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Rob Chappers: the details about that custom guitar!

Barnes & Mullins launch first ever online collaborative guitar design project.
B&M are excited to announce the launch of the world’s first “new media driven” guitar design project in partnership with guitarist Rob Chapman. Named ‘The Youtube Guitar Guru’ by Eddie Kramer, legendary producer/engineer of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, Chapman is known as ‘the Monkey Lord’ to his many online fans.

Regularly ranked in YouTube’s Top 5 most viewed musicians in the UK, Chapman began to turn heads within Barnes & Mullins and Youtube/Google when they noticed that his videos were receiving 10,000 views per day from his loyal social networking following. “It all happened so fast” Said Chapman, “I just remember reaching 1.5M views on Youtube and then I got the contact from Google offering me a contract to become a partner. I firmly believe that my online success is largely due to my determination to keep my content inclusive and interactive – always inviting a response from the audience. Basically, I like people - I still reply to every email or comment if possible and the guys on YouTube really like that personal touch”.

It was at the LIMS show that Barnes & Mullins Director Bruce Perrin first saw Chapman at work, “I was amazed that almost everyone recognised him, he was followed to the Faith Guitars stand by dozens of his fans as his crew filmed him. I realised there and then that we needed to work together to mutual benefit and the “Rob Chapman Signature guitar was born”.

Chapman decided to allow his online following to help design his signature guitar, Rob explains. “I wanted the ML1 to be two thirds mine and a third the people’s, after all they will be buying it so it just made perfect sense to have them involved in the design. I just came up with an initial concept and then let the fans tell me how they wanted it to be specified, eventually narrowing it down to four basic concepts which they voted on in a huge surge which actually put my forum out of action. In the first 30 minutes the “Vote on my signature guitar” thread had 14 pages of new members all putting forward suggestions and voting.”

The ML1 – which will be the world’s first social-network driven guitar design, is a standard Strat type guitar with a few modern appointments. “I have always encouraged guitarists to find their own sound, and I wanted this guitar to be a blank canvas that an artist could modify to his own end. It was crucial to me that all the tone points were top quality, but that the areas which my demographic like to modify such as Pickups were kept affordable. I spent the majority of the build budget on areas that are harder to upgrade such as great quality tone woods, tuners and a decent bridge”

As this goes to press – only 5 days after the online launch of the concept – Barnes & Mullins have received over 40 pre-orders for the ML1 guitar, even though no exact specification has been decided - an impressive achievement in itself, but especially within the current economic climate. The official pre-order process will go live during July.

“This is really quite a big deal”, says Alex Mew, B&M’s Marketing Manager. “It’s incredibly exciting to be involved in this project, as Social-Networking has been a very powerful influence for quite some time now with people of all ages using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In this age of genuine ‘People-Power’, there is no excuse for not delivering exactly what the people want. After all, all you have to do is ask them – and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

The ML1 Rob Chapman Signature guitar will be launched under the ‘Chapman – by Gould’ brand, and is expected to be released by Christmas 2009.
You will be able to follow the progress of Rob’s ML1 guitar from the end of July via

Vote on my signature guitar now!

Chris Feener: tribute to michael jackson?

Only joking... no Michael Jackson this time, just a new video from Chris Feener!

Chris Feener says:
Due to a ton of requests after putting up an O Canada metal diddly yesterday, I figured what the hey and gave it a go. Just for fun, so, enjoy!

Chris Feener - Ode to Newfoundland Metal Medley

News: steve krenz learn and master guitar series

A Guitar Learning DVD set, Learn and Master Guitar.

As a trained musician with a degree in music as well as a wealth of professional playing experience, Steve Krenz offers a unique perspective to his students, both as an accomplished guitarist and a passionate educator.

Steve's broad and varied playing experience runs the gamut from playing guitar with a symphony orchestra, to jazz big bands, to performing with Grammy-winning artists like Donna Summer, The Fifth Dimension, Israel Houghton, and Tommy Sims (producer, renowned bass player for Bruce Springsteen and co-writer of Eric Clapton's Grammy-winning song "Change the World"). As a studio musician, Steve's recorded guitar work has been featured in promotional campaigns for Coldwell Banker, Prudential, and the World Cyber Games. He has performed with platinum-selling country music artist, Bryan White, as well as with Darlene Zschech & Hillsong, the Katinas, Jonathan Pierce, and many others including GMA Dove Award winners Ron Kenoly and Don Moen.
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Rob Chappers: new tracks to help you swing on those monkey bars!

A number of downloadable lessons from Rob Chappers, AKA the Monkey Lord, are now available through the Monkey Lord Store - please click on Store above, or click here.
The lessons include:
Take Me - Hybrid Picking Lesson
Circle of Doom Lesson
Metal Power Chords Lesson
and are available from the online store, in addition to Rob’s Rock Guitar Tuition DVD, his Intervalic Recognition CD, Mantra of the Monkey Lord EP, backing tracks and the Monkey Lord Experience.
More lessons will be added to the store in the near future so please check back.

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Steve Vai: double dvd delight

According to musicradar Steve Vai is set to release a double live DVD.
Steve Vai releases a 2-disc live DVD, Where The Wild Things Are, on 5 October 2009 on his own Favored Nations label.

Where The Wild Things Are features 2 hrs 40 mins of Vai in concert, filmed in HD at the State Theatre, Minneapolis during his recent Sound Theories tour.

The DVD also features bonus footage that includes exclusive interviews with band members and Steve's viral hit promotional video for the Jemini distortion pedal. The DVD contains both 5.1 and stereo mixes, plus a commentary track featuring Vai and some of his band members.

The musicians in this band are: Bryan Beller (bass), Jeremy Colson (drums), Dave Weiner (guitar and sitar) and Zack Wiesinger (lap steel).

"Nothing too indulgent!"

"When I put a band and a show together I try to create an entertainment experience that I would like to have if I was sitting in the audience," explains Vai. "I like to witness great musicianship but nothing too cerebral or overindulgent, I like to be stimulated by a large dynamic range of emotional intensities and melodic richness, I enjoy when people love their instrument and it shows by their oneness with it, I like to feel as though I'm part of a family with the audience and the band, and I like to walk away feeling uplifted and not beat up by somebody's ego or the things they hate about themselves and the world.

"And of course I want a cool t-shirt."

The full tracklisting is:

Disc 1:
Paint Me Your Face
Now We Run
Building The Church
Tender Surrender
Band Intros
Fire Wall
The Crying Machine
Shove The Sun Aside
I'm Becoming
Die To Live
Freak Show Excess
Apples In Paradise
All About Eve
Gary 7
Beastly Rap
Treasure Island
Angel Food
Earthquake Sky

Disc 2:
The Audience Is Listening
The Murder
Whispering A Prayer
Taurus Bulba
For The Love Of God

John Mayer: michael jackson memorial show

John Mayer - Human Nature - MJ Memorial - HD

Rob Marcello: danger danger new cd

Kudos bravewords
Frontiers Records has announced the European release on September 18th of the highly anticipated DANGER DANGER new album Revolve.

The new album coincides with the 20th anniversary of the classic self titled debut release for Imagine Records, a record that went on to become gold, spanning two US hit singles with the songs 'Naughty Naughty' and 'Bang Bang'. In just a few years, also on the strength of the follow up Screw It, Danger Danger became one of the most popular bands in the Melodic Hard Rock scene, touring with the likes of KISS, EXTREME, ALICE COOPER and WARRANT among others.

After an eleven year absence, original vocalist Ted Poley returned to the band in 2004. The re-united band’s first show was in front of 25,000 people at the prestigious Sweden Rock Festival. Danger Danger’s performance was hailed as one of the highlights of the three day festival, garnering rave reviews from both fans and critics alike. The following years saw Danger Danger touring again the US, Europe and Japan and keeping their fan base “hot” waiting for the release of the brand new album “It feels natural to have Ted back in the band”, says founding member and bass player Bruno Ravel, “it has been like when we recorded our first album, so it was just a matter of getting to work and getting the best performances out of him and of all the other guys in the band. In retrospect I can say we managed to reach our goals, as I feel that Revolve is the best collection of songs we’ve ever assembled! There are no filler tracks. Having said that, the sound is a bit updated, yet still retro and very Danger Danger sounding. Anytime you hear Ted sing, you immediately think... 'Hey, that’s Danger Danger!' and I think he has never sounded this good on any of our records!”

Danger Danger plans to tour heavily in the fall 2009 and winter 2010 in support of the new album. “We know this record was long overdue and we are aware that our label Frontiers received a lot of letters asking asking “Where is the new Danger Danger CD? Why is it taking so long?” continues Bruno, “I did become a father for the first time some 15 months ago and it was a major life change and a huge adjustment for me to concentrate on this album and tend to my family’s needs at the same time. I know that’s no excuse, because we should have had the record finished before then, but that was my end of the hold up. I only hope that after listening to the new album, you’ll all feel it was worth the wait and we’re all set up to come and rock you wherever you may be !”

Revolve tracklisting includes: 'That’s What I’m Talking About', 'Ghost Of Love', 'Killin’ Love', 'Hearts On The Highway', 'Fugitive', 'Keep On Keepin’ On', 'Rocket To Your Heart', 'F.U.$.', 'Beautiful Regret', 'Never Give Up', 'Dirty Mind'.

Danger Danger 2009 are: Ted Poley (vocals), Bruno Ravel (bass), Steve West (drums) and Rob Marcello (guitars).

Victor de Andres,Adrian Phoenix,Pedro Santos: inferno!

Song by the spanish musicians Victor de Andres and Sergio Ramos.
Featured by:
Victor de Andres
Sergio Ramos:
Adrian Phoenix
Pedro Santos

Progresive Metal Experience "Inferno"

Paul Gilbert: MUST SEE racer x official bootlegs

This is the best band in the world... now stop that Mr Big nonsense and get back and reform Racer X!

Filmed by Paul Gilbert and his guitar tech, Weasel. This video shows some of the tour preparation at Paul's house in Las Vegas, then some backstage stuff and finally, Superheroes.

Filmed on the side stage by Weasel, this video documents the only time Racer X has played Superheroes in a higher key using Jeff as the Human Capo. Jeff was actually more comfortable singing in a higher key.

Racer X - Japan Tour 2002 - Official Bootleg - Superheroes

Just before leaving on the Racer X tour to Japan, Paul unleashed the Star Spangled Banner to Las Vegas on New Year's Eve....Jimi Hendrix style.

Paul Gilbert - New Year's Eve 2002 - Star Spangled Banner

Filmed in 1988, this is the from the "Shark Show", where Racer X gave foam sharks to the crowd to play with like balloons.

This song was originally intended for their 3rd studio album in the 80's, but wouldn't resurface until they re-formed in 1999 for Technical Difficulties.

Racer X - The Shark Show - Fire Of Rock

Live from the Whisky May 25, 2001. The long anticipated return of Racer X after a 13 year absence from the stage.

This was the last song of the night.

Racer X - Snowball Of Doom - Godzilla

Jeff Beck: wins tribute award.

Jeff Beck was awarded the Tribute Award as part of the third edition of the Montreal Guitar Show.

Jeff Beck sest vu remettre un prix hommage dans le cadre de la troisième édition du Salon de Guitare de Montréal.

Jeff Beck - Press Conference - Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Rob Balducci: lick of the week

Rob Balducci says: Greetings,
I hope you are all doing well. This new LOTW is a demo of one of my guitars the Ibanez S Series 24 fret guitar.
I have received a bunch of emails requesting I talk about my Ibanez guitars so here is the first LOTW regarding the axes.
This guitar is an Ibanez S series guitar that has 24 frets, It was built by the Ibanez LA custom shop. I have been fortunate enough to be endorsed with Ibanez for the past 15 years and I must say they are the best guitars in the world. They are the leaders in cutting edge new designs. The only guitar company that has changed the way guitars look and play and have developed the best tremolo systems industry wide! This guitar as the Edge Zero bridge and is the best bridge that has ever come out. It has a zero point bar that you can keep in so that the bridge returns to the same point at all times. You can also remove it so that it is free floating.. This is how I use it and the flutter is amazing. As you will see the guitar does not go out of tune. I hope you enjoy the demo... Rock It! RB

7-7-09 Rob Balducci Lick Of The Week - Demo of Ibanez S Series 24 Fret Guitar

Mathieu Rach: tribute to michael jackson

Hommage a notre Michael Le king of the king

(Mob)Beat it - Michael Jackson

Midnight: passes away RIP

CRIMSON GLORY frontman Midnight (real name: John Patrick Jr. McDonald) passed away earlier today (Wednesday, July 8) from "total kidney and liver failure." He was 47 years old. Condolences to the family and friends... here's a great song from my youth! more from blabbermouth

CRIMSON GLORY's classic "Lonely" video (off "Transcendence"):

Kosta Vreto: names an all star line up for his new CD

The players:
This is a list of everyone who will be involved in the new album.

Kosta Vreto
Rob Marcello
Muris Varajic

Stergios Kourou
George Motesnitsas
Kostas Ketoglidis

Kostas Gintsis
Kostas Domenikiotis

Sakis Bandis

Kostas Gintsis

Cheryl Pyle

What theu are saying about Skin On String:
Guitarist of the bands Horizon's End and Long Live, recently released his debut instrumental album "Skin On Strings".

What other players have said:

"A great player with all the right ingredients - tone, phrasing, melody, technique. A talented well-rounded player."
RON THAL (Bumblefoot-Guns N' Roses)

" This is one of the craziest things I've seen in my life.Amazing player, one of the best I know."
ROB MARCELLO (Danger Danger)

"I have had the pleasure of performing with Kosta Vreto. I can say without hesitation that Kostas possesses a special talent that must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. Perhaps more importantly, Kosta is a man who responds to life from the heart, shows a lot of compassion for his fellow man, and remains ever helpful to those who desire to know what his music is all about. He represents a rare combination of artist, student of life and music, and teacher, all with a kind, humanitarian demeanor. I highly recommend Kosta to your program, playing opportunity, or teaching position." KOSTAS ANASTASIADIS

"Melody, chops and great feel. Why try something else? Kosta Vreto is the real deal."

"An excellent, melodic player with a unique touch on the instrument, seamlessly combining the best rhythmic & melodic elements of rock, metal and fusion guitar."

"Beautiful playing,great writing,rock lives in Greece!!!"
KAT DYSON ( Prince )

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05:06 Desert Tears
05:19 A Place To Call Home
06:56 Never Again
04:02 Namarie
04:18 A New Tomrowor
05:26 Love For Sale
01:26 Sunday Morning
05:22 Heartbreak Highway
03:51 As Time Passes By
01:25 Last Words
05:38 Skin On Strings
01:11 The Way She Moves

Kosta Vreto - Skin On Strings

News: site turns twitter into guitar forum

Site Turns Twitter into Guitar Forum: lets you create a guitar lick using a webpage, and then turns it into a url for sharing through Twitter or Email, or into an embeddable image for use in guitar forums.

You can see url examples at, and embedded images here:

A new interface is in the works to reduce the amount of clicking needed to create a lick.

For more details check out

Russ Parrish: steel panther at download!

Steel Panther @ Download Festival UK