Monday, 23 November 2009

Marco De Cave: kitchen gets some face melting metal

Just love the licks for this one!

marco de cave mega marshall solo competition.wmv

Rich Brymer: music like a liquid cosh...

new song clip featuring the EBMM wah!

Dargie Delight 2 BFR

Anouck André: freeloading freddie

Anouck André says:
Hello here is my little improv' over Miles Davis' standard. Between blues and jazz. Thanks to Tom Quayle who was a great inspiration! Thanks for watching.

Anouck André - Freddie The Freeloader - Blues Fusion

Katschrowski: Strings On Fire

Brilliant video, brilliant playing... spooky headless torso effect... this competition is super tough to judge... enjoy!

My entry for the Strings on fire Solo Contest with Herman Li. Thanks to Julian, Chris Feener and Co.

Making this video was very funny :-)
If it's important to show a video without the "fire stuff" I have another native edition.

Katschrowski - "Strings on fire" Solo Contest entry

Suppakit Chaisanith: Strings On Fire

Another super hot soloist from Thailand... enjoy

Strings On Fire With Herman li Guitar contest Chaisanith Entry Thailand

Sean Currington: Strings On Fire

Nice melodic solo on a trusty flying V... enjoy

Strings on Fire Entry by Sean Currington

Guty Guitar: Strings On Fire

Guty Guitar, a 16 year old from Brazil says:
Here is my entry for guitar solo contest! I hope you enjoy! I'm 16 years old, i'm from Brazil and i used Guitar Rig 4 Demo to record this video. The new Guitar Rig is awesome!

Guty - "Strings on Fire" - Guitar Solo Contest

Aaron Shawn Gray: Strings On Fire

Aaron Shawn Gray, Strings On Fire, another smoking shredder!

AARON'S ENTRY for the (Strings On Fire) Guitar Solo Contest NOV 2009

Richie Allan: Strings On Fire

A round up of some of the recent videos posted over the last few days.

Richie Allan - Strings on Fire Guitar Solo Contest

Steve Howe: musical Mephistopheles conjuring magical moments

Just back from the Yes gig... great time, great songs... players could learn a lot about dynamics from this band. Steve Howe is excellent, his skill is just amazing, lots of music ideas, he was alike a grey haired Albert Einstein, pulling musical jack rabbits out of his hat! Chris Squire, his counterfoil, likewise delivers real lead bass... thanks to my brothers for getting the tickets!!! you know the drill.. if you get a chance see the band. You can buy live records of the shows online:

Here's an earlier date.

YES-Hammersmith apollo London Nov 17th, 2009 Steve Howe solo

Matias T Rengel: Strings On Fire

Thank god the competition is closed.. it went crazy there for a moment... over 240 entries originally posted... but just about 229 now... you guys should leave the videos up... Matias is no stranger to the competition scene... here's his entry

Strings on Fire Contest with Herman Li (PetrucciFever Channel) - by Matias T Rengel

News: Truth In Shredding slipping down the guitar world rankings ;(


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Mike Campese: moto perpetuo lesson 2

Mike Campese says:
Welcome back! Now that you have the first part of Paganini's "Moto Perpetuo" completed, I will be giving you the second part in this lesson. Hopefully, you have been playing the first section very cleanly and evenly with a metronome. Also, you must have both hands working together, or it will sound sloppy. You have to play slowly first (in order to be able to play fast later) and then build up the speed.

As I did in the first "Moto Perpetuo" column, I included the harmonies so you can hear what Paganini was thinking harmonically when he composed the work. This piece is based in the key of C major, with the clever use of secondary dominants. More excitement can be added if you make some of the minor chords dominant, instead of strictly using the harmonies inside the key. Also, there are some nice chromatic passing tones, especially in bar 12 and a hint of the C Lydian scale in bar 14 over the C chord. This piece can be played in different positions on the neck once memorized, 5th and 7th position are comfortable positions, you also might want to try it in the 9th position.
check out music and tab

Dave Martone: Recording Vox Videos

Dave Martone:
Welcome readers and welcome back to another installment of Zone Recording. First off, I wanted to say thanks for reading! I have been doing these columns for years now and have enjoyed sharing my info, recording techniques and overall, what I have been up to.

I recently was asked by Vox Amplification to do two videos for the VT100 guitar amp, and the Tonelab ST guitar processor (see the video links at the end of the article).

My artist rep Evan asked me to do them in my own quirky way, making it fun, entertaining and to make sure it had great sound quality!

Upon thinking of how to do this, I knew that using the audio from the video camera would not cut it at all.

I had to figure out how to do this, and this is what I came up with
read on

News: YES concert

just off to see YES in concert... back soon...

Hedras Ramos: Carol of the Bells - the holy gift of shred

Carol of the Bells is one of the songs that I arranged for this small project that I worked for this 2009 Christmas' season. I chose 5 of my favorites carols and did some arrangements to them.

The idea of this album came out of the song Silent Night that I produced for a big popular Christmas event Guatemala, so my dad and I decided to do a small album with carols and we did the whole album in just 10 days because we also are working on my second solo album and we want to finish it asap so we can take it to NAMM 2010.

The name of this Christmas album is: "The Holy Gift of Shred", and the songs are:

We wish you a Merry Christmas
Little Drummer Boy
Silent Night
Joy to the World
Carol of the Bells

This album will be available very soon at, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

I want to thank all the musicians who played on this album: Helbert Arias (Keyboards), Juanpi (Bass), my Dad (Bass), Phil Robertson (Drums) and our good friend Ed Maina (Sax).

This album was produced by me and co produced and engineered by my dad Hedras Ramos Sr.

Last but no least I want to thank YOU for your support and also want to give you my best wishes!
Have a Metal Christmas and a funky New Year!
God bless you all!

Hedras Ramos

Hedras Ramos - Carol of the Bells (The Holy Gift of Shred)

Bill Berends: Firebird Strings On Fire

This one might have missed the cut... but awesome all the same!
Another take on the Firebird... but a day too late for the contest. Oh well... I played it in time, I just didn't edit the video last night, too tired. Here is my first video with the 335 which I finished in time:

I was pretty annoyed at this point because I did what I thought was a great take and Windows Movie Maker jammed up resulting in a 30 second loop... aaarrrggh!! So here is take two and three... I did an edit for visual purposes, mainly because I wanted to see the Firebird headstock. These guitars rock!

Anyway, this was fun. All the settings are the same as the 335 video so you can hear the difference between the guitars. I though what would be more appropriate than Strings on Fire on a Firebird. :) Thanks for looking!

ps: I had to put on darker shades because the halogen lamp was killing me.

What it's about:


Bill Berends - Firebird Strings On Fire - Truth In Shredding

Sean Baker: news update


Guitarist Sean Baker of the Sean Baker Orchestra was recently interviewed by on the the worlds leading metal podcasts "Talking Metal" in podcast #283 which available via i-Tunes or by following this link. Sean has also just scored an endorsement with Randall amplification. More information on the Sean Baker Orchestra can be found at

Simone Fiorletta: ESP guitars


Simone Fiorletta has officially become an ESP GUITARS Endorser! Simone who released his third solo album "When Reality Is Nothing" on Lion Music in August 2009 is one of Italy's leading guitar authorities and is also a member of progressive metal merchants Moonlight Comedy who are in the process of writing their third album.

More info on Simone Fiorletta can be obtained at or www.simonefiorlett

Edward Box: vendetta on Bruce Dickinsons' bbc 6 show


British traditional metallers Vendetta who have just released their 2nd album "Heretic Nation" recieved airplay on BBC Radio 6's Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show, with the Iron Maiden frontman declaring the bands new album as "Classic metal all the way". Fans in the UK can catch the band live at Trillians Rock Bar in Newcastle Upon Tyne on Saturday 12th December 2009. More information and new merchandise is available now from the bands official website also check out

News: get a free Lion Music Sampler


Every order (whilst stocks last) from the Lion Music Store will recieve a free 16 track sampler featuring tracks from a wide selection of our 2009 releases. Packed in a cardboard sleeve with artwork by Carl Andre Beckston (Monowasp) these are a cool freebie to thank you for your support in 2009. We also hope they might entice you to check out more of the artists on the compilation.

The Lion Music store not only holds all the Lion Music back catalogue but a massive selection of releases across the rock/metal genre. All instock items are generally despatched same day and we aim to offer the best prices possible.

Visit the store at

Borislav Mitic: to my internet friends

My internet friends,

I would like to send a message for all those who intend to dowload my album for free :

Here are a few words on a very important subject to me - illegal Internet file sharing download!!! This is also known as - MURDER OF MUSIC! Since I have a new album "The Absolute" coming out on December 4th now would be the right time to get into this matter of life and death.

You see,... it is very hard to master an instrument. It takes a lot of years of practice, discipline, study and dedication (like going to a university and more) to reach the level of playing that I and similar musicians are at.

It is really very hard work to compose quality music and create something special for you listeners out there. It is very hard to make records too because the studio time is very expensive (making your own project studio is a big cost too and not many can afford it or even know how to operate it). It is also very hard to find a Record label to publish your music these days,... and even harder to arrange real retail music store distribution to circulate the music on the market and make it available everywhere.

But musicians go through all these pains because they love and believe in music and they believe in fair and just financial reward return for hard work of producing beauty of music they offer to the world. Don't you agree that musicians should be paid for their work?

When people illegaly post or download free MP3 files on Internet of the music that musician made so many sacrifices to create - it is the sign of ULTIMATE DISRESPECT! This means literally taking the bread off the musician's table and spitting in their face!

The music business works like this... (if you don't know).
Musicians who make the music give the album to the label under certain conditions. Then label sells it through its distribution channels and shares the percentage of return income with the musician. Stores and distributors also get their cut for the retail sale service to you - the customer. So the bottom line percentage per a CD that goes back to the musician is quite small in the end. Also don't forget that musician invested money in studio time so this has to be covered before musician makes any real profit money!!!

To make a living from music this way a lot of CDs have to be sold. That CD money also gets re-invested in touring, new albums, promotion, etc.
Everybody in the chain of music industry is living from this system of sale... magazines, concert promoters, labels, music stores. Every single CD sold counts and especially today for smaller artists like myself who do not have a big budget at their disposal to promote themself in mainstream media, TV, Magazines, etc (yes, all that actually has to be paid for and costs quite a lot).

I know,... CDs in stores cost money (16$ a piece?), the world is in economic crises and it's easier to get a free download so that you can put that money into buying your pants and cookies, right? Hey, you can make a cool free collection of thousands of albums with no money invested at all! Woohhhoooo, viva la internet!! How cool is this!!!??? Well,... NOT COOL AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you eat? Yes...? Me too! (inspite of legends you might have heard even we musicians need to eat). To get food I have to go to the grocery store and pay money for it like you. The same goes for clothes and other products. If you would try to take (or "download") food or clothes from the grocery or clothing store the people dressed in blue outfits called THE POLICE would try to stop you since this is considered a crime of stealing. What if everybody starts stealing food unpunished? How will the grocery store employees survive? What about their family? How would the farmers producing food survive if we take it from them for free? They would not.

Do you catch my drift? Just because you CAN download music for free today on the Internet doesn't mean you SHOULD. You CAN also beat up an old lady on the street and steal her pension from her wallet ... but somebody CAN beat you up too and do the same to you. Would you like this? Or would you perhaps like to go to work 9h-17h for free? Would you like musicians to visit your home and take some of your property for free? Why not? They can use it... the same way you can use illegaly downloaded music without paying for it.

This all would be called robbery of course and is illegal and if we would apply this pattern of behaviour to the society in general as a rule of life we would very soon have a society of filthy, wild savages!

My point is - if there is no money coming back to us musicians for the ultra hard work we invest we will all eventually give up and stop making music. If the unchecked Internet theft goes on much longer very soon there will be no more new albums from the artists you like and cherish so much on your illegal free MP3 collections!!!

This will be THE END OF TIMES FOR MUSIC! After we musician give up the labels will fold, the music stores will turn into ... shoe shops for example (you can't download those through internet can you now?)!
Soon after that the whole music industry, concerts, fun time, guitars,... will be dead and gone - thanks to Internet and illegal global piratery system! Game over!

So if anyone of you wants to continue supporting - KILLING MUSIC (that you are supposed to love) go and join the Internet gang of music hijackers for free through torrents and file sharing sites! The blood will be on your hands...
But If you want the music to SURVIVE please treat it like you would like to be treated yourself and do the right thing by paying for it. I always paid for the music I wanted and I don't see why each of you can't - there's really no excuse!

SPREAD THE WORD!!! SAVE THE MUSIC YOU LOVE! Or let it bleed and die... It's all in your hands - the choice is yours to make. I vote for life but if it's death of music - so be it! We can also live in a world without real music but then don't complain in the future to come how the music in the media around you is bad and lame and "where have all the good times gone".

You have been warned!
Borislav Mitic

Available 4th December 2009 - more information at

Andy Timmons: studio 1994

In this video, Andy Timmons is at the studio recording the song "Cry For You" for his first solo album "Ear X-tacy" which was released in 1994.

Andy Timmons - Cry For You (Over-Dubs)

Milan Polak: pentatonic string skipping + 3 finger tapping lick

Milan Polak Lick #5 - Pentatonic string skipping + 3 finger tapping lick

George Marios,Rick Graham,Tom Quayle: music for me!

Rick, George and Tom jamming over a drum and bass groove for Mr Laurie Monk!

Enjoy guys!


Sunday Roast - For Laurie Monk