Wednesday, 22 July 2009

John Petrucci: meet and greets

Saturday August 1st, 2009 at 2:00pm
John Petrucci Meet-n-Greet

Washington Music Center
11151 Veirs Mill Road
Wheaton MD 20902

Wednesday August 5th, 2009 at 2:00pm
John Petrucci/John Myung Meet-n-Greet

Dubaldo Music
186 Middle Turnpike Wes
Manchester CT 06040

Wednesday August 19th, 2009 at 3:30pm
John Petrucci Meet-n-Greet

West End Rock Shop
16811 106th Avenue NW
Edmonton AB T5P 4G1

Ed DeGenaro: destroy all guitars

Here's the direct recording experiment clip with out the cameras build in mic. Just the Telstar into MI Audio Neo Fuzz into the clean channel of the Bogner Alchemist into a THD Hot Plate, line out into speaker sim in TH1

The Telstar is the coolest Strat meets Tele, check the out at

Destroy All Guitars Telstar Demo

Art Rodríguez: crunch time

Short video using the new DiMarzio Pick Up, Crunch Lab 7.

The solo section is improvised.


Ibanez K7 + Crunch Lab 7 / Paf7
Brunetti 059 - Mesa Boogie Cab
Rocktron Xpression
Ibanez TS9

Art Rodriguez - DiMarzio Crunch Lab 7

Greg Howe: punchy legato

Punchy Legato is a term I use to describe a hybrid texture containing both legato and staccato characteristics simultaneously. Aside from this texture being relatively common in the world of high-speed overdriven guitar playing, it also happens to be the texture I personally prefer most when it comes to playing fast.

One of the methods that I use to achieve this texture involves the use of partial barreing, which is, quite simply, the idea of flattening the tip of one or more of the fingers of your fretting hand over two or more strings in order to perform high-speed licks with minimal finger motion.

With many guitarists, this technique is commonly performed within the blues box area, since the nature of that fret lineup completely lends itself to this approach. You’ve likely seen many guitarists do this on the high E and B strings, using the first finger as the barreing finger—Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Jimmy Page, EVH, etc. Essentially, the first finger acts as a capo while the other fingers assume their normal fretting duties.
Find out more in tabs

This is a video example for Greg Howe's Fierce Guitar Lesson in the August '09 issue of Premier Guitar.

Greg Howe Punchy Legato Premier Guitar Video Lesson

Ivan Mihaljevic: laying down a barrage of rippage for the new cd

Ivan Mihaljevic - Destination Unknown studio podcast Day 8

Dave Kilminster: acoustic gig live

Warning no shred alert!

Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster - Live 2009

News: guitar hero, have they milked the cow arid?

One more squeeze on the udder:
Looking at music games as part of our NPD analysis, Gamasutra has discovered that U.S. Guitar Hero/Rock Band revenues are down 49% year on year, as discounted hardware and over 20 SKUs flood the market.

June 2009 was the second consecutive month without a Rock Band or Guitar Hero title in the top 20 software titles. The last time the software charts went two months without one of these franchises was in September and October 2007, right before the launch of Guitar Hero II on the PlayStation 2.
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Michael Gilinsky: 13 year old shred this competition entry

Michael Gilinsky does a good job jamming over the Shred This backing track!

Truth in shredding shred this competiton entry- 13 year old!

COMPETITION: Shred this cool new stats!

Wow YouTube just added some new video insight for videos. This is for the current Shred competition:

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