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Adrian Vandenberg: guitar with new materials

ristides Instruments feature a state of the art material called ‘Arium’, aimed at giving the sonic characteristics of a Stradivarius, to surpass the tone and sustain of traditional electric guitars. http://www.aristidesinstruments.com/

Designed by Poort Artistides and Delft University in the Netherlands, A

Marko Mungopushul: Marco Sfogli's shred this!

Marko Mungopushul is another guy from down under... yes Country: Australia... strangely he's not upside down in this video... instead he's the right way up and delivering some cool slippery licks. Enjoy!

Marko jam- Marco sfogli backing track.wmv

Marius Pop: beat it!

Best Beat It Solo - Marius Pop, lesson @ Guitarmasterclass.net coming soon!

Thorsten Koehne: edens curse Condemned To Burn - The UK Tour Collection

A taster of the new Eden's Curse release "Condemned To Burn - The UK Tour Collection". Featuring live recordings from the UK Tour with Stratovarius and Firewind as well as rare demos. Available now to order from www.melodicrock.com or www.edenscurse.com

Eden's Curse - Condemned To Burn - The UK Tour Collection Promo

Ulf Katschrowski: Jean Fontanille Contest

Katschrowski - Jean Fontanille Contest Entry

News: Suicidal Tendencies... you can't bring me down!

Suicidal Tendencies Perform "You Can't Bring Me Down" LIVE at the Affliction $5.00 Christmas Concert.

Suicidal Tendencies LIVE at the Affliction $5.00 Christmas Concert in HD

Michael Romeo: new symphony X progressing

SYMPHONY X are currently writing material for their next studio album, tentatively due mid-2010 via their new record label, Nuclear Blast Records. The band's guitarist, Michael Romeo, tells the SYMPHONY X webmaster that the songwriting sessions are "progressing well." He says that the riffs are written and all the ideas are there; they're just trying different arrangements right now. According to the axeman, "Every day is different; we're just doing our thing and trying to make the tunes cool. You put something together one day and then come back the next day and listen to it; sometimes it's cool, and sometimes it sucks and you have to change things around."

On November 4, 2008, InsideOut Music released a special 5.1 edition of SYMPHONY X's critically acclaimed album "Paradise Lost". The double-disc package includes a DVD 5.1 mix by Jens Bogren of the entire album as well as two enhanced HD videos for "Set the World on Fire" and "Serpent's Kiss".
blabbermouth report

Francesco Congiu: tribute to Neil Zaza

Something Anything _cover Neil Zaza

Adam Hughes Henry: how to work on the fusion guitar face

Advanced jazz fusion guitar:
Lesson: the bored disinterested 'wish I wasn't here' solo face

Jazz Butcher returns.wmv

Toby Knapp: pre orders of new CD available

Toby Knapp:
"The album we've spoken about so long is done and at the manufacturer. The Campaign is set for a January release. Remember, we've got Attila from MAYHEM, Jeff Gruslin (ex-VITAL REMAINS/GODLESS RISING), Dean Sternberg from INTO ETERENITY (from a few years back) and Tom Cline from NOISE AUCTION - all these vocalists making awesome guest appearances! Great production and a diverse collection of metal tunes (including some new instrumentals).

Pre-orders are available only directly from Shredguy Records, http://www.myspace.com/shredguyrecords Total pro packaging with lyrics in inlay and photo collage."

As previously reported, Knapp has issued a brief rundown of some of the songs on The Campaign:

"The title track opens the album and is an instrumental bringing Black Metal, Holdsworth and Ritchie Blackmore together with ill intent. Next we have 'Conspire' with Dean Sternberg on vocals, this is one of the best collaborations I have done and a few 'in the know' know it. Evil and melodic without trying. Up next is 'Towards Power Unimagined', an instrumental inspired by the book Seth: Blood Magick. This is a pretty vicious hybrid of true Metal genres and came at no small cost.

Next we have 'We Are Legions' with original Vital Remains vocalist Jeff Gruslin absolutely taking the track to new dimensions, guitars much like Presence / Deathwish era Page while Gruslin sings his song of War. After that it is a track I wrote in 1991, and re-recorded (with technical improvements) 'Telekinesis', thrash meets Steeler-era Yngwie and more hellish holocaust riffs when least expected. The album is so abrasive up to this point it is time for some rock like you haven't heard in years.

'Wicked' sounds like something that may have appeared on Zep's Physical Grafitti featuring vocalist Tom Cline, who mixes ALICE IN CHAINS and Zep resulting in the catchiest chorus I've heard in my music! After this Attila Csihar delivers the nightmare called 'Reanimation', and to hear Black Metal's greatest vocalist scream about rituals of The Golden Dawn over my music really makes the locals seem so............local. After that we have 'Plutonium Race', which is an instrumental that for me, sums up what neo-classical shred is all about, with a track like this, why fill an album with carbon copies?

Move to new musical terrain. Dean Sternberg gets the final track 'Lack of Inspiration' full of riffing that is a fuck you to the modern sound of metal, beating it at it's own game. Dean catches the vibe with angry vocals about; basically every other band is so pissed and dark and heavy and badass. Dean seems to complain that he's not going to fake the 'acid words of the messenger' because as the chorus says 'I have nothing to say that you don't already know.' I won't name the nice little bands putting on the pissed act, but we are actually quite pissed, but by the end of the record, what do you say? Album after album after album about hell on the earth and man's downfall and morals shot to shit, I think The Campaign says something fresh musically and lyrically in an overcrowded scene.

Then again, what do I know? ENJOY!

John Aquilino, Dan Wexler: back to the 1980's

Just love going back in the youtube time machine... This time John Aquilino, Dan Wexler with Icon.

ICON - A Rocumentary

News: Racer X singer Jeff Martin an early sighting

Jeff Martin with his band Surgical Steel!

Surgical Steel -Two Songs- Classic Arizona Metal

Surgical Steel- Heavy Metal Music

Paul Gilbert: namm 2009 Dr. X

In order to properly celebrate the 20th anniversary of Paul Gilbert using Ibanez guitars, Ibanez promoted Racer X live! This was the first USA show since May 25, 2001.

Dr. X is written about the movie with Fay Wray...if you listen closely, you'll hear her name slyly slipped into the lyrics. This is Jeff's favorite song on the Getting Heavier CD and one he insisted on playing live.

Racer X - NAMM 2009 - Dr. X

Zack Kim: two guitars

Why Georgia

Ronni Lé Tekrø: Milestone River

If there's one thing you gotta love about The New Territory, it's this song. A beautiful ballad with emotions pouring from every decibel of musical production. This song deserves too be counted in with the classic TNT ballads. Tony Mills's vocals are live, everything else is playback. Lip synch is off due to natural problems occuring during video format transfer.

Tony Mills- Vocals
Ronni Le Tekro- Guitar
Diesel Dahl- Drums
Dag Stokke- Keys

TNT Milestone River live 2007

TNT A fix playback 2005

Kenny Serane: Marco Sfogli shred this too... awesome

We're getting some top quality solo's over the Marco Sfogli backing track... and Kenny Serane delivers a super hot solo... clean, no hair bands, one take of magic with some really cool musical ideas too...

Kenny Serane - Shred This Too (Marco Sfogli's Contest)

Daniel Jakubovic: jam time

Movie 235

Elliot Noble: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

shred this too

Francis Grant: tribute to animals as leaders #2

Francis Grant says:
OK so this has actually taken months of hard graft to produce! But it was worth it, this is truly an incredible composition, and I had to try and cover it in some way! IT isn't a 100% faithful cover WHY? originally I covered the latter half of the song in its entirity, however some parts just didn't sound 'right' - I just couldn't get the right guitar tone, or mix to do it justice, thus I gave up and cut those parts out.

Carvin DC127, Digitech RP350, Guitar tracks pro v3, Sony MDR-V6 headphones

If you want specifics on my RP350 tone settings, just ask =)

I sincerely hope you enjoy this, and thankyou for any feedback... it is very much appreciated!!!

On Impulse (Split-Screen Cover) - Animals as Leaders

Tom Quayle: Ibanez S-2075FW Prestige for sale!

Hi guys!

I'm selling my Ibanez S-2075FW Prestige with the original flight case as I never play the poor thing anymore since the Suhr arrived! It's an awesome guitar in great condition and is for sale on Ebay for 10 days starting 28/12/09. You can check out some videos of me playing this guitar in my channel and also at the Guitar Idol finals.

Here's the link.


Hope somebody out there wants her as it's a real shame if she never gets played again! I want this guitar to go to a good home.



For sale here is an Ibanez S-Series S2075FW from 2005. The guitar is in beautiful condition with the only wear being a small crack in the lacquer running between the bridge and middle pickups as shown in the photos. It's very hard to see and doesn't affect the look of the guitar at all. The guitar is for sale as I am now a Suhr endorsee and unfortunately this guitar never gets out of the case! It needs a new home!


This beautiful instrument features a solid mahogany body with a stunning poplar burl top that looks alive and very vivid. It has a 5-piece Wizard II Prestige neck made from maple and bubinga with 22 jumbo frets in great condition. The frets have just been re-dressed so play beautifully. The fretboard is a dark rosewood and is bound all the way up and around the headstock, featuring a unique dot inlay at the 12th fret.

The bridge is a ZR floating/locking tremelo, also in superb condition and set up to shred on.

The pickups are Dimarzio/IBZ in a H/S/H configuration. It sounds great and is very versatile due to this particular pickup configuration.

Improvised solo

You can see and hear the guitar in use at my youtube channel which is at:-

The guitar comes in the original Prestige flight case but I no longer have the instruction manual - it's easily downloadable from the net however.

I am prepared to ship internationally if a suitable shipping arrangement has been reached and the buyer must pay all shipping and insurance costs. Please ignore the international shipping rate below.

If paying by Paypal the buyer must pay all Paypal fees also.

Good luck bidding.
Thanks for looking and all the best, Tom Quayle

News: six new guys break into guitar world top six!

Full list: http://news.guitarworld.com/blogs/


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