Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Jason Becker: 40th birthday special!

Ron Coolen says:
The next edition of 'LET THERE BE ROCK' Radio will feature a 2-hour "Jason Becker Birthday Special", dedicated to the 40th birthday of Jason Becker in that week.

It will be a very special show including Jason's top 3 of favorite songs of all time and Jason's top 3 of favorite songs he played on himself, all presented and announced by Jason's buddy DAN ALVAREZ.

All other music in the show is chosen by Jason himself, with the exception of a "Jason Becker FAN top 3". This will feature the 3 favorite Jason Becker songs, chosen by his fans. You can still participate in this by sending your 3 favorite songs to ron@letthereberock.nl.

Jason Becker plays Black Star (Yngwie Malmsteen cover)

Make sure to listen on Tuesday July 21 (9-11PM CET, Amsterdam time) to the internet stream: http://w4.boschtion.nl/index.php?pageid=21, you will LOVE it for sure!
The 2-hour show starts at 9PM CET (Amsterdam time) on July 21. In other time zones start time is:
- London 8PM
- New York 3PM
- Los Angeles Noon
- Rio de Janeiro 5PM
- Moscow 11PM
- Tokyo 5AM (Wednesday July 22)
- Sydney (7AM (Wednesday July 22)
Keep rockin'


Cesar Huesca: tribute to steve vai!

Steve Vai For The Love Of God (Cover by Cesar Huesca)

Alberto Gonzalez: shred this competition entry

Cool 3650 views ! the backing track has been downloaded 498 times. Thanks to the guys at infinite guitar, petrucci forum and sevenstring forums... you guys rule!
And now a new entrant and new player on Truth In shredding, Alberto Gonzalez. Alberto is based in Madrid, Spain. He is 39 years old and has been been playing guitar for a long time, taking up tapping guitar in 1982. His favorite guitarists are: Allan Holdsworth and Pat Metheny.

truthin in shredding shred this

Daniele Gregolin: funk fusion improvisation

Daniele takes Gregolin, Guitar lessons at the Academy of Sound.

Daniel plays Music Man / Ernie Ball
MesaBoogie and Di Marzio
Funk Fusion Improvisation - Daniele Gregolin

Chris Geden: shred this competition entry

Chris Geden made into the the shortlist for the guitar idol final this year, so it's really great to hear his entry for this competition, which is really hotting up! This is going to be a tough competition for Rick, tom and myself!

Shred This by Chris Geden

Jan Laurenz: rock mode, speed picking and hell licks!

Speed picking with Jan Laurenz (OLP guitar)

Arpeggios from Tell by Jan Laurenz on OLP luke guitar

tribute to olp guitars part 2 by jan laurenz

tribute to OLP and J.Montero guitars by Jan Laurenz

Hedras Ramos: a double hedras delivers a bach invention

Invention In F Major J.S.Bach - Hedras Ramos

Rob Chappers: monkey lord one guitar order form

HI Guys,
In order to make this whole process work more efficiently, i have resorted to Google's very fine Form creator. This is because so many of the registration emails i received did not state the country of residence.... which makes life a bit tricky.
We really need to know where you're from otherwise organising shipping and availability becomes more difficult. This way, we should be able to make the ML1 affordable for more people you see.... Because if all the guitars come to the UK first - BUT 60% of the orders come from the USA... we are in trouble beacuse all you American winners will have to pay shipping - and that aint cheap! So its for the good of Human - and Monkey - kind that i ask you to fill this form.
Go on.
Thanks for your time.
order now

The blurb
Barnes & Mullins launch first ever online collaborative guitar design project.
B&M are excited to announce the launch of the world’s first “new media driven” guitar design project in partnership with guitarist Rob Chapman. Named ‘The Youtube Guitar Guru’ by Eddie Kramer, legendary producer/engineer of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, Chapman is known as ‘the Monkey Lord’ to his many online fans.
Regularly ranked in YouTube’s Top 5 most viewed musicians in the UK, Chapman began to turn heads within Barnes & Mullins and Youtube/Google when they noticed that his videos were receiving 10,000 views per day from his loyal social networking following. “It all happened so fast” Said Chapman, “I just remember reaching 1.5M views on Youtube and then I got the contact from Google offering me a contract to become a partner. I firmly believe that my online success is largely due to my determination to keep my content inclusive and interactive – always inviting a response from the audience. Basically, I like people - I still reply to every email or comment if possible and the guys on YouTube really like that personal touch”.
It was at the LIMS show that Barnes & Mullins Director Bruce Perrin first saw Chapman at work, “I was amazed that almost everyone recognised him, he was followed to the Faith Guitars stand by dozens of his fans as his crew filmed him. I realised there and then that we needed to work together to mutual benefit and the “Rob Chapman Signature guitar was born”.
Chapman decided to allow his online following to help design his signature guitar, Rob explains. “I wanted the ML1 to be two thirds mine and a third the people’s, after all they will be buying it so it just made perfect sense to have them involved in the design. I just came up with an initial concept and then let the fans tell me how they wanted it to be specified, eventually narrowing it down to four basic concepts which they voted on in a huge surge which actually put my forum out of action. In the first 30 minutes the “Vote on my signature guitar” thread had 14 pages of new members all putting forward suggestions and voting.”
The ML1 – which will be the world’s first social-network driven guitar design, is a standard Strat type guitar with a few modern appointments. “I have always encouraged guitarists to find their own sound, and I wanted this guitar to be a blank canvas that an artist could modify to his own end. It was crucial to me that all the tone points were top quality, but that the areas which my demographic like to modify such as Pickups were kept affordable. I spent the majority of the build budget on areas that are harder to upgrade such as great quality tone woods, tuners and a decent bridge”
As this goes to press – only 5 days after the online launch of the concept – Barnes & Mullins have received over 40 pre-orders for the ML1 guitar, even though no exact specification has been decided - an impressive achievement in itself, but especially within the current economic climate. The official pre-order process will go live during July.
“This is really quite a big deal”, says Alex Mew, B&M’s Marketing Manager. “It’s incredibly exciting to be involved in this project, as Social-Networking has been a very powerful influence for quite some time now with people of all ages using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In this age of genuine ‘People-Power’, there is no excuse for not delivering exactly what the people want. After all, all you have to do is ask them – and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”
The ML1 Rob Chapman Signature guitar will be launched under the ‘Chapman – by Gould’ brand, and is expected to be released by Christmas 2009.
You will be able to follow the progress of Rob’s ML1 guitar from the end of July via http://www.gouldguitars.com.

Adrian English: metal to infinity review 90/100

I have an enormous admiration for guitar players, so called 'shredders' since a very long time. Musicians pulling strings in a most impressive way, well it still fascinates me how it's possible to handle a guitar this way out. Since the birth of MTI webzine, we've reviewed quite a lot axe crazy instrumentalist - as for now I'm very excited to present a guy named Adrian English.

Released by Mr. Mike McDowell and its majestic American based Shredguy Records, the ultimate label where shredders swaying the sceptre - Adrian's effort ''A.D.D.'' means a lot to me. Album number 5 for Shredguy Records company - this is the most impressive one as I may speak for myself!

Adrian started picking those strings since the age of 10 - as written on his myspace, he was totally hooked on guitar playing after listening to that legendary solo monster 'Eruption' from Edward Van Halen... I'm sure true shred fanatics still remember this one for the everlasting beautiful and very technical 'right finger tappings' added to the song... one of the best solo's ever heard, in my opinion at least!

Learning many forms of tactics from Frank Paulino (co thought with Marty Friedman, Hawaii, Megadeth, Cacophony), came in touch with Mike Varney from legendary Shrapnel Records,... it was obvious, this guy should grew out a top notch guitar player. He's got the magical feelings deep within heart, soul and especially fingers - Adrian English is a name you better take notice of right away. All those into real shredding, well all their needs will be filled in for sure!

He featured on Shredguy Records' compilation albums ''Shredding Across The World Vol 1 and 2''. Hearing from there, it was immediately clear that his first full length effort ''M.A.D.'' should be a blast! Stand sharp for 50 minutes of highly intense, excellent, top notch, over the top instrumental compositions all played with full technical attention. Without a doubt one of the most impressive / fastest guitarists at the moment - in the vein of Marty Friedman, Toby Knapp, Tony Ferdianelli, Chris Impellitteri, Rusty Cooley,... magnificent all the way.

Adrian is one of those axemen turn on the power for real - expect not sentimental moment... this man goes for the real deal - fast forward with no looking back. Sometimes I hear some minor 'industrial' vibes and I really can't stand those that much but never mind... those are reduced to the minimum so there's plenty enough to enjoy throughout the entire album. I'm going crazy while hearing songs like: 'Skinless', incredible solo's 'Taco Bell Canon' and 'Glitch', 'Jekyl-N-Hyde', 'I Evolve', 'Acidic Fairytale'. Have to admit that the sound quality could be better, more heavier... all sounds a bit too sharp but have to admit - Adrian's way of playing makes me forget about that.

Let me say that ''A.D.D.'' is an output that definitely should be check out by people hooked on amazingly axe wielding movements those give you an excellent feeling down deep inside - besides the individual shredders I've mentioned before, this album is also recommendable to fans of Apocrypha, Cacophony, Joe Stumps Reign Of Terror, Dr. Mastermind. Adrian English is already added to my personal list of unforgettable guitar masters! Watch out for him at: http://www.myspace.com/adrianenglish also take a good look at Shredguy Records via: http://www.myspace.com/shredguyrecords Full shred addicts - take your chances now, you won't be disappointed!!! MY POINTS: 90 / 100

Lorenzo Venza: utopia band

Lorenzo Venza the guitarist of the Utopia Band is on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/utopiaprogband

News: guitar hero 5 new controller announced!

The Guitar Hero World Tour guitar slider was sending analog values. The Guitar Hero 5 guitar controller's slider is digital, reducing the chance for error and latency. On the surface of the slider we added slight reliefs (like the one on the yellow fret button) to the middle slider fret and the top and bottom slider frets. This way you can feel exactly where your fingers are. There are also colored dots on the neck of the guitar controller near the slider that correspond to the colors of the frets. This allows you to quickly look down and see where your fingers should be (if the reliefs aren't enough for you). All of these changes to the slider allow you to hit the tapping sections with better precision – we also removed the purple rope in the tapping/slide sections of game play by the way :). For those who are musically inclined, GHStudio's all new expressive guitar controller capabilities is where the slider will really shine.

Dave Kilminster: acoustic dates

Murray Hockridge and Dave Kilminster - Summer Festival Dates

Saturday 18 July The Cellar Bar, Thorpe Lodge Hotel, 83-85 Thorpe Road
Peterborough, PE3 6JQ - 9pm

Saturday 8th August Memories of Woodstock Festival, West Midlands Showground

Sunday 9th August Cambridge Rock Festival, Haggis Farm Polo Club, Cambridge Road
Barton, Cambridge

Saturday 29th August
The Cellar Bar, Thorpe Lodge Hotel, 83-85 Thorpe Road
Peterborough, PE3 6JQ - 9pm

Ray Gomez: mi 1986, full series

Including "Get You Back" as featured on Shawn Lanes Powers of Ten album.

Ray Gomez- Live At G.I.T. 7/31/86

Robben Ford: blau tv 1997 part II

Four videos from a German TV series back in 1997.

Robben Ford: german tv 1997

Homero Bittencourt,: tribute to planet x

Planet X - Interlude In Milan- By Homero Bittencourt

Dave Martone: vox clinic, one tonight!

Host: Kingston Sound Works and Vox
Type: Music/arts - Performance
Date: Tuesday, 14 July 2009
Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Location: Kingston Sound Works
Street: 267 Ontario Street
Town/City: Kingston, ON
Phone: (613) 546-9999


Thursday, 16 July 2009
Time: 20:00 - 22:00
Location: Long and Mcquade Toronto Bloor Location
Street: 933 Bloor St.W.
Town/City: Toronto, ON
Phone: 4165887886

Scott Mosher: oceans of night cd available

The Shadowheart Mirror:
Oceans of Night is a heavy rock/metal band that synthesizes an interesting range of musical influences under the deceptively descriptive title of "ambient progressive rock". As the enigmatic and mysterious name suggests, Oceans of Night forge a powerful, modern and dynamic musical experience that demands your undivided attention. Consisting of musical mastermind Scott Mosher and vocal powerhouse Scott Oliva, Oceans of Night are releasing their first CD, The Shadowheart Mirror, in June of 2009. Equal parts progressive metal and modern rock served with a distinct ambient flavor, The Shadowheart Mirror is a dark, haunting and cinematic musical statement that resonates with emotional impact. Through the course of 4 CD's, Scott Mosher has bridged the worlds of progressive metal, melodic hard rock and ambient music to create an experimental yet complimentary style of ambient metal that is at once as subtle as it is powerful, aggressive as it is dynamic and timeless as it is modern. The Scott's have previously worked together on Mr. Mosher's 4th CD release, Deep Horizon, in 2006.

Renat Bikchurin: bach invention in F

This guy just blows me away. Check out the guitar, which I believe Renat had a hand in designing!

Bach invention F. Renat Bikchurin

Angel Ruiz: shred this competition entry

Another truth in shredding guitarist chucks some blue notes in for good measure... enjoy!

Ángel Ruiz -" Shred This Competition " entry

Mark McGuigan: shred this competition entry

Fellow blogger and all round good guitarist Mark McGuigan add a few notes into the competition, enjoy!

truthinshredding - ShredThis! Competition (Mark McGuigan)

Tom Quayle: guitar pr0n - blue video!

Tom Quayle, Truth In Shredding competition backing track composer, has been waiting for a long time for this baby to arrive... finally extracting it from the sweaty palms of the customs men this week... what follows next is nothing but gratuitous guitar pr0n! Tom Quayle says:
Here's my new guitar! It's a Suhr custom standard in Trans Denim Flame with a Basswood body and quarter sawn maple neck. It features two Fletcher Landau single coils and an SSV+ humbucker in the bridge which is splittable by the tone control. I had a blower switch installed as on Guthrie Govan's guitar too!

This is THE best guitar I've ever played or owned and I want to thank all the guys at Suhr for building it for me and especially Ed Yoon for being the coolest, most knowledgeable and kindest guy around! Thanks Ed! I'm going to use this for everything I do now and recommend these guitars to everyone - forget the cost - they're worth every penny and more!

I'll do some videos playing it very soon.

Thanks for watching!

All the best,

The new Suhr!