Tuesday, 28 July 2009

George Lynch: guitar player interview

Most accomplished rock guitar players use a more scalar method. They play lines that travel across the whole neck. For example, Michael Schenker will play a run that flows into this and that, and it’s beautiful, but I don’t do that as much. I always thought it was more interesting to take a left turn here and there. I probably got a lot of that from listening to Jeff Beck. I never take something to its logical conclusion. I break everything up and bounce around a lot, like this [Ex. 1]. Other players might look at that lick and go, ‘Wow, why did he think of going there?’ F*cked up hardwiring, I guess [laughs].

“It probably all started with me wanting to work my way out of the A blues box. Simply stated, I was just trying to play between—or outside of—the dots. Instead of standard
pentatonic licks, I’d be doing stuff like this [Ex. 2]—you know, adding notes, subtracting notes, or even mixing up major and minor and skipping strings [Ex. 3]. I’ll even bend a low string and jump up to the highest string [Ex.4]. It’s interesting finding ways to make this stuff work against whatever rhythm part you have going in the background.

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News: guitar world october edition

upcoming disc that comes with Guitar World magazine's Ocrtober 09 issue, on sale starting July 28th 2009!

Check out exclusive videos with Mastodon, Suicide Silence, VH-1's Daisy & Megan, Paul Gilbert, Tony Smotherman, gear reviews with Paul Riario and much more!

Guitar World Disc Preview: October 2009

Wellington Vilhena: new boots

Wellington Vilhena "Recordações" (Regravação)

Wellington Vilhena "The stranger"

John Petrucci: dream theater aus and new zealand tour dates published

DREAM THEATER have scheduled the following dates in Australia and New Zealand in December:

Dec. 01 - Auckland, New Zealand - Civic Theatre
Dec. 3 - Brisbane, Australia - Convention Centre
Dec. 05 - Sydney, Australia - Hordern Pavilion
Dec. 07 - Melbourne, Australia - Palais Theatre
Dec. 08 - Melbourne, Australia - Palais Theatre
Dec. 09 - Adelaide, Australia - Thebarton Theatre
Dec. 11 - Perth, Australia - Metro City

John Petrucci + Jordan Rudess shred duel

Niels Vejlyt: next generation guitar promo

Multi tech from www.nextgenerationguitar.com. go to the site and log in to see the tablature and explenation

Multi tech from www.nextgenerationguitar.com

Ivan Mihaljevic: power cuts hit guitar recording?

What no electric guitar... so out with the trusty acoustic... part 13 of the recording progress

Ivan Mihaljevic - Destination Unknown studio podcast Day 13

Cesar Huesca: lace endorsement in the bag

Cesar Huesca says:
Hey everybody! Cesar here.

This time I bring you a quick update. I was recently endorsed by Lace Music Products, you can check my spot at Lace Music website on the artist list.

Here's the link: http://lacemusic.com/artists/artists_details.php?userId=1213

This company has been bringing great guitar pickups and instruments to a lot of guitar players since 1979 and I'm proud of being part of this company and being among great musicians there.

Check the wide variety of pickups and instruments that Lace Music offers at: http://lacemusic.com

Kind regards to all my friends.

Russ Parrish: community property... clean version... honest!

Steel Panther Community Property Clean Version... er... not so clean...

Steel Panther Community Property Clean Version

Daniel Palmqvist: new band announced

Daniel Palmqvist says:
Check out my new band! www.myspace.com/themurderofmysweet
Hi guys!

Have a listen to my new band, Murder My Sweet.
The members are:
Angelica Rylin, vocals
Johan Niemann, bass
Andreas Lindahl, keyboards
Daniel Flores, drums, keyboards
"Yours Truly", guitars

Murder My Sweet - Follow The Rain

Guthrie Govan: video fan base growing

Guthrie Govan's fan base continues to grow and not surprising with these great videos being posted. Thanks to Anthony Lipari for letting me know about these... he embarks on a 5 hour drive tomorrow to see Guthrie Govan in action!

Guthrie Govan - Sevens - DC 7/22/09

Guthrie Govan - Suhr Demo - DC 7/22/09

Guthrie Govan- Wonderful Slippery Thing - DC 7/23/09

Karl Bourdin: KB new live show video

KB's MySpace: www.myspace.com/kbguitarproject

KB_Rosco's New Boots (Live at the Pacific Rock 4th July 2009)

KB_Sunny Day (Live at the Pacific Rock 4th July 2009)

Shane Gibson: SchwarZenatoR... this band absolutely will not stop... ever!


Greg Howe: tour dates updated

July 28thToronto, CanadaGuitar Workshop Plus
July 29thToronto, CanadaGuitar Workshop Plus
August 18thBoston, MABerklee College of Music

(Greg Howe, Eddie Jobson, Simon Phillips, Michael Bernier, & Marco Minnemann)

Aug. 17thVienna, VAJammin Java
Aug. 19thArlington, MARegent Theater
Aug. 20thPhiladelphia, PANorth Star Bar
Aug. 21stCleveland, OHBeachland Ballroom
Aug. 22ndChicago, ILMarty's

Mike Campese: burgundy mist

Mike Campese-Burgundy Mist Solo

Chris Feener: epicurean horde live solos

Chris Feener says: J
ust a few clips I found around the tube I figured I'd slap together for you guys! Special thanks to whomever uploaded these videos!

Chris Feener - Epicurean Live Solos (Hordes of Chaos Tour '09)

Gustavo Guerra: devastated by the loss of Buby

Gustavo Guerra in happier times... I have been following Gustavo's posts on Orkut, thanks to Sergio Shishito. You'll need to translate from Portuguese as it is Brazilian:

Gustavo Guerra says:
Sorry I have to take time on guitar GG
Come on .... most painful of my life I lost my old .... the Old Buby
he was the reason of my life without this will be ... I will be away for a tepo the guitar because I play guitar for him ... him to be proud of me ....

Naum know if I will definitely stop .... I will miss some 30 days and I will see OQ life .... is still playing the guitarrinha or I will try with another life!


Unconditional love him .... AND two were An army of 2 .... he always was with me at all recordings ... show .. and everything works .... I did that oppose him ... and now without my dad's heart naum OQ know I do ....

I'm at the bottom of the well .... Q naum know how!

if my decision is back playing with the same claw back .... or if I leave everything (Guitar)

I apologize to all and thank you for everything!

Gustavo G.

I know that Buby would have wanted his son to continue, he was so proud of what Gustavo had achieved, what father could not be?! We here at Truth In Shredding send our best wishes to Gustavo at this difficult time. I know how difficult this can feel, but life will roll on, it is inevitable, the circle of life continues... Best Wishes Gustavo


More best wishes posted on face book from fans, players and people who met Buby at guitar idol 2008 including Daniele Gottardo's father Lorenzo, all translated and added to my tribute to Buby:


Will Kriski: techie shreds the neck.

Will Kriski is an online guitar tutor. http://willkriski.com/. Lots of free lessons... I liked the link... like me he's a techie guy...
Former structural engineering turned IT consultant turned musician. I'm finally pursuing the music passion combining it with all this cool technology like youtube.
His web site covers a myriad of styles and techniques... here's a selection

Guitar Solo Demo - Wide Intervals

Funk rhythm Thumb Muting Lick

Shred Guitar Lesson - Harmonic Minor (and its 5th mode)

Taka Minamino: jeff scott soto to provide vocals for CD

Taka Minamino says:
I was keeping touch w/ Bobby Kimball who is a singer for Toto.
But our schedule didnt permit so far. So I was thinking who should i bring gust singer for my record.

That answer was totally easy. "Jeff Scott Soto"

I dont need to tell about Jeff to you guys,
but for maybe hip-hoper , he sings for Journey, Talisman, YJM.

Anywaya, Sample will be on myspace soon. http://www.myspace.com/crystalforcemusic

The album is looking like a Q1 or Q2 release 2010.

Tommy Emmanuel: a tuneful of sherman review

"It is hard to imagine a better guitar CD coming along this year, so great is POPPIN’ GUITARS: A Tuneful Of Sherman." --Dave Walker Music

Dave says:

This is another great collaboration of terrific players assembled by Solid Air Records. In order to delight all music lovers this collection features the songs of the Sherman brothers who wrote the music to some of the most popular Disney films of all-time as well as other songs that you will recognize instantly. To sweeten the pot artistically, to their unrivaled roster of guitar talent they have added Tommy Emmanuel, making this an especially noteworthy project! Finally, in addition to great players, fantastic arrangements, and classic songs, Solid Air has added a “Behind the Scenes” DVD featuring Tommy Emmanuel, Laurence Juber, James Jensen, and Richard M. Sherman himself - all for just $2 more than the CD by itself!

Check out a full review of the CD by Dave Walker

German Schauss: berklee gig tonight

German Schauss, Live at Berklee College of Music
Come on down for some educational rock!
Host: German Schauss- The Lightspeeder
Type: Music/arts - Performance
Date: Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Cafe 939
Street: 939 Boylston Street
Town/City: Boston, MA

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German Schauss -- Instant Shredding: Internationally renowned guitar virtuoso, German Schauss, will be presenting a clinic during Berklee's Five-Week Summer Program showcasing modern rock guitar techniques and improvisational concepts. He will also perform songs from his latest release, "The LightSpeeder" to demonstrate those techniques.

He is currently endorsed by Parker Guitars, Laney Amplifiers, DiMarzio, Morley, Rocktron, Jim Dunlop, Presonus, The GuitarWheel, DR Strings, Native Instruments, MakeMusic Inc., and Maxon pedals.
Please visit his web site for more information at http://www.germanschauss.com/

Topics that will be covered include:
3 Note Per String Scales, Alternate Picking, Outside/Inside Picking, String Skipping, Sweeping Techniques, and Modal, Whole Tone, and Symmetrical Diminished Scales and much more!