Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ángel Gómez: Strings On Fire

OK... last day for entries to the competition coming up

Ángel Gómez / Strings On Fire

Jan Laurenz: and now up to speed!

Jan Laurenz magic licks (lick #1 B minor sweep)

Elliot Noble: Strings Of Fire

Elliot Noble: Hometown:Aberdeen Age: 15 !!!! yes I know it's not fair!

Here is my entry for this awesome comp! I added a bit of keyboard to the original backing track so it might sound a little different! This was a nightmare to record btw, but got there in the end :) Mix of impro and pre made stuff. Please subscribe! Thanks for watching :)

'Strings On Fire with Herman Li' Competition Entry by Elliot Noble

Jean Paul Agnesod: Over the Clouds Instrumental guitar CD "Preview"

Jean Paul Agnesod is a guitar player and composer: enjoy his style melodical, expressive and emotional.
He writes and records his own instrumental CDs, works where he tastes different styles (Rock, Fusion, Progressive) with some pleasant guitar techniques (Tapping, sweep picking...)
All songs are under copyright S.I.A.E.

Morning Light by Jean Paul Agnesod guitar - Over the Clouds Instrumental guitar CD "Preview"

Dave Martone: performance at Lucky Music Milan 2009

Seven videos from a recent clinic featuring Dave Martone!

Dave Martone: performance at Lucky Music Milan 2009

Jack Thammarat: boss GT 8

Palmer PDI09 & Boss GT-8 Test by Jack Thammarat (Thai version)

News: Google Chrome OS, future state announced

What is Google Chrome OS?

Video demo of Google Chrome OS, Taken At Mountain View Debut

What Microsoft think of this proposal

Steve Ballmer laughs at Google's Chrome OS! Hilarious

News: interest view on web hosting in the cloud space

Instead of hosting your own website, why not host it in the cloud... this blog site is hosted in the cloud. The benefits, backup and resilience all in place. Updates to back end software all done as part of that service... in the case of blogger this is free. Downside. Lack of control and limited to what the free service can provide. Is this a problem, well it depends if you are interested in the blog posting or you are more interested in the process of web design, building and managing a web site. I used to be the latter, but now I'm the former.

Can moving my website to "the cloud" harm my listings?

Joop Wolters: track off the upcoming CD

Joop Wolters says:
Nov song I composed and played called PUSH AND PULL. I think it will be featured on my upcoming 4th CD that i'm still working on...

joop:(guitars, bass, drum programming, comp)
used gear:(BO-EL model KIM, for the leadguitarsound here in the video i used the pod-x3


Milan Polak: sheeple part 3 - more crazy licks

Breaking down & explaining in detail the 3rd and final part of the solo of "Sheeple" of the '09 release "Murphy's Law" (Lion Music).
"Murphy's Law" is available on iTunes, amazon, CDBaby & guitar9. For further order links please visit

Milan Polak Guitar Lesson #11 - "Sheeple" pt.3 (diminished string skipping + harmonic minor)

Sunny Dsouza:

Sunny Dsouza says:
Sweet practice amp .. local make .. very affordable... thanks for taking time out to watch .. Cheers !!

Funky Jam on FX 50 Kustom Sound

Gabor Poloskei: Strings On Fire

Gabor Poloskei another new guitar player... this backing track is bringing the guys out of the wood work!

"Strings On Fire" - Guitar Solo Contest - Gabor Poloskei

Kirill Konyaev: Strings On Fire, 15 years old!

Some top shredding in the solo from Kirill Konyaev.

Kirill Konyaev - Strings On Fire (entry)

Daniele Gottardo, Daniele Liverani,Tommy Ermolli,: prog show Italy tour dates

"ITALY IN PROGRESS TOUR 2009" YtseJam Kr + Twinspirits + guests

OnStage Booking is pleased to announce the first leg of "Italy in Progress Tour 2009", which will kick off in December, hitting some of the best rock live club around Italy:

"Italy In Progress Tour 2009"
YtseJam Kr + Twinspirits + guest

03/12/2009 "MILANO in progress 2009" Zoe Club - Milano
04/12/2009 "BOLOGNA in progress 2009" Ke Me Meo - Argelato (BO)
05/12/2009 "PADOVA in progress 2009" Country Star - Albignasego (PD)
06/12/2009 "VERONA in progress 2009" Il Blocco Music Hall - San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)
10/12/2009 "PERUGIA in progress 2009" Urban Club - Perugia
11/12/2009 "CASERTA in progress 2009" Oddly Shed - Casagiove (CE)
13/12/2009 "ROMA in progress 2009" Locanda Blues - Roma

In these shows Twinspirits will play songs from their new album "The Forbidden City", lately released by Lion Music.

Every show will be co-headlined by Ytsejam Kr, an impressive combo that held the "Official Dream Theater Tribute Band" title from November 25th 2006 until December 31st 2007.

But there's even more! Every gig will host a cool prog-metal local band as an opening act, for the best progressive experience ever!

Just to mention some: for all the guitar freaks out there, Daniele Gottardo (Guitar Idol UK finalist 2008/2009, Steve Vai Guitar Idol Award winner 2009) will be the ice-breaker in both Milan and Padova, unveiling some fine tunes from his forthcoming solo release "Frenzy of Ecstasy" (soon to be released by Favored Nations).

Chapter Zero will warm up the crowd in Bologna (Ke Me Meo club) with their complex-yet-melodic style.

Methodica will be opening the show in Verona(Il Blocco Music hall)

Mystic Twilight will be opening the show in Perugia (Urban Club)

Stay tuned, more updates are soon to come!

Natthawoot: Strings On Fire

Natthawoot... another new one... this time from Thailand... this backing track has certainly struck a chord with guitar players around the globe... how do we sort this to get the top players though?

"Strings On Fire" With Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest - Chek The Metal - Thailand entry

Spierobo: Strings On Fire

Spierobo another new player... this time from Croatia!

strings on fire

Ryan Formato: Strings On Fire... warning shred alert!!

Re: "Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest - Ryan Formato

Jan Laurenz: Milan's TRex monster competition 2

Jan Laurenz entry for Milan Polak T-rex monster pedal competion

Daniel Realpe: Strings On Fire

Another great entry!

Strings On Fire - Ibanez Competition - Daniel Realpe Entry

Rokas Jackūnas: Strings on Fire competition entry

Rokas Jackūnas - Strings on Fire competition entry

Kris Barras: music box competition

Kris Barras Music Box competiton

Daniele Gottardo: Altavilla Vicentina clinic

Type: Education - Workshop
Date: Sunday, 22 November 2009
Time: 15:00 - 18:30
Location:Auditorium scuole elementari "L. Da Vinci"
Street: Vicenza, 1
Town/City: Altavilla Vicentina, Italy

The seminar is intended for all guitar players, beginners or professionals, who want to know your instrument in a serious way. Proposed an alternative methodology will be tested on myself and my students, based on simplicity and directed to waste less time as possible during the study phase.

Main topics covered:

Analysis of the typical problems of the pupil / teacher.
- Display logic of musical material on your keyboard.
Simplification and personal development of guitar technique.
Counterpoint and basic principles of melodic construction.
Music application of all concepts covered, and much more ..

Damjan Pejcinoski: Strings On Fire

Another great solo from Damjan Pejcinoski.

Damjan Pejcinoski - "Strings on fire" contest

"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest (Deadline: Nov 22nd)
(Original backing track by Chris Feener)

(Original backing track by Chris Feener)

(Original backing track by Chris Feener)


1. add your name to the title
2. turn up the volume of the backing track (almost as loud as your solo)
3. find a fitting melody and make it sound good!


Video entry and audio entry (audio track with slideshow)


All entries will be valued based on composition, technique and sound.


Herman Li

KillrBuckeye (Westland (Michigan), USA)
"Arrival" on iTunes:
"The Rising" on iTunes:

Chris Feener (Newfoundland, Canada)

Jack Thammarat (Bangkok, Thailand)

Ricardo Walls (Cádiz, Spain)

Musicman1066 (Suffolk, UK)

Chris Pallas (Lamia, Greece)

Zane Charron (Munich, Germany)

Laurie Monk (Bristol, UK)

Akira Wada: legacy prism

PRISM Prism PRISM JAM 収録テイク !! act-2

PRISM You're Still Dancin' - The Ballroom In T.V '90

Yngwie Malmsteen: sam ash shred out

Yngwie Malmsteeen at Sam Ash Guitar Expo- Clearwater Fl. 10/04/09

Duilio Humberto de Lima: Strings On Fire

Just a couple more days to go folks to get those solos in! Another hot one from a new guy... happy to post some top 5's if you send them to me... which ever way you can.

Duiliohl - "Strings on Fire" with Herman Li