Thursday, 1 October 2009

Damjan Pejcinoski: shred this... trying it on for size!

Damjan Pejcinoski displays his winning shirt before getting down to watch 3 signed Andy James DVD's!

A reminder of what a great track Damjan put together over the funky Tom Quayle backing track.

Hello friends! This is my take for this competition! Respect for Tom Quayle and Laurie Monk - great people and great friends! I hope you'll like my improvisation ! I used only Guitar Rig 2 for this and some reverb and delay!Cheers!

Damjan Pejcinoski-Truth in shredding competition *2nd Place

Allan Holdsworth: way out tv jazz

Spotted on

Allan Holdsworth Trio
Allan Holdsworth - guitare/guitar
Jimmy Johnson - basse/bass
Gary Husband - batterie/drums
30/10/2009 - L'Astral - Montreal, QC
Jazz à l'année du Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

plus de vidéos - more videos :

(HD) Allan Holdsworth -

Lori Linstruth: guilt machine... the peanut butter connection...

Lori Linstruth says: Due to certain gender-specific anatomical limitations, I’ll have to take his word about the peanut butter thing:

So let me skip to the conclusion right away to save you the suspense; Guilt Machine is really fucking good. Imagine the softer side of Ayreon, particularly from the album “The Human Equation”, with a really good vocalist, who kinda sounds like James Labrie, except without sucking (and Labrie, mind you, was great on “The Human Equation”. Yes, Arjen makes magic happen). Imagine some insanely different and tasteful lead guitar playing. Add that to Arjen’s natural gift for memorable song writing hooks and a super talented drummer, and you’ve got chocolate covered cookies. It’s just fucking delicious. It’s as good as sticking your dick in peanut butter. Trust me on this.

The album is quite an introspective journey, and an interesting addition was asking for fans to send recorded messages in their mother tongue. Thus, you get this myriad of spoken passages which really connect greatly with the music and turns the album into a sort of epic confession of the soul.
full review

Matias Kupiainen: winnepeg shows

Stratovarius performs Black Diamond, Live in Winnipeg, MB at the West End Cultural Centre. Best part is at 7:30.

Stratovarius - Black Diamond - Live in Winnipeg, MB 09/27/097

Stratovarius - Guitar and Bass Solo, Live in Winnipeg, MB 09/27/09

Dave Celentano: two handed lesson on line!

Dave Celentano Two Hand Tapping guitar lessons @

Allen Van Wert: goes nintendo!

Allen Van Wert says:
My new Nintendo guitar tone. At this rate the next album is gonna sound like a fuckin keyboard. I may need to tone it down a little or something lol. Just me jamming on different types of things to see how I can best use this tone I made. OH, That weird high super pitched distortion noise isnt part of the tone, it happens when I record into the camera for some reason.

Very hard to play clean with this weird tone going on. I need to really accent every note for them to jump out like a nintendo 8 bit sound. I figure by practicing with this tone it will force me to be very clean lol.

Weirdest guitar tone ever NINTENDO!!!!

Chris Watson: moody ballad!

Just got this Ibanez S470 and trying to get used to a floating trem again. Gotta be so gentle with these trems or you push the pitch up when palm muting. Anyway, will take some time to get used to this guitar but it looks promising.

Chris Watson - Moody Ballad

Rob Chappers: $3000 dollar Faith acoustic guitar details.

The deep link to the competition details:


Faith Guitars have teamed up with Pickup giant, Shadow Electronics to bring you the chance to win an Official Guitar and Pickup Endorsement deal plus £2000 (Euro2250 / US$3000) worth of great prizes.

All you have to do is compose and play around 90secs of Acoustic Guitar music - it can be a song or an instrumental piece – and upload it for the World to see.

How to Enter:

Click the link at the top to register as an entrant. Fill out all the required fields, then await the confirmation email that contains your ENTRY NUMBER.

YOU MUST put this number in your Video Response title. See example entry below.

Entry Number - YOUR NAME - Acoustic Glory - Faith Guitars - Shadow
Failure to do this may disqualify your entry.

When everything is sorted and you have created your acoustic masterpiece, post a Video Response to the YouTube Entry Video.

That's it. Your journey to Acoustic Glory has begun......

What you can win:

1st Prize: Get a Faith Guitars and Shadow Electronics Endorsement deal... PLUS a Faith FJCEHG – AND a Shadow Stompin Bass Pedal.

2nd Prize: Faith FECS AND a Shadow Stompin Bass pedal.

3rd Prize: Shadow SH145 and Stompin Bass and Sonic Tuner

4th Prize: Shadow SH141 Soundhole Pickup and Sonic Tuner

Thats £2000 worth of prizes! About $3000 US$.

** General Terms and Conditions **

Faith Guitars’ / Shadow Electronics’ Acoustic Glory Competition begins on the 1st October 2009.

ALL Entries must use their unique ENTRY NUMBER in their YouTube Video Response TITLE.

Entry Number - YOUR NAME - Acoustic Glory - Faith Guitars - Shadow
Failure to do this may disqualify your entry.

Videos must be posted as a response to the original Acoustic Glory Entry Video. Individually uploaded content will not be judged.

The Judges are made up of experts from Faith Guitars and Shadow Electronics. The Judges decision is final.

Bands are welcome to enter, but a band constitutes a single entry. So any subsequent prizes will be awarded as if the band were a single entrant. E.g. If a band were chosen as a winner, the prize would be the same as if it were a solo performer.

Multiple Entries are allowed but will require multiple registration.

Entries are valid from all countries.

The final entry must be submitted by – 30th November 2009

The winning entries will be decided within 14 days of competition closure date.

Winners will be notified initially via email, then made public via YouTube.

*** Endorsement Offer Terms and Conditions ***

The endorsement offered to the Winner of the First Prize listed above will be as follows:

The winning performer/band will be listed as an artist with a biography overview, artist picture and appropriate links on the Faith Guitars Endorsee Roster and also on Shadow's Artist Listings. Faith Guitars and Shadow Electronics will expect to be provided with a high quality photograph of the performer or band to be used for this purpose. Faith and Shadow will use their discretion as to how these photos are used, and permission will be sought if their use extends beyond that stated above.

As an endorsed artist for 12 months, the winning performer or band will be entitled to purchase additional Faith Guitars (maximum of 2 extra in 12 months) or Shadow Electronics products at a special Artist Price - just like many of our other A-List artists do now. These additional products will be shipped from the UK or Germany and a shipping charge may apply.

The Artist endorsement will run for an initial 12-month period, after which a decision will be taken whether to renew the endorsement for a further period.

Either party is able to cancel the endorsement at any time with 60 days notice.

Chris Thayer: give me a riff!

Yes it's over... only the judging now.... here's one to watch while the scores are counted!
my entry for the "give me a riff" competition. enjoy.

Check out my band too


Andrea Braido: energy life

Some great playing from Andrea Braido, thanks to Claudio Mariola.



Andrea Braido

West East

Whit Andrea Braido 11 07 2008

Richard Daudé: FB profile!

Richard Daudé has joined the cognoscenti of the Face Book firmament! No news on new material... but if you get a chance grab a copy of Workshop...I've had a couple of tracks on heavy rotation this week.

Don't forget to check out the sound samples for the workshop release: or this sample which features fellow Frenchman Ric Daude:

Russ Parrish: steel panther maxim interview

No Sign of Russ... but classic lines none the less! Still at least there are some photos

Prashant Aswani: pedal board!

a mega load out from Prashant Aswani!

Simone Fiorletta: gets ESP endorsement

Simone Fiorletta says:
Hi guys,

I'm officially an "ESP Guitars" endorser!!!
Thanx to Andrea Brusadelli at Backline and all the ESP staff.

I'll put on myspace some promotional pix as soon as it's possible.

All the best

Yngwie Malmsteen: live DVD release date announced!

Rising Force Records will soon begin releasing rare archival concert footage that many Malmsteen collectors will want to have. The first is Yngwie in Korea, which will be officially released October 13, 2009. This is the raw footage that was shot by the Korean media, and it features no bells and whistles.

If you are a completist and want to see these concerts the DVD is highly recommended.

Pre Order at: amazon

Taka Minamino: anglewing CD release date announced


I finally finished final processes of cd and release on Nov in only Japan.
Happy to hear feedback from u guys!
Also, check out "Young Guitar Magazine" Dec. issue which my interview on.

Here is sum details for cd,
1. Divine Death (Music by Minamino, Borks)
2. Afterlife in the hell (Music by Minamino, Lyrics by Jones)
3. Violence breeds Violence(Music by Minamino)
4. Forever Love(Music by Minamino, Lyrics by Soto)
5. Angelwing(Music by Minamino)
6. Memories of you(Music by Minamino, Borks)
7. My Requiem(Music by Minamino, Borks)
8. Eye of tranquility(Music by Minamino, Borks)

Taka Minamino-All Guitar, Music, Arrangements, Mixed, Mastered and Produced.
Kevin Jones-Vocal, Lyrics for track 2
Jeff Scott Soto-Guest Vocal, Lyrics for track 4
Derek Sherinian-Keys solo for track 2,3
Rafael Borks-Keyboards, Music, Arrangements
Tony Franklin-Guest Bass for track 6.7
Kelly Simonz-Bass for track 2,3,4,5
Jeff Bowders-Drums for track 2,3,4,5

Saggese Francesco Antonio: paganini shred!

CAPRICE MICHELANGELO BY Antonio First -Italy(-Yngwie,becker and paul gilbert style.)
the audio is not sincronized the video..i guess my camera battery was a bit low..anyway the result is not bad.

Paganini - " MICHELANGELO " guitar CAPRICE by Antonio First

Rob Chappers: ML1 has landed \m/ EPIC WIN \m/

The Chapman Guitars ML1 has landed \m/

Saggese Francesco Antonio: neo classical for me

What can I say?!!? OK thanks to Saggese Francesco Antonio for dedicating this neo classical track to me. Enjoy!

LAURIE MONK DEDICATION VID - neoclassical shred

Silvio Gazquez: coming home... one I missed ... I am a failure!

Another excellent track from Silvio Gazquez... apologies to Silvio for missing this cracking track... I'll try and find out if there is a CD release date due.

here´s one of my new songs, hope you guys like it! also please visit my websites

Coming home (original song) by Silvio Gazquez-

Rusty Cooley: mr cooley goes HD!

Here's a video of me checking out my new video camera and Vegas Movie studio 9.0.

Rusty Cooley video camera test

Mozart Mello: fusion

Seven videos in this collection, from a great player... Mozart Mello

Mozart Mello: fusion

Rob Chappers: win $3000 Faith acoustic guitar and shadow electronic pickup!

Can you achieve..... Acoustic Glory?

Faith Guitars have teamed up with Pickup giant, Shadow Electronics & The Monkey Lord to bring you the chance to win an Official Guitar and Pickup Endorsement deal plus £2000 (Euro2250 / US$3000) worth of great prizes.

For full details on how to enter visit

Acoustic Glory - Win artist endorsements and gear

Milan Polak: t-rex monstrous overdrive pedal demo!

Milan Polak demonstrates and explains the T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive pedal.
Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.
For further order links please visit

The T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive presented by Milan Polak

Leslie West: fret12 interview

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for supporting us at Fret12. We are doing our best to bring you the ultimate guitar experience. Getting interviews, footage and insider content from a wide range of guitarists everyday.

The newest installment in the Sound and the Story series is now available on our site Check out the trailer and then get yours!

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Help us out and spread the word to all your friends.

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Leslie West: The Sound & The Story - Trailer HQ (

Leslie West, Joe Satriani & John Petrucci performing Goin Down' on October 18, 2008 at the United Palace in Harlem New York. Leslie and Joe performed "Stormy Monday" after their sets. Then Joe introduces Petrucci as the 3rd piece of the Long Island Sound, and the Long Island CHAIN GANG lets loose!!

Leslie West & Satriani & Petrucci - Goin' Down

Jason Sadites: guitar 9 interview

Dan McAvinchey: Tell us a little bit about your new "Weve" CD. How did you come up with the concept and songs for the CD?

Jason Sadites: I didn't really set out with a particular concept for the CD as a whole. I was very interested, though, in exploring the idea of using a lot of odd and alternating time signatures throughout the songs, while making them sound rather "common". On my first CD I held back from writing anything too complex for the lack of having musicians that would be able to perform the musical ideas up to the level needed. With the musicians that I had the great fortune to work with on "Weve", that was not an issue, so I was free to write the music that I wanted regardless of the complexity level of the pieces.

Dan McAvinchey: How did you know when you had enough tunes for a CD?

Jason Sadites: I wanted to be very careful not to have a CD that seemed to ramble on endlessly. I wanted to put out a CD that the listener could listen to front to end and feel musically satisfied when it was over. It seems to me that in recent years there has been a leaning to very long CDs and personally, no matter how great the music is, I am usually looking to listen to something else after about 45 minute mark. So, on 'Weve' I put together what I felt was the right amount of music to give the listener that aforementioned musically satisfying feeling.
full interview

Mark McGuigan, Richie Kotzen: Edinburgh instore announced

Richie Kotzen In-store appearance at Imported Instruments!

Mark McGuigan says:
Yesterday I nipped into Imported Instruments, here in Edinburgh, and had the great pleasure to discover that Richie Kotzen will be making an in-store appearance there on Tuesday 20th October, from 1pm – 2pm, before he plays the gig at The Caves in the evening!
Mark's post

Sean Baker: guitar 9 interview

Dan McAvinchey: Sean, looking back, when did you first get interested in guitar, and how did you learn and progress as a player?

Sean Baker: I've been exposed to music throughout my whole life, basically because my parents were such fans of music. I've been a huge fan of the guitar since as far back as I can remember, but I guess it wasn't until I heard Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption" that I decided, "I wanna do that!" I took lessons very early on, but I think my desire to play and learn really helped my progress the most as a player.

Dan McAvinchey: Tell us a little bit about your latest CD "Baker's Dozen", released by Finland's Lion Music. How did you come up with the concept and songs for the CD?

Sean Baker: The concept for the artwork and everything was basically an accident. I had all the tunes recorded at that point, which was thirteen songs. I was talking to Bruce Bouillet on the phone, and told him I was thinking of calling the CD "Baker's Dozen". He laughed for a bit and said that he thought it was a perfect title. That was all I needed to hear. Just kinda went from there. I spend a lot of time out in Los Angeles, and one of the first things you see when you're landing at the airport is "Randy's Donuts", so I asked for permission to use the likeness and it all went from there. No real concept regarding the songs. I just basically spit out whatever was in my head that day.
read more

Mike Campese: moto perpetuo lesson

In this lesson I will be showing you an excerpt from Paganini's, "Moto Perpetuo". It is important to keep your chops up if you have worked up to a certain level or trying to increase your technique. Sometimes it can be tough to fit in a lot of practice if you have a lot of distractions you know, bringing the cats or dogs to the vet, waiting at the garage while your car is being serviced, the list can go on and on. If you want to maintain your playing, it is great to play these type of pieces. They sound real cool on guitar and are fun to play. I have always liked to transcribed violin pieces to guitar.
includes tab and mp3

David Wallimann: with all these competitions some sage advice on backing tracks.

So you just downloaded a few guitar backing tracks and are ready to jam? Great! Backing tracks can be one of the most effective ways to improve as a musician. They give the musician a chance to explore new musical concepts and techniques in a very practical way. However, a few guidelines need to be followed in order to make the most of them.

First, make sure that the track you will be working on is in the right key. Tons of backing tracks are available online, but depending on where you have downloaded them, some can be labeled the wrong way misleading the learning guitarist. Make sure that you get your tracks from a trustworthy source. I have seen too many students develop bad habits because they were playing a G Major scale over a mislabeled backing track in F Major. If you are unsure of what scale to use, just ask someone you trust. If you don't know of anyone, just search online for a reputable musician and ask him for help. Most of the ones I know are always happy to do so

Secondly, focus on a specific aspect of your playing. Whether you are working on a particular technique or a new scale, concentrate on that particular subject. This will maximize your learning time and help you remember what you have learned. Having a plan is one of the most important things when learning something new.

Another important thing while using backing tracks is to listen to what other players are doing over them. Even though there are certain rules set by the backings such as the key it is written in, each musician has his own personality when playing. New ideas and new directions can be found when listening to what someone else creates over the track you are working on.

If you are able to do so, I strongly recommend that you record your work. This will help you be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and point you in the right direction next time you grab your instrument. Make sure to be very analytical of your playing and willing to work hard on fixing whatever problems you hear. Having someone else listen to your recordings can also be very effective. Ask for constructive criticism and be ready to take action regarding the feedback received.

Finally, remember to make time for improvisation. After a focused practice reward yourself by making music. Some of the concepts and techniques you worked on should come out naturally in your playing over time. Remember to build your improvisations. Don't just throw on the table all the licks you have learned. Instead, focus on telling a story with your instrument. Be creative. Use the backing track you are playing over as a canvas. You're the painter, develop something unique and tasteful. There's no need to use all the colors you have, just the ones that will tell what you have in mind at the moment.
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