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Milan Polak: T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition!

The beautifully wrapped T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive pedal

Shred Junior wants you to blow away Milan Polak to win a super cool T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive pedal!

Your chance to win a FREE T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive, ToneBug Reverb or copy of "Murphy's Law" (Lion Music)! Follow the instructions in the video.
1) All entries MUST subscribe to Milan Polak's YouTube channel first!
2) Download the "Torn" playback track:
3) Record your own solo on video
4) MUST post as video response to THIS video!
All entries must be submitted BEFORE 7th of December 2009!!
Winners will be announced 14th of December 2009!!!

The "Torn" chord progression:
Emin - D/F# - Gmaj - Cmaj 2x
Gmaj - Cmaj - Emin - Dmaj
Fmaj - Cmaj - Gmaj - Gmaj
Key: E-minor (standard tuning)

Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition"

Fran Alonso: farewell ballad

Fran Alonso - Farewell Ballad

Simon Goldsmith: turning into Simon's day... Light and Dark

From the archives. Haven't done anything in a while so thought I'd upload this. Improv over a track I wrote. All tones and wah from the Boss ME-50

Light and Dark

Kurt James: Star Spangled Banner 1989

Here Kurt James plays "Star Spangled Banner", at the "Guitar Heroes" concert in Tokyo, Japan on the 15th May 1989.

Kurt James - Star Spangled Banner (Japan - 15th May 1989)

Vinnie Moore, Michael Angelo Batio,Joey Tafolla, Mitch Perry, Kurt James, David T Chastain: Guitar Heroes 1989

Wouldn't you just love to see a new version of this type of tour!

Here Vinnie Moore, Michael Angelo (Batio), Joey Tafolla, Mitch Perry, Kurt James & David T. Chastain play "Wild Thing", at the "Guitar Heroes" concert in Tokyo, Japan on the 15th May 1989

Vinnie Moore, Michael Angelo, Joey Tafolla & co. - Wild Thing (Japan - 15th May 1989)

Vinnie Moore, Michael Angelo, Joey Tafolla & co. - Crossroads (Japan - 15th May 1989)

Fredrik Thordendal: Meshuggah Australia dates

According to a posting on MESHUGGAH's newly revamped official web site, the Swedish experimental extreme metal band's long-awaited concert DVD will finally be released in early 2010. More information will be made available soon.

MESHUGGAH will tour Australia and New Zealand in February/March 2010.

The band's schedule is as follows:

Jan. 16 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Danish Metal Awards
Feb. 20 - Brisbane, Australia - RNA Showgrounds
Feb. 21 - Sydney, Australia - Eastern Creek Raceway
Feb. 26 - Melbourne, Australia - Showgrounds
Feb. 27 - Adelaide, Australia - Bonython Park
Mar. 01 - Perth, Australia - Steel Blue Oval
Mar. 03 - Wellington, New Zealand - SFBH
Mar. 04 - Auckland, New Zealand - Transmission Room

Michael Angelo Batio: freight train 1989

Here Michael Angelo plays "Freight Train" followed by a "Double Guitar Solo", at the "Guitar Heroes" concert in Tokyo, Japan on the 15th May 1989.

Michael Angelo - Freight Train & Double Guitar Solo (Japan - 15th May 1989)

Frank Gambale: natives are restless 1992

Here Frank Gambale plays "The Natives are Restless", at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, on the 19th Sept 1992.

Frank Gambale - The Natives are Restless (Warfield Theatre, San Francisco - 19th Sept 1992)

Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Martone: shred boot camp drill instructors!

Featuring Tobias Hurwitz, Jesse Smolover, Michael Angelo Batio, Kurt Bell, Dave Martone, Glenn Riley, Chris Ranier

Shred Boot Camp Video

Simon Goldsmith: S H R E D ! ! ! !

Shred Fest!!!

Joe Satriani: halsted clinic 2008

A Joe Satriani Clinic I attended on 04-05-2008
Halsted Street Guitar Center Chicago, IL

This is part 1: Introduction

This video is for educational purposes. Joe usually doesn't do clinics, but here he wants to share his valuable insight with his fans. Joe goes into various different techniques that he calls on in his unique playing style. Please offer your thoughts, opinions, and critiques...

I apologize for the wabbley camera action. I did not have a tripod with me. I also apologize for my obnoxious comments throughout, imagine how my grammar school teachers felt. I managed to edit most of them out.

Joe Satriani Clinic 04-05-2008 (part 1)

A Joe Satriani Clinic I attended on 04-05-2008
Halsted Street Guitar Center Chicago, IL

Joe Performs 'Musterion' from his latest release. Joe also sheds some light how his composition process and more...

This video is for educational purposes. Joe usually doesn't do clinics, but here he wants to share his valuable insight with his fans. Joe goes into various different techniques that he calls on in his unique playing style. Please offer your thoughts, opinions, and critiques...

I apologize for the wabbley camera action. I did not have a tripod with me. I also apologize for my obnoxious comments throughout, imagine how my grammar school teachers felt. I managed to edit most of them out.

Joe Satriani Clinic (part 2)

Carina Alfie: live shows

Nov 10 2009 9:00P CARINA ALFIE-SHOW-JAM en:The Cavern Club-Paseo La Plaza Av Corrientes 1660-21hs!! BUENOS AIRES, Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de)

Kurt James: Dr Mastermind rides again!!!

Kurt James, Matthew T McCourt and Crazi Robert Brauni (Robert Braune) are set to ride again with the original version of Dr Mastermind. Current aspiration is for tour dates in the USA and Europe, possibly Holland, Germany and Spain. Three new songs are already written... I'll keep you in the loop If I know more, but any show with Kurt James killer playing will be well worth checking out!


The lighter sound of Kurt...

Kurt James Guitar Lesson #1

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot goes gold

Hello People of the Foot!

Did you think the tour was over? So did we, but we're happy to report that we have one new final date of the tour/year just announced for December! To make it a little extra special we've also added a brand new ticketing package that we've never done before. If you are interested in meeting the guys, this is your one chance to do it! Read below for details.


Did we mention how excited we are that, thanks to you, the album has been certified GOLD? What better way to wrap up the tour up than a special presentation to Joe, Chad, Mike and Sammy of their brand new GOLD records? Here's a shot of the guys being presented their records.


The band is doing one final date for the year and for the tour before taking a break for the holidays. Sammy has also made 50 exclusive tickets available to his special opening event for his new Cabo Wabo nightclub as part of the also-special Meet & Greet package. Details below!

Fan Club Presales begin Wed Oct 21 10am & end Fri Oct 23 10 pm (PDT)
Purchase links will be on by Tue. night (Oct 20).

(ONLY fan meet & greet and ONLY soundcheck experience of the tour!)

  • One premium, reserved seated ticket located within the first 5 rows of the stage
  • Exclusive Meet and Greet with the members of Chickenfoot
  • One general admission ticket to SAMMY HAGAR'S CABO WABO VEGAS NIGHTCLUB GRAND OPENING EVENT on December 4th
    featuring Sammy Hagar & the Waboritas
  • Exclusive access to Chickenfoot's pre-show Soundcheck
  • *Two guests will be invited to watch the show's encore from the side of the stage!
  • Swag pack (see below)


  • One premium, reserved seated ticket located within the first 10 rows of the stage
  • Exclusive access to Chickenfoot's pre-show Soundcheck
  • Autographed 8X10 photo
  • *Two guests will be upgraded to the Chickenfoot meet and greet
  • **Two guests will be invited to watch the show's encore from the side of the stage!
  • Swag pack (see below)


  • One premium, reserved seated ticket located within the first 15 rows of the stage
  • *Two guests will be upgraded to the Chickenfoot Soundchecked Experience
  • Swag pack (see below)

SWAG PACK (All packages also include the following):

  • Exclusive Chickenfoot Concert Shirt
  • Collectible Chickenfoot Tour Poster (limited, numbered)
  • Commemorative Tour Laminate (exclusive for each package: M&G laminate, Soundcheck laminate, Commemorative Tour laminate)
  • Collectible Chickenfoot Magic 8 Ball
  • $25 voucher to the official Chickenfoot on-line store

Presale tickets are available to members of the official Chickenfoot Fan Club. Joining the Chickenfoot Fan Club get you access to presales, an exclusive "Chickenheads" fan club t-shirt and 10% ongoing discount in the Official Chickenfoot online store. Click here to join.

For purchase links and the latest details visit


The guys will be performing two songs on the Jimmy Kimmel Show Friday Nov 6th, so put it in your calendar and program your DVRs! For more info on the show, visit


We're happy to announce that coming November 1 is an exclusive Deluxe Limited Edition of the Chickenfoot album. More details are still to come, but the for now the quick summary is:

  • CD includes all 12 tracks (including Bitten By The Wolf)
  • DVD includes an hour of new video footage featuring videos for every song including live performances from Montreux Jazz Festival (Soap on a Rope, Sexy Little Thing & Down The Drain), and exclusive footage from the road, in rehearsal, and in the recording studio. Both official music videos for "Oh Yeah" and "Soap On A Rope" are also included.

Richie Kotzen, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert: who is the hottest player?

Richie Kotzen vs Paul Gilbert

Richie Kotzen vs Jason Becker

Mattias IA Eklundh: live in Sweden 2009

5 videos from a recent live show

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen Vasteras, Sweden

Shawn Lane: powers of ten revisited

A whole heap of discussion going on about one of my favourite albums of all time POT. More discussion Willjay reveals a version of the CD I've never heard of or seen before!!

Yep, i can tell straight away that it's a first (1992) pressing just by the fact that the design on the disc itself is black, rather than green as it is on the 1993 release, yet it still has just the Warner Bros logo on the bottom half, instead of the "Eyereckon" logo that the 2006 release has. The 2006 re-release (with bonus tracks) has the green design on the disc, but it has the track names printed on it (whereas the 1993 'green' design doesn't).The 1992 disc has the tracks in a slightly different order to the 1993 release. The 2006 version was only available for a short time before Diane asked for the copies at Abstract Logix to be withdrawn (politics i won't go into here).

I have about 10 original copies of PoT (with the original cover)... though not all the same (that would be a bit silly). I have copies of all 3 releases with that same cover design (1992, 1993, 2006), i have versions on cd and cassette, as well as both opened and factory sealed versions of them. Then for an 11th copy i have a version of PoT that has actually never been released (and has never even been mentioned in public or online for some reason), which you can see here :

Jeff Loomis: clinic report - i heart guitar!

One of the players who have taken the guitar and put his own stamp on it, done his own twist so to speak, of this current generation is Nevermore's shred lord Jeff Loomis.

Jeff is currently out on a clinic tour with Schechter guitars in which he gives some insight to his philosophies regarding writing, playing and gear, as well as shredding through a nice six-song set composed of two Nevermore classics and four songs from his debut solo album, Zero Order Phase.

I heart guitar asked me to go there and to report from it, so I figured I should try and ask Jeff a couple of questions. Thankfully, he was a grade A dude, very approachable and very funny.
full report

Dave Martone: bucharest gig announced

Dave Martone will be in Bucharest - Romania on 21st November 2009 .
He will take a Master Class & Concert @ Jukebox Club ( Ex Becker) Str. Turturelelor, nr. 11, Sector 3, Bucuresti
Free Entrance.
More Info:

Dave Martone Promo Asteptand Ziua Chitarelor

Richie Kotzen: more live video, revews and photos

Richie Kotzen performing at the Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton - 12th October 2009.

(Sorry, missed most of the first verse! Oops)

Full gig review, photo set and interview at (in a couple of days time!)

Richie Kotzen: High (live)

A cool photo Gallery: Richie Kotzen Interview + Live @ The Robin, Bilson, Wolverhampton, Monday 12th October 2009

Underworld photo gallery

Leeds Review: more reviews

Bit late but here I am...

Setlist...I made it my goal to note each one down on my phone. Except the first song I forgot to do but my girlfriend Kindly reminded me!

So, the setlist...


It was a fantastic gig. I spent a little too much time pissed off at the beginning as my photos were turning out awful. No flash allowed and no matter how still I was, they were just blurry. The flash on the big camera I brought was so bright that I really couldn't do it as everyone would have noticed and it would have interfered with people's enjoyment of the show.
So, yes, the fantastic photos I anticipated ended up not happening.

But anyway, other than the photo issues, I had a great night. Met some cool people (even though some were surprised I knew who they were! ). Sorry I didn't get chance to say goodbye Kate

The performance was awesome. I was worried his cold would affect it somehow but it didn't at all. His playing and THAT voice just blew me away I've seen him play twice before at Whitstable some years back now and the vocals weren't as clear so to hear RK as he should be heard was very satisfying indeed. Some of those high notes were does he do that?!
The songs all seemed to have extended solos which was a great way to see Richie go off and get crazy - i've heard/seen it many times before but there's nothing quite like seeing it for real with your own eyes and being there.
The band were all on form and played off each other so well especially in the jam parts of the songs. Demian and Daniel played fantastically. There was one particular jam which I loved but I forget which song it was part of. Richie also pulled out some cool new ineteresting sounds i've not heard him do. I'm not expert on guitar and the tech aspect! He also did some finger tapping which I'm not used to seeing much in his recent playing style (I could be wrong, maybe he does this often?!). And I was surprised at some of the heavy riffs he was doing in some parts!!
All in all a great show and considering it was meant to have not sold so well, there was a fair amount of people turn up for it not to look too empty! Wish I could have made at least one more show but I couldn't. But fingers crossed, he'll return next year and more people will come see the amazing show Richie puts on.

Oh yeah, I also went to the "signing" session earlier that day. Where was everyone?! There must have been 5 people show up! Met the guys, got stuff signed and spoke to Demian for a while. He's a great guy and I like how he takes time to speak to people and listen. Very friendly guy. Same with Daniel.

So, there's my attempt at reviewing my experience of yesterday

09.10.09 Bristol, UK, Fiddlers
11.10.09 Poole, UK, Mr Kyps
12.10.09 Wolverhampton, UK, The Robin 2
13.10.09 Swindon, UK, The 12 Bar
15.10.09 – Rio’s, LEEDS Have a great show Tom and George!
Tom Quayle mini revew:
Richie was on fire last night! We all loved every minute of it. It was kind of weird as I shot four or five songs on video and every time he took a solo he came right up to where we were stood and shredded in our face like he was soloing just for us! Awesome!!!! Unfortunately, the kick drum was so loud that it distorts the sound on the vids. A real shame as the sound was otherwise great. I may post a few online - we'll see what I can do with the audio.

16.10.09 – Club Academy, MANCHESTER

Amazing gig last night in Manchester. Richie appeared to having the time of his life up there on the stage and the atmosphere in the venue was brilliant. As markshiers said the setlist was similar to Leeds, loved hearing him sing 'Shine' this time though! Waited after the show, he came out and I got couple of my CD's signed. Now I'm really tempted to go to Newcastle as well as Glasgow

Latest gigs
Oct 18th – Trillians, NEWCASTLE
Oct 19th – Classic Grand, GLASGOW
Oct 20th – The Caves, EDINBURGH
22.10 X-Roads - ROMA (Italy)
23.10 Naima - FORLI' (Italy)
24.10 Bluesiana - VELDEN (Austria)
26.10 Smuget - OSLO (Norway)
28.10 Nord Wind - BARI (Italy)
29.10 Rockaway - MACERATA (Italy)
30.10 Borderline - PISA (Italy)
31.10 Il Peocio - TROFARELLO/TORINO (Italy)
03.11 Jas Rod - MARSEILLE (France)
05.11 Salamandra - BARCELONA (Spain)
06.11 Teatro - LAS PALMAS (Spain)
07.11 Rytmo Y Compas - MADRID (Spain)
08.11 Sala Rockstarlive - BARKADERO/BILBAO (Spain)
10.11 Le Splendid - LILLE (France)
13.11 Le Forum - VAUREAL/PARIS (France)
14.11 Borderij - ZOETERMEER (Holland)
15.11 Bosuil - WEERT (Holland)
17.11 Spirit of 66 - VERVIERS (Belgium)
18.11 Franzis - WETZLAR (Germany)
20.11 Exit Chmelnice - PRAGUE (Czech Republic) buy ticket online: or
21.11 Kulturbastion - TORGAU (Germany)
22.11 Mega Club - KATOWICE (Poland)
24.11 Progresja - WARSAW (Poland)
26.11 Blues Garage - HANNOVER (Germany)
27.11 Hamburg Ballroom - HAMBURG (Germany)
28.11 Uhlenspiegel - LEONBERG (Germany)
30.11 Reigen - WIEN (Austria)
01.11 A38 - BUDAPEST (Hungary)
02.11 Heineken Tower Stage - BRATISLAVA (Slovakia)
04.11 Stonenge - SOAVE/VERONA (Italy)
05.11 Corallo - SCANDIANO/REGGIO EMILIA (Italy)

Mattias IA Eklundh: land of freaks just days away!

Land of the Freaks, the seventh Freak Kitchen album featuring twelve brand new tracks will be released the 21st of October 2009 in Scandinavia (Bonnier Amigo, Universal, Rockweiler Ltd.) and in the UK (Proper Music) the 19th.

We are very happy to announce we have just signed with Roadrunner, France. The French will be get to hear Land of the Freaks in November. Street date: 23rd of November. (Needless to say, the coolest Christmas gift of the year).

More countries and release dates will follow soon.

The tunes and running order:

1. God Save the Spleen
2. Hip Hip Hoorah
3. Teargas Jazz
4. Sick? (Death by Hypochondria)
5. OK
6. Honey, You’re a Nazi
7. The Only Way
8. Murder Groupie
9. The Smell of Time
10. One Last Dance
11. Do Not Disturb
12. Clean it Up

Get your copy now!

Amazon UK,,, Amazon France, CD Inzane USA, Impulse Music Inc. USA (available soon), Laser's Edge USA (available soon) and of course the mighty iTunes.

Check out the new Freak Kitchen MySpace profile as well as our Facebook page.

Listen to the tune Teargas Jazz feat. V. Selvaganesh on kanjeera and Neyveli S Radhakrishna on double violin on MySpace!
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and France coming up!

We begin Tour of the Freaks in Scandinavia before heading out on the rest of the planet. These are confirmed concerts so far:

2009-09-26 Sommerstedt, Denmark, Banehuset
2009-09-27 Svendborg, Denmark, Vintage Guitar Show
2009-10-08 Stockholm-Åbo, Sweden-Finland, Silja Galaxy
2009-10-09 Västerås, Sweden, Sigurdsgatan 25
2009-10-10 Ålvik, Norway
2009-10-16 Örebro, Sweden, Örebros Konserthus
2009-10-17 Köping, Sweden, Smedjan
2009-10-20 Helsinki, Finland, On the Rocks
2009-10-21 Tampere, Finland, Yo-talo
2009-10-22 Jyväskylä, Finland, Lutakko
2009-10-23 Kuopio, Finland, Henry's Pub
2009-10-30 Bjuget, Norway, Fosen Rock
2009-10-31 Oslo, Norway, Smuget
2009-11-27 Åmål, Sweden, Hamnkompaniet
2009-11-28 Stockholm, Sweden, The Cave
2010-02-08 Paris, France, La Maroquinerie
2010-02-09 Tourcoing, France, Le Grand Mix
2010-02-10 Strasbourg, France, La Laiterie
2010-02-11 Lyon, France, Nikasi Kao
2010-02-12 Marseille, France, Espace Julien
2010-02-13 Montpellier, France, Rockstore
2010-02-14 Bordeaux, Théatre Barbey

More dates to come. Hope to see you there!
Freak Guitar - Growing Your Own Moustache Vol. 2!

A new download tuition album will be available from the online store this fall, simply entitled Freak Guitar - Growing Your Own Moustache Vol. 2! It will consist of equally challenging, slightly mad exercises as the first edition (to put it mildly) squeezed into a whole bunch of backing tracks with and without guitar, page up and page down of fine notation plus a neat cover to wrap it all into.


1. Fork
2. Shave my Shoes
3. Ten Types of Pain
4. Naja Naja
5. Mike the Lesbian
6. Compress Me
7. Fortune Cookie Wisdom
8. Exorcism Pasta
9. I Wonder Why You Wonder Why I Wonder?
10. Bastardization
11. Uoiauai
12. Pick it Up
13. The Hummus Knife
14. Oh Yeah?
15. Barf Bag Bernhard
16. Clemence the Intense
17. Ivory Key Melancholy
18. Freak Guitar Camp Anthem
19. Ludwig van Fork

Sharpen your fingers and stay tuned for release date.

Simon Goldsmith: tweating on twitter

Simon Goldsmith:

Chris Brooks: jamming with the Ben Finn Trio

Nov 6 2009 7:00P The Ettamogah w/Ben Finn trio Rouse Hill, New South Wales
Nov 6 2009 7:00P The Ettamogah - Guest gig with Ben Finn Trio Rouse Hill, New South Wales
Nov 7 2009 10:00P The Ivanhoe Manly with Ben Finn Trio Manly
Nov 7 2009 10:30P The Ivanhoe Manly - Guest gig with Ben Finn Trio Manly, New South Wales

Karl Bourdin: Evolution Rock - Shred Guitars Needed for Masters of Shred 4

Karl Bourdin
We are looking for the next Masters of Shred. If you’re a solo guitarist with proved shred ability and with a solo album production send your promos with your complete information to the following mail address:


Harry Kapeliaris: K Trio and Harry Kapeliaris live



Harry Kapeliaris at Athina Live 14/10/06
Thodoris Kouelis - bass
Chris Basios - keyboards
Vaggelis Korakas - drums


Richie Kotzen: Poole photo gallery

Thanks to Michelle Holland for spotting this selection of photos from the Poole Show:

Full gallery

Beto Kobayashi: grupo medusa

Victor Marcellus & cia - "ADUBA LÉ " (grupo Medusa)

Eric Maldonado: 14 year olds tribute to the 1980's

HI everyone!!

Well, after a very long absence of video posting I'm back with a demo for this epic pedal from AMT, a new company I started working with. I recorded everything you hear and programmed the drums all in Pro Tools. The tone you hear is just the DT-2 straight into the computer with some nice stereo delay from Guitar Rig 4. IF you haven't checked out AMT you can do so by clicking this link

The solo is just an improvisation on a new track of mine called "84", which will be on my 5 song E.P.

If you would like to purchase the pedal and/or the guitar you can do so by going to:

AMT Pedals

HALO Morbus

I hope you enjoy this little demo, don't forget to rate comment and subscribe for more videos, lessons & demos!!


- AMT DT-2(the best pedal) & HALO Morbus Custom - 80's Style Instrumental Demo by Eric Maldonado

Andy James: learn to play Steve Vai

Guitar Hero Steve Vai DVD Fretboard Tapping Sweep Picking

Alex Hutchings: 2009 Collazzone (Perugia)

Wow.... 5 cool videos from Alex Hutchings

John-Paul Gard (h), Alex Hutchings (g), Filippo Radicchi (d) Oct 9, 2009 Collazzone (Perugia), Italy
John Paul is playng a KeyBduo organ.

"G Funk" - John-Paul Gard (h), Alex Hutchings (g), Filippo Radicchi (d)

"Bb minor" - John-Paul Gard (h), Alex Hutchings (g), Filippo Radicchi (d)

"Bille's bounce" - John-Paul Gard (h), Alex Hutchings (g), Filippo Radicchi (d)

"Revelation" - John-Paul Gard (h), Alex Hutchings (g), Filippo Radicchi (d)

".com" - John-Paul Gard (h), Alex Hutchings (g), Filippo Radicchi (d)