Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Elias Viljanen: sonata arctica tour dates update

SONATA ARCTICA will embark on a North American headlining tour in the spring. Support will come from MUTINY WITHIN and POWERGLOVE.

The dates are as follows:

Apr. 02 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
Apr. 03 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium
Apr. 05 - New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater
Apr. 06 - Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
Apr. 07 - Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
Apr. 09 - Toronto, ON @ Opera House
Apr. 10 - Detroit, MI @ Blondies
Apr. 11 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
Apr. 12 - St Paul, MN @ Station 4
Apr. 13 - Winnipeg, MB @ WECC
Apr. 15 - Calgary, AB @ Warehouse
Apr. 16 - Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
Apr. 18 - Vancouver, BC @ Venue
Apr. 19 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Apr. 20 - Portland, OR @ Peters Room
Apr. 22 - San Francisco, CA @ Slims
Apr. 23 - Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Theatre
Apr. 24 - West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
Apr. 25 - Mesa , AZ @ U.B.'s
Apr. 27 - Austin, TX @ Emo's
Apr. 28 - Houston, TX @ Meridian
Apr. 30 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
May 01 - Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11
May 02 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

Randy Rhoads:web site approved, the only web site endorsed by the Randy Rhoads family, is back online and it no longer requires a membership fee to access. There is a video from Randy's brother, Kelle, on the homepage welcoming you to the site. Former QUIET RIOT bassist Kelly Garni is the main contributor and shares many pics and memories about Randy. There are many other features on the site as well.
full details

Sean Pirie: tribute to Marco Sfogli

There's a Marco Sfogli theme starting here...

Marco Sfogli - Slightly Out of Reach Keyboard and Guitar Solo Cover by Sean Pirie

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Guitar - Growing Your Own Moustache Vol. 2 - available now!

The new download tuition album is now available from the online store, simply entitled Freak Guitar - Growing Your Own Moustache Vol. 2! It will consist of equally challenging, slightly mad exercises as the first edition (to put it mildly) squeezed into a whole bunch of backing tracks with and without guitar, page up and page down of fine notation plus a neat cover to wrap it all into.



1. Fork
2. Shave my Shoes
3. Ten Types of Pain
4. Naja Naja
5. Mike the Lesbian
6. Compress Me
7. Fortune Cookie Wisdom
8. Exorcism Pasta
9. I Wonder Why You Wonder Why I Wonder?
10. Bastardization
11. Uoiauai
12. Pick it Up
13. The Hummus Knife
14. Oh Yeah?
15. Barf Bag Bernhard
16. Clemence the Intense
17. Ivory Key Melancholy
18. Freak Guitar Camp Anthem
19. Ludwig van Fork

Sharpen your fingers!

Thiago Trinsi: improving with age

An old video, but worth checking out from Thiago Trinsi.

Thiago Trinsi

News: lion music facebook group

Lion Music have a new group featuring some cool guitar players... you can join:

Elliot Noble: Milan's TRex monster comeptition

... just a reminder Elliot is 15 (11/06/09)... yes... just chopped up the guitar for firewood...

Milan Polak's T Rex Monster Pedal Competition Entry by Elliot Noble

Fayeed Tan: Milan's TRex monster competition

Fayeed Tan's entry for Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition"

News: guitar stand review

The K&M Plastic stand is an innovative take on the same stands you see everywhere.

Fold away design
It folds away pretty small and even when holding your prized possession takes up less room than a standard metal stand.
full review

Daniele Gottardo: clinics and live show appearance

Education - Workshop
Date: Sunday, 22 November 2009
Time: 15:00 - 18:30
Location:Auditorium scuole elementari "L. Da Vinci"
Street: Vicenza, 1
Town/City: Altavilla Vicentina, Italy

Nov 22 20093:00P
Workshop - Centro Apolloni, Altavilla VicentinaVicenza
Dec 3 20099:30P
MILANO IN PROGRESS 2009 - YtsejamKR + Twinspirits + Daniele GottardoMilano
Dec 5 20099:30P
PADOVA IN PROGRESS 2009 - YtsejamKR + Twinspirits + Daniele GottardoAlbignasego PAdova

Maximilian Bauer: two competition entries!

My try in this competition! Really, really, really cool backing track!

Grüße an Milan Polak an der Stelle... ;) Echt geiles Riff!

Milan Polak's Mega Marshall Competition - Maximilian Bauer

"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - Maximilian Bauer

Fabio Perciball: Milan's Mega Marshall Competition

Fabio Perciballi for "Mega Marshall Competition"

Yeray Diaz Hurtado: Milan Polak´s Mega Marshall Competition

Hello everybody, firstly I want to say: Good luck to everyone who is actually joining this Competition...secondly Speciall Thank´s to Milan who is giving us all this oportunity to develop ourselfes playing and hearing other guitarplayers!!

I´m 17 and I hope you enjoy my solo, PLEASE COMMENT 0)

Yeray Diaz Hurtado - My entry on Milan Polak´s " Mega Marshall Competition" Germany

News: Fender weathering the down turn

Thanks to German Schauss:
The high-end guitar maker is weathering the rough economic times in Corona. 'California is hewn into Fender's DNA,' says an official with the company, whose fans keep the passion alive...

Many guitar experts believe Fender is today experiencing its golden age, but that doesn't mean the firm is immune from economic woes. It cut back to one shift from two about a year ago, when the recession made $1,000-plus guitars look like dispensable luxuries. Executives say dealers have finally begun to report hazy indications of resurgent demand.

More important, it's facing more rapid technological change than anything the innovative Leo Fender ever saw. Aware that young musicians aren't shy about enhancing their guitar work through software, Fender brought out the VG Stratocaster, with on-board digital sonic modeling, in 2006. It didn't address a large market, however, and is now out of production, possibly to be supplanted by a second-generation version in 2011.
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News: roland announce new tandard and Graphic Tuners, Metronome, Editing

Newest OS Offers Standard and Graphic Tuners, Metronome, Editing

R-09HR v2Los Angeles, CA, November 11, 2009 — EDIROL® by Roland is pleased to release Version 2.0 operating system for the popularEDIROL R-09HR portable digital recorder. This free, user-installable upgrade adds a suite of new music applications and on-board editing functions, making the R-09HR the all-in-one solution for musicians and recording enthusiasts.

With a new Self Time function, metronome, and two tuners, the R-09HR is now a completely self-contained music companion for practicing and rehearsing. The Self Time function allows for a time delay of up to 10 seconds before automatically recording. With the new metronome, musicians can practice their timing by listening to the click via the R-09HR's built-in speaker, or record quick demos while silently monitoring the metronome in headphones.

The standard and graphic tuners utilize the professional quality condenser microphone of the R-09HR to accurately analyze any instrument’s pitch and tuning. The standard tuner is handy for checking the immediate tuning of an instrument, such as guitar or bass. The graphic tuner displays changes in pitch over time, making it an ideal tool for vocalists, brass, string, and woodwind players who need to test their pitch variation.

Version 2.0 also adds new on-board editing functions for instant manipulation of recorded audio files. The new Divide function breaks long recordings into separate files, such as lengthy interviews or musical performances. The new Combine function merges separate sound files into one single audio file, a convenient feature for posting podcasts easily to the web, or compiling recordings for band practice or music lessons.

To download R-09HR Version 2.0, please visit:

From full-scale music production to computer music as a hobby, EDIROL by Roland is the tried-and-true brand for audio and visual software and hardware. In addition to its acclaimed pocket recorders, EDIROL also offers a world-famous lineup of MIDI keyboard controllers and audio interface products that create new ways to enjoy music using a computer. For more information, visit

Michele Avallone: Strings on Fire Entry - it had to happen 2

Hi my Name is Vincenzo and im from Italy. Since I was a little child i felt interested in music expecially for the so called "Guitar Heros" such as Joe Satriani,Steve Vai,John Petrucci,Jimi Hendrix and so many others...At the Age of 13 I started playing guitar,at the first on my father's spanish classical guitar and then on electric guitar...Now I'm 21 and I'm studying mechanical engineering at the University of Salerno. Ive just finished my Solo Album called "Memories" wich is on sale here:

Watch in HD for better audio quality

Hi! im VinX From Italy here is my entry to the Strings On Fire was sooo fun to shred on this track ive really enjoyed it...

ive made this with my Jackson DK1 and Revalver MK3 "Mesa patch" +some delay all hosted in Reaper
Hope you like it xD

sorry for no video but i havent received my Tripod yet so ive put some guitar hero clips instead lool xD

thank you guys and dont forget to rate and subscribe :D good luck

DarkVinX--Strings on Fire Entry

666: Strings On Fire... it had to happen

Brilliant... if there is a place above first place... this is where this video needs to be !!!

So I was just sitting here in my house this afternoon, watching all of the awesome contest entries when I thought to myself, "why should the guitarists have all the fun?" EFF THAT! So here's my t0tALLy wiCKeD vocal talents. Impressed much? Yeah, I thought so. Sorry it's not louder. Unless you hate it, then I guess be glad this is as loud as it gets.

In case you want to scream along, here are the amazing lyrics I wrote:

This evil woman
is trapped in your veins
You let her out
but she drives you insane

(crappy guttural vocals)

You free the woman
but you do not slay the beast
With a wave of your hand
you cast it into the East

To the lands of magic
they will find it no mooooooooore
To the lands of magic
they will find it no mooooooooore


Prepare for the battle! You have no recourse!
You swing your axe without a shred of remorse!
But the battle is folly! You've already lost!
Forever lay waste the lands to the Beasts of Frost!


"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li contest! AWESOME ENTRY!!!! 666

Michael Gilinsky: 13 year old Strings On Fire!

Some cool chops for 13!

Michael Gilinsky 13 years old- Strings on fire guitar competition

Luke Fortini: Strings On Fire - one solo is never enough!

Luke Fortini delivers not one, but two sizzling hot solos for the Strings On Fire competition.



Robbert Hanenberg: Strings On Fire

A real cool entry from Robbert Hanenberg in the Petruccifever Strings On Fire competition: see all responses

Ibanez Contest : Robbert Hanenberg entry

John Kiefer: guitar tab book available

Product Description: From Mozart for Electric Guitar by John Kiefer.
This edition features new electric guitar transcriptions compiled from the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The collection includes 11 pieces including “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K525 I,” “Rondo alla Turka K331 III,” “Sonata K545 I,” and “Symphony #40 K550 I.” As with other editions in this series, these transcriptions are intended to be performed with a pick — employing string-skipping, alternate, hybrid, and sweep-skipping techniques. The selections have been performed in a variety of settings from accompanied solos to a sextet. Companion audio downloads are available that features all eleven pieces as well as bonus tracks to the multi-guitar selections with the first guitar absent to allow practice/performance with the audio. The book is divided into two sections, the first of which includes music for solos, duets and parts for larger ensemble transcriptions. The second section features full scores, canon solutions and the piano accompaniment score to the Turkish Rondo. Written in notation and tablature. Free audio downloads are available for use with this title.

eine kleine nachtmusik

Michael Angelo Batio: no boundaries 1990's

MAB performing "No Boundaries" live at a clinic in the early 90s. This video is posted with express written consent of Michael Angelo Batio 11/10/09.

Michael Angelo Batio "No Boundaries" live
Congratulations to Hedras Ramos who has gained an artist endorsement from Seymour Duncan: Hedras Ramos has been in the states, his new CD continues apace... expect some great guest guitar solos too. Hedras will also make an appearance at the Winter NAMM for Halo guitars.

Hedras at the Hard Rock Cade

Hedras at Golden Gate bridge

Hedras Ramos at the guitar center

Feodor Dosumov: alko trio

Very inventive playing from Feodor Dosumov.... don't you just love it when you find a new guy... thanks to Stelios Arnaoutoglou for the inside info on this one:

AlkoTrio - TWO for ONE

AlkoTrio - Far Away Field

ALKOTRIO feat. Farko Dosumov "Victum"


News: Digital Nations a new way to sell your music

About Digital Nations

It's no secret that the retail record environment has been shrinking at a tremendous rate. Stores are closing, and getting CDs into the remaining shops is a daunting proposition for today's artists.

But here's the good news. Digital sales are on the rise. With this in mind, we have created Digital Nations, a digital-only label and subsidiary of Favored Nations.

Digital Nations (DN) works as a digital distribution network for our artists. Here is how it works: The artist supplies DN with the music and artwork, then DN uploads to the entire list of DN's digital music stores, well over 100 of them - and growing. The list below represents a portion of the stores to which DN uploads.

Many of these stores offer hi-def downloads, ringtones, streaming, etc. The continually expanding list of stores serviced by DN includes many international stores, including all five major iTunes in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia/New Zealand. So every DN artist is assured of maximum possible distribution in the worldwide digital marketplace.

For sites that include pdf booklets with downloads, DN will upload the artwork in its entirety. DN then will create an online marketing plan, which DN implements for the artist. This can include sending out a press release to DN's large database and forwarding any interview requests to the artist.

DN acts more as a digital distribution service for artists than it does a conventional record label, so DN artists have the significant advantage of retaining all rights to their masters.

Because of the many complexities of setting up a release and taking it down, DN requests a one-year exclusive term. Following the first year, DN offers month-to-month rollover terms.

DN pays the artist 70% of any funds received from all of the digital stores DN services. For example, for every iTunes single download, DN collects the full rate of $.71, so the artist's portion of the sale is close to $.50 per downloaded single.

The artist is responsible for paying any third-party royalty recipients such as producers, musicians and managers. The artist also assumes responsibility for paying mechanical royalties for territories in which the digital store does not pay them directly to the mechanical rights societies.


Although the CD retail environment is getting slim, people who still enjoy shopping for CDs do much of their shopping online at As a value-added service, DT also is offering a new feature for physical distribution at

The artist sends in the materials needed to manufacture CDs, i.e., finished art, or special templates from among the many available options provided by DN, plus the audio files. DN can take the artist's original artwork and work it into whatever template the artist chooses. Amazon keeps these on hand and builds CDs one-by-one for each order it gets.

The CD is featured online, offered for sale in the physical-CD section of Amazon just like any other CD. Once ordered, it is individually manufactured and sent out by Amazon shipping. There is the added bonus of the security, convenience and speed of the dedicated Amazon shipping service.

This program can totally change the way an album is made and budgeted, since the artist does not have to invest up-front to produce 1000 CDs that may or may not sell, then make money back on the markup. A CD is made only when ordered. Amazon pays out 40% of the retail price of the CD sale, and that is split 50/50 with DN.

Unlike the digital stores, which set their own pricing, this Amazon program allows the artist and DN to set the selling price of a CD. For example, after setting a theoretical price of $10.00, 40% of the sale price split 50/50 would result in a profit of $2.00 each for DN and the artist.

Though this is a comparatively low royalty, it is a greater amount than an artist would normally receive from a major label with a conventional deal.

With DN handling the deal, there's no prior investment. DN takes care of all the setup fees, so profit is made starting from the very first CD sold.

To summarize, DN offers the convenience of uploading the music, creates the CD's accompanying printed material out of the template, pays for any fees that may be involved with doing this, accounts to the artist, fixes any problems that may arise with the account, etc.

As with all aspects of DN's deals with our artists, this simplifies the artists' business responsibilities, so they can focus on making music and earning money, while DN handles all the rest.

If you are interested in receiving a deal that also includes the Amazon retail store as a value-added service, it is simple to include this in your basic deal with DN.

Yes, there are still ways that artists can create a piece of work, get it out across the globe, and receive a respectable royalty on their product while still retaining all rights to their intellectual property.

Please contact DN today to begin receiving the considerable benefits of your own deal with DN.

We look forward to servicing your music to the world.

Nick Kellie: CD nw on digital nations

Nick Kellie CD available

AVAILABLE NOW from Favored Nations Entertainment, you can now download the CD worldwide from online stores iTunes,Amazon and many more...

Daniele Gottardo: Frenzy of Ecstasy CD available NOW

The new CD is available in Download format:

Frenzy of Ecstasy is avialable now:

DN:Talk about "Frenzy of Ecstasy" Where did you get the name and what is the inspiration behind the album. Does it have a special message?

I didn't really have a particular inspiration when I’ve wrote this album, but I’ve had the idea in my head to create an album for some years. It was a lengthy process to find out the right tracks. I’m usually very fussy, because I think that this is the most important part of the work, I don’t like to put in useless pieces only to fill an empty time. I eliminate most of my pieces before I end them, because I think you can hear immediately if a piece has something nice to say or not. I think I have to express something and I think Steve Vai has noticed that too, otherwise he would not be interested in my work!“ Frenzy of Ecstasy” has jazz, nu-metal to high-romantic classical musical influences, which is evident in my guitar playing. Why I named it Frenzy of Ecstasy ? Good question... the name sounds nice to me. Maybe everyone can find a meaning to these two apparently opposed concepts !

DN:Talk a little about the musicians in your band. Who are they and tell us a little about them.

They are all young talented Italian musicians and session men. Riccardo Quagliato, drummer. He’s a great drummer and he was very important in giving the right direction to all pieces ! Federico Solazzo at keyboard. He gave to my songs an original jazzy touch, also during the most metal pieces ! Davide Antonio Pio is the youngest guy, he helped me with the electronic parts and during the arrangements of the album ! Bassist: Rony Aglietti, Luca Aspidistria, Mauro Catellani : they are pop session men. Even if mine isn’t a pop album, I preferred to have this kind of bass players, because they have much more control. Also Dario Ciccioni, who was in the Studio for another recording, played the drums on “Apocalypse Ape “.

Richie Kotzen: Barakaldo 2009

Richie Kotzen - Solos - Barakaldo 2009

George Marios: cat scratch fever

George Likes to Please the Pussy!

chisatoXtreme: they get younger!

Internet connection back

PAUL GILBERT Eudaimonia Overtureポールギルバート

OZZY OSBOURNE Crazy Trainオジーオズボーン クレイジートレイン