Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot to record DVD

CHICKENFOOT's September 23, 2009 concert at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona will be filmed for possible use on a future DVD release. The band's August 30, 2009 show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia was also recorded for the same purpose.

CHICKENFOOT's self-titled debut album was certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) on September 10, 2009 for shipments in excess of 500,000 copies in the United States. The LP — which has actually shifted a little more than 300,000 units, according to Nielsen SoundScan
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Alex Skolnick: trio tour cancelled

Alex Skolnick, has issued the following update:

"Just a quick note to say that we'll be postponing our U.K. and Europe gigs to early next year. We are in a scheduling jam and are stuck in the middle of overdubs and mixing the brand new record, plus we want to come back and cover a lot more ground and really do a full European/U.K./Ireland run.

"Our original thought (some eight months ago) was to play the dates and then record at the end of the run. Unfortunately, our schedules got so ultra-conflicted that this window in mid-October evaporated and it had to be finished immediately or there would be no chance to record the new material until later next year — so this is a matter of everything getting pushed back now.

"We sincerely apologize if you have tickets and/or plans to come hang with us but we plan to see you next year with our new record that we are super-excited about (we feel this is the best stuff we've ever done) in hand and ready to share with you.

"Thanks again for the great support."

Chris Broderick: examiner interview

Do you think your stint with Nevermore helped prepare you for the road rigors of Megadeth, because as long as the band has been around, Megadeth is still a monster of a touring machine.

Yeah, I think so. In many ways, a lot of the different experiences that I’ve had have helped me move a little bit further. It seems like every experience takes me to that next level. When you step up to Megadeth, there’s obviously going to be a lot more press attention, the way you present yourself in image, there’s obviously more production involved. I think that everything has helped prepare me to where I am now.

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Marty Friedman: japanese date announced

Marty Friedman will perform with Aikawa Nanase at Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama, Japan on September 27. Also appearing will be HIMURO, UVERWORLD and Friedman's Avex labelmates Visual Kei band D.

Tom Hess: how to guitar solo


How To Guitar Solo YouTube

pARTyzanT: inspector gadget with video tab!

This video was made by my friend Piotr Kasierski ;)

It's videoTAB : "Inspector Gadget" - lap tapping guitar by pARTyzant
Learn and post video responses . I will accept then.
You can play it with different speed on site - ART Guitar Center with pARTyzant.
Register on this site to download tab , mp3 , video better quality.
Enjoy it


"Inspector Gadget" - lap tapping guitar by pARTyzant

Russ Parrish: steel panther guitar solos

Satchel doin his totally shredding solo before a very hot,very sweaty crowd in birmingham,uk.

Steel Panther - Satchel's guitar solo

Satchel's Guitar solo (full) - Steel Panther, Birmingham 13th Sept 09

Steel Panther - Satchel's guitar solo The 229 Club, London.


Gary Hoey: rock house video shoot promo

Gary Hoey is in town all this week (9-14-09) shooting his guitar instrucional video. His first Rock House DVD progarm will include a full set of guitar lessons on his lead guitar playing technique.

Gary Hoey, Behind the Scenes of his Rock House Shoot (Part 1)

Gary Hoey, Behind the Scenes of his Rock House Shoot (Part 2)

Tom Hess: clinic tour

Tom Hess and 5 pro guitarists for free guitar lessons on the 2009 Tom Hess Instructional Clinic Tour. Don't miss this great opportunity.

Learn how to:
•Immediately Increase Your Guitar Playing Speed
•Know Exactly 'What' To Practice
•Make Consistent Progress EVERY TIME You Practice Your Guitar
•and much more!

September 17, 2009 Guitar Center - Cleveland, Ohio, 7 pm
September 18, 2009 House of Guitars - Rochester, New York, 7 pm
September 19, 2009 McNeil Music - Vestal, New York, 6:30 pm
September 20, 2009 To be announced
September 21, 2009 To be announced
September 22, 2009 To be announced
September 23, 2009 Guitar Center - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 6 pm
September 24, 2009 Guitar Center - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 7 pm
September 25, 2009 Sam Ash Music - Columbus, Ohio, 6 pm
September 26, 2009 Guitar Center - Cincinnati, Ohio, 7 pm
September 27, 2009 Guitar Center - Indianapolis, Indiana, 3 pm

For details, additional videos from the previous tour and to save
your spot, check out:

Joe Satriani: cold play... cold case....

According to, the case was dismissed yesterday (14 September) in California Central District Court "upon stipulation," suggesting that an out-of-court settlement may have been reached.

MusicRadar contacted Satriani's attorney, Howard E King, who said, "No comment. The case has been dismissed."

Judge Dean Pregerson decreed that both the parties bear their own trial costs as the case was closed.

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Marius Pop: headliner live in big mamaou

Some cool moves from Marius Pop with his band headliner. Enjoy!

Marcel moldovan-drums
Alex Racovita-key
Dan Georgescu-bass
Molnar Zsolt-Marimba
Marius Pop-Guitar
Composer-Levente Gyarfas

Headliner live in Big mamaou-On the way

Headliner live in Big Mamou-On the way

JMR: Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet demo

Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet Part 1

Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet Part 2

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: bass v's guitar

Billy Sheehan & Paul Gilbert Bass versus Guitar

Ron Thal: no GNR tour yet

Ron Thal says:
Hundreds of people have been writing, wanting to know about GNR's future touring plans. I'm not the guy to ask about ongoing bizz - if anyone, you'd have to ask GNR management about future plans, but please understand that if they haven't officially announced plans, they're not going to do it through personal emails. As for me, I'm not at business meetings with booking agents, promoters, venues, sponsors, and *I don't want to be*. Being the guitarist in GNR is enough, not going to open the door to managerial duties. If GNR management confirmed that everything did-or-did-not work out to make any shows happen, and I was 100% sure that I had the confirmed final developments on things, and if it wouldn't screw up how GNR wanted to announce things, only then would I comment. Anything sooner than that would be spreading information prematurely and could be setting up fans for disappointment, and could affect the outcome of deals that were still being worked on. When GNR management is able to confirm anything, they will do it, in the way they feel is best, when they feel the time is right. Until then, think about other things. Build a cardhouse. Fry an egg. Read a book by a tree. When GNR management is ready to announce accurate definite information, they will.

Thanks to everyone that reached out wanting to know. You've been a pain in my ass, and I love you for it. Out of decency to fans, knowing many are ready to rearrange their plans and put a lot of effort into being at shows, I hope any confirmations can come sooner than later... some of you have plane tickets to book, time off from work to plan, tickets to save up for - I appreciate the Hell out of it and am grateful for it and will do my best to make it worth it, given the chance. Thanks.....

Vincenzo Grieco,Valerio Mignogna: acoustic jam live!

the acoustic guitar duo formed by Vincenzo Grieco and Valerio Mignogna plays "Spain" LIVE @ CIAC Area Club (2009)

CIAC AREA CLUB Vincenzo Grieco & Valerio Mignogna LIVE

Joe Bonamassa: guitar edge cover feature

When Stevie Ray Vaughan roared onto the scene in the early Eighties, the guitarist with Texas-sized tone and chops to match not only single-handedly rescued the blues but also inspired would-be guitarists young and old across the globe to take up musical arms. Indeed, Vaughan’s influence had unprecedented reach, as kids as young as four years old began trading swim lessons for Strats, and Legos for Les Pauls. One of those youngsters—and arguably the best of them—was a kid from Utica, New York, named Joe Bonamassa.

Read more: Joe Bonamassa - Trans-Atlantic Blues Power

Click here to read the complete digital issue, free of charge.

George Lynch: win a guitar with house of hair


September 15, 2009

Can you believe it’s been 17 years since singer Oni Logan and guitar wizard George Lynch have been together? Well, they’re back in truly fine form with a new CD. George Lynch told the HOH, “I would say this new record ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, is the record we should have put out as a follow up to ‘Wicked Sensation’…better late than never I guess…” Glad to have you back George!

The HOH has 20 new CDs to give away, and one lucky HOH winner will also get a brand new George Lynch yellow and black signature series ESP guitar! If you too want to try to shred like George Lynch, here’s your chance!

Here is the awesome Grand Prize ESP Guitar you can win:


Model: GL-200MT
25.5″ Scale
Basswood Body

Maple Neck
Maple Fingerboard
Locking Nut
43mm Neck Width
GL Original U Contour
22 XJ Frets
Black Nickel Hardware
ESP Tuners
Floyd Rose Special Bridge
ESP LH-150 p.u.
Finish: Yellow w/ Graphic

What do you win?

20 Winners each get:

(1) copy of Lynch Mob’s new CD “Smoke and Mirrors”

1 GRAND PRIZE Winner gets:


ENTER TO WIN: Contest Entry Form

How to Enter:

Fill in the Entry Form. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ONLY, please. Incomplete entries will be tossed out – all address fields, station (or how you heard about the contest) field, and name fields must be 100% complete!

How we choose the winner:

Only entries received by 10/7/09 will be considered. The HOH staff will choose the winners in a random drawing.

Contest Start Date: September 14th, 2009

Contest End Date: October 7th, 2009 at midnight

John Kiefer: orchestral dreams

Some really great original compositions and a perpetuo piece.

An original single movement piece for orchestra (2005) performed here by the baytown symphony orchestra under the direction of dennis eichler.

on the warpath-

k a r a n k a w a

hexenbrau for electric guitar and orchestra (2001)
baytown symphony orchestra
david corder conductor
john kiefer guitar
carmello dejesus visual


This was my first orchestral piece - and my first time to play with an orchestra. We also performed danse macabre where i played the violin solo on electric guitar.

h e x e n b r a u

etudes electric #1 perpetuum
on my son's squier strat.


Jack Osborne: twitter ye not!

According the handle: this is the official Jack Osborne twitter site... if this is true then it is cool... why... well he's following the Truth In Shredding twitter stream! Hi Jack!

Ron Lucca: exercises in perpetual motion

Performed by Ron Lucca on guitar, this is the fastest note for note rendition of Perpetual Motion (Moto Perpetuo), by Nicolo Paganini (1782-1840).

Recorded in Suburban Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1991 nobody has beat it yet hitting every note. Give it a try? Good Luck! :)

RonLuccaPerpMotion 001

Andrea Orsini: closer to home new cd Frank Gambale,A Andrea Braido,Alessandro Benvenuti,

Andrea Orsini - Closer To Home BUY

1. Intro: First
2. Still me
3. My Father's Memories
4. Ice
5. Serenade (For My Only One)
6. Closer To Home
7. The Violence Of Truth
8. Classmates
9. Choices (Feat. Alessandro Benvenuti)
10. First Born (Feat. Frank Gambale)
11. St. Rayghan
12. The Marriage (Feat. Andrea Braido)
13. The Violence Of Truth (Acoustic Version)

Release date: 09/2009

The style of the latest album by talented young Italian guitarist Andrea Orsini (1984), ‘Closer To Home’, which includes contributions from the well-known figures like Frank Gambale, Andrea Braido and Alessandro Benvenuti, moves between a variety of musical genres such as fusion, blues, rock, acoustic and percussion, forging them into a new genre which he has christened Evocative Rock and which expresses and epitomizes his personal vision of the music. Each track evokes diverse images and characters, describing a vast range of emotions which, over the thirteen instrumental tracks, move from the hardness of ‘The violence Of Truth’ to the intimate sweetness of ‘My Father's Memories’, from the coldness of ‘Ice’ to the heat of ‘First Born’. Orsini writes and arranges all his work as well as playing keyboards and percussion, and two classical musicians (cellist Daniela Di Felice and pianist Simone Di Felice) guest on the last track of the album, the acoustic version of ‘The Violence of Truth’. Orsini’s technique and energy strike the listener immediately upon hearing the CD for the first time.

Silvio Gazquez, Angel Ruiz: super jam session

Wow I missed this one posted back in the middle of August, both players in smoking form. Silvio in particular displaying his trademark melodic high speed licks!

Jam Session Silvio Gazquez + Ángel Ruiz

Pablo Garcia: instructional dvd (spanish)

Trailer of the first instructional video of Pablo Garcia, More information

Trailer Dvd Instruccional de Pablo Garcia (WarCry)

Rusty Cooley: under the influence

Dennis Mollan at protone pedals: discount good until the end of September 2009:

Rusty Cooley perfoms Under The Influence for Young Guitar

Maneli Jamal: movement

TABS Available at

This is part II of the epic saga. Vasat means 'in between' in Persian which is like the transition point between the first and third movement. Enjoy!

Movement III- Ziur coming soon!

Featuring 14 original compositions, Maneli Jamal's new CD 'The Ziur Movement' is now available on the youtube channel and iTunes!!

Maneli Jamal - Movement II - Vasat - NEW CD AVAILABLE!

Maneli Jamal - Movement II - Vasat - NEW CD AVAILABLE!

Rusty Cooley: war cry solo!

Rusty Cooley says:
Here's a video of most of the main solo to War Cry off of Outword's debut cd. I'm performing at a Master Class I taught at the Utah School of Music

Rusty Cooley War Cry Solo

Marcos De Ros: greensleeves part 2

Greensleeves instrumental part 2 - Final. Marcos De Ros.

Juan Jose Pelegrin: Dr. bender returns

Sunny guitar improvisations by Dr. Bender

FUSSION WORKS BY DR.BENDER (baking from bluesjamtracks)

CANDELICA FUSSION! (jam para mi sobrina/jam to my niece)

Joe Bonamassa: the king of the blues full details

Guitar Center Announces King of the Blues Grand Finals!

November 12TH @ House of Blues in Hollywood
Joe Bonamassa, Pete Anderson, and the
Top Five Undiscovered Blues Guitar Players in the Country!

214 Local Guitarists Prepare for District Finals,
Coming September 30

September 15, 2009 - Westlake Village, CA – Last week 214 aspiring guitar players came one step closer to becoming future guitar legends as they were crowned local winners of Guitar Center’s King of the Blues, the nationwide search for the next great undiscovered blues guitar player. Beating out thousands of competitors from around the country, these lucky winners must now battle it out in the upcoming District Finals, taking place September 30 in 24 Guitar Center stores around the country (locations listed below).

Tickets also go on sale today for the King of the Blues Grand Finals, which are scheduled for November 12 at the House of Blues Sunset in Hollywood, CA. In addition to showcasing the top five finalists as they compete for the King of the Blues crown and $25,000 cash, the King of the Blues Grand Finals will also feature performances by renowned blues guitarist and Gibson artist Joe Bonamassa, who has been awarded “Best Blues Guitarist” by Guitar Player Magazine for the past three years, as well as Grammy Award winner Pete Anderson. Tickets for this very special event are just $20, and are available at or the HOB box office.

Like Guitar Center’s other talent search competitions – the legendary Drum-Off (now in its 21st year), and the recently launched On-Stage – King of the Blues is part of Guitar Center’s ongoing mission to provide emerging artists and musicians with career-altering opportunities and vehicles to achieve success. Introduced in 2006, King of the Blues is more than just a competition to find the most technically skilled players. King of the Blues is designed to seek out the most passionate, innovative and authentic undiscovered guitar players and give them a shot at stardom. For example, the winner of Guitar Center’s 2007 King of the Blues, Aaron Loesch, was invited to perform at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival in front of over 25,000 attendees.

How It Works:
Each contestant must perform live to 1 of 25 original backing tracks, developed by Grammy Award winning producer, Pete Anderson, which were made available for free download at Contestants may bring and use any 6, 7, or 12 string acoustic or electric guitar, lap steel or pedal steel guitar, plus any audio pedal effects that can be set-up in a 5 minute time limit, all of which will be plugged into a selection of amplifiers provided by Guitar Center.

Local competitions took place over the past four weeks, culminating in one winner being chosen from each store. These winners now move up to district competitions (24 locations), followed by regionally hosted semi-finals (5 locations) and culminating in the final King of the Blues Grand Finals competition in Los Angeles in November.

Guitar Center’s King of the Blues champion will win an impressive package of prizes, including $25,000 cash, along with a Gibson Guitar ’59 Les Paul reissue guitar, a $2,500 Levi's®
shopping spree, a Marshall Vintage Modern 50 watt half stack, a Boss GT-10 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal, a feature in Guitar World magazine, worldwide distribution of their music in iTunes and more, plus endorsement deals from Ernie Ball, Marshall Amplification, VOX Amplification and Gibson Guitar. Additional regional, district and local prize packages will also be awarded, thanks to the generous support of Gibson Guitar, Levi's®, Ernie Ball, Marshall, Boss,VOX, Guitar World and TuneCore, all of whom are proud partners of Guitar Center’s King of the Blues.

District finals: September 30th
Regional finals: October 21st
Grand Finals: November 12th

Locations for District Finals (Sept 30):
Boston, MA
Brooklyn, NY
Detroit, MI
Englewood, CO
Fountain Valley, CA
Hallandale, FL
Indianapolis, IN
Lawrenceville, GA
N. Olmsted, OH
Nashville, TN
North Chicago, IL
North Dallas, TX
North Houston, TX
Northridge, CA
Overland Park, KS
Pasadena, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Plymouth Meeting, PA
Rockville, MD
San Jose, CA
Seattle, WA
Springfield, NJ
Twin Cities, MN
Winter Park, FL

Some of today’s most iconic and groundbreaking artists, including BB King, John Mayer, The Black Crowes, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Hubert Sumlin have participated at past King of the Blues events. With “the Blues” being the foundation for nearly all of today’s popular music, the search for the nation’s greatest undiscovered blues guitarist is expected to unearth a goldmine of unsigned talent, some of whom are destined to become tomorrow’s legends.

For more info on Guitar Center’s King of the Blues contact Girlie Action:

Pam Leto 212-989-2222, x111
Kabeer Malhotra 212-989-2222, x123
David Marek 212-989-2222, x136

Aurelien Budynek,Angus Clark: new band dare devil squadron

Aurelien Budynek says:
I wanted to let you know about a new project of mine. It's called DareDevil Squadron, it's an old school metal band with myself on guitar, Angus Clark on guitar (GREAT guitarist, from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Andrew Ross on vocals (TSO also), Chris Altenhoff on bass (TSO... also) and Jason Gianni on drums (.... yes, TSO). We are finishing our first studio album.

Daredevil Squadron in the Studio

and the website is:
with demos.

Aurelien Budynek is on twitter:

News: all star music lessons deal

Includes Allen Hinds:

at we are having a huge event on our instructional dvd's! It will last From Sept 14 through Sept.18th. Hope you are continuing to grow in your music education. The only way to improve is to practice...practice what you dont already know that is! We are honored to have artists like Allen Hinds, Don Grusin, Michael Ripoll, and so many other great session players. Hope you take advantage of their insight into their instruments!

Here is our best offer EVER to our valued customers!!

Plain and simple...10 of our best disks for $99
Take advantage of this rediculous offer!!

What you get:

Allen Hinds BEYOND guitar 4 disk set including live concert
(In depth left hand technique, soloing, dexterity and comping)

Michael Ripoll GPS guitar system 3 DVD set
(From the groove master, and LA session ace..and in depth look at seeing the guitar, playing through all positions and
Michael's signature style and riffs)

The Total Guitarist series 3DVD set
(Learn to play over changes, in different styles, modes, lead playing, rythym playing and in depth music theory. The goal is to get you
to be a well rounded player and fill in gaps of your knowledge as well and increase dexterity) )