Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Joop Wolters: april rain

Joop Woltersa says:
..sharing here a little classical soundig arpeggio-passage out of one of the new tunes that iám working on..


Todd Duane: super fluid

Todd Duane jamming a Rosewood neck PRS McCarty w/ stock pups into Channel 3 of a Diezel Herbert thru a Mesa Stand. 4x12 w/ V30's and 65's. Instructional DVD here:

Todd Duane w/ a PRS thru a Diezel Herbert

Jeff Loomis: euro clinic dates

NEVERMORE guitarist Jeff Loomis has scheduled the following European clinics:

Oct. 06 - Manchester, UK - The Ruby Lounge
Oct. 07 - Glasgow, UK - The Cathouse
Oct. 09 - Stockholm, Sweden - Deluxe Music
Oct. 10 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Andreasson Music
Oct. 12 - Moscow, Russia - FM Club
Oct. 13 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Jagger Club
Oct. 14 - Florence, Italy - Black Dog
Oct. 15 - Bologna, Italy - Music Academy 2000
Oct. 16 - Vincenza, Italy - Sabotage Bar
Oct. 17 - Lille, France - Euroguitar
Oct. 19 - Madrid, Spain - [to be announced]
Oct. 20 - San Sebastian, Spain - [to be announced]

Trey Alexander: quantum rock

Quantum Rock:

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No other instrumental musical style has evolved quicker, or with greater sophistication, than electric rock guitar. The influence and progression from one generation to the next is clearly quantifiable in terms of tone, technique, harmony, composition and versatility. Years ago, if you had a grip on 1-4-5 progressions, pentatonic scales, a few bends and a couple of double-stops, you could gig or jam with pretty much anyone. Today however, rockers must have a big bag of theoretical, musical, physical and technical chops just to get by. And that's what Quantum Rock is all about - essential skill development for todays new generation of rock guitarist.

Contemporary rock guitarists are comfortable playing over changes, have solid command of right and left-hand techniques, can easily navigate the fretboard vertically and horizontally, are theoretically aware, possess strong improvisational skills and are adept at developing melodic ideas and rhythmic grooves. Need guidance in some or all of these areas? Dig deep into Trey Alexander's Quantum Rock!

Your Quantum Rock instructor is Trey Alexander, Guitar Hero 2006. Possessing all of the qualities generally associated with the modern day guitar hero and demonstrating them with a level of maturity far beyond his years, Trey is the type of musician who is destined to have a significant impact on the guitar community, says Greg Howe. Joe Satriani agrees that, well be hearing great things from him! Guitar Player editor Jude Gold raves about Treys astonishing focus, devotion, and versatility. Best of all for we students of Quantum Rock, Trey is a natural educator with potent communication skills.

Trey presents a range of modern rock arrangements designed to expose you to the variety of contemporary grooves, rhythmic patterns, techniques, phrasing and theoretical approaches that modern rock guitar players must have a grip on. Youll work through ballads, up-tempo power grooves, Latin-spiced rock and jazz-rock. Trey even walks you through the arrangement that blew the judges away and earned him the coveted Guitar Hero award.

You'll also learn Treys approach and subtle inflections for utilizing expressions such as legato, tapping, sweeping and harmonics as musical elements to serve the melody rather than distract from it. No pyrotechnical fancy tricks or mindless shredding here.

Quantum Rock is not for the weak of heart, nor is the course suitable for beginner or early intermediate players (check out Treys beginner rock course here). While the concepts are explained and demonstrated very clearly, you will spend serious time in the shed getting a grip on these techniques, skills and knowledge. Fear not though, Quantum Rock is a hands-on playing course no tedious theory, boring exercises or theoretical dribble. You will be rockin out from the very first lesson, and will quickly develop a raging addiction for your Quantum Rock practice sessions.

Guitar Lesson - Trey Alexander - Quantum Rock - Introduction

Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Steve Lukather: live KARUIZAWA JAPAN


Oziel Zinho: expomusic 2009

Ozielzinho Expomusic 2009 - Cover Andy Timmons - Hiroshima

Joop Wolters: under siege, epic win!

Joops working away like crazy on his new CD, may be a double?!?! singing and instrumental... now check out the quality of the material.... Joop Wolters explains: r
ecorded an improvised leadpart this evening on some new material of mine iám working on a song called UNDER SIEGE to give myself some idea's for one of the tunes of the fourth up coming album...
sharing here the work in progress for the interested that follow up on the status of the works of my new cd, thanx you guys for the great feedback and support...realy appriciate it..!!this one is for you all sending the good vibe!! thanks, for taking the time to stop and listen..:)...

cheers, joop


Piotr Kaczor: Uzbekistanien BOY

Give me a riff... just a few more minutes to go...

Give me a riff entry

Piotr Kaczor:
Location: Lubaczow, Poland
Date of Birth: March 18, 1979
Been playing guitar since:1991

My father was a music teacher and he played the accordion. He taught me the beauty of music.

I've been playing guitar since 1991 but clarinet was my first instrument. I studied clarinet in music school but some time later I discovered guitar. In the next years I studied guitar with myself. When I was 19 years old I went to the University of Rzeszow and began my music education. In UR I studied a little bit of classical guitar. Five years later I started to teach music in school.

I grew up listening to: Helloween, Metallica, Guns&Roses, J.Satriani, S.Vai, Y.Malmsteen, M.Knopfler, Eric Clapton a lot of blues, classic, folk and many others.

Whammy bar phrasing


Pole Star

"Passager Etiude" in A major

Joe Nardull: ad astra

Ad Astra - Awakening.

Joe Nardulli on guitar.

New York-based instrumental progressive fusion music.

Ad Astra - Awakening

Tony MacAlpine: planet x solo


Gary Hoey: October clinic dates

October 1, 2009
Creative Entertainment
1229 4th Street
Sioux City, IA
ph: 712-255-9757
October 2, 2009
Sioux Falls Music
1209 W 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD
ph: 605-334-5361
October 3, 2009
Marguerite’s Music
3100 8th Street SO
Moorhead, MN
ph: 218-233-7546

Will Kriski: give me a riff

Here's my riff. Uses B E A D B E tuning - low 4 strings are tuned down a fourth. Riff uses slides and open strings ringing. PLEASE RATE THIS IF YOU LIKE IT AND ADD YOUR COMMENTS. THANKS!

You can sign up for online video guitar lessons at:

Give Me a Riff Contest Entry

Memo Master: the return of shred this!

The return of the Shred This jam... very cool!

memo master

Saggese Francesco Antonio: gtarman tap attack 3


Marcos De Ros: habanera part 2

Habanera instrumental part 2. Marcos De Ros.

Lucky Singh: free gig!

"7" Newsletter

"7" are Playing the Robin 2, Wolverhampton this Sunday AFTERNOON with several other great bands! As always, all 3 of Lucky's albums will be available on the night to purchase! Free admission - what better way to spend a Sunday Afternoon! For more info please visit our NEW myspace OR the Robin 2's website.

Venue - Robin 2 Wolverhampton 04/10/09 @ 1pm

Hope to see you there folks ;-)

All 3 albums available to buy

Click on the Album covers below to buy!

We've also got a great Youtube channel. Lots of performance and behind the scenes footage is added regularly, so check it out!

Marco Cardona: instrumentality deep forest

Marco Cardona is on MySpace: and youtube: Marco is currently working on some new songs for an upcoming CD. Marco is a Jackson artist, you can find out about his music and CD's

Song recorded using the Charvel Production Model San Dimas Style 2, EVH5150II and Digitech GSP1101.





Warren Robert: new CD

Warren Robert
Mozart - Requiem (CD)

In 2005, Canadian guitarist Warren Robert recorded and released an album of experimental shred guitar instrumentals entitled "Thoughts And Realities". It featured melodic tunes, complex textures and orchestrations and fast shred guitar playing. Topping sales charts on Guitar Nine Records, this first solo release earned Warren a reputation as a both a melodic shred guitarist and as a modern composer. After releasing "Music From The Void" in early 2009. Warren realized a performance of W.A. Mozart's "Requiem Mass in Dm KV626". The Mozart - Requiem recording is an arrangement of the full mass for orchestra, with all choir and soloist parts performed on the electric guitar. This album was released to the public in September, 2009. Robert is trained in orchestral composition and leads an active career as a composer for film, television and live theatre. He has written the music scores to over 80 international documentaries. Warren has also done a great deal of studio session work on a variety of projects in many musical styles, and still teaches guitar to a handful of keen players.

Track List

Introitus: Requiem (5:54)
Kyrie (2:30)
Sequenz: Dies Irae (1:52)
Sequenz: Tuba Mirum (3:53)
Sequenz: Rex Tremendae (2:20)
Sequenz: Recordare (6:02)
Sequenz: Confutatis (2:40)
Sequenz: Lacrimosa (3:17)
Offertorium: Domine Jesu (4:12)
Offertorium: Hostias (4:57)
Sanctus (1:29)
Benedictus (5:03)
Agnus Dei (2:58)
Communio: Lux Aeterna (5:43)

Fredrik Pihl: shred knowledge interview

A lesson and interview with Freddie!
SK- Hey, Fredrik. First of all, I would like to say thank you for allowing us to do
this interview with you. You're playing certainly has astonished me and the
rest of the shredknowledge team. Your first arpeggio video blew us away! I've posted a copy of your video in this article as well.
So,let me start by asking you about your background. You're obviously from
Sweden. Did Yngwie have anything to do with you starting to play guitar? How
old were you when you began?

FREDRIK - Hey Jeff! Thank YOU for having me on your website. I’m glad you guys liked the lesson. If time allows, I’ll make another one for you soon. Ok, enough sentimental talk… let’s move on to your questions.
I was born in Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. But today I live in a nearby town called Landskrona. I picked up the guitar at about age 12, after watching a live concert with Guns N’ Roses on TV with some of my friends. I thought Slash was the coolest guy in the band, and since he played the guitar, I had to start myself. So after constantly nagging on my parents, they bought me a electric guitar and a small amplifier. Even a distortion pedal.
Yngwie unfortunately didn’t had anything to do with my early guitar years. I didn’t know who he was at that time.

Dimitar Nalbantov: new project, new track 4!

More awesome sound and note emotion from Dimitar Nalbantov:

Roy Marchbank: return to the widow maker's highway

Roy Marchbank is notorious for his insane electric guitar technique in the underground world. He was, and still is, very much sought after, not only for his technical ability, but because he plays from the heart. Roy studied at Scotland's Perth Music College and upon finishing, taught guitar privately in Edinburgh. He left soon afterwards for Dublin to play with the group "Bohinta". While in Ireland, Roy played guitar in the pit band for theatre shows such as "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Godspell", and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" . Roy subsequently left Ireland to play with Scottish band "The Iron Horse" touring & recording internationally for almost four years. During this time he recorded guitar for Aine Furey's debut album "Sweetest Summer Rain", "The Iron Horse" for BBC Radio Scotland and participated in a cultural exchange program with the Uzbekistan twenty piece chamber orchestra "Sogdiana" - thanks to the British Council.

When The Iron Horse split in search of there own solo careers, Roy returned to Dublin to record an EP with "Invisible Boss". Roy currently resides in Barcelona and has just completed his first solo album. Roy sat down with Sea of Tranquility's Mike Blackburn to discuss the past, present and future with the long awaited release of his first instrumental masterpiece, Widowmakers Highway.
full interview

Roy Marchbank & chamber orchestra Sogdiana

The first few minutes of the British Council promo video for The Iron Horse "Scotland" & 20 piece chamber orchestra Sogdiana "Uzbekistan" cultural exchange program.Background music "The Faithhealer" from The Iron Horse Demons & Lovers CD

Roy Marchbank with The Iron Horse & Sogdiana promo video

Last part of 3 all rehearsed & recorded in under 20 minutes The Shamrock bar Barcelona

Roy Marchbank & VALERIANO Part 3

Phil Hilborne: champions of rock Sweden tour dates!

Phil Hilborne says:
off to Sweden for pretty much all of October:

It is a thing called Champions Of Rock - also in the band is Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath), Jamie Humphries, Tony Bourke (drums), Michael Bramwell (Uli Jon Roth) & Griff Johnson (Keys).......Here are the dates......



1. Fri 2nd October – Champions Of Rock Tour – Gothenburg – Lisbergshallen
2. Sat 3rd October– Champions Of Rock Tour – Gothenburg - Lisbergshallen
3. Mon 5th October - Channel 4 TV Live TV Show – 7-9am – Stockholm
4. Fri 9th Oct – Helsingborg – Sundsparlhan
5. Sat 10th Oct - Helsingborg – Sundsparlhan
6. Sun 11th Oct - Vanersborg – Idrottshnset
7. Tues 13th Oct – Stockholm – Circus
8. Weds 14th Oct – Stockhom – Circus
9. Sat 17th Oct – Orebro – Conventum Kongress
10. Wed 21st Oct – Upsala-Konserthuset Nytt Showdatum
11. Fri 23 Oct – Norrkoping – Stadium Arena
12. Sat 24th Oct – Norrkoping – Stadium Arena

News: Lion Music release schedule


Lion Music is delighted to have signed Dreyelands to the labels roster. Dreyelands is one of the latest representatives of the Hungarian progressive metal music and it took just one listen to the bands demo to hear the quality on offer from this five piece..

Summoned to life in 2002 by the two founding members András Ádám Horváth (guitars) and Gergely Springer (bass), the band played several cover shows with its initial formations. After Omar Gassama, Zoltán Kas and Nikola Mijic (Alogia, Expedition Delta) joined the band they began work on their own material.

The members of Dreyelands have a broad musical taste from the progressive rock of the 70’s, through the AOR music of the 80’s & 90’s to heavy, death- and extreme metal – not to mention funky, jazz and blues as well. These influences all help to contribute to the catchy and original sound served up by the band.

Their debut LP, “Rooms of Revelation” is a 9-track epic concept album with complex, but catchy songs with wide spanning vocal themes, tight rhythms, hard guitar riffs, flowing keyboards motifs and live symphonic arrangements. Produced by András Ádám Horvath, mixed and mastered by the well-known Hungarian engineer/producer/studio expert, Barnabás Hidasi (Stonehenge, Wall of Sleep, Stereochrist, Korai Öröm, Steve White, Alex de Grassi, etc) the “Rooms Of Revelation” is sure to turn heads in the metal community everywhere.

The album will be cherished by those with a liking for Dream Theater, Symphony X, Pagan’s Mind, Circus Maximus, Jorn Lande, Evergrey or Redemption, just to mention a few band . Dreyelands possess the quality and songs to join these elite ranks.

Track listing
1. Entering
2. Room 1 - Seek for Salvation
3. Room 2 - Can't Hide Away
4. Room 3 - Pretending
5. Room 4 - Fragments
6. Room 5 - Way to You
7. Room 6 - Blossoms of Decay
8. Room 7 - Vain
9. Room 8 - Leaving Grace

Dreyelands – Rooms Of Revelation will be released in the first quarter of 2010 on Lion Music. More information on the release to follow soon.


A Lion Music örömmel tudatja, hogy leszerzodtette a Dreyelands zenekart. A Dreyelands a magyar progresszív metal egyik legújabb képviseloje. A két alapító tag, Horváth András Ádám (gitár) és Springer Gergely (basszusgitár) által 2002-ben életre hívott zenekar a kezdeti felállásokkal különbözo feldolgozásokat játszott a rock és metal nagyjaitól, majd Gassama Omar dobos, Kas Zoltán billentyus és Nikola Mijic (Alogia, Expedition Delta) énekes csatlakozása után saját anyagukon kezdtek dolgozni. A zenekar tagjai széles zenei érdeklodéssel bírnak: a ’70-es évek progresszív rockjától a ’80-as ’90-es évek AOR muzsikáin át a heavy, death és extreme metálig - hogy a funkyt, a jazzt és a bluest már ne is említsük - so k minden hatással volt a bandára, hogy utána ezeket a hatásokat egyesítsék és létrejöjjön a Dreyelands saját hangzása.

Bemutatkozó nagylemezük, a "Rooms of Revelation" egy 9 dalból álló koncepció album, összetett, de mégis fogós dalokkal, nagyívu ének témákkal, feszes ritmusokkal, kemény riffekkel, hömpölygo billentyu munkával és élo szimfonikus hangszereléssel.
A Horváth András Ádám produceri irányításával készült, és a közismert magyar hangmérnök/producer/stúdió expert, Hidasi Barnabás keverését és mastering munkáját dícséro "Rooms of Revelation" lemez biztos hogy hatalmas visszhangot fog kelteni a metal közösségben világszerte.

A Dreyelands biztos, hogy kedvére lesz az olyan zenekarok rajongóinak mint a Dream Theater, a Symphony X, a Pagan’s Mind, a Circus Maximus, Jorn Lande, az Evergrey vagy a Redemption, hogy csak néhányat említsünk.

1. Entering
2. Room 1 - Seek for Salvation
3. Room 2 - Can't Hide Away
4. Room 3 - Pretending
5. Room 4 - Fragments
6. Room 5 - Way to You
7. Room 6 - Blossoms of Decay
8. Room 7 - Vain
9. Room 8 - Leaving Grace

A Dreyelands – Rooms Of Revelation album 2010 elso negyedévében jelenik meg a Lion Music gondozásában. Nemsokára további információk várhatóak a megjelenésrol.



Genre - Symphonic Power Metal
Great new band hailing from Denmark led by guitarist Niels Vejlyt. The band also feature vocal legend Ian Parry who wrote the concept story and all lyrics for the album as well as handling all male lead vocals. The album also features superb female vocal performances from Lene Peterson. If you like your metal big bold and grandiose then this is just the ticket.

Also available as a limited edition first pressing only dual CD/DVD version.

Genre - Guitar Instrumental
Best known for his work in Twinspirits and Khymera, Italian guitarist Tommy Ermolli serves up his debut solo album, full of strong songs and stunning guitar work running a variety of styles. Home to great song led compositions with a great production.


Since their formation in early 2006, Vendetta has gone from strength to strength. 2007’s Tyranny of Minority caught the metal masses unaware - here was a band not just content to reference the old school - they were on a mission to extract the very essence of this timeless style and reignite it for a new age. Inspired and on the up the band has spent the last 18 months carefully crafting their second album and 2009 see’s the release of Heretic Nation.

Containing ten scorching tracks, it takes off where Tyranny of Minority ended and all the hallmarks of the Vendetta sound are present and correct: Crunching guitars, throbbing bass, pounding drums, searing leads and impassioned vocals.If you haven’t already caught on then now is the time to convert to this most traditional of English metal bands.

Vendetta - My Revelation promo video -

From Copenhagen, Denmark come the new promising melodic hard rock/ heavy metal-act MISSING TIDE. Formed in 2007, the line-up consists of some of the most experienced and talented musicians from the Danish heavy metal scene with backgrounds in world renowned bands such as Royal Hunt, Pretty Maids, Evil Masquerade, Manticora and Kingdom Come. With a basis in Kasper Gram’s consistent bass play and the pounding and energetic drums from Allan Tschicaja, combined with powerful guitar riffs from Jacob Kjaer and Henrik Brockmann’s characteristic, intense and unique voice, Missing Tide produces a solid, melodic sound, which cannot be ignored.

On the debut album Follow the Dreamer, MISSING TIDE demonstrates how they manage to create a sound with roots in the eighties hard rock and heavy metal universe, that is still present and fresh. The eleven great songs of Follow the Dreamer are build upon heavy guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section, but with the melody hook lines in centre. Put together, “Follow the Dreamer” is in every way a great rock album.

Richie Kotzen: tweating on twitter

Learned 'Lie To Me' and 'Peace Sign' with the band last night... London show just around the corner!
Just a couple of weeks away to see this guy live... in the mean time join Richie on Twitter:

Milan Polak: t-rex monstrous pedal demo!

Milan Polak demonstrates and explains the T-Rex ToneBug Reverb pedal.

The T-Rex ToneBug Reverb by Milan Polak

Kristofer Strandberg: guitar palace architect!

A new blog a new face:

My name is Kristofer Strandberg, and i'm a 21 year-old man living in Karlstad, Sweden. I have been playing guitar since i was about 10 years old, and have done it ever since!
I play guitar in a thrash/death metal band called "Inferior". Check it out at:
i have also been stand-in guitarist for a band called Sparzanza. Check it out at:
and here's my own myspace

In this blog i'm going to talk about everything that has to do with guitars and music i have come across.
I'm also going to give some video lessons. Send me a comment or mail if there is something you want me to talk about in a lesson.

Kristofer Strandberg - Subway Bandit's "Give Me A Riff Competition

John 5: squier telecaster!

Introducing the Squier J5 Telecaster® Guitar:

John 5 with his Squier signature Telecaster: "I'm so proud of it."
Photo by Gabrielle Geiselmann

“The greatest guitars ever built, by far,” is how John 5 puts it. “Hands down.”

That would be the Telecaster, and John 5 ought to know. He’s a self-described “Fender fanatic” with a collection you wouldn’t believe—one from every year or something like that—plus a pair of distinctive Fender® signature models. Now, add to this impressive array his first Squier artist model, the devilshly alluring Squier J5 Telecaster.

The new J5 Telecaster has all the brains, brawn and beauty of its Fender big brothers, but with a standard Telecaster headstock and a very friendly price tag. It’s based on 5’s frequently modded workhorse Telecaster pieced together at the Fender Custom Shop.

“I wouldn’t say this if it wasn’t true, but the guitar is just like my main Telecaster, exactly,” John 5 said. “The exact same neck. The pickups are different, but it’s the exact same feel and it sounds incredible. You can’t really tell the difference of the sound, but the big huge difference of it is the price. And you can get a guitar that’s gonna last you probably the rest of your life if you take care of it. It’s an amazing guitar, and I’m so proud of it.”

OK, make with the features: The J5 Telecaster has a double-bound alder body with a gloss black polyester finish, a polished stainless steel pickguard and chrome hardware. That means it’s extremely cool looking. The one-piece maple neck has a modern C shape, a matching black Telecaster headstock and a 12”-radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets.

The custom-designed humbucking pickups use a special dual-volume setup with the bridge pickup control in the front position and the neck pickup control in the back position—John 5 prefers this setup because he spends much time giving the bridge pickup a workout. Rapid toggling the upper-bout three-way pickup switch gives you 5’s signature “kill” effect by turning off the neck pickup volume and leaving the bridge control full up.

Take a look at the video below to see and hear John 5 talking about his new Squier J5 Telecaster, see him play it here, and look for it at a dealer near you …

Vladimir Maisiuk: give me a riff with winning shred this hat!

I caught up with Vlad who tells me he's enjoying his Vinnie Moore CD and new Hat/T-Shirt combo courtesy of Truth In Shredding after grabbing third place i nthe first Shred this competition!

Fortunately I found out about the contest early enough to make the video...Thanks to Rob for the inspiring drum track...Good luck to everyone...

"Give Me A Riff" By Vladimir Maisiuk