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John Denner: Orianthi a tribute!

Orianthi According to you Guitar Solo by John Denner
Orianthi Guitar Solo According To You Orianthi Guitar Run
John Denner
Orianthi learned to play the acoustic guitar at six because of her father, started electric when she was eleven and left school at 15 to focus on writing songs and performing.[2] She has been playing in different friends bands since she was 14 in England and in France. Her first support show was for Steve Vai aged 15. Orianthi had the opportunity to meet and jam with Carlos Santana when she was 18.
He invited Orianthi to get up and jam with him at soundcheck then later asked if she would join him on stage that night to jam.[3] She signed with Geffen Records through 19 Recordings,[2][6] and is living in Los Angeles, New York, in England & in Asia.

Orianthi has played with Prince, made a video clip for Panasonic HD, had a song on the Bratz movie, played at the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival, appeared in The New York Times business section promoting Eco-friendly acoustic guitars.[2][7], and was named in the 12 Greatest Female Electric Guitarists. She also appeared at the 51st annual Grammy Awards as Carrie Underwood's lead guitarist, with Underwood inviting Orianthi to become a member of her band.
1. According To You
2. Suffocated
3. Bad News
4. Believe
5. Feels Like Home
6. Think Like A Man
7. What's It Gonna Be
8. Untogether
9. Drive Away
10. Highly Strung
11. God Only Knows
12. Find It
13. Don't Tell Me That Its Over

Orianthi was Michael Jackson's lead guitarist and was present on all rehearsals for his This Is It tour before his death.

She played and sang at Jackson's memorial, globally televised live on July 7, 2009. She appears in the film Michael Jackson's This Is It, which chronicles the rehearsals for the tour.

Orianthi According To You Guitar Solo Cover by John Denner

Orianthi Guitar Solo According To You by John Denner Re: Michael Jackson Beat it

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot tank UK for best new band award!

The guys take a moment out of a show to record a Thank You for being selected as "BEST NEW BAND" at the Classic Rock Awards 2009.

Chickenfoot - Classic Rock Awards 2009 "Best New Band" Thank You

Damjan Pejcinoski: shine official video

Damjan Pejcinoski's live band, some great solo work from 2:10!

SHINE - NESTO ZA TEBE [Official Video] HD

Joop Wolters: Strings On Fire... really... you can see the smoke and flames!

Joop Wolters is burning the strings on this one!

Joop Wolters says:
entry for Strings of fire..
loved this backingtrack very much so i gave it a shot tonight playing an improv on it after listening the structure of the track a couple of times.. ... , big compliments to chris Feener for making this cool backingtrack..

thank you for your time and listening..:)


Rick Shaffer: Milan's TRex er.. Marshal mega competition!

Rick Shaffer enters both of Milan's competitions!

T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition

Mega Marshall Competition Entry

Kara Gordon: Faith guitars competition

Kara Gordon says:
FGS222 Heres my take for this wonderful competition improv on some flamenco style stuff ,hope you like it and best of luck to everyone

FGS222 K Gordon Acoustic glory Faith Guitars Shadow Electronics

Mickael Lenel: flamenco V's metal
this song is not flamenco or metal !
it floats somewhere in between
every part of the song were made with a guitar(s)
hope you enjoy it !!

flamenco vs metal

Francesco Congiu: Strings On Fire 2

Why have one when you can have 2?

"Strings On Fire" Take 2 _Francesco Congiu_

Rafael Moreira: bogner burning

Rafael Moreira Burning on Bogner Alchemist Head with Closed Back 4x12 Cab

Anton Oparin: bogner and gks demo

Always look forward to new videos from this guy: Anton Oparin playing Nicolo Paganini with a GKS Guitar and Bogner XTC-20TH & Alchemist Amplifiers

Anton Oparin GKS Guitars Bogner Amplification

Anton Oparin playing a Gks Guitar and Bogner Amplifiers (XTC-20TH, Alchemist) @ a West LA Music event in september 2009

GKS Guitars Anton Oparin Bogner Amplification

News: Virgin Media broadband woes

Been having major problems with my Virgin Media Broadband... Should be 20Mb... over periods it's been a piece of wet cotton with knots in... no access at all... been like this for a number of days... keeping a stiff upper lip and posting when Virgin Media decides to give me 20 seconds of Internet connectivity... Just come up with the new term for this... Extreme blogging... I hope it never happens to you.

News: truefire immediate access to online learning tools

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Keith Whalen: heptatonics

Thanks to Anthony Lipari:
Herein lies a few examples of Heptatonic and Bitonal arpeggios from Nicolas Slonimsky's "Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns".

Heptatonic arpeggios are executed by playing the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th degrees of a respective diatonic scale and then followed by the 2nd, 4th and 6th tones in sequence. The 2, 4 and 6 tones are played above the first octave, which is why I regard Heptatonic arpeggios as a split-type arpeggio to facilitate the understanding and mapping on the fretboard. Considering this, we see that all 7 tones in the scale are played before repeating the tonic, which will only occur two octaves higher after the sixth and final tone of the scale in question has been arpeggiated. This type of arpeggio can be seen used in Busoni's 'Fantasia Contrappuntistica' and can be applied to just about any diatonic scale or mode.

The second examples covered here are the Bitonal arpeggios, which are far more transparent theoretically but are physically daunting. However, looking beyond the issue of physical complexity, Bitonal arpeggios may also prove to be a successful ear-training exercise, seeing as they force you to listen for two distinct triads and how they may compliment or disagree with each other. If you can pick them apart and separate them you have a hell of an ear! Slonimsky's 'Thesaurus' uses the key of C major for all initial triads, so all of the arpeggios will commence with the C, E, G triad we are all too familiar with. Interestingly, he cycles through all the 23 other major and minor keys in conjunction with the key of C. The cycling of keys is interesting not only because of the juxtapositions with C major but the increasing variance of fingerings needed to find other closely positioned triads on the fretboard.

0:00 - 0:23 = Locrian Heptatonic Arpeggio Ex: 1089
0:24 - 0:44 = Phrygian Heptatonic Arpeggio Ex: 1090
0:45 - 1:07 = Aeolian Heptatonic Arpeggio Ex: 1094
1:08 - 1:19 = Heptatonic Arpeggio Ex: 1096

1:20 - 1:31 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Cmin
1:32 - 1:43 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Dbmaj
1:44 - 1:55 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + C#min
1:56 - 2:06 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Dmaj
2:07 - 2:17 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Dmin
2:18 - 2:29 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Ebmaj
2:30 - 2:40 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Ebmin
2:41 - 2:52 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Emaj
2:53 - 3:02 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Emin
3:03 - 3:13 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Fmaj
3:14 - 3:26 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Fmin
3:27 - 3:39 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + F#maj
3:40 - 3:50 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + F#min
3:51 - 4:02 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Gmaj
4:03 - 4:14 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Gmin
4:15 - 4:24 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Abmaj
4:25 - 4:37 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Abmin
4:38 - 4:48 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Amaj
4:49 - 4:59 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Amin
5:00 - 5:12 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Bbmaj
5:13 - 5:26 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Bbmin
5:27 - 5:40 = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Bmaj
5:40 - End = Bitonal Arpeggio Cmaj + Bmin

Keith Whalen - Slonimsky Examples: Heptatonic and Bitonal Arpeggios.

Keith Whalen - Couple of licks

Vicki Genfan: true fire fire side chat

Vicki Genfan: true fire fire side chat:
Every now and then an artist comes along whose music reaches out and touches the soul of all who hear them. Virtuoso guitarist, singer and composer Vicki Genfan is among those artists. Drawing from folk, jazz, pop, soul and world music, Vicki is redefining ‘singer/songwriter culture.’ With a mastery of the acoustic guitar that borders on pure alchemy, audiences are mesmerized by the waves of sound Vicki creates with just two hands and her voice. Using 29 alternate tunings and the percussive technique she calls 'slap-tap', you'll find the addition of her pure, expressive vocals that dig deep and stir the heart to be the perfect accompaniment on many of her songs. Our in-house interviewer, Charlie Doom, sat down with the very-talented Vicki Genfan for a Fireside Chat to discuss, among other things, her new TrueFire guitar lessons course, 3D Acoustic Guitar, which is a dream come true for we apprentices and enthusiasts of the emerging and exciting new style of slap-tap acoustic guitar.

1. If you weren't a musician, what would you be and why?
Wow, hard question right off the bat! That question feels like you asked, 'If you weren't a human what would you be and why'. I was born this way and I can't quite imagine it any other way. Now if you're talking professional musician - that's another story. I'd love to be a DJ (that's not a musician, is it?) simply 'cause I love the idea of weaving music together, taking an audience somewhere, hey- wait a minute, sounds just like a musician. OK I'll try to think outside of my own box here...I love the field of holistic healing and have an alter ego career as a Polarity Therapist and Sound Healer. I'd love to take that work further and study all kinds of multi-cultural methods of figuring out how we humans work, get hurt and can heal. Places where the body, mind and emotions meet and greet one another (so to speak).
full interview

News: guitarist hub reviews the PRS 513

PRS 513:
The PRS 513 is a versatile guitar covering a range of tones thanks to its innovative 5 single coil pickup setup.

5 single coils
Mahogany Body
Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard with 513 birds
Maple top
Hard case
Model tested retails at £2795

Orianthi: is on twitter, so what tune is this bird chirruping?

Orianthi is on Twitter:

here's a sample of the tweatosphere that is Orianthi...

"about to head down for a coffee at starbucks then off to the radio station here in minneapolis"

"nice and chilly here in minneapolis!"

"then columbus tomorrow night..;)"

"will be in milwaukee tomorrow afternoon"

Jeff Beck: Cause We've Ended As Lovers live

JEFF BECK LIVE Cause We've Ended As Lovers

Michael Angelo Batio, Doug Marks: Essential Guitar Techniques


“Essential Guitar Techniques” DVD by Michael Angelo Batio and Doug Marks

Michael Angelo Batio and Doug Marks chose twelve techniques that are absolutely essential for guitar mastery. The “Essential Guitar Techniques” DVD is for all levels of playing experience from beginner to advanced. These are all new demonstrations of techniques that have been explained in previous programs. This is actually a "sampler" from Doug Marks' Complete Basic Course and Michael Angelo Batio's Speed Lives and Kills.

Who Will Benefit From This Program?
If you're new to Michael or Doug Marks, this will demonstrate how they teach. If you're curious about Michael's technique but think that his DVDs might be too difficult, this will show you his most important exercises. Or, maybe you just might want to see what Michael and Doug are up to.

We also include a couple of Michael's performances from previous programs: “Prog” and “Hands Without Shadows.” MAB even teaches a section from his most popular song,
“No Boundaries.”

Below is a list of the topics covered in the “Essential Guitar Techniques” DVD:

Michael Angelo Batio
Advanced Techniques
- Edited version of Prog performance from Speed Kills 3
- Hands Without Shadows performance from Speed Lives 2
- Demonstration of Michael's three signature series guitars
- Alternate picking
- Economy picking
- Riff from No Boundaries (Speed Lives Ex. 17)
- Am arpeggio

Doug Marks
Beginner Techniques
- How to properly fret notes (pull, don't squeeze)
- How to properly hold a pick
- Proper fretting and picking technique

Intermediate Techniques
- Stage 4 solo performed
- Basic barre chords
- Hammer-on
- Pull-off
- Hammer-pull
- Tell the Truth solo performed
- Using the barre for efficient picking

The “Essential Guitar Techniques” DVD IS IN STOCK and AVAILABLE NOW!

We are offering this new DVD for the unbelievable price of $5.95

Orders over $50 dollars will receive the “Essential Guitar Techniques” DVD FREE!

Slimer: says thanks!

A big hello to the little fella!

Funk for the Monks

Silvio Gazquez: Strings On Fire!

"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest - Silvio Gazquez entry

Jack Gardiner: Strings On Fire!

Hey guys! Thanks for watching. Saw the video for this today, and i just HAD to enter XD. This backing track is awesome, so a big thanks to Chris Feener! I had lots of fun playing over the top. Hope you enjoy! Cheers again

Strings on Fire Entry - Jack Gardiner

Richie Kotzen: fans sing the words!

Remember - RIchie Kotzen - Leandro Ibalo Traducciones

Francesco Congiu: Strings On Fire

Severe note densities!

"String On Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest - Congiu Francesco Entry

Damjan Pejcinoski: super tapping!

Awesome tapping lick!

Damjan Pejcinoski-Tapping lick No.1

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Teargas Jazz

Teargas Jazz from the Freak Kitchen album Land of the Freaks, feat. V. Selvaganesh on kanjeera and Neyveli S Radhakrishna on double violin. Shot in New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Panjim, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bucharest and Gothenburg.

Freak Kitchen - Teargas Jazz

Guthrie Govan, Andy Wood, Mattias IA Eklundh: at the RMA

view more: