Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Paul Gilbert: feels the earth move... but not Beethoven's last movement...

I feel the earth move from dvd 2003 paul gilbert special tv wowow japan in 2004/ 6 /

paul gilbert i feel the earth move

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g... how I got ozzy gig!

Gus G says:
“I got a message on my MySpace page from Rob ‘Blasko’, Ozzy’s bass player, asking me what was doing, if was living in America or not and saying that he wanted to talk to me. I never thought he’d want me for something like that.

“I initially thought that maybe he wanted to talk to me about doing a project or something, and then he told me that one of Ozzfest’s managers was looking for me. The manager said that they wanted me to fly out to Los Angeles immediately for a show that Ozzy was about to do in Anaheim, California.”

Gus also confirmed that this isn’t the end for power metalheads Firewind. A new album is due next year.
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Bryan Baker: all the things you are!

All The Things You Are

Marco Sfogli, Livio Lamonea: top rock guitarist 2006

Just one photo... but interesting!

Top Rock Guitarist 2006 with Pietro Condorelli & Marco Sfogli

Paul Gilbert: lick library promo

Paul Gilbert Feature

Former Racer X guitarist Paul Gilbert is back on the road once again having teamed up with Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey and Eric Martin to reform Mr Big and play a number of exclusive shows, which kicked off back in June in Japan and now heads into Europe throughout September.

The band reformed off the back of continued pleadings from fans since they split in 2002, plus to also mark the twentieth anniversary of the release of their eponymous titled debut album.

Paul himself has been busy and most recently released a new album in April this year with vocalist Freddie Nelson entitled United States. Paul is one of the real gents in the music world and is always kind enough to spare time to chat with us wherever we spot him, so if you can't make any of the Mr Big shows this month, why not check out Paul shredding it up live on our exclusive features below...

Mr Big Only London Date - Click here to purchase tickets

Paul Gilbert- Live Performance
Click to watch the video

Check out Paul Gilbert performing live at last year's London International Music Show at the ExCeL centre in the heart of London's Docklands, plus Stuart Bull chats with Paul about his techniques and tips on his style of playing.

Check out the videos »

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Paul Gilbert- Live Performance
Click to watch the video

LickLibrary's Stuart Bull grabs another chat with Paul Gilbert behind the scenes at the Marshall stand at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. Paul also treats us to a performance of six tracks from his recent album Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar.

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Dimitar Nalbantov: Ibanez Prestige Improvisation

Ibanez Prestige Improvisation

News: rhythm strummer web site

A unique site for easy guitar songs & techniques: Easy, yet authentic, rhythm guitar versions of well known songs from several genres Teachers who sing, play, and know how to entertain as they teach you how to play easy guitar songs & techniques A friendly and patient community of musician friends who have fun playing guitar songs together and want you to join in.

We've put a lot of time and care to getting our video guitar lessons ready to share with the world, and without a Hollywood budget, we think we’ve created a pretty cool list of easy guitar songs & techniques that will show you the simplest ways to learn guitar. We plan on adding lots more material in the coming months, so check out some lesson previews or Free Stuff now to see if you like our approach!

COMPETITION: Shred this! subway bandit picks his top 5

With Subway Bandit some how not making it to the top 15 it was with great surprise that Subway Bandit sent me his selection for the top 5 solos for this competition:

Subway says, "Uwe know my top 5 zolos arhe as phollows: "

1 Marty Friedman
2 Zakk Wylde
3 Alex Skolnick (On Souls of Black)
4 DimeBag
5 And Rob Chappers because he stalks me!!! [very strange one... was Rob Chappers holding a gun to his head?]

I think I better break it too him gently... those guys didn't provide a solos for Shred This!

I have to say I was expecting the masked one to say:

1 Subway Bandit
2 Subway Bandit
3 Subway Bandit
4 Subway Bandit
5 Subway Bandit

"Now whaar is my di-mundt?"

Pedro Santos,Nacho Mur,Jose Rubio: night of the guitar 2009

Pedro Santos + Nacho Mur + Jose Rubio "The Night Guitars 09"

Jam 1 - Pedro Santos + Nacho Mur + Jose Rubio " The NIGHT GUITARS 09"

Andy James: on line guitar lessons full details

Apologies to Andy James for not seeing this one earlier!

Andy James says:
For online guitar lessons you will need a webcam, skype and a fast internet connection. Lessons are £35 per hour and will be tailored to your individual needs covering all aspects of Rock/Metal Rhythm and Soloing techniques. All criteria will be discussed prior to arranging a lesson so that lessons can be pre-planned to make the most of your time. All lessons can be tabbed in Powertab and e-mailed across after the lesson has taken place.

Alternatively, if skype is not your preferred method of online tuition, lessons can be filmed and e-mailed to you for £45 (because of capturing, editing and burning to dvd, it takes a couple of hours to do an hour's lesson, hence more money). The content will be specific to the individuals needs and will be for you and for you only. Again, this can be discussed via e-mail to get the most out of what you want to learn.

Payment can be made by Paypal (preferred method) or can be transferred by BACS which for foreign clients will need an IBAN number which will be made available upon request. Payment is made before any lesson or product can be given so we all know where we stand.

No block booking is required, so get in touch



Andy James Online Guitar Lessons Ad (info in description)

Dan Huff: mixonline interview

You've had quite a career, playing on some big records. What's kept you in Nashville?

It's just like anything else, a series of decisions. When I moved back from L.A. in 1990, in my mind I had quit playing sessions. I had a band with a couple of hits on the radio and I thought that was where my career was going. That fell completely apart with the advent of grunge music, and I found myself back in Nashville twiddling my thumbs. I was kind of green on country music, not a country musician at all. But I was lucky enough to fall into that rock niche that was here in Nashville. Records in Nashville at that time were embracing techniques from rock music, so it was a great fit. A few key producers took me under their wing, and I was off and running.
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Dann Huff Guitar Technique

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: just give me a riff and make it heavy!

Give me a riff!

Satoshi Takino: jazz... nice!

Alone Together / Takino Satoshi Group 2009.6.16


Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Italian clinic dates

Jenn posted:
Paul Gilbert Clinic Tour of Italy, October 2009

Oct. 3. City: Pisa. Venue: Borderline Live Club.

Oct. 4. City: Roma. Venue: Crossroads Live Club. Cost:

Oct. 6. Locale: On Sicily. City: Messina. Venue: Teatro Sala Laudamo.

Oct. 7. City: Milano. Venue: Accademia del Suono.
Check out metalichika for prices, tickets, Billy Sheehan appearances and full details

Stephan Vidi: give me a riff! giving all it takes!

Stephan Vidi:
Sorry to spam this competition but just a beat leaves loads of space space for different Ideas... As the title says this is the "Psycho Version" :)

Give me a riff competition entry 2 - The Psycho Version

Not centent with a second entry... here's a third with a more lateral approach for the win!

Stephan Vid says:
I'm reaaally sorry for spamming this competition with so many entries but last night this idea krept into my mind and I just had to brng it to now beware, here it comes

The Subway Bandit Symphonic Memorial !!!

Give me a riff competition entry 3 - Knock off your Socks Version

Ron Jarzombek: PHHHP! new CD

Ron Jarzombek (BLOTTED SCIENCE, WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK) has set a September 15 release date for his solo album, 'PHHHP! Plus', which combines the cult fave 'PHHHP!' recordings with 12 additional cuts that delve further into the archives of the legendary guitarist's formative pre-WATCHTOWER days.

"I've been getting e-mails for years about properly releasing 'PHHHP!' on CD from people that had cassette copies of these demos some twenty years ago. I was hesitant for a long time because I was more interested in releasing new music rather than resurrecting the past", says Jarzombek. "Eventually, I considered doing a digital-only release but I know a lot of fans, prog and metal fans in particular, still want that physical CD rather than just an mp3 for their iPod. So I came around to the idea of pressing up product after all but adding bonus tracks to really make it worthwhile. I started to go through old boxes of tapes and found stuff I didn't even remember I had - demos I recorded on my older brother Ralph's four-track machine over at his apartment while he was away at work. Some time later I got my own four-track recorder, held together with duct tape to keep it from falling apart, and began to record more songs, including 'Ants On My Windshield' and 'Fishies On Leashes' (originally written for my FATES WARNING audition ca. '86), which features my brother Bobby (Jarzombek) on drums. Finally, there is the 'PHHHP!' demos, a collection of a dozen songs I put together in the late 1980's and early '90s after I had already joined WATCHTOWER. None of these tunes were ever played with the band because either there were too many guitar parts, or because it was coming from a totally different musical perspective. If anything this was SPASTIC INK before there was SPASTIC INK."

'PHHHP! Plus' will be issued through Jarzombek's own EclecticElectric label. The album track listing reads as follows:

01. PHHHP!
02. Kill The White Noise
03. This Nice Blonde
04. Nighty-Nite
05. It Looks Like A Chicken
06. Oh No, Mr. Kitty!
07. Electrical Stud
08. Test Tones
09. Pre-Slam Discussions
10. Blink For Me
11. Zits In 3-D
12. That's Odd
13. The Blood Boogie
14. Ants On My Windshield
15. Tri-Vivace
16. Dead Machine
17. Hello There!
18. Die Bleeding
19. Let's Eat Glass
20. Fishies On Leashes
21. Blessed Corpse
22. The Respiratory Therapist Wanna-Be
23. Of The Essence
24. Razor Blade Baby
25. Bombs Away
26. The Slow Song

Ron Jarzombek online: