Wednesday, 30 December 2009

News: guitar player giveaway

Guitar Player and GP2 announce The Righteous 8 Rigs in 8 Weeks Giveaway!

GP2 will select eight lucky winners on January 31, 2010 to win one of the eight fabulous rig packages
listed here.

Just open the December 2009 issue of GP2 and wait for the registration form to appear. Fill it out, and
cross your fingers.

Winners will be selected at random and announced on February 15, 2010.

It doesn’t get easier than that — So what are you waiting for

Per Cesar Westgård: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Shred This Too Competition by Per Cesar Angcos Westgård.

Song from the upcoming album

Mathew Maokh: wins Matt Rach competition

Mathieu Rach says:
Hello everybody !
Just a video for announcing who will come to record in our studio.
You were a lot to participate to this contest and we thank you for it !
We enjoyed watching all your videos :)

The winner is .....


Thank you all for your entries !!!
You are great :)

MattRach's Contest Results !!

News: Pick Punch

spotted on a Spanish blog site:

Video of the Pick Punch tool

Ruggero Robin: lady bird rock

Ruggero Robin - Gibson SG - Lady Bird Rock! Joke

News: red dawg guitar news web site announced

Welcome to “Red Dawg Guitar News”
We started Red Dog Guitar News because when I was first starting out learning to play guitar, it was hard to find a site on the internet that contained a variety of information all in one place, most sites were focused on specific parts of a community.
We hope that you will enjoy what we have to offer. Please come back on a regular basis to check us out, we post new information continuously throughout the month,
Our goal is to create a community that will focus on Guitar Players of all levels from Beginner to Advanced.
We currently are working on a series of articles that we hope you will enjoy.
Future Articles:
Guitar Stand Showdown – January 2010
Guitar Cable Showdown – March 2010
If you like what we have to offer please share us with your friends.
Thank you,
The Red Dawg Guitar News Staff

Zakk Wylde: new CD in the works

Zakk Wylde has revealed the following timetable for BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's activities over the course of the coming months:

January-February: New CD Recording
March: Mixing
April: Promotional Activities
May: Tour Rehearsals
June: New Album Release
full post

Matias Kupiainen: 2010 tour and new CD in the works

"The European summer festivals earlier this year were nice and relaxing as always, and then we embarked on a long three-month leg which covered the Far East, North and South America, and Finland. One highlight was Beijing, a place none of us in the band had played or visited before.

"After a break for the holidays, the caravan will roll on in 2010, and we will do a long tour of Europe in January and February.

"We have some more good news: we just confirmed to play Wacken [Open Air festival] in August 2010, which is always great fun. It's the biggest metal festival in the world, and has a great crowd, but also since there are so many bands there, you can always reconnect with many old friends backstage and in the VIP bar. This gig will mark the end of the 'Polaris' would tour, which spanned four continents with close to a hundred gigs. We have also confirmed an appearance on the '70,000 Tons Of Metal' Caribbean cruise in late January 2011.

"We saved the best piece of good news for last: next year we will start work on a new full-length record, the follow-up to 2009's 'Polaris'."
full post

Marty Friedman: Andrew W.K. single to be released

Marty Friedman will release a new singe, "Kiba", on January 27, 2010 via Avex. According to , the limited-edition single, which is a collaboration with Andrew W.K., will include a sticker and a bonus DVD with promotional footage. A regular version of the single without the DVD will also be available. full post


Andres Ludmer: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

More cool ideas from Andres... Hopefully Andres will post another video like he did in the last competition as well!!!

Tom Quayle says:
Woo! Awesome job Andres! I had a massive grin on my face for the end section! Some of those pentatonic lines are incredible. 1:37!!! I need that line!

Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too - Andres Ludmer

Keith Whalen: scaling new heights

This is a neat way to play and climb scales/modes with the use of a quick raking technique. Using a 3 note per string scale shape you can sweep triads found within the structure of the scale and seamlessly employ alternate picking in the process.

I didn't have the patience to write out the full tab for the exercises but they can be easily discerned by ear considering they are all diatonic and fairly straight forward. The triads are played over three strings and always use the 3rd, 2nd and 1st note of the 3 note shapes respectively to climb. Examples are played for the Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor and Harmonic Major modes.

* You may also shift positions and climb using a varying number of modes or scale positions. You may also employ wider intervals, descend in groupings, phrase to your liking and omit notes to create the desired effect/sound.

Keith Whalen - Modal Scale Climbing

More of the same but two new modes, the Hungarian Minor and Hungarian Major!

1: Hungarian Minor 0:00
2: Oriental 0:14
3: Ionian #2 0:31
4: Locrian bb3 bb7 0:44
5: Double harmonic 0:58
6: Lydian #2 #6 1:10
7: Altered nat5 bb7 1:24

1: Hungarian Major 1:35
2: Altered bb6 bb7 1:49
3: Locrian nat2 nat7 2:03
4: Altered nat6 2:17
5: Melodic augmented 2:30
6: Dorian b2 #4 2:42
7: Lydian augmented #3 2:55

Keith Whalen - Climbing with Hungarian Modes

Hellman Jigokuotoko: first blow

FIRST BLOW Hellman part 1:30~

Jimi Hendrix: win a custom guitar!


In honor of the Jimi Hendrix Live 1968, Paris/Ottawa Fan Pack available online exclusively at, fans can now enter Amazon’s Jimi Hendrix Sweepstakes for a shot at winning a Fender Stratocaster® guitar.

Get more details fender website.

News: few days left for music box competition

Just a few days left in the music box Competition.... here's another one for you.

Music box competition-Vanny Live performance

Dallton Santos: alternate picking lesson

Dallton Santos:
In this video I recorded one of several methods that I developed in which classroom use. Here the subject will be alternate picking. Study a lot, with patience and concentration that results will soon appear!

Video Aula - Palhetada Alternada - 720 System by Dallton S.

Jason Saulnier: I auditioned for Ozzy!

Compilation promo for Jason Saulnier's Ozzy Osbourne Audition 2009. Clips of live etc. Examples of Randy Rhoads spotlight solo etc. Crazy Train, Shot in the Dark, Bark at the Moon and more.

Jason Saulnier's audition for Ozzy Osbourne 2009

Torben Enevoldsen: sweep and tap!

Torben Enevoldsen - Sweep/Tap Exercise

Simon Goldsmith: Marco Sfogli's shred this too... funky stylee

Marco Sfogli's Shred This TOO - entry by Esgi

Darren Donohoe: purple rain?

Purple Rain solo prince (Darren Donohoe)

News: life without wifi

BT wifi connection... give up all hope all yee who enter here... I'll do my best to post... but sending Morse code appears to be quicker

News: let there be rock program

(Band – Song – Album)

1 - Thornley - Make believe (Tiny Pictures)

2 - Breaking Benjamin - Lights out (Dear agony)

3 - Steel Panther - Turn out the lights (Feel the Steel)

4 - Lynch Mob - The Phacist (Smoke & mirrors)

5 - Winger - Pull me under (Karma)

6 - Europe - Last look at Eden (Last look at Eden)

7 - Coldspell - Surrounded (Infinite stargaze)

8 - Ghost Brigade - Liar (Isolation songs)

9 - Dope - 6-6-sick (No regrets)

10 - Spoil Engine - Pressing on the overload (Antimatter)

11 - Vinnie Moore - Into the sunset (To the Core)

12 - Arjen Lucassen's Guilt Machine - Season's of denial (On this perfect day)

13 - Megadeth - Head Crusher (Endgame)

14 - Slayer - Psychopathy Red (World painted blood)

15 - The Parlor Mob - When I was an orphan (And you were a crow)

16 - Creed - Overcome (Full circle)

17 - Cirrha Niva - Framed (For moments never done)

18 - Dream Theater - A rite of passage (Black Clouds & Silver Linings)

19 - Chickenfoot - Get it up (Chickenfoot)

20 - Lamb of God - In your words (Wrath)

21 - Lamb of God - Dead Seeds (Wrath)

22 - Lamb of God - Contractor (Wrath)

23 - Fear Factory - Oxidizer (Mechanize)

Next on Let there be Rock:

- January 5: "MySpace new Talent" Special + Special Guest Niels Vejlyt (Infinity Overture) presents his favorite tracks!

- January 12: Special Guest is Markku Kuikka (Status Minor) who presents his favorite tracks!

- January 19: Interview with Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy)

- January 26: Interview with Darren Wharton (Dare, ex-Thin Lizzy)

- February 2: Interview with Tony Mills (TNT, Shy)

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