Saturday, 31 October 2009

Francesco Congiu: Milan's TRex monster pedal competition

Entry for the Milan Polak's "T-Rex Competition" - By Francesco Congiu

Scott Hughes: Milan's TRex monster competition

Scott Hughes says:
my entry for Milan Polak's T-Rex competition. Same gear as usual - Brian Moore, Blues jr, Xotic BB. This was really fun to play over!

Scott Hughes - T-Rex competition entry

Tom Hess: working on speed

Guitar Technique Lesson Skills

Umberto Fiorentino: nu blues

Spotted by Lorenzo Venza, Umberto Fiorentino - Improvvisation on Bb Blues

Umberto Fiorentino - Home Blues

Umberto Fiorentino - Blues

Michael Lee Firkins: November Netherlands tour dates announced

9 tour dates added for the November, 2009 Netherlands Tour ....

Date City Venue
11/06/2009 Tilburg 013 Podium
11/07/2009 Kerkrade The Rocktemple
11/08/2009 Dordrecht Bebelot
11/10/2009 Uden Razzoo
11/11/2009 Leeuwarden Romein
11/12/2009 Amsterdam Paradiso
11/13/2009 Zwolle Hedon
11/14/2009 Zoetermeer De Boerderv
11/15/2009 Middelburg Schuttershof

Michael Lee Firkins: on facebook

Michael Lee Firkins:

Christian Lasegue: on facebook

Christian Lasegue:

Ignazio Di Salvo: winter's coming

Some beautiful playing from Ignazi Di Salvo!

Ignazio Di Salvo

Rusty Cooley: premier guitar legato exercises

Hey, welcome back for another dose of guitar insanity. This month we are going to be to looking at some basic legato development in a one octave A Natural Minor scale. Am consists of A, B, C, D, E, F and G, resolving again to A. For those of you who might be new to the legato concept, think of a violinist playing a long string of notes without changing the bowing direction; for guitar it’s a fancy way of saying hammer-ons and pull-offs. By definition a hammer-on is when you have two or more notes on a string and you pick the first note and then hammer-on to the next note or notes just using the strength of you fingers to sound them, or “hammering” them “on.” A pull-off is kind of the opposite; you pick the highest of the two or more notes and, using a downward pulling or plucking motion, you “pull” your fingers “off” to sound the lower notes. Now, when I play these examples I only pick the first note of the ascending string and play 100% legato on the descending line— that means I don’t pick at all as I descend. As I descend I do what is called a hammeron from nowhere and use the strength of my finger to sound the first note of each descending string instead of picking, which gives it a purer legato sound.
more + tab

News: modern warfare 2... incredible game graphics

Fight Against Grenade Spam PSA

Flint Blade: tapping the stick

open your eyes (to the love all around you)

Brian Auer: jam over this backing track

Brian Auer says:
This video has an added Backing track at the end after I play 3:50 for you to Jam over. It would be cool to have you send me a video response of you jamming over it! Share this with anyone you know might want to Jam.

Cool Jazzy Jam With Backing Track

Raphael Fraser: must be Halloween!

The crazy doc is back again, this time with scary music... BOOO!!

Halloween. Not really something that grabs me, but I'm working on a song called When Zombies Dream, so here's a demo of the first bit of it.

I was teh fail when looking for cool public domain zombie attack vids :-| so I stuck a few bits of Resident Evil in at the beginning.

Enjoy. 8)

When Zombies Dream

Carlo Bardoli: brief encounter guitar ballad

Brief Encounter -Played by Carlo Bardoli

Brief Encounter - Guitar Ballad

Paul Gilbert: metalichika VIP project updated

Jenn over at metalichika has updated the VIP book. Packed full with reviews samples from Paul Gilbert's VIP shows.

Jenn says:
The new version of the Paul Gilbert VIP book has been uploaded... Here is the link:

The download is only from my RapidShare account now because of tons of people having issues downloading from my blog... including Paul Gilbert!