rockrace interview

Losta Vreto gets the rockrace treatment!:
Kosta Vreto: I cant just name one guitar player or musician. I grew up listening to all kind of music and players, so everyone has theyre little share. If i had to name three guitarists though, i would definitely say, Paul Gilbert, Mattias IA Eklundh and Greg Howe...

Kosta Vreto: Inspiration for the new album...well, that's a really personal thing.So let's put it on a bigger picture and say, life.The new album is gonna be more direct and in your face so to speak.There are songs that are complicated and aggressive and some really laid back tunes as well.There are going to be some songs with classical and acoustic guitars and a song with no guitars at all. This time the music was all about getting my self and my feelings out, so you can expect a variety of music in there.And of course, some really cool guest appearances...
full interview

Marcos De Ros: thinks guitar is cool... what about you?

Marcos De Ros says:
Hey, if you want to received the link to download the pdf with tabs, just subscribe! If you are already a subscriber, just send me a message!!

Marcos De Ros Guitar Is Cool #1

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: infinite guitar lessons

Tom Quayle and Rick Graham have some new lessons posted on http://www.infiniteguitar.com/

Infinite Guitar Newsletter - July 6th, 2009Visit InfiniteGuitar.com
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Greetings Infinite Guitarists! It seems like it was just yesterday when Infinite Guitar launched in March of 2008. And since that time, our instructors have been very busy pumping out guitar lessons!

With our latest tutorial, we just passed the 1,000 lesson mark. We've had a blast teaching you all over the past year, and we look forward to giving you thousands more lessons in the future!

- Your Friends at IG

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