Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bronston Ashford: a series of high quality shredness

This young dude looks like a whole heap of shredding potential... enjoy... look out for the recently posted live solo with Anton Oparin. An epic Fail for for the TIS search machine... so apologies to Bronston Ashford for not picking these up sooner.

Just A Girl shred solo

I-V Sweep

Gmi9 arpeggio

Anton Oparin,Bronston Ashford: solos that I missed... most humble apologies...

Anton Oparin With Skull Crusher

Got to play with anton oparin for his show held by west l.a music. good fun.

Anton Oparin - lead guitar
Alex Oparin - bass
Brandon Hopkins - drums
Bronston Ashford - 2nd guitars


LA Amp Show '09 - Bogner Amps 20th Anniversary Shiva & Gary Kramer Guitars Cathedral Deluxe

Igor Paspalj: Fives a tribute to the master Yngwie Malmsteen

This time Igor Paspalj blazes through Trilogy Suite op. 5 by Yngwie Malmsteen

Trilogy Suite op. 5 - Igor Paspalj

Alex Masi: playing live

Alex Masi

Angel Ruiz: a Guthrie Govan Cold Winter....

Guthrie Govan Cold Winter cover by Ángel Ruiz

Igor Paspalj: Fives a tribute to the master Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan is having an affect everywhere he goes... the effect on Igor Paspalj is impressive... a great cover... no super cover version of this track!

Guthrie Govan Fives - Igor Paspalj

Don Lappin: rocking and tapping out live!

Don Lappin

Julio Valle: live solo!

A cool live solo by Julio Valle.

Julio Valle

Michael Angelo Batio: NAMM riverside

Michael Angelo Batio in Riverside CA!! Jan 17 2010

Hands Without Shadows, Vol. 2: Voices

Chris Impellitteri: spider at NAMM

2010 USA DEAN CHRIS IMPELLITTERI SHRED SIGNATURE SPIDER MODEL • Swamp Ash Top / Body • 25-1/2" Scale • Chris Impellitteri Spec. Bolt-On Maple Neck • Maple Fingerboard • Black Dot Inlays • Gotoh Tuners • Nickel Hardware • Vintage Trem. Bridge • USA Dean DMT "Impellitteri" Bridge Pickup • USA Dean DMT "Impellitteri" Neck Pickup • Finishes: "Spider Web" Custom Finish The guitar features an ash body, maple neck with very fast action, tall vintage fret wire, vintage tremolo, USA DMT custom humbucking pickup in the bridge position, a USA DMT single coil pickup in the neck position (both pickups wound to Chris Impellitteri's exact specifications), one volume knob, 3 way selector switch, and Gotoh tuning machines. The Spider Web Graphic was designed by Chris Impellitteri. The guitar will have an estimated street price of $1350.00. The initial run of guitars will be crafted in the USA. This is the first ever signature model designed for Impellitteri for the US market. The first extremely limited factory run Impellitteri model was crafted and distributed by Fender Japan in 1999.

For more information on this model contact Dean Guitars:

Email: service05@deanguitars.com
Phone: 1-800-793-5273


Anton Oparin: shred NAMM

Anton Oparin, shredding on the main stage at NAMM 2010 as part of a show which also included performances by Tallan Noble Latz and Cole Marcus. These talented young peformers were presented by the NAMM-sponsored organization "Little Kids Rock" (www.littlekidsrock.org) which has been providing students with musical instruments and instruction since 2002. Get more details on this organization and these performances from Dan Grigor at sharemyguitar.com

Anton Oparin Shreds NAMM 2010 Main Stage

Jean Baudin: 11 string namm

Jean Baudin Playin an 11 String Bass NAMM 2010 1 of 2

Jean Baudin Playin an 11 String Bass NAMM 2010 2 of 2

Paul Gilbert,Uli Jon Roth: namm jamm

Paul Gilbert & Uli John Roth @ Dean's NAMM Jam 2010

Michael Angelo Batio: dean guitars musikmesse 2009

Michael Angelo Batio Double Guitar Solo @ Dean's NAMM Jam 2010

Brev Sullivan: chicken picking

Namm 2010 Vigier booth w Featured On Fridays Brev Sullivan

Scott Lerner: namm jam

Scott Lerner

Scott in the Carruthers Booth at NAMM 2010

Steve Hubbard: win Xotic BB Preamp

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Uli Jon Roth: NAMM show highlights!

Thanks to Ms. A

Uli Roth Live At 2010 NAMM Jam - "All Along The Watchtower"

Uli Roth Live At 2010 NAMM Jam - "Polar Nights"

Angus Lamb: silent noise

Silent Noise Competition - Angus Lamb

Rick Graham, Tom Quayle: go twitter

There you go:



Lewis Cannon: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Another great solo, quite fluid... enjoy!

shred this too

Paul Gilbert,Freddie Nelson: metalichika review

Wow, did these guys hit the ground running with a fantastic debut right away! United States, a collaborative album with Freddie Nelson, spearheaded by guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert, was first released in October 2008 in Japan. The album has now been out over a year and it’s showing it’s staying power, continuing to remain relevant.

Right to the point: This album is a solid rock & roll release, which I adore. The music has a lot of drive to it; it’s quite active and kinetic, with a natural ebb and flow to the sequence of the songs. A variety of “subgenres” are quoted – everything from 60’s pop, 70’s classic rock and dance, to 80’s-style heavy metal, to modern (alt?) 00’s rock.

The album is ten tracks of “radio-length” songs, ranging from a short 3:00 (I’m Not Addicted) to a long 4:40 (Hideaway). The whole album whizzes by, without one second of filler music. It’s also worth noting that it’s not a cultural assault. There’s no gratuitous anger, hatred, violence, or sexuality. It’s simply a lot of rock and roll. This music is good enough to stand on it’s own without having to rely on a cultural hook like that.

Each instrument carries it’s own voicing and weight. There are a variety of tempos provided by drummer Matt Muckle. Further interesting accents are created with Emi Gilbert’s keyboard work.
full review

Eric Johnson: talks about his new CD

Eric Johnson lets out a sound of profound relief and says that his new album is almost finished. "We have 12 cuts done, which means we're gonna be putting this CD out soon."

Those words are bound to be cause for celebration for Johnson's legion of fans across the globe who have been waiting anxiously for the follow-up to the guitarist's last studio effort, 2005's Bloom.

But Johnson thinks for a second, and then, in his soft, easygoing Texas drawl, says, "Of course, I do have another song I'm trying to work out. Maybe two. Hopefully, I'll nail those by the end of the week. Then the record will really be finished."

One gets the feeling that 'finished' is a subjective term for Johnson. The venerated musician, perhaps the closest thing to Stanley Kubrick the pantheon of guitarists has ever known, an artist willing to record, rerecord and ultimately scrap masters of songs in his unyielding and intensely personal pursuit of perfection, has released only five studio albums since his debut 32 years ago with 1978's Seven Worlds.
full interview

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: silent noise

Silent Noise Entry - Steve A.

Richard James: the pictures from NAMM

NAMM Show 2010 - Richard James

Andy Wood: tone merchants, NAMM

Andy Wood @ Tone Merchants 1-16-10

Andy Wood @ Tone Merchants 1-16-10

Andy Wood @ Tone Merchants 1-16-10

Guthrie Govan,Andy Wood: tearing it up NAMM

Andy is a little out of shot... but you get the picture ;)

Guthrie Govan & Andy Wood, Tone Merchants NAMM 2010 show

Guthrie Govan - Sevens LIVE @ Tone Merchants NAMM 1-16-10

Guthrie Govan LIVE @ Tone Merchants NAMM 1-16-10

David Wallimann: string dampener heaven

String dampeners... the Marmite of guitar land... you either love them or hate them...

David Wallimann :
I talked to the guys from Buznut who showed me a very cool new muting device for guitars eliminating all the extra noises. I'll make a full review soon!

Awesome muting device - Namm 2010

Frederic Vezina: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Frederic Vezina, another new guy to me, this time from Canada.. with a great solo, nice fluid playing... enjoy!

Shred This Too by Fred V.

Rob Marcello: shredding NAMM

Rob Marcello on the Roland/BOSS booth at NAMM 2010... shredding...


Shane Gibson: Schwarzenator demo at NAMM 2010

Shane Gibson of Schwarzenator demo at NAMM 2010