Saturday, 15 August 2009

Wayne Krantz: guitar channel CD review

I know how much work these things take! This is just the conclusion...

One of the trademarks of Krantz's live performances is the amount of group improvising that takes place. In a wise move, Krantz decided to bring that strength to the studio for Krantz Carlock Lefebvre, and the results are fantastic. Moreover, the pre-composed portions of the music are very deep, and very guitar-oriented. This disc is loaded with great, often over-the-top guitar tones, and killer playing by Krantz and his bandmates. Krantz Carlock Lefebvre is absolutely one of my favorite albums of the year. Highly recommended.
Check out the full detailed review!

Haruka Kageyama: 10, the little miss shred!

Thanks to the guys at Petrucciforum for spotting this one! The incredible Haruka Kageyama, there really is a bright future with girls giving the men a run for their money on this classic track...

Steve Vai - "For The Love Of God" 影山遥 "child guitarist"

But she is not a one hit wonder, check out these!

Joe Satriani - Always with me always with you

child guitarist

PUFFY "Ami Yumi" 渚にまつわるエトセトラ 影山遥 "child guitarist" (11 years old)

News: shred this. makes it to the most responded to video home page!

Wow thanks guys for all the work you have done... It's been a tough backing track, but one you get a chance to shine on and you'll be pleased to know that all your hard work has landed this competition on to the YouTube most responded to video of all time home page... Check yourselves out and give yourselves a round of applause! now just a few hundred more to over take Rob Chappers awesome Meyones competition video with 338 videos posted in response!

John Petrucci: young guitar

Anyone know where to order Young Guitar? John Petrucci lesson from the Young Guitar Magazine: August/2009.

John Petrucci - Young Guitar Lesson (Aug/2009) pt.1

John Petrucci - Young Guitar Lesson (Aug/2009) pt.2

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: shred this 2 the return of the shred!

Steve says:
Shred This - 2nd take, It's a new jam with better sound this time.
I really appreciate the effort you guys and gals are going to... Rick, Tom and I have our work cut out already!

Shred This - 2nd take

Lyle Watt: fingers give a sweet shred this!

Here's my entry for Laurie Monk's ''SHRED THIS!'' Competition. Not a serious entry in any way, I just liked the backing track :D

It's full of bum notes and kamikaze picks, but I couldn't be bothered doing another take...

I'm using my Fender Standard Strat through my M-Audio Black Box, with Waves GTR Solo for delay/reverb.

Lyle Watt - Shred This (Truth In Shredding)

Greg Howe: tour date change

Greg Howe apologises for a tour change.
Due to a scheduling change, Greg and the rest of the band (Eddie Jobson, Simon Phillips, Marco Minneman, and Trey Gunn) will only be performing the August 17th - 19th gigs.

Please call the clubs to get a refund on your tickets if you haven't already done so.

Note: Greg will not be performing the NY gig on the 18th due to a prior commitment with Berklee College

News: truth in shredding breaks 495,000 visits, time for a prize.

Yes that's right, just 5,000 visits off the first 500,000 visitors! Incredible... that means at the current rate this should happen sometime on Thursday next week. I'll tell you what if you see the counter on the home page on the 500,000 figure exactly... not one more or one less, then I'm sure I can arrange a special prize for you. All you have to do is send me a screen grab to

Hans Van Even: 8 finger playing like a bottle of 1787 chateau lafite

Extreme Fusion Tapping Solo by Hans Van Even for the French Magazine "GuitareExtreme" Normal web site under maintenance

Extreme Fusion Tapping

Some older videos

GR33 Synth Solo by Hans Van Even

Blasting Cap (by Preston Reed) performed by Hans Van Even

Never Look Back (Blues Saraceno) performed by Hans Van Even

Third Wind (from Pat Metheny) performed by Hans Van Even

News: where are all the new guitar heroes?

A big response to this post on the petrucci forum... care to feedback:
I was listening to some of the "Flex-able Leftovers" album by Steve Vai today and found myself wondering why he's my ultimate guitar hero. I determined that he would be so because his sound is so far out there that nobody can really replicate it, and that combining such a remarkable sound with impeccable technique has brought the combination that sees him take the cake for "most talented musician alive" in my book.

What surprised me the most about this was that upon listening to the Flex-able albums, his sound and playing ability was still unmistakably Vai!

Beginning with Images and Words, Petrucci's sound has remained top notch in every way as well. Just take the solo in "To Live Forever" from the old Live in Tokyo concert. His playing shows an incredible knowledge far beyond his years not only in technique but in the creation and improvisation of beautiful melodies. (I'll also say that when he quotes "Within you Without you" in the middle, I get outrageous chill bumps).

Fast forward 20 years...

How many new young guitarists are out there that people can honestly say are better or are going to be better than these two? (and your likes of Satch and Gilbert and whomsoever you want to name as a shredder from the previous generation of shred) Thinking reasonably, is there anything else that can be done technically with the guitar that has not been done before? Is anyone out there following in the footsteps of these guys and using a combination of beautiful melodies and musicianship combined with the incredible technical prowess that we have come to identify as "shred"? Can somebody show me another brilliant guitarist out there who can move my soul with his music while simultaneously melting the minds of everyone on the planet?

And can I mention on a side note that Petrucci's solo in the end of "To Live Forever" on the live in Tokyo vhs/dvd from the Images and Words tour is my personal favorite solo that he has ever done. If DT played something beautiful and ambient like that again I would be so happy. The Count of Tuscany is the closest they've come I think...


Chris Feener: petrucci forum interview

Trev from Petrucciforum has put together an interview with Chris Feener.
Q: You have a fabulous technical profeciency on the instrument yet you are still only 21! How much work do you put in to maintain your chops? From the point of view of music theory, scales, harmony etc, how did you build up your knowledge and how important to you is improvising in improving as a player?

I have never set any sort of practice regimen, I just play for the love of playing. If I notice I'm sloppin' it up on things that I could once do well, I will make a point to achieve at least that level again, if it's important enough. When it comes to theory, scales, harmony, etc., I'd have to say that I learned 95% of what I know from simply playing. I'd learn solos and examine why it is that they work, and eventually developed a mindset where I would only learn solos to gather a greater ability and greater knowledge to contribute to my own playing. Eventually, I sat down with a rudiments book and began putting those "la-di-da" names to everything. Although, I'd still consider myself an ear player over anything else. So to answer the question, yes, I owe what ability I have to improvisation and believe it's the most important part of developing as a "player".
part 1 and part 2

News: the wizard of shred guitar web site

The Wizard Of Shred guitar lessons web site: Lots of free lessons with guitar demonstration video and tab too.

Did you try out Paul Gilbert 3-notes-per-string Blues scale patterns? Then perhaps you’ve also found them difficult to use when playing solos. The 3 notes per string blues scale patterns involves weird stretches and unusual fingerings but it's well worth the effort mastering them. These patterns allow you to use all the sequences and licks that you know from the Major / Minor realm, because you have the same amount of notes per string - And you'll be able to play incredibly fast blues runs much easier. Today's idea offers you even more freedom, the freedom to use these patterns where ever you are on the fretboard.

3 Notes Per String Blues Freedom Examples

News: adding licence information to your on line photos

Google has recently added a Creative Commons filter in Google Image Search, but it didn't explain how to specify the license so that your images are properly identified.

The trick is to enclose the image and the license's link in a div tag and to use RDFa's about attribute to specify the resource. For example:

<div about="image.jpg">
<img src="image.jpg" alt="" />
<a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0</a>

Kiko Loureiro: angra dual duel

Guitar and Bass Duel of Angra

Stu Marshall: aus hot rock

As much as it pains me to say it, these Aussie guys can shred... much like their cricket team... prepare yourself for a mauling... Ok enough of this pommie bastards whining... on to the blurb

Stu Marshall is likely to appeal to those who like their guitar rock style... check out his latest release Altered States on amazon.

A selection of shredding demos and lessons:

ESP guitars Stu Marshall - ESP clinician - "Can you hear me" demonstration.

ESP guitars - Stu Marshall.

Stu Marshall - shred lesson -

Guitarist Australia - Sweep picking -

Guitarist for “Paindivision” and “Empires of Eden”.

As well, I keep busy as regular columnist for Guitarist Australia magazine and national ESP, Randall and Digitech endorsee for Australasia.

Having been obsessed with guitars since the age of four I have been blessed and lucky to have been so busy the last 25 years.

Previously I played in Power metal band Dungeon, completed extensive national touring, 3 tours of Japan, two world wide tours covering most of Europe, Canada and the states. While in Dungeon I had the great pleasure of touring with bands such as Nightwish, Destruction, Edguy, Angra, Mayhem and the Australian / European leg of the 2005 “Blackmail the Universe” tour with metal giants Megadeth.

After departing Dungeon in 05 I created “Paindivision” and have been fortunate to have supported Black Label Society, Sebastian Bach, Helloween and more recently Armored Saint and Death Angel on their recent Australian Tour. Paindivision released the debut cd in 2007 and the follow-up “One Path” in October 2008 which reached great critical acclaim in receiving 9/10 from and 8.2/10 from

During this time I have been recording my solo cd “Altered states” and also, now I am currently releasing the latest project “Empires of Eden”, a melodic metal epic spanning close to 15 guest performers and some of the most talented singers anyone could hope to work with.

On top of that I write regular articles for Guitarist Australia Magazine and complete national clinic tours for ESP Guitars, Randall Amplification and Digitech effects here in Australia and also Japan. Recent session work has me featured on the upcoming heavy rock cd by recording artist “Tiffany Gow”.

I offer session work at competitive rates and due to owning my own studio “Frontiers Studio”, I can offer fast turn around times if required.

Jennifer Batten: radio interview

Jennifer Batten says:
Too many questions to answer individually. Will do a live radio show this Sunday Aug 16 @ 9 am Pacific USA time . Call in or chat in. Please join me!! JOIN ME SUNDAY!

Dragianni: tribute to joe satriani

Funny how two come along at once...

Dragianni - Crushing Day (Joe Satriani cover)

Ruiz Michèle: tribute to joe satriani

echo Joe Satriani / Michèle guitar girl from Marseille

Norman Brown: smooth groovve

Norman Brown performs Luther Vandross' song "Any Love" on the 2007 All Star Smooth Jazz Cruise with Brian Culbertson, Boney James, Norman Brown, Candy Dulfer and more.

Norman Brown All Star Smooth Jazz Cruise 2007 w/ Boney James

norman brown - pops cool groove

Norman Brown - Living For The Love Of You (live)

Paul Lowe: ripping the strings off

Big Band Improv Featuring Paul Lowe!


Tapping Sequence Guitar Video

Paul Lowe started playing guitar at age 14...Played in 24 bands throughout his musical career...Use to play guitar for "George Canyon" (Nashville Star 2nd place winner)...Taught guitar to the lead guitar player in the band "The Trews" who have toured with "Robert Plant" and "The Stones"...Also taught guitar to "Darren Theriault" who currently plays for "Phil Vassar"...His guitar video which is titled "From Dawn Til Dusk" and his other video titled under his name "Paul Lowe" has caught the attention of famous people in the music business.Some of those people are as follows: Jennifer Batten(World Class Guitarist who plays in Jeff Becks Band), Dave Weiner(World Class Guitarist-plays in Steve Vai`s Band),Jude Gold(Editor for Guitar Player Magazine),Chris O`Byrne(Editor for Guitar One Magazine),Tony Scozzaro(Director of The North American Guitar Competition),Andy Timmons(Recognized by Satriani and Vai as one of the best/most versatile players on the planet),Billy Sheehan(A Top Favorite Bass Player in the World by Many of the Worlds Best Guitarists),Carl Verheyen(Voted as One of the Top 10 Studio Guitarists in the World),Kevin Churko(Sound Engineer for Mutt Lange,Ozzy and Michael Bolton)...Paul has a new video titled "Fire Up The Fretboard"`s getting Rave reviews,...And more recently another video titled "Color Of Sound"...Paul`s new CD titled "Fire Up The Fretboard" is available on "itunes"...Paul is starting to do more and more studio work,..if you would like to have him record a lead guitar track for one or more of your songs then please send an mp3 of your song to this address and he will do the rest!!!..(the cost is $30.00 per song)...Here is his address...thelowes@ns.sympatic

Adam Ironside:shred this, sure makes the Suhr purr

Adam Ironside says:
Hey guys, this is my entry for the Shred This competition that Laurie Monk of TruthInShredding is holding. I have no illusions of winning I just wanted to participate and get some feedback from some of you guys. Sorry for the bad audio quality it was recorded through my camera's mic.

In my posting overload I forgot to post this jam by Adam Ironside, very nice with a kind of Eric Johnson feel to it... he sure makes the Suhr purr!

Shred This Competition Entry