Monday, 31 August 2009

Rusty Cooley: 6 tone mode

Here's an example of a 6 tone mode shape from my Rock House Method dvd Fretboard Autopsy 1. It's the mode minus the 7th. This is a pretty cool way to start getting more linear with your guitar playing.

Rusty Cooley Example from Fretboard Autopsy 1

Enver Izmailov: trio live

Enver Izmaylov's Trio (Do#Dж 2001)

Dave Kilminster: icon dvd on the way

iCon Urban Psalm DVD from St Mary-le-Bow Performance:
"Urban Psalm" DVD Finalized
Friday, 28 August 2009 The final edits, mixes and running order for the "Urban Psalm" iCon live DVD, recorded on February 21 at St Mary-Le-Bow Church in London, have been completed, and the DVD is ready for final production. Artwork is being finalized, and once that process has concluded, the limited edition DVD will be manufactured and distributed to those who attended the show. A short while after, the balance of the limited edition DVDs will be sold on the member websites.

Jordan Rudess: apple iphone apps

Miguel Sigales, Silvio Gazquez, Maycown Reichembach, Ignacio Fernandez: Argentina guitar festival

Posted By: Maycown Reichembach band
Hosted By: y DS Pickups
When: Friday, Oct 2, 2009 9:00 PM

Guemes 3140
Capital Federal
Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de)

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Guitar Fest Argentina 2009: a unique event, with 4 of the most important guitarists of Argentina, unmissable!

Guitar Fest Argentina 2009: a unique event, with 4 of the most important guitarists of Argentina, unmissable! Miguel Sigales, Silvio Gazquez, Maycown Reichembach, Ignacio "Chowy" Fernandez and Guests.

Stephan Forte: adagio to support paradise lost!

ADAGIO have announced that they will support PARADISE LOST on the following French dates, also featuring SAMAEL:

14 - Lyon, France - Tranbordeur
18 - Cognac, France - Les Anciens Abbatoirs
19 - Paris, France - Elysée Montmartre

Marc Rizzo: add flash to your leads

Rock House instructor Marc Rizzo shows you how to add flash to your lead lines. Get Marc's Rock House DVDs, Modern, Speed & Shred Level 1 & 2 at

Marc Rizzo shows you how to add Flash to your Leads

Jeff Loomis: inspires a new generation!

If you are a store owner and want to INSPIRE A NEW GENERATION of customers to come into your store then you need to make sure they can learn from musicians that are relevant to them. The new breed of guitarist can only be found teaching at Rock House.


News: another guitar blog for ya!

Another new blog for you with posts and polls galore... I like the layout too. join up and subscribe to the RSS.

Reece Fullwood: eumeria recording nearing completion

Eumeria's debut album is being produced by Craig Douglas at Origin Sound in Spring, Texas at this very moment. We have a few more recordings to go including bass guitar, guitar solos and some keyboards. We expect to finish this up in 3 to 4 weeks.

Craig has produced bands such as HELSTAR, NECROFAITH and LYCOPHILE in the past. If you visit his site, you'll see a shitload more bands on his list.

So far it's the best studio set up I've ever been a part of. We are very impressed with the results so far. There is some serious magic going on with our new songs, we can't wait to show them to you soon!"

Shawn Lane: tri 7/5

Here Shawn Lane and the Powers of Ten Band play "Tri 7/5", at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA, on the 5th Feb 1993.

Shawn Lane - Tri 7/5 (Musicians Institute, Hollywood - 5th Feb 1993)

Daniele Gottardo: update on progress

Daniele Gottardo is in the studio recording material from his current band, Tremo. Daniele also says the instrumental CD is getting a final remix ready for the upcoming release.... more news when I have it.

Shawn Lane: get you back to the original sound!

Here Shawn Lane and the Powers of Ten Band play "Get You Back", at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA, on the 5th Feb 1993.

The 'video' version of this gig that is passed around has a slightly low quality 'muffled' sound, so for this video of "Get You Back" i replaced the audio with a much better 'clearer' sounding audio from a different generation soundboard copy of the gig, (unfortunately it still has the same annoying 'feedback' sound for a few seconds during the middle of the song). Hope you enjoy this old Lane favourite with the new clearer sound!! :-)

Shawn Lane - Get You Back (Musicians Institute, Hollywood - 5th Feb 1993) *WITH REPLACED AUDIO*

Russ Parrish: eyes of the panther... live in Japan!

Just got my copy of the Steel Panther CD.

Steel Panther - eyes of a panther (TV Live Ver in Japan)

Mathieu Rach: slap in the face!

MattRach - Slap in your Face (Original)

Robbert Hanenberg: dazzling 3

Robbert Hanenberg is just about the most melodic guitarists out there at the moment, great sound as well!

Melodic Shred : Robbert Hanenberg

Paul Gilbert: mexican interview

paul gilbert interw and dow to mexico

Simon Tamez: mexican blues star remembered

Simon Tamez passed away over a year ago. This is a legacy for guitar fans, a series of videos show the guitar player in full flight.

Blues on Fire: Impressive Blues Maestros Monterrey Mexico

Simon Tamez† 2006

News: the mystery of youtube response videos revealed

Following a number of issues I've had with YouTube responses, I've been doing some research. I found a possible reason why videos are losing their response. Apparently you can only add your video as a response to one video. This means if you add it to more than one you will lose the previous link. But this also can solve the problem for missing videos responses. As your video can only be a response to one video what you need to do is you need to "Post the same video as a response to one of your own videos, and then refuse to accept it. That will cancel the current one." Then you can add as a response again.