Sunday, 29 November 2009

News: Strings On Fire... the competition with the competition!

The contest has been CLOSED. Don´t worry. Here´s YOUR CHANCE
to win exclusive signature picks by HERMAN LI and SAM TOTMAN!

CONTEST WITHIN THE CONTEST: Check out all entries, pick your TOP 3 and post your results as a comment to this video. Your TOP 3 list has to be numbered and include the real names/usernames. You´re allowed to automatically enter with ONLY ONE TOP 3 list. (Entrants with multiple posts will be ignored).

The winner video will be uploaded on Christmas Eve/December 24th. If your TOP 3 list matches the final TOP 3, the picks are yours! It´ll be a TOUGH DECISION so join in, check out all entrants and let ´em know, what you like/dislike about his/her entry. Good luck!

News: Dunlop Maintenance Station... is it all that and more?

Ha never seen this before... but my buddy over at guitar hub says it's very good...

Dunlop Maintenance Station:
The Dunlop Maintenance Station is a plastic neck cradle that can support both the guitar by the back of the neck and the fretboard.

Developed in conjunction with master luthier Ron Thorn this is an invaluable product.

Col Hicks: Milan's TRex monster pedal competition

Now Strings of Fire has closed... time to get you entries in for Milan Polak's competition!

milan polak t rex comp entry

Damir Simic: SRV tribute on new CD

Tribute to the BlueS Legend as featured on NEW CD "Tone Addict"

Damir Simic Shime - BlueS RV - from NEW CD "Tone Addict"

Fran Alonso: takes the Ibanez RG 1987 out for a spin

Fran Alonso - Ibanez RG 1987 Jam.mpg

Damir Simic: Bogner wall of amps

Bogner Wall of Amps - Music Video by Croatian Guitar Mayhem- Damir Simic Shime

Ron Thal: backstageaxxxess interview

Gus: Where did the name “Bumblefoot” really originate from?

Ron: That name goes back to the early 1990’s when my wife was in veterinary school. She was studying to be a veterinarian and one time I was helping her study and that was one of the diseases. It’s called Bumblefoot or the technical term “ulcerative podermatitis.” It was such a silly name and I was thinking to myself that would be a cool idea for a song. So I wrote a little song called “Bumblefoot.” Then when I had my first record deal in the mid 1990’s, my first record was called ‘The Adventures of Bumblefoot.’ It was this big apocalyptic cover of death and destruction with this big winged foot flying overhead. After that I started a band called ‘Bumblefoot’ and that’s kind of what did it. Having the band since 1997 and putting out ‘Bumblefoot albums’ it just became a thing where when people met me and I introduced myself as Ron, they would go oh yeah, “Bumblefoot!” It kind of became the nickname from doing the band because the band was pretty much a solo thing. I wrote everything and it was my guitar and singing.

Gus: Never heard of podermatitis?

Ron: laughs. Umm.. Who gets that? Lets see…birds, rats, and ferrets. If they have a dirty cage and get a cut that can lead to a staph infection which can lead to an abscess or another term, ‘Bumblefoot.’

Gus: Is your wife still a vet?
you know you need to find out now don't you!

Misha Mansoor: bulb backstage with guitar edge

Guitar Edge introduces you to upcoming progressive metal band Periphery. Guitarists Misha Mansoor, Alex Bois, and Jake Bowen run us through their amazing gear and give us an exclusive look into their songs. Check Out Our Magazine at or Periphery at \m/ Rock ON!

Periphery is
Chris Barretto - Vocals
Misha Mansoor - Guitar
Alex Bois - Guitar
Jake Bowen - Guitar
Tom Murphy - Bass
Matt Halpern - Drums

Backstage with Periphery HQ (Guitar Edge Magazine)

Lalle Larsson: Karmakanic warm up

Agents Of Mercy/Karmakanic - First rehearsal with Nick D Virgilio on drums before the "Power Of Two" US tour.

Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings)
Roine Stolt (Transatlantic)
Lalle Larsson (Weaveworld)
Nick D Virgilio (Tears For Fears)
Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen)
Nad Sylvan (Unifaun)

Karmakanic - First rehearsal with Nick D Virgilio in L.A

Jeff Kollman: tour dates

featuring: Jeff Kollman, Ed Roth, Kevin Chown & Kenny Aronoff
December 12th
The Safety Harbor Kids Benefit
Malibu, CA., USA

December 13th
The Baked Potato
North Hollywood, CA., USA

December 15th
KLOS - 'Mark & Brian Christmas Show'
Los Angeles, CA., USA

December 19th
featuring: Chad Smith, Jeff Kollman, Ed Roth, Kevin Chown & Kenny Aronoff
The Drum Channel 'DVD Shoot'
Los Angeles, CA., USA

December 20th
featuring: Chad Smith, Jeff Kollman, Ed Roth & Kevin Chown
The Baked Potato
North Hollywood, CA., USA
Time: 9:30PM and 11:30PM

January 13th, 2010
featuring: Jeff Kollman, Ed Roth, Kevin Chown & Kenny Aronoff
The Baked Potato - 'NAMM Week Celebration'
North Hollywood, CA., USA

January 14th, 2010
NAMM - Fender Booth
Anaheim, CA., USA
Time: 5:00PM

January 15th, 2010
featuring: Chad Smith, Jeff Kollman, Ed Roth & Kevin Chown
Anaheim, CA., USA

January 2nd, 2010
Jeff appears with TIZER featuring violinist Karen Briggs.
The Baked Potato
North Hollywood, CA., USA

January 16th, 2010
Jeff performs with TIZER.
2010 Barbados Jazz Festival

February 13th, 2010
Jeff performs with Lao Tizer and famed percussion great Munyungo Jackson
The Palm Desert Arts Fest (downtown)
Palm Desert, CA., USA

February 18th, 2010
Jeff will be playing at the Dubai Jazz Festival
Dubai Jazz Festival
Dubai, UAE

News: Strings On Fire: my top 31

Wow too many great videos... I'm on the way to the top 15... still feel there were some more that could have been in the list... but the aim is to get it down to the top 15. Thanks to all you people who entered , you deserve a round of applause!

update: 30-11-2009 Added another one...

t-cophony: Roamer's christmas day

t-cophony says:
This is my christmas song from new album in 2010.
It's my favorite.
I hope you'll like it.
The pic is my original.

New single "Roamer's christmas day" by T-cophony

Dave Justo: tribute to Randy Rhoads

Dave Justo does justice to Crazy Train the great Ozzy Osborne track featuring the legend, the late Randy Rhoads.

Crazy Train Cover Ozzy Osbourne - Dave Justo

Kosta Vreto: acoustic gig announced

The "AkoustiX" LIVE at Malt n' Jazz

Start Time:
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 at 23:00
End Time:
Thursday, 03 December 2009 at 02:00
Malt n' Jazz, Pr.Koromila 1, Thessaloniki


The "AkoustiX" is an acoustic quartet consisted of Kosta Vreto (guitar), Thomas Koutroukis (vocals), Pavlos Georgiadis (guitar) and Synodinos Moschidis (percussions,backing vocals).

Through the research of different and inspiring melodic paths, the band performs a variety of pop,alternative and rock songs, which include alter versions and instantaneous improvisations.

The band invites you to join this music trip and taste the experience..

Aman Khosla: brb jam

Aman Khosla says:
Hey folks,

It's been a while eh? I haven't uploaded anything for a while now as I've been so busy here at Berklee, and ofcourse doing various projects here and there. So, I thought I'd give all you wonderful people out there a little something for the time being, and turned the camera on for the (double) tracking of one of the solos I threw down for a project.

'BRB' solo tracking